Friday, July 29, 2022

Security Stakes: Defense forces deactivate fabricated explosive in Bamenda

A locally fabricated explosive device has been deactivated in Bamenda by the Defense and security forces in Bamenda.

According to a reporter, Mbuh Stella "it was discovered this morning at a business premise just behind the fuel station at Mobile Nkwen and deactivated by elements of the Defense and Security forces", quote from Mbuh Stella official.

This use of local explosive devices mainly by Non State Armed Groups is considered as dangerous, as it is frequently used by these non state armed groups, which could kill or wound many people who may stumble on it, as they target their prey.

"..No group has claimed responsibility for placing the explosive yet but the forces say, had the aim of the explosive been achieved the out come would be unspeakable", Mbuh Stella Official on her Facebook page.

A taxi driver who drove from finance junction to mile 2 Nkwen, told this reporter that he noticed a crowd from a distance looking down towards the scene but couldn't tell why, but made a call to find out from a friend selling arround mobile Nkwen.

"...I nofit understand y dem go d put dat kind tin for middle town wey e fit kill or sef wound plenty people. Whether na who putam or na who dem d targetam, man no know anything...make we take conshort"...a taxi driver, speaking in pidgin English, while we took another road leading to Nkwen.

It is not known why explosives have been placed repeatedly arround spots at mobile Nkwen, Bamenda, Northwest region of Cameroon. These actions only prove that there are stakes with the security situation in Bamenda as the Anglophone crisis continue to persist since 2016.

Picture: Mbuh Stella Official

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