Opinion Leaders Get Empowered To Combat GBV in Society

Women Leaders and Traditional Rulers have met in a workshop organised by CHRAPA, Center for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy on December 5th, to empower themselves in combating Gender based Violence in different Communities. 

The workshop is organised as part of activities of the 16days activism to improve on the protection of women and girls, launched on November 26th 2019, under the theme "Orange the World: Generation Equality Stands against Rape".

The Project funded by the United Nations Women, with support from the Italian Government,  aims at combating Gender Based Violence, support IDPs, IDP host Communities and Gender based Violence Survivors. 

Tatanos Berinyuy Nelson, is the Coordinator for CHRAPA and is in charge of coordinating the Project which to him will create a pathway to combat GBV in a holistic approach. 

"The workshop is an activity within the project where we continue of the 16days activism, a period internationally placed by the UN organisation whereby Human Rights activists organisations, individuals and communities, work to combat GBV in Communities. The activity is organised to bring women leaders, heading groups and activists on the ground to initiate a pathway to address GBV issues in  Holistic way".Nelson Tatanos, Cordianator, CHRAPA. 

Participants benefited from knowledge on GBV, and learnt about the common forms GBV prevails in the Northwest Region, during the ongoing armed Conflict. A traditional leader from Mbengwi sub Division, Barrister Teghen in momo, thinks that the workshop is timely.

"we are fortunate to be part of this program where we are schooled on GBV, that exist in our community, and has increased due to the prevailing situation in which we find ourselves, we have been educated to be the ambassadors  that will Conscientize our people on GBV, denouncing practices like Rape, Assault and we also enumerated  issues that can help curb it". HRH Gonna Teghen.

" Some men will retrospect on bridesprice that gives room for GBV practices, female genital mutilation and breast ironing, practices repugnant to justice, equity and good conscience. I think that as a follow up, we must use our traditional  Council's and lay the role to stop this malpractice". He added. 

Madam Lilian Akwen is founder and CEO of Aspire Women Empowerment  and Development Organization(ASWEDO), she thinks that organising workshops with other communities and sensitizing them will be another way to fight GBV. 

"We as women and female leaders, we have learnt alot  on how to go about on GBV related issues,  we can work with different opinion leaders in communities to better fight the aspects of GBV especially  for areas where the act is committed  ignorantly and high because of the ongoing crisis, the workshop has empowered us with knowledge  to sensitize more".Madam Lilian. 

16days of Activism against Gender based Violence,  runs from November 25th to December 10th every year,  an international campaign to challenge violence against women and girls.


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