Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Population Gather In Peace Ecumenical Service, Marking End of Year 2020

View of Population at Peace Ecumenical Service

After 8months into Office, the City Mayor Achombang Tambeng Paul of the Bamenda City Council has brought together a good number of people for a Peace Ecumenical Service, as part of activities marking End of Year celebrations.

This service took place in Bamenda at the Governor's Explanade on December 29th, marking the End of Year amongst City Dwellers, while examining achievements/failures and declared what is envisaged in 2021. 

City Mayor, Achombang Tambeng Paul

The City Mayor exclaimed that he never expected to realize such a turn out from the local population and according to him the gesture shows how the population is quick to forgive and are ready to turn a new leaf come 2021.

The people have been collaborative in some activities carried out by the City Mayor; cleaning gabbage and sharing in food items like rice oil maggi to alleviate hunger and poverty, encouraging sustainable livelihood which to him is a mark of hope, sowing a seed of unity.

"The essence of this meeting is that the the Bamenda Community is a familly, at the end of every year a familly gets together to make assessments of their performance of that year running out and make programs for the year running in" City Mayor.

"We looked in what ways we made it, ways in which we failed and sort to correct our failures, looking up for new grounds to break in 2021. This familly, the synergy between the population of Bamenda and the administration needs to remain stronger, united and prosperous. The ghost towns has never benefited any of us, it has no profit, we talk on that situation and made it clear to the people that we don't need it". Achombang T. Paul.

Governor NWR, carries Peace Plant and Flag (symbolizing Peace and Unity)

The Governor of the Northwest Region, Adolphe Lele LAfrique was pleased by the initiative of the City Mayor bringing people together to foster peace and  has given his support/permission to the City Mayor, to carry own with a plan of action that will contribute in restoring Peace in the North West Region.

"I thank the City Mayor who has initiated many initiative to quell down the situation faced in Bamenda, moving one step forward again to mobilize the entire Community to thank God for 2020 and usher a new year void of ghost towns, more Peace, more collaboration and living together amongst the population within the city of Bamenda. Let him take action as from Monday 4th to bring back long lasting normalcy in the Region" Governor North West Region.

By Ndefru Melanie 

Old Town Dwellers Solemnize End of Year Feasting With Minister Mbayu Felix

Partial view of Population

Part of Food items 

Inhabitants of Old Town Bamenda recieved some basic food items like Rice, Vegetable oil from Minister Mbayu Felix, Minister of External Relations in charge of the CommonWealth, an Elite earmarked as one who Celebrates with his people at every end of year festive period.

Distribution Excercise

The distribution excercise dubbed Christmas gift donation, was done at the Old Town neighborhood at Minister Mbayu's residence on December 30th 2020, bringing together different members of households ranking themselves to recieve the said items.

Press Men In Bamenda 

Being a Man of the Press, the day started with a Press Lunch as some Journalists answered present to share in a meal, a way of taking part in end of year festivities/ Celebrations.

Minister Mbayu Felix is labelled as a leader who looks after his people, communing with the population of Old Town Bamenda at every end of Year festive period is a known ritual and being a man of the people, he is hailed and applauded by his peers.

Partial View of Beneficiaries

Recipients of the gifts from the Minister cut across Old Town Bamenda, which is said to be divided into 3 different quarters. Persons living with disability were not left out, to some of them this gesture is a relief given the challenges in feeding caused by the armed conflict.

"I am very happy about this gift we are recieving from Minister Mbayu. This food items will help my familly a great deal because there is a difficulty in feeding due to the crisis. The Minister has proven he is a member of every familly in Old Town Bamenda,showing concern and offering help at anytime during the year, especially during every end of year festive period" a beneficiary.

Coordinator of Distribution Exercise, Philo Happi

Philo Happi, a Senior Journalist practicing in the North West Region and occupant in the old Town neighborhood, coordinated the distribution exercise at Minister Mbayu's residence. She told Press that the Minister is known to be jovial and a man of action.

"Famillies; Mothers, Fathers and  Children, have come to collect their Christmas gifts from Minister Mbayu Felix. This is done every year, every Decemeber and Old Town is a very large quater divided into 3; Ntambag I, II and III, yet no one has being left out and there is no discrimination" Philo Happi, Coordinator of food distribution exercise.

Minister Mbayu Felix

The Minister has made donations to children during the Back-to-School period and also donated sugar to Moslems during the feast of the Ram. His kind gesture is known to many and his willingness to listen to the local man is key amongst other principles of Minister Mbayu Felix.

By Ndefru Melanie


Revenue Collection Termed Slow as Bamenda I Council Host Administration.

Mayor Bamenda I Councilor, Mbigha Felix

The Mayor of Bamenda I Council, Mayor Mbigha Felix has cried foul during a Council session about the slow collection of revenue within his municipality, being one of the councils in the North West Region hosting Administration.
He made this statement appealing for the intervention of the Divisional Officer for Bamenda I during the 2021 budgetary session that held on December 30th 2020 in Bamenda, at the Conference hall of the Bamenda I Council.
"I wish to plead with the D.O for Bamenda I to intervene to see into it that Bamenda I Council continues to be respected, because there are challenges faced in Revenue Collection in the Bamenda I Municipality given that it is one of the Municipalities in the Region that is hosting Administration if the North West Region" Mayor Bamenda I, Mbigha Felix.

Partial View of the Hall

The income is balanced in Income and Expenditure at the total of 769,298,406 cfa compared to the 2020 budget of 448,966,512 cfa, experiencing and income increase of 320,331,894 cfa, representing a 71.34% increase.

Regional Council Anoh Olivia, Queen Mother Bamendankwe Palace
Tantoh Emmanuel,Regional Councilor

The Mayor reiterated the difficulties faced in revenue Collection, rating the Bamenda I council being one of the poorest in Cameroon. He introduced the Regional Councilors representing the Bamenda I Municipality at the Regional Council, Tantoh Emmanuel and Anoh Olivia, Queen Mother of the Bamendankwe Palace.

He beckoned on them to see into it that subventions are increased and hoping that through their efforts the Bamenda I Council will be respected and more projects will come to develop the area.

Reports from the different Committees suggested more collaboration from the councilors; to fight ghost towns, the continuous lookout for the local man's needs, the need for an action plan, a suggestion for the Fon of Bamendankwe to be a supivesory or adviser to one of the committees and the need for the Mayor to continue lobbying for funds, to push through with trending projects.

Voting and participating in realizing the budget for 2021 was not overemphasized, the Mayor urged councilors to be very committed ahead of the coming year 2021.

"We have been able to execute projects to the best of our ability as we came face to face with the expectations of the Community, while preparing the budget. Their needs were considered in the domains of rural road rehabilitation and construction, water provision and catchment protection, Protecting cultural heritage by equiping and providing for the mesuem." Mayor Mbigha Felix.

"Sanitation competition involving all quarters, building the Municipal hotel and the building of the low cost houses, urging the Fon of Mendankwe to prepare the land and pave the way for works to begin, mentioning the leisure site created for kids and familly arround the monument".

D.O Bamenda I, Guilbert Guibai Baldena

The D.O for Bamenda I, Guilbert Guibai Baldena reassured councilors of more seriousness regarding the issue of ghost towns beginning Monday 4th, asking councilors to go and sensitize the people about penalties that await those who break the rules.

"Sensitize those in your communities about sanctions that await defaulters, emphasizing on the need for this strategy to curb the respect of ghost towns taken seriously, asking the population to take the commitment to fight Ghost towns and go about their daily activities this coming year 2021" Guilbert Guibai Baldena, D.O Bamenda I.

By Ndefru Melanie


MINEE Embarks on Improving Quality Energy Supply in NWR

RD MINEE addresses Divisional Heads and other actors Present

The Regional Delegate of Water and Energy Ressources North West Region, Azanga John Nkeng has pleaded with Mayors, Economic operators and other actors to be collaborative in ensuring that they give the right data needed to surveyors who will be on the field in the days ahead, to ensure the successful electrification of all 7 Divisions of the North West Region.

Regional Delegate MINEE, in an Exposer

He was speaking during the official launch Ceremony for activities on the Diagnosis Phase of the Master Plan to generate, transmit and distribute electricity in the North West Region, at MINEPAT hall Bamenda December 29th, 2020.

"This is the starting phase, we will be going to the field to gather data hoping we will succeed regardless of the prevailing insecurity. We will have our energy supply improved upon and the public cooperation incharge of distribution, ENEO and that incharge of transmission SONATREL, are going to carry out systematic replacement of defective element which will be identifed on the spot" Regional Delegate of Water and Energy, North West Region.

The launching is a follow up to a 2 weeks intensive capacity building and training workshop by the Ministry of Water and Energy Ressources (MINEE) in Yaoundé, to strengthen skills of the different Regional staff of Water and Energy Ressources on what should obtain on the field.

During the said launch session in Bamenda, the Regional Delegate of ENEO Forcha Theodore gave reasons why energy supply has not been at its best during recent times throughout the region, a situation that caused a majority of the population to loose trust and interest in the services offered by that public cooperation.

Regional Delegate MINEE

The Regional Delegate of MINEE, Azanga John Nkeng revealed the format in which the Electrification plan of the Region will take place, the 9year plan that spans from 2021 to 2030 has 3 phases involved to realize the project: the launch, sensitize stakeholders, carry out data collection, compile and transmit to hierachy for reponse.

"Though the master plan is available to begin work, it was important for ENEO's management team to do some rehabilitation works in the Region, ensure rural electrification in order to gain the people's trust again" MINEE NWR, Azanga John Nkeng.

Forcha Theodore, Regional Delegate of ENEO talked about temporal measures being used to supply energy to different households since february 26th 2020, after an incident caused one of their poles to fall to the ground. SONATREL according to him is responsible for the replacement of the transmitter which has been put on hold due to the persisting armed conflict.

"The issue of Irregular power supply stems from the fact that our transmission lines at one moment was destroyed by some people of the underworld. The Ministry incharge has taken measures to do replacement, we have bought a new transformer but it has not yet being installed. ENEO has been using a temporal measure, the Thermal plant and a 30 KV line from Bafoussam, to keep energy supply fairly stable while waiting to use the new transformer". Azanga John Nkeng.

Governor's Representative, Viang Mekala(SG) Launches Major Phase.

The Governor of the North West Region represented by his Secetary General, Viang Mekala emphasized on the need for all actors to remain focus to attend the objectives of the Master plan, improving on the quality of Energy supply in the region.

"It is incumbent for every state actor, to provide alternate assistance for the excercise to be a successful one in all the 7 Divisions of the Northwest Region, supervised by the Regional Delegate of Water and Energy Ressources. It is a challenging agenda for the next 3 months, but the objective must be attained to realize a sustainable Electricity supply in the Region." Viang Mekala, SG Governor's Office Northwest Region.

Family Photo

The Population of Bamenda have experienced frequent power cuts, energy supply being rationed and sent to different parts of the region at different hours of the day, the coming of the Master Plan to ensure that the situation is fixed, is of great relief to the people especially economic operators.

By Ndefru Melanie


Monday, December 21, 2020

Bamenda II Mayor Reaches Out to IDPs

Partial view of Items

Mayor Chenwi Peter of the Bamenda II Council has visited Internally Displaced Persons within his municipality with some basic items, putting smiles on faces, as a way of promoting living together and caring for one another.

Mayor Chenwi Peter, Bamenda II Council

"We thought it wise to bring people together, those who have been displaced to feel at home, Bamenda II municipality can host everybody, people are suffering and don't have the means and as the Mayor am obliged to assist the people in this municipality." Mayor Chenwi Peter.

This activity comes up on December 21st, barely few days to Christmas as Christains prepare themselves to Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The IDPs recieve the gifts from the Mayor with delight considering that era is a difficult one in purchasing items from the market.

IDPs mobilize themselves to recieve items from Mayor

The distribution is done on a Monday, a day earmarked by separatists fighters to be a ghost town and Mayor Chenwi distributes items to IDPs on this day in order to discourage the population from adhering to calls for ghost towns or special lockdowns, a strategy which according to him only impoverishes the population.

A Recipient appreciates the Mayor for his gesture and hopes that more will be provided.
"We want to thank God, we have been called to come and get food, it is a good thing, no one's name  was asked and this is prove that the Mayor truly love us, we thank him and pray that he continues like this".

Mayor Chenwi puts smiles on the faces of the suffering population, urging them to be hopeful about returning to their different homes of origin in no distant time.

The Mayors in Bamenda continue to call on the population to Shawn ghost towns in order to encourage and economic boom, promoting sustainable development and livelihood. The suffering population/maturity including IDPs have not been left out of the negative effects due to the shutdowns.

By Ndefru Melanie 


Thursday, December 10, 2020

Fighting Ghost Towns/Special Lockdowns, A Collective Responsibility

Bamenda City Mayor, Achombang T. Paul

The Bamenda City Mayor has conveyed a meeting with traders in the City asking them to refrain from the respect of Ghost towns and special lockdowns, persuading them to promote development by coming out every Monday and open their buisnesses.

Bamenda I Mbigha Felix, Bamenda II Chenwi Peter and City Mayor

He was speaking in Bamenda on December 10th, to traders from the Bamenda Main Market, foodmarket and to other men/women across town who came to listen to him, urging them to be the backbone of success in terms of development and restoring Peace.

Ghost towns have become a way of life for many inhabitants living within the North West Region, since the inception of the Anglophone crisis turned an armed conflict. 

Partial View of Traders

Peoplehave told Stories of fear, loosing their lifes or property if seen at their business place on these Mondays or on special  lockdowns.

The Mayors of Bamenda I, Mbigha Felix and Bamenda II, Chenwi Peter together with the City Mayor, Achombang T. Paul believe the traders can deny the existence of ghost towns by Separatists fighters and go about their buisnesses normal, to regain economic boom.

"Tell those in the diaspora to send money so we can buy bricks and build Bamenda, not buy bullets to kill one another. It is a new dawn and we have decided to build the town and we cannot build the town when the morality of the people is low" Achombang T. Paul.

Bamenda II Mayor, tells the traders "staying at home on Mondays, will not prevent you from paying your rents or sending your children to school. You all have bills to take care of and he who wear shoes knows where it pinches. The Bamenda II council is your neighbor, let's join hands and build this city" Mayor Chenwi Peter.

Other speakers who gave their version on what needs to be done to puncture the existence of ghost town, they complained about being tagged as "Amba" on several occasions due to their movement on ghost towns, driving to the suburbs,in areas where people rarely go.

Tamanjong Gerald, is the youngest driver in the driver's union and is President for the Mezam professional drivers Union.

"Take a taxi driver who has paid all his books considering his expenses, if you park your taxi because of ghost town calculate how much you are loosing, how do you pay your taxes, send children to and pay school fees, pay other bills. So please let's rally ourselves and stop the ghost towns". He told traders at commercial avenue.

President of Transport Syndicates

Regional President for transport syndicates Nchindo Ndi Ivo, said he has been tagged Amba on several occasions but that has not prevented him from transporting people. To him it is his place to ensure that people are transported to their different destinations with ease.

"The driving sector, trade union for drivers is not for politics but for the flow of circulation. We are out to transport persons in town and we suffer because of all the suburbs that we go, we get tagged as Amba most times, but we yearn for Peace and we will work for Peace".

Frankline Muluh is a buisness man, he tells traders that the issue of ghost town is long Overdued and asked traders to define for themselves who was suffering the effects most.

"The armed Conflict has gradually turned to money making, we sit in our homes on ghost towns, yet our rents don't change, some parents have not been able to send their kids to school due to alot of difficulties. We should make efforts and fight ghost towns" he said.

According to the City Mayor, there will come a time when there will be an economic boom, he unveils the plan to build a market where there will be a parking space for everyone and continues to appeal with the traders about the need for buisness to stand on it's feet again," the buisness community should contribute in exhonorating the town".

"If u are in this town and you don't open on Mondays we will help you not to open , teachers should go to school on Mondays, buisness men should go to their workshops, if this is not followed then we will know that it is your plan to puncture the development of the town." City Mayor added.

Some traders told the press about attempts to yield to the Call from Government to stop ghost towns endangered their lifes, they say observations will be done before taking a step again.

"We have attended a meeting before conveyed by administration about making efforts to fight ghost towns, I came to my shop and gun men came and shot persons arround me and I sustained injuries. We are leaders in the market and we don't have security that guide us, so this matter is delicate" Trader.

"The City Mayor has spoken and has not given traders the chance to air their views, it is good he came to talk with the people but after this when you are caught you are the only person who suffers. Sometimes we live our homes to do community work, yet one doesn't feel safe whether you are seen by the armed forces or the boys, either of the armed groups one is not safe" Another Trader said.

By Ndefru Melanie



Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Dr. Fuh Calistus Media Outing Ignited Massive Participation at Regional Elections-The Colbert Factor

The Colbert Factor

How despite Special Status Shortcomings, Dr. Fuh Calistus Maintains it's Double-portion for Anglophones

This reflection is inspired by the fact that although when the Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon recently pointed out on the pages of The Guardian Post newspaper, the visible shortcoming of the Special Status granted to two English speaking regions to be residents'  lack of  knowledge about its workability, and instead of government garnering resources to just take the advice and go ahead to do the necessary explanations, it rather summoned him for questioning at the Foreign Affairs Ministry,  one of Cameroon's foremost thinkers and Cpdm frontline militants, H. E, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, has taken the bull by the horns and gone ahead to not only explain in practical terms what Anglophones should expect from the special status but also dared to state that the document, like any other human endeavor, remains perfectible. 

It is the more informed by the fact that although the said special status was simply ramped down on the people as indigenes were never consulted on its content beyond its being referenced by one of the committees as a resolution of the 2019 Major National Dialogue, MND, it seems to have all the ingredients of Special Constitutional Statuses around the world and as recognized in international human rights law in matters of safeguarding both the primary and remedial rights of minorities. 
It is also inspired by the fact that, whether we like it or not, and even as the world watches to see what contributions its coming into existence would make in bringing back peace to the restive Anglophone regions  immersed in a four years long deadly conflict over greater autonomy, Yaounde authorities are settled on their conviction that the special status is all what is required for Anglophones to live freely in the larger Cameroon body polity, and Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, being one of the regime's most convinced and convincing apostles, seems to believe so too. 

In a last December 5, 2020, interview in one of Cameroon's multiple award-winning and community-driven radio programs, Press and Associates, over Ndefcam radio 94.9fm, Bamenda, and streamed live across the world, H.E, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of state in Cameroon's Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development, had stunned many a listening audience by stating that the special status recently granted the North West and South West regions was not only the best thing that ever happened but more importantly, that it was a double portion. 

Explaining in triumphant detail the double-portionness of the special status, this illustrious son of the North and longest serving Delegation leader to Donga Mantung, said Anglophones have since 2016 been clamoring for greater autonomy and thinking that only one structure could be created to jointly manage the North West and South West regions but President Paul Biya, in his infinite wisdom, granted not one but two special statuses, one for the North West and one separately for the South West. As concerns the House of Chiefs, he furthered that unlike in the days of West Cameroon, when there was only one House of Chiefs in Buea, and it meant the people from the North West had to travel to Buea, Biya has made it possible through the special status, for North West fons to have their own House of Chiefs in Bamenda, while those from the South West get theirs in Buea. He opined how it was a blessing and double portion that sons and daughters of the North West would no longer have to be ruled from Buea, and how some of the inherent conflicts and misunderstandings that could have been insuring from a forceful reunion between the North West and South West if only one special status was created for the two regions, has been nipped in the bud. According to Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, the Regional council elections of December 6,2020, was a unique opportunity for the two English speaking regions to begin recreating the future and as well continue to believe in the beauty of their dreams. 

Contrary to widespread discourss that the special status granted the two English speaking regions of Cameroon was a loud-sounding nothing, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry demonstrated in triumphant detail, and in local colour, that beginning January 2021, inhabitants of the two English speaking regions would have the power to contribute as never before in the defining of not only the educational and common law policies of their regions but also in setting standards and value systems. He promoted the special status as the singular constitutional instrument that reintroducs local government as obtained in the 60s to the people of the former British Southern Cameroons. What with the Regional Executive Board's ability to define and determine the development path of the Region to the extent that what would limit how the regions self-determines their development could only be their imagination. 

Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry sounded the fact that the same chances government of Cameroon had in negotiating development funding from foreign and multilateral donors is the same opportunity opened to the regions by virtue of their special status. This would mean that the regional executives could canvass for funds from Cameroon's development partners for the restoration of say, WADA, the Menchum Falls, the Ring Road, and more importantly, the Dry Port. 

Specifically on the Dry Port project, and while inviting other well meaningful sons and daughters of the two English speaking regions to make bold in proposing far reaching suggestions to the regional council leaders, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry signaled how ready he and his ministry were, in handing over to the Region, already completed studies on the Dry Port project for the North West. The Dry Port, he said, was going to be a practical way of reversing the aged old idea and brainwashing the white man introduced to Africa, where all goods produced from the hinterlands were routed towards the seaside towns and cities, ready to be shipped to feed the white man. According to H. E,Dr. Fuh Calistus, the Dry Seaport would reverse the center of gravity away from the seaport zones to the hinterlands and to the big neighboring Nigeria market. 
Concerning the sticky issue of the Independent Public Conciliator, minister Fuh Calistus Gentry was rather stunny. He said the very fact that an independent public Conciliator was introduced into the special status with a non renewable six years mandate, was proof positive that Yaounde authorities never wanted to be seen as interfering in any way with the running of the internal affairs of the two English speaking regions. As to what becomes of the Governor, SDOs and D.Os, the government minister was the more emphatic. He made it clear that in every system, be it federal, special status or confederation, issues like defense, national security and foreign policy always lie with central government. Which means that the government representatives in the special status regions of the North West and South West, would be concerned primarily and principally, with the maintenance of law and order, as well as seeing into the strict implementation of state regulations and other central government business. The social, economic, cultural and environmental development of the Special Status regions lies squarely on the shoulders of Regional Government. That's why, the Cpdm official hinted on the fact that Regional Executive Council board members would virtually function like Regional Ministers in their own right, subject to state protocollar arrangements. 
The most revealing part of H. E, Dr. Fuh Calistus' interview was when he almost aligned with the Rawlsian version of political liberalism when he averred that the special status was Yaounde authorities' symbolic recognition that the people of the two English speaking regions of Cameroon were different and should be governed differently from the rest of the eight other regions. More importantly, and in his usual boldness, was optimistic that just like ay human endeavor, the special status in its present state is still perfectible, but that the best thing to do right now, was to first allow it playout. 

Over and above, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry's logic is that by granting a special status to the two English speaking regions, government of Cameroon had granted the people of the former British Southern Cameroons' the right to internal self-determination as opposed to external self determination being clamored for by others. His logic finds expression in the United Nations charter and relevant international documents. Since internal self-determination, according to the UN, is the right of a people to develop itself socially, economically and culturally within the encompassing state, and to determine their political status within that state, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry believes that this is exactly what the newly granted special status has done to the people of the two English speaking regions of Cameroon. 

Given that federation, outright decentralization or even a confederation would have just given equal status to all of the 10 regions of Cameroon without giving any special consideration to the two English speaking regions, Dr. Fuh Calistus is of the opinion that the granting of a special status sets the two English speaking regions apart, as it makes them politically different, not just equal to the eight others. This finds expression in the very definitions of internal self-determination, ranging from simply allowing communities to be able to elect their representatives and those representatives having a chance to serve in central government, as obtains with Quebec in Canada, through giving a people a right to self government, as obtains in Catalonia in Spain, to having an outright special constitutional status, as is today the case with the two English speaking regions of Cameroon. 
Following on Dr. Fuh Calistus' thinking and logic, it goes without saying, that the special status granted the two English speaking regions of Cameroon is in more ways than one, more profound and rooted in the constitution than what obtains with the Quebec arrangement in Canada. 

Be that as it maybe, it remains to be seen how this arrangement is going to be the marker of an end to the ragging conflict and a quick return to peace in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon. Better still, it behooves on government of Cameroon to deliver on the special status, both as a primary and remedial right to the indigenous people of the former British Southern Cameroons, not the other way round. 

The Muteff Boy's Take.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Regional Elections: Voting In Momo Division Kickstarts with Massive Presence

Electors rally get words of Encouragement from Minister Mbah Acha

Electors have turned out in their numbers at the polls in the divisional headquarters of Momo division Mbengwi and  demonstrated a sense of responsibility in casting their votes for the right leaders to lead in Regional Council and House of Chiefs.

These voters, militants of Camerooon People Democratic Party took the commitment on December 6th 2020, after Regional Campaigns had come to an end on December 5th .

The Minister Delegate of Supreme State Audit, Minister Mbah Acha Rose, an Elite of Momo Division, decides to motivate the voters with her prescence on the field. She says it is important that the electors don't feel abandoned.

Minister Mbah Acha talking to Press

"I am here to encourage the Electorates and my party peers of the CPDM, so that they don't feel abandoned. I am also here to ensure that there are no difficulties, and also know about any challages faced". Minister Mbah Acha Rose.

"I am very sure that the results will be positive for the CPDM party, because it is a party that brings development and long lasting Peace" Minister affirms.

All candidates were all present and had their voters cards, together with municipal councilors who had come out in their numbers to choose the leaders they believe it fit to be in the Regional house of Chiefs and Council.

By Ndefru Melanie

Friday, December 4, 2020

Bafut Council Embarks on Inclusive Development

Ngwakongho Lawrence,Mayor of Bafut Council

The Mayor of the Bafut Council, Ngwakongho Lawrence decides to embark on feasibility studies in preparation for 2022 investment plan, with particular attention on inclusive development.

Cross section of councilors in the Hall

The remark was made on December 4th 2020, during a session to discuss the 2021 budget for the Bafut Council, which experienced a slight increase in its budget as compared to the year 2020.

Finance Committee Lead

The 2021 Budget for the Bafut Council is balanced in Revenue and Expenditure at the sum of 749,868,000frs as compared to 519,309,559frs in 2020, experiencing a slight increased.

The estimate includes the investment credits allocated by the Government for the Bafut Council in 2021 which is 187,050,000frs. Recurrent Expenditure; 415,868,000frs being 55% of the budget and Investment Expenditure 334,000,000 making 44.5% of the budget.

Mayor of Bafut Concerting with the D.O for Bafut Sub division

"Let us work hard to mobilize our ressources to ensure local development, improve the living environment and conditions of the inhabitants of this great municipality" Mayor of Bafut Council.

In the advent of the Anglophone crisis turned an armed conflict, persons living with disabilities and Internally Displaced Persons have suffered a great negative impact, to an extent have being neglected from issues centred on development. 

With a population of over 150  thousand people, Mayor Nkgwakongho Lawrence says it is important for those individuals in hard hit areas to feel the impact of the reconstruction process, to hasten the return of Peace in the Region.

Group picture, Mayor and Municipal Councilors of Bafut Council

He called on all Councilors to mobilize themselves and come out to cast their votes on Sunday December 6th 2020, for the 1st ever Regional Elections since Independence.

By Ndefru Melanie