Old Town Dwellers Solemnize End of Year Feasting With Minister Mbayu Felix

Partial view of Population

Part of Food items 

Inhabitants of Old Town Bamenda recieved some basic food items like Rice, Vegetable oil from Minister Mbayu Felix, Minister of External Relations in charge of the CommonWealth, an Elite earmarked as one who Celebrates with his people at every end of year festive period.

Distribution Excercise

The distribution excercise dubbed Christmas gift donation, was done at the Old Town neighborhood at Minister Mbayu's residence on December 30th 2020, bringing together different members of households ranking themselves to recieve the said items.

Press Men In Bamenda 

Being a Man of the Press, the day started with a Press Lunch as some Journalists answered present to share in a meal, a way of taking part in end of year festivities/ Celebrations.

Minister Mbayu Felix is labelled as a leader who looks after his people, communing with the population of Old Town Bamenda at every end of Year festive period is a known ritual and being a man of the people, he is hailed and applauded by his peers.

Partial View of Beneficiaries

Recipients of the gifts from the Minister cut across Old Town Bamenda, which is said to be divided into 3 different quarters. Persons living with disability were not left out, to some of them this gesture is a relief given the challenges in feeding caused by the armed conflict.

"I am very happy about this gift we are recieving from Minister Mbayu. This food items will help my familly a great deal because there is a difficulty in feeding due to the crisis. The Minister has proven he is a member of every familly in Old Town Bamenda,showing concern and offering help at anytime during the year, especially during every end of year festive period" a beneficiary.

Coordinator of Distribution Exercise, Philo Happi

Philo Happi, a Senior Journalist practicing in the North West Region and occupant in the old Town neighborhood, coordinated the distribution exercise at Minister Mbayu's residence. She told Press that the Minister is known to be jovial and a man of action.

"Famillies; Mothers, Fathers and  Children, have come to collect their Christmas gifts from Minister Mbayu Felix. This is done every year, every Decemeber and Old Town is a very large quater divided into 3; Ntambag I, II and III, yet no one has being left out and there is no discrimination" Philo Happi, Coordinator of food distribution exercise.

Minister Mbayu Felix

The Minister has made donations to children during the Back-to-School period and also donated sugar to Moslems during the feast of the Ram. His kind gesture is known to many and his willingness to listen to the local man is key amongst other principles of Minister Mbayu Felix.

By Ndefru Melanie


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