NtaCCUL Opts to Revamp Ruined Buisnesses of Members and Would be Members

General Manager, Ntarinkon Cooperative Credit Union

The General Manager of Ntarinkon Co-operative Credit Union LTD Ade Muma Divine, has demonstrated consciousness on the fact that many people have lost their buisnesses and finances given the ongoing armed conflict. For this reason, he told Civiclens that NtaCCUL is ready to bief up the buisnesses of members and would be members.

Speaking to the General Manager of NtaCCUL in an exclusive Interview, he revealed that the union has been operating within the context of the ongoing crisis and is ready to be part of the solutions of the armed conflict by empowering it's members economically, while instilling hope in those who still want to belong.

"We have the responsibility to be part of the solution to the crisis. For our members, we have already approved a budget, a recovery program whereby once the tension drops in the course of the conflict, we will grant some soft loans to bring members back to buisness." GM NtaCCUL.

NtaCCUL receiving The Guardian Post Achievement Award in June Yaounde as the best Microfinance Institution in the CEMAC Region

NtaCCUL members demonstrate transparent democracy in the election of their Board of Directors.

NtaCCUL, an Award Winning Micro finance institution, always thinks of empowering it's members at all times, reason why the GM encouraged all persons who are still making a decision to be part of the union, to do so with delight and benefit from NtaCCUL's services.

"We are asking those who are not members to be part of us, we urge them to join because once they do, the Union will help their buisnesses to grow because we are aware that most of the buisnesses have been ravaged by war in times of conflict".

"Buyam-sellams have been displaced, most petit traders have lost their capital, most don't even have the reasources to get back to buisness. It is our objective, our intension to make sure these persons bounce back", he added.

NtaCCUL's Head Office Building, Ntarikon Bamenda

NtaCCUL has been earmarked as a Micro- finance institution that alleviates poverty by looking out for it's members, "improve on living standards of famillies, while encouraging famillies to send their kids to school and even handle health challenges."

"The credit union is design to help the poor, it is a weapon to change the lives of poor people. So people who want to be part of us, it is easy to for them to create accounts with even less that 10,000cfa francs."

NtaCCUL has a micro credit department that goes round to see how to establish members in small scale buisnesses, so that " they can be able to take out the stress felt during this time".
Saving up with NtaCCUL has become easier given mobile money services introduced to members. By this, most persons can save up even at a distance, while respecting barrier measures against the pandemic Covid-19.

As more and more people continue to enjoy mobile money services, because of its rapidity and accessibility, many users have confirmed it is the safest and quickest way to save money with NtaCCUL.

Branches with their Mobile Money Coordinates


Bamenda-Foot Market









According to the Marketing Master, Mr Tahkuli Maurice, it is important for NtaCCUL to have back up by being affiliated to Rainbow Co-operative Credit Union which is her umbrella union, located at the Emperor building, Small Mankon. It also acts as a service organ that monitors and supervises credit unions under its armpit.

The Chief of Marketing was proud to say that "NtaCCUL is the Gateway to Financial Strength by virtue of the fact that she has consistently paid 6 and 5% interest on members savings, viability in liquidity, ability to finance both micro and macro projects of members". 

"Its strategically located ultra-modern buildings and provision of social services to members and the general public."

NtaCCUL has a new branch at Nlongkak Round-about in Yaoundé, arround the MRS Fuel Station, already Operational. She is expanding her branches, bringing her services closer to the people, for the benefit of would be members.

NtaCCUL Building,  Bonaberi Branch

NtaCCUL is the first credit union to have Automated Teller Machines which operates freely without charges within NtaCCUL and the UBA bank.

By Ndefru Melanie



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