Advertorial: AziCCUL Accompanies Parents Invest in Children's Education

The President of AziCCUL, Divine Nde Momuluh

Azire Co-operative Credit Union Limited (AziCCUL), believes that investing in the life of children is a more sustainable development goal, calling on would be members to be part of its services in order to benefit from this vice.

"One thing we are encouraging is the education of children, when we invest in the lives of children, we invest in the life of the country. In times like this when we have an ongoing crisis it is difficult for parents to have access to finances. That is why we are expanding our school fees loans to be easy, so that parents can sponsor their children in School". Mr Divine Nde, President of AziCCUL.

AziCCUL is offering opportunities for new members to benefit from. The union has adopted a resolution to encourage members with micro- loans.

AziCCUL's President talking to Civiclens Online

"It is a practice which we have been doing but we had to fine-tune it so that people that are just starters in life or who just opened an account with us, can be able to get their projects financed by the union".

"It is really easy to open an account with us, we can be able to start a business for you even as little as 100,000frs or 50,000frs. With such loans, we can help u progress to whatever level you can go". AziCCUL's President.

AziCCUL has several products and services it offers for the growing needs of its members. The account clerks of the union are ready to assist members go about opening their accounts; Shares account, saving account, Deposit account and loan account- where the credit facility of a member is recorded.

Besides the different accounts from which new members may choose to open, the union also has money transfer services; Internal money and Western Union money transfer.
This is to avoid it's members travel with huge sums of money.

AziCCUL has mobile money services which it's members use, members can pay electricity bills via the union, thanks to it's partnership with Maviance-Cameroon LTD, making this possible for all AziCCUL's branch offices.

It offers currency exchange services and Prepaid Visa cards; thanks to it's partnership with the UBA Bank. Civil servants and private sector employees can as well recieve their salaries via AziCCUL.

AziCCUL is installing a new software system and working on its co-banking system, where members can sit in the confines of their homes and work on their phones; make deposits from their mobile money into their accounts.

"Members can go to any ATM machine around town and do withdrawals. Gone are those days where you que up in offices to withdraw money. That's the greatest place where covid can easily be gotten. With our cobanking system, coming up in a month's time, am very positive that it will decongest our offices, you can only came when its absolutely necessary".

"Our interest rates, planned and budgeted to pay to members as of now is not really encouraging considering the times we find ourselves in but not withstanding, we are encouraging members to come and open their accounts with us and discover our services" AziCCUL's President.

AziCCUL's Logo

AziCCUL is making efforts to open a branch in Buea, Limbe and other locations in Douala. As at now their branch office is on Kumba and Douala; feu rouge Bessengue, Bonaberi and Village and kumba.

"It is difficult sometimes for people to leave Buea to do buisness in Douala or kumba with the Union's offices in these towns, the reason why we are actually trying to bring it closer to the people".

AziCCUL's Head office in Bamenda

AziCCUL's head office is located behind the Municipal Stadium Mankon in Bamenda, with branch offices at Commercial avenue, Alizane building, Nkwen Way-in, Ntarikon and Mbengwi.

"We thank our fervent members who have persisted to live with us through this very difficult moment. Our liquidity stands really strong, we encourage members to come and save money with Azire because as of now, we are still the biggest in Cameroon and probably the biggest in sub Saharan Africa." AziCCUL's President.

By Ndefru Melanie


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