Thursday, July 30, 2020

Stakeholders Commissioned to Speed-Up Project Execution Rate In NWR

MP, Wallang Richard

The Chairman of the Follow up Committee for the Public Investment Projects (PIP), Wallang Richard has told stakeholders that development can only be realised through collective efforts and inclusion, adding that only this can speed up execution rate of projects in the Region.

He was speaking at the follow up participatory meeting at MINEPAT hall , upstation Bamenda on July 30th 2020, in the prescence of different stakeholders concerned with the execution of projects in the Northwest Region.

"We are the ones to build our region, manna will not come from heaven, if it is inclusive and there is synergy we will build a mansion. With inclusive construction, we will do wonderful things" Chairman of participatory follow up meeting, Wallang Richard.

According to the Regional Delegate of MINEPAT, over 559 projects have been allocated to the region but most have not taken off yet and he further called on all Mayors and their elites to put hands on deck in order to move foward.

Mentioning some of the key issues deliberated on, the situation of council road projects in the Northwest is said to have funds of over 27.7million Cfa francs for 2016/2018. And the participatory follow up decided to investigate and found out that, some state funds were unaccounted for.

The regional delegate of MINEPAT observed that "Public contract award procedure witness a drastic drop in award mechanism and the issue of transition came to question".

"New Mayors had problems awarding their contracts" he said and asked that stakeholders should act as facilitators so that, carrying out their duties and executing projects will be at its best.

Mesaje council, is one of those areas cited not to have good roads, electricity ( with state funds allocated already) and has a falling bridge, which may cut itself from Donga Mantung centre, Nkambe.

"PIB 2019/2020 execution rate too low because of the crisis, but also the elements of liquity difficulty where money is kept. Contractors have done their best but execution of some projects are slow, elites and traditional rulers should have a camaraderie with contractors for the smooth execution of these contracts." Regional Delegate of MINEPAT, Dominic Fotsop.

As part of other projects, 9.5 million has been allocated for the electrification of dividions in the Northwest and about 150 million Cfa, for the rehabilitation of schools in the Northwest region.

MP for Bui-West

The MP for Bui-West, Kwei Andrew,
"Special attention should be given to the execution of projects in the region, despite the bottlenecks encountered by contractors while on the field and payment should be encouraged at a certain level to motivate contractors to be constantly on the field" MP said

Deputy General Manager, Edge Company

While the deputy general manager of Edge Company, Njinjoh Victor, added that there should be a commission constantly on the field to do follow up.

"In terms of poor Execution, once a project is awarded to a contractor, the control mission stays off the field without collaborating with the contactorand the project is not owned by the contractor. With the prescence of the control team, the job will be done within the norms required" he said

Fon of Balikumbat, Doh Gahnyamnyin observed that the blames for the none execution of projects are usually metted on separatists fighters and said stakeholders should refrain from such practices.

"The execution of Public Investment Budget faces difficulties with the new vote holders, it is important to take solidarity out of the room and allow them work than blame Separatists fighters for preventing work from being done" The Fon remarked.

Wallang Richard pleaded that stakeholders together with the population should be ambassadors of peace, adding that the common man needs to be sensitized to see that projects are like national cakes.

" With these youths in the bushes, one of their problems is unemployment and these projects are like national cakes that are being distributed. It is the place of contractors going to the field, who need to make the work inclusive" he said.

By Ndefru Mélanie


Monday, July 27, 2020

Plan Rescues Vulnerable Children, Launches GAC Project In NWR

Plan launches project in Workshop

Plan International Cameroon, within its humanitarian response operations in the Northwest and Southwest regions, has started implementing a child protection / WASH project with support from Global Affairs Canada in Fako and Mezam divisions. 

The project launch took place in Bamenda on July 23, 2020, during a workshop that brought together leaders within the targeted communities, youth groups, women and religious leaders as well as other key stakeholders. 

The Northwest and Southwest regions have been hard hit by the socio-political crisis since 2016 and now the COVID-19 pandemic. Children and especially girls have been the most affected by this dual predicament, as they are now more exposed to myriad dangers: sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, exploitation, being associated with armed groups, etc.

 The project entitled “Emergency Child Protection and WASH Interventions for IDPs and Conflict-Affected Communities in North-West and South-West Cameroon” seeks to specifically support these vulnerable children, among others. 

Derick Fon, Child Protection Officer

"We need to get into the communities so we can provide the much needed support to children and especially girls affected by the crises. We believe that by working well together with communities and other key stakeholders, we can reach these communities who are in need of support”, says Derick Fon, Child Protection in Emergencies Officer for the intervention. 

“These stakeholders will support to raise awareness in these communities to secure the buy-in. Community participation for us is not only a means to an end but a goal in itself,” he added.  

The project will target 21,575 beneficiaries across 15 communities including Ntahturu, Chi Ndeh, Akum in the North West region and Great Soppo, Bonduma, Buea Town, Mabeta, West Coast, Cassava Farm, Bota, Church Street and New town in the South West region. 

Patrick Nji, Participant

“I have seen children who have been affected by the crisis in my community. I expect that the project will support cases of rape, child trafficking and other forms of abuse. It is my wish that Plan International remains in our community so our children can keep benefitting from this support" says Patrick Nji, a 
community leader in Mezam division. 

Plan International is an international humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and equality for girls working in over 76 countries worldwide and in Cameroon since 1996.

By Ndefru Mélanie


Saturday, July 25, 2020

CCMN Kick-starts 2nd Phase, factoring Humanitarian Aspects In Reporting

The PCC National Peace Office has launched the second phase of her activities; Peace Journalism and Conflict Transformation in the Northwest Region.

The event that took place at the PCC Church Centre Mankon, Bamenda on July 24th and was chaired by the National Peace Coordinator, the Rev. Nta William, in the presence of the Regional Manager for Peace, Mme kyeng Juliette, the National Programs officer for Peace, Ntui Oben and the National coordinator for CCMN, Mme Rosaline A.Obah.

"The 2nd phase comes to fine tune our strategies so that we continue to aim towards one direction, to ensure a peaceful society. The 2nd phase targets another domain, which is the humanitarian aspect , which the 1st phase did not factor." National Coordinator, Mme Rosaline A. Obah said.

The meeting that brought together members of the Cameroon Community Media Network (CCMN), who are the beneficiaries to the project, were called to use the project to make the common man feel it's impact for a better outcome, which is expected to reflect the output through their initiatives.

"The impact should be felt within the society and that change can come without necessarily using violence." Ntui Oven said.

The chairman reiterated the fact that "CCMN as a platform will benefit from individual perspectives, of which, persons will build their capacities and secondly be a platform, where there will be a multiplier effect when once peace is spoken and humanity is taken into consideration from our various media organs, churches and mosques." Rev. Nta William

"It is going to create a greater impact even to those who don't know the need to be peaceful and the final outcome will be to join the peace initiative." He added.

Members of the network who are also beneficiaries are expected to remain professional awhile continuing with productions centres arround Peace Journalism, while factoring the humanitarian aspects in their narrative.

By Ndong Carine

Friday, July 24, 2020

Covid-19: NW Governor Request Vigilance For Teams to Curb Spread

The Governor at Bamenda Central Prison

The Governor of the Northwest Region, Adolphe Lele LAfrique has carried out an Inspection visit to some Covid-19 treatment centres and requested the need for teams to be revamped, to curb the spread of Covid-19 to other communities not yet affected.

This activity, conducted in Bamenda on July 23rd, by the Governor and his entourage, comes after a recent statistics from the Regional Public Health Office, that places the city of Bamenda on lead role, as a breathing ground for Covid-19.

The Governor visit centre producing mask in Bda Prison

Adolphe Lele LAfrique, Governor of the Northwest region, visited the Bamenda central prison, Travel agencies, Markets, Institutions of some stakeholders, Supermarkets and bars to make sure Measures out in place by the Government to curb the spread of the virus, was respected by all.

" We have conducted inspection in the field, to different places of interest in the city of Bamenda, to see whether people are respecting barrier measures put in place by the World Health Organization and enforced by Government, and we have seen the need for the revamping of task forces, to put together efforts and safe lifes while preventing the spread of the virus". Governor Adolphe Lele LAfrique, said.

The Governor the construction site, Isolation centre (RHB)

The inspection visit included the isolation unit centre, under construction at the Bamenda Regional Hospital, where contractors revealed that evaluation can be done in 3months to find out if Government expectations had been met.

Apart from the anti-Covid kits recieved by the Northwest Region from government, the Head of State, President Paul Biya, sent a grant of one million Cfa, to the Bamenda Central Prison, empowering the prisoners and team there, maintain order while fighting Covid-19.

By Ndefru Mélanie

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Bamenda II Council Mayor boycotts Predecessor's Funeral

Pioneer Mayor of Bamenda II Council, Balick Awa Fidelis has been laid to rest, while his Successor, Mayor Chenwi Peter was visibly abscent, for a Council session.

His mortal remains have been lowered to Mother Earth on July 22nd 2020, at his residence in Ntambeng, Mankon- Bamenda.

Mourners turned out in their numbers to bid farewell to the "local development bulldozer", amongst them was The former Government Delegate Vincent Nji Ndumu, The Mayor for Bamenda III Council, Fonguh Cletus and his colleagues in the Board of Directors, Regional Hospital Bamenda.

Other information revealed that his successor, Mayor Chenwi Peter, was present at a council session and this prevented him from paying his last respect, to his predecessor, Balick Awa Fidelis.

The deceased was described by his former executive as a shinning light,that brought development to the local Communities in Mankon, and was remembered for hardwork and good leadership.

"Standing on behalf of the old executive, the councilors to bid farewell, to a fallen hero and our leader, because of his dynamism, he was elected in 2007 as pioneer Mayor of Bamenda II and did everything to develop his municipality. H was the center of politics, our mentor in politics, his demise adds to those the SDF party has lost". Late Mayor Balick's 1st deputy.

The Mayor of Bamenda IIII, Fonguh Cletus, spoke at the morgue as a colleague with whom the deceased had collaborated with in council and party activities.

"We worked in collaboration, designed projects together, he was a big pillar In the SDF party, he has held many positions in the party and loosing him creates a big vacuum. The Party Chairman sends words of Condolence, promising to be by the familly in such difficult moments, to encourage them to move on" Fonguh Cletus, Mayor Bamenda 3.

Mayor Balick Awa Fidelis was also part of Hospital's management and was known for ideas that breeds development.

Dr. Denis Nsame, Director of Regional hospital Bamenda recieved news of his demise on Sunday July 19th "after the medical team had employed efforts to stabilize his situation. His death should rather unite, tgant separate his familly" Dr Nsame said

Vincent Nji Ndumu, being Government Delegate at the time, knows the deceased like an elder brother. "As far as services rendered are concerned, it is very evident that, he was a very hard working person. Roads in ntarinkon and other parts of Bamenda 2, are Investments of not less than 500 million francs. He worked for about 3years as a member of the executive board of the Regional Hospital; with all the works going on at the hospital, is thanks to the efforts of the executive team, with Mayor Balick involved." Vincent Nji Ndumu.


Bamenda II Council Session: Mayor Revisits Council Revenue Situation

SDO for Mezam, Mayor and deputies

The Mayor of Bamenda II Council has called on Supervisory authourities to revisit the distribution of markets in the city of Bamenda, so as to begin sourcing revenue for the Council.

This was during a mid year evaluation, council session that held on Wednesday January 23 at the Bamenda II Council, evaluating projects envisaged for the January 2020 budget line.

According to the Mayor of the Bamenda II Council, Revenue stood at 731,850,321 Cfa, with a percentage of 49.83% and Expenditure at 120,665,223 with a percentage of 8.2%, observing that " much is still to be done as development is never an ending process".

The prevailing situation in the Northwest Region has hindered the Bamenda II Council from collecting taxes as a source for revenue, while Mayor Chenwi Peter emphasized that "to guarantee a steady source, council revenue, markets must come into play". He said.

Mayor Chenwi Peter remarked that projects realized are; the equiping of councils and giving assistance to schools, but for other projects still ongoing, under the Public Investment Budget( PIB).

The equiping of some intergrated health centers; Ntinkag and Chomba, Construction of some facilities; molding industry in Mbingfibieh to empower youths, constructing 2 claarooms and a civil status center in Mbatu, a Community hall in Ngulung and rehabilitation of rural roads.

He aslo mentioned the Fight against Covid-19 that is ongoing, but has supported stakeholders within his municipality to curb the spread, the MOU with GloTEN( Global Technology and Engineering Network) a Korean based Cooperation and the Training of Councilors; on the new decentralization code.

These amongst others were projects mentioned, to come to fruition through the collaboration of Mayors and the Administrative authourities in the Northwest Region.

Councilors, Bamenda II Council

The Mayor beckoned Councilors to be duty conscious and be able to suggest realistic projects that will bring development to the City of Bamenda.


Anti-Covid Kits, Worth 500 million recieved in the Northwest Region

The Medical team and the Administration of the Northwest region have recieved; 250 complete beds, 6 X-ray machines, 6 minor surgery kits and 7 portable ultrasound, worth over 500million, to be distributed to district hospitals in the Northwest region, especially those which had registered Covid-19 cases.

The presentation of gifts to the administration and medical team, with reception, took place on July 21st 2020 at Upstation Bamenda, in the presence of district heads and other health personels concerned with the reception of the anti-Covid kits.

According to the Mayor of the Bamenda City Council, the gesture from Government was timely, to help curb the spread of the disease and called on all to "reciprocate this act of love" from the government by adhering to the preventive measures put in place by the World Health Organization and enforced by Government.

"The gifts from Government are worth over 500 million to the various health units in this region and we want to say that these equipment are so valuable that it takes only the understanding of the users to appreciate the government. Nobody gives without love and if the government has given to us we should reciprocate it", Mayor Achombang Tambeng Paul.

Regional Delegate, Public Health

To the Regional Delegate of Public health, Che Kingsley Nsoh, 11 structures will in the days ahead, benefit from these equipment; Santa, Tubah, Batibo, Nkwen, Mendankwe,CMA Mankon, Bambalang, Mbengwi(2) health centers, and Regional Hospital Bamenda

He did not leave out mentioning the quarantine centers that will be recieving a good number of beds, others that we will going to be, at the low cost houses. "so we are going to be reserving 80 beds that we will be using to hospitalise Covid19 patients" he added. Some of the recipients shared their feelings about the gesture from the Government.

DMO, Mbengwi recieves kit

The District Medical head in Mbengwi, says the centre has registered cases and the main problem is the denial syndrome. "Mbengwi health District is one of those districts that have been affected by the covid 19 pandemic; we have had 5 confirmed cases and 2 deaths. one of the greatest challenges we are having is denial of the population, about the existence of the Covid19 pandemic. Most of the people are refusing to take the measures, reason why the district health service in collaboration with all the chief of integrated health centres are using all at their disposal to educate the population in collaboration with the administration of Mbengwi central sub division to fight this ignorance." Iwu David, DMO, Mbengwi Health District.

DMO, Tubah health District recieves kit from SDO

Dingana Therence, Medical District head of the Tubah Hospital, says the gifts are of high quality and a quick response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We have recieved gifts from the Government, particularly allocated for the fight against Covid-19. Tubah Hospital has greatly been affected by Covid-19, we have had 15cases, 1dead. These gifts will encourage and boost our morals in managing Covid-19. We had problems of space and beds, now we have received 15beds, portable ultra sound machine, to diagnose other health issues. The equipments recieved are really of high quality. Though I would have wished that Government's focus should have been been to provide us with oxygen cylinders, oxygen machines, because most Covid-19 patients die of respiratory distress", Dingana Therence, DMO, Tubah subdivision.

Governor Adolphe Lele L'Afrique.

The Governor of the Northwest Region, Adolphe Lele L'Afrique who assisted in the reception of the medical kits from Government, congratulated the medics for their sacrifice in saving lifes, recalling that it was for thesame reason the Head of State, President Paul Biya extended the retirement age for Health personels.

He also observed with dismay, the resistance of others who continue to neglect Preventive measures to guard against Covid-19.

"There are still some persons behaving as if there is no problem. There are reports of more than 400 cases reported in the city of Bamenda; being the core of the Northwest region, with our very own negligence, this will spread to other districts not affected. So we must double our efforts, revamp the task forces to shun out this disease" Governor of the Northwest Region.

"We are now at the 2nd phase; the Community contamination, if we don't take precautions and respect barrier Measures, we will play a greater role infecting our love ones. However field control is planned for the days ahead, to come up with new measures and sanctions will be meted on defaulters". He added.

He pleaded with the population to ease the task of the medical staff and ask that people "should refrain from being agents of transmission

By Ndefru Melanie

Monday, July 20, 2020

Hon Agho Oliver Yields to People's Request

The member of parliament for Bafut Tubah Constituency, has yielded to calls for assistance in power shortage in Bambili, by providing a 4000kwatts generator, to aid in the issuing of national Identity Cards and to serve the population of Bambili, Tubah Subdivision.

Honorable Agho Oliver handed the generator to the Divisional Officer of Tubah Subdivision, Garga Alim and Mayor of Tubah council, Tanjong Martin on July 20th, at the explanade of the Public Security Post , Bambili.

According to Honorable Agho Oliver, it is not proper for someone to spend, close to a week or 2 making efforts in getting a national ID card, reason why he was oblige to respond to the call of his people.

"It was important and necessary for me to supply this 4000 kilowatts generator, that will meet up with the immediate demands of the population, for a student area like Bambili, ID cards are basic documents and a community requirement" MP observed.

The Mayor saluted the efforts of the MP and did not leave out other challenges faced by the local population.

"Tubah has a problem of electricity and this gesture solves a pinch of it, the Student population cannot read without lights, else they cannot succeed". Mayor observed

"We also have a problem of water, taxes are not coming and the council is unable to solve the problem, roads too are not left out and though you may not have the means, use your powers (your office) to lobby, for the people of Tubah to get these facilities and live happily" Mayor Tubah Council, Tanjong Martin Concluded.

Garga Alim, The Divisional Officer for Tubah Subdivision, mentioned "lights in Bambili has been a problem; low voltage, light failure and with the MP's gesture offering this generator, we are ready to function full time". He said

The MP's gesture comes at a time when public exams are arround the corner and the Police, being an intermediary for lifes in Tubah subdivision, are charged to be at the rescue of the local population when need arises.

By Ndefru Melanie


Sunday, July 19, 2020

Former Bamenda II Mayor Bows Out

Balick Awah Fidelis Former Mayor of Bamenda 2 Council, has kicked the bucket at 70 and leaves the stage after handing over his seat at the Bamenda 2 Council in the year 2020.

The pioneer Mayor and Elite in Mankon, Balick Fidelis Awah had proven beyond reasonable doubts to be a great developer, While at the helm of the Bamenda II Council as he took development to the doorsteps of his people with the “Small Money Big Project Initiative” with councilors.

He was innovative, down to earth and fertile in expedients. He falls within the ranks of the new breed of politicians born with extra abilities to surmount all sorts of barrier to emerge successful.

The late former Mayor Balick Fidelis Awah can be counted amongst the first development luminaries in the North West. He was applauded for being transparent, accountable, transparent and result oriented at the helm of Bamenda II Council. From Mankon to Mbatu down to Nsongwa, and Chomba, every community in the municipal had something for being a mark of difference in the fight against poverty.

Balick’s legacies are many ranging from the provision of potable water to construction of classrooms, market sheds, slaughter houses, community halls, health centers, farms to market roads.

He travels to the world beyond in the evening hours of July 19th, at his residence in Ntambeng Mankon after suffering from a malaise. His demise comes as a shock to the SDF party, when the tears shed for Honourable Joseph Banadzem, Honourable Joseph Mbah Ndam and Barrister Sama Francis have not yet dried up.


Fundong Youths Empowered through Community Project

Over 600 youths within the Fundong municipality have gained employment through a project by applying manual labour in opening the Isaibal-Ndio Road and Completing the bridge over the Juafeff river, in Fundong Subdivision, Boyo Division.

Speaking to the Press at the site on July 18th, The Mayor of Fundong Council, Denis Awoh Ndang explained that the project came as a result of a partnership convention between MINEPAT and Fundong Council, relative to the realisation of demonstrative works using the labour- based approach.

According to the Mayor, over 600 youths have been employed to take part in works concerning the project, and he added that, this approach will provide these youths with skills and enable them earn a daily bread for their famillies, given the difficult situation due to the Anglophone crisis.

"The approach is aimed at letting the common man have something to put food on the table, considering the difficult moments we are passing through, many people have financial challenges, and thru this they will benefit something" Mayor Fundong Council, said.

"By doing it themselves, the people will acquire the techniques of road maintainance and also be able to appreciate it when the machines are doing it and also they will know the difficulties involved and protect it if anyone attempts to destroy it." The Mayor added.

The Mayor emphasized that the sustainability of the project, which is worth 303million Cfa is guaranteed bacause "the council is working with an NGO, doing all to see the beneficiaries (the population) consider it as theirs, so that when the council hands off, they can maintain it themselves".

Contractor Incharge of the Road Project

Over 120 million has been recieved for the first phase, which according to the Contractor, Asangwine fontoh john is about 80% realised and is hopeful that, though there are alot of challenges involved, the prescence of the technical team will ensure the work is done correctly.

"We respect norms guiding road works and we are using the manual labour method. To control human beings is not very easy, since this is not mechanic. We are using local material; pure concrete to realise the bridge. Sand and concrete are gotten arround the site."

"But for challenges faced, to employ efforts to get the bridge perfectly done. The control team is on the field to see that the work is done, we are less than 50% with the realisation of the entire project, but for the 1st phase we are at 80% realization." Contractor added


Opening ISAIBAL-NDIO Road, A Gender Sensitive Project.

Women and girls within Fundong Municipality have joined other young men to empower themselves through a road project, constructing the ISAIBAL-NDIO road, using the Manual method, in Fundong sub division, Boyo Division.

Speaking to the Press at site of ongoing works, The Mayor of the Fundong Council, Denis Awoh Ndang said employment to the site is gender sensitive; girls, women, mothers involved.

He also added that " we are sociological sensitive, as our Moslem brothers and sisters are part of the works ongoing. Also we have being inclusive, people who are living with disabilities have not been left out, as all these persons enjoy the benefits of the project.

Marvelous Nangi, said she was called in from Douala, to come and assist in a road project.

" I assisted in digging the road, at first I was afraid, I felt that it was challenging, but what motivated me more is the amount of money I recieved after the first week, being an uppersixth student and stopped, could not continue due to the crisis and no means".

Nkasah Laura a lowersixth student says she had delight to help her Community. "I was not only motivated because of the money but because I had the zeal to help my Community, dig the road and I was encouraged too by the money, earning 15000frs weekly".

Some of the women at the project site felt proud about the Mayor's decision, allowing them carry out the project through their own work force.

"we did not live in town, we lived in the bush, but hearing about the project we decided to come back from the bush to assist. There was no means because the little thing I sold while in the bush, there were no buyers, my kids fell sick and I could not assist them to get proper health care services. So with this ongoing project, I could work, earn something and send to them, to sustain themselves." A woman shares her story with civiclens.

Another woman, Bih Gladys said the project was a rescue because she had lost hope with the coming of the crisis.

"The project has empowered me alot, in many ways; in my house, my familly, in my buisness. When the crisis came, everything was destroyed, I didn't know where to go, I felt so discouraged about everything and had no hopes because I could not assist my children at home, even to provide food items" she lamented.

"When I heard of the project, I went to the council and my name was written down as part of those who will take part in the works concerning the project and then I had hopes again for myself and my family" she explained

"With the benefits coming from this project, I am able to keep pigs, pay for my farms to be cultivated, I have regained my buisness as a buyam sellam."

"I thank the Mayor for allowing us carry on with the project with the use of hands because if he gave this project to the machines to do it, I would have been hopeless and there will be no future for me" Bih Gladys tells civiclens.

The project came as a result of a convention between MINEPAT and the Fundong Council, for the opening of Isaibal road, which is a far to market road, that leaves the fundong urban centre to the farms of most inhabitants, about 7 km.