Stakeholders Commissioned to Speed-Up Project Execution Rate In NWR

MP, Wallang Richard

The Chairman of the Follow up Committee for the Public Investment Projects (PIP), Wallang Richard has told stakeholders that development can only be realised through collective efforts and inclusion, adding that only this can speed up execution rate of projects in the Region.

He was speaking at the follow up participatory meeting at MINEPAT hall , upstation Bamenda on July 30th 2020, in the prescence of different stakeholders concerned with the execution of projects in the Northwest Region.

"We are the ones to build our region, manna will not come from heaven, if it is inclusive and there is synergy we will build a mansion. With inclusive construction, we will do wonderful things" Chairman of participatory follow up meeting, Wallang Richard.

According to the Regional Delegate of MINEPAT, over 559 projects have been allocated to the region but most have not taken off yet and he further called on all Mayors and their elites to put hands on deck in order to move foward.

Mentioning some of the key issues deliberated on, the situation of council road projects in the Northwest is said to have funds of over 27.7million Cfa francs for 2016/2018. And the participatory follow up decided to investigate and found out that, some state funds were unaccounted for.

The regional delegate of MINEPAT observed that "Public contract award procedure witness a drastic drop in award mechanism and the issue of transition came to question".

"New Mayors had problems awarding their contracts" he said and asked that stakeholders should act as facilitators so that, carrying out their duties and executing projects will be at its best.

Mesaje council, is one of those areas cited not to have good roads, electricity ( with state funds allocated already) and has a falling bridge, which may cut itself from Donga Mantung centre, Nkambe.

"PIB 2019/2020 execution rate too low because of the crisis, but also the elements of liquity difficulty where money is kept. Contractors have done their best but execution of some projects are slow, elites and traditional rulers should have a camaraderie with contractors for the smooth execution of these contracts." Regional Delegate of MINEPAT, Dominic Fotsop.

As part of other projects, 9.5 million has been allocated for the electrification of dividions in the Northwest and about 150 million Cfa, for the rehabilitation of schools in the Northwest region.

MP for Bui-West

The MP for Bui-West, Kwei Andrew,
"Special attention should be given to the execution of projects in the region, despite the bottlenecks encountered by contractors while on the field and payment should be encouraged at a certain level to motivate contractors to be constantly on the field" MP said

Deputy General Manager, Edge Company

While the deputy general manager of Edge Company, Njinjoh Victor, added that there should be a commission constantly on the field to do follow up.

"In terms of poor Execution, once a project is awarded to a contractor, the control mission stays off the field without collaborating with the contactorand the project is not owned by the contractor. With the prescence of the control team, the job will be done within the norms required" he said

Fon of Balikumbat, Doh Gahnyamnyin observed that the blames for the none execution of projects are usually metted on separatists fighters and said stakeholders should refrain from such practices.

"The execution of Public Investment Budget faces difficulties with the new vote holders, it is important to take solidarity out of the room and allow them work than blame Separatists fighters for preventing work from being done" The Fon remarked.

Wallang Richard pleaded that stakeholders together with the population should be ambassadors of peace, adding that the common man needs to be sensitized to see that projects are like national cakes.

" With these youths in the bushes, one of their problems is unemployment and these projects are like national cakes that are being distributed. It is the place of contractors going to the field, who need to make the work inclusive" he said.

By Ndefru Mélanie


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