Monday, January 20, 2020

GIDIcom encourages Victimized Women to Tell their Stories

Journalists from different spheres of the media have attended a Press briefing with GIDIcom's Team, on January 19th,2020 which laid the foundation for objectives guiding the thoughts within and without the Digital space.

The CEO of GIDIcom Pedmia Shatu Tita specified that the Press Conference was part of the activities for the #Acts4peace237 campaign, raising awareness about the intentions of GIDICOM, to lessen the Digital gap,by getting more women involve online and making it a save space for everyone

According to Pedmia Shatu, she schedules that the #Act4peace237 campaign will expand to the end of January 2020, with an online campaign and a firside talk with women within Northwest, being part of activities to meet its goals: touching lives and making impact, both online and offline.

Reports from crisis reporting, proves that Women are one of the vulnerable groups greatly affected by the ongoing armed conflict in the Northwest Region, and GIDIcom will on January 25th provide some of these women with a relief therapy to tell their stories.

Women between 20-35years, is GIDIcom's Target audience and they find that these group range is violated both online and offline. Women tracked for expressing their views, cyber bullying and blackmail, through nude post of videos and pictures, as the image of the woman is being put to shame.

To Pedmia Shatu, fighting such hate online is priority, as she explains through a concept note that "#defyhatenow is a Cameroonian youth led initiative aimed to strengthen peaceful voices.

Global Initiative for Digital Inclusion and Communication has as mission to access the internet and promote Digital Inclusion for all, as service to humanity through feasible and realistic actors.

"I am interested in what everyone does in his or her on little corner to contribute to the Peace peace process and create an enabling atmosphere for Dialogue" CEO of GIDIcom tells the Press.

GIDIcom's vision is to have a world with equal opportunities and Digital Inclusion, and making the Online space save will be achieving it's goals.


Monday, January 6, 2020

Tubah Council Embarks On Development Plan through Land Use Reports

Tubah Council and it's Development partners have met in a meeting on on Tuesday  December 31st 2019, at MINEPAT Hall, Bamenda,  to present and Validate the Land Use Plan Report of Tubah Council Municipality.

This comes up , as a follow up to another,  which held on December 4th, at the Tubah Council, to validate Land Use Reports for Tubah Council Municipality, where Councilors and other partners were given copies of the Tubah Council map guide, to make inputs pending validation and Adoption.

Aiming at achieving it's goals in the next 15years, Mr Sendze David, the Town planner for Tubah Council, who is also part of the technical team for the project says in the next 15yrs Tubah Council is sure to have stepped  up standards in Development.

During Presentations, the zonning plan of Tubah Council was reviewed, with particular attention paid to the rules and regulations partaining to development areas: Schools, Administrative areas, social housing and waste dispatch areas. 

 The Land use Reports revealed that all areas within Tubah Council Municipality will benefit from the plans envisaged, and the map guide provided was to know which area of land had been used and how it had been used. Here, Locating other facilities established was a challenge .

Through the guide, Tubah Council will be able to prevent construction in risk zone, though land ownership is a major obstacle and the challenge according to the Mayor, Tanjong Martin, was at the level of implementation.

"The land use plan is like the birth certificate of Tubah  Council, it shows all Development plans,  activities and utility areas. It gives what needs to be done before 2035,in the next 15years before we go back to Table for Evaluation. Councilors expressed worries,in some areas but not all councilors are technicians, if anything needs to be altered on the plan, it will only be through a Council session after adoption." Mayor Tanjong Martin. 

"Not everyone can be pleased with what is on the plan,  so in accomplishing what is on the Land Use Plan Report, one can loose friends and family,because the execution may not be in favour of Everyone" he added. 

According to the Mayor,  after the Adoption of the land use Plan Report, 
Tubah Council will be seen as one of the few in the Northwest to have a master plan, a map to guide them to do more work in the next 15years.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

CCMN Northwest Embarks on More Peace Productions

Members of the Community Media Network, CCMN Northwest have met in a conclave on Tuesday January 31st, to do a situation analysis of the Ongoing Armed conflict plaguing the region. 

The Assistant Project Lead, Ndasi Guilbert urged Peace Journalists to engage in more production of programs, in order to encourage Partners to do more and motivate the PCC to give the CCMN Northwest more acess to Projects.

For the National Cordianator, Rosaline Akah Obah, said it was thanks to the practical work done by members within the network,  that earned her the office, at the  National Level. 

She continue to persuade Journalists within the CCMN network Northwest to do more program productions in order to stand out from other branches and be the example other regions will want to emulate. 

It is inline with this that, CCMN members engaged in group discussions, as write ups showing effects of the crisis in different sectors of the Region was portrayed, In the Political, Economic,socio-cultural ,Health, Education sectors. 

The Situation Analysis also served as an eye opener for Journalists who had not done any work on Peace Journism, to do so and contribute in deescalating the Armed conflict plaguing the 2 English Speaking Regions.

Members were urged to fine tune the reports done in groups, so that the content could be aired and used as a tool to raise awareness in the minds of the audience, exposing effects of violence on the cherished resources of the common man