CCMN Northwest Embarks on More Peace Productions

Members of the Community Media Network, CCMN Northwest have met in a conclave on Tuesday January 31st, to do a situation analysis of the Ongoing Armed conflict plaguing the region. 

The Assistant Project Lead, Ndasi Guilbert urged Peace Journalists to engage in more production of programs, in order to encourage Partners to do more and motivate the PCC to give the CCMN Northwest more acess to Projects.

For the National Cordianator, Rosaline Akah Obah, said it was thanks to the practical work done by members within the network,  that earned her the office, at the  National Level. 

She continue to persuade Journalists within the CCMN network Northwest to do more program productions in order to stand out from other branches and be the example other regions will want to emulate. 

It is inline with this that, CCMN members engaged in group discussions, as write ups showing effects of the crisis in different sectors of the Region was portrayed, In the Political, Economic,socio-cultural ,Health, Education sectors. 

The Situation Analysis also served as an eye opener for Journalists who had not done any work on Peace Journism, to do so and contribute in deescalating the Armed conflict plaguing the 2 English Speaking Regions.

Members were urged to fine tune the reports done in groups, so that the content could be aired and used as a tool to raise awareness in the minds of the audience, exposing effects of violence on the cherished resources of the common man 

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