Monday, June 27, 2022

Minjec-diaspora colabo: Sessions hold, provide diverse experience, hopes

Accompanied by the Ambassador of Cameroon in the Federal Republic of Germany Victor Ndoki, the President of the NGO My Africa eV Valère Hiobi, the Minister of Youth and Civic Education Mounouna Foutsou chaired Saturday, June 25, the big meeting government/diaspora.

Youth affairs Minister/diaspora meeting emerged with hopes after  exchanges and recommendations arrived at. The activity took place at Insel Heilbronn hotel, devoted to public speaking; an adress from the Ambassador Victor Ndoki and Mounouna Foutsou, presentations.

Valère HIOBI asked the Diaspora to write a new page in the history of relations between the diaspora and the Cameroon government through Minjec, announcing the launch of a television program dedicated to the Cameroonian diaspora. 

It will be a question for My Africa eV, the MINJEC and the CRTV to give visibility to the actions carried out by the diaspora in order to arouse emulation within it. On the evils that divide the diaspora, Valère Hiobi reminds his compatriots that they have a duty to participate in the development of Cameroon.

The Ambassador of Cameroon in the Federal Republic of Germany for his part made a diagnosis and observed that “ there is lack of love between the diaspora and the homeland, this is due to the lack of dialogue" and challenged on the diaspora to speak to each other.

Victor Ndoki promised to support all initiatives of the diaspora. For him "Cameroon can develop in less than 10 years if all the conditions are met". The diaspora has an obligation to work hand in hand given their differences or strengths.

Mounouna Foutsou rephrased his wish to see diaspora Cameroonians return to participate in the development of Cameroon and saluted the NGO My Africa eV which has requested the support of the government in one of its initiatives. 

It should be noted that plans to train in the Multifunctional Centers for the Promotion of Young People (Cmpj) in Cameroon, according to the German dual method is on the way. 

The rigor and effectiveness of the training has been proven. The member of the government makes it known that his presence in Germany is part of this promised support.

“It is a question of coming to meet the German partners of My Africa eV to let them know that the project of our compatriots has institutional support. It is now to mobilize the Decentralized Territorial Collectivities (Ctd), the Vocational Training Centers and other technical partners necessary for the realization of the project.

For the long term all the CMPJ, it is expected that youths will be able to benefit from this German expertise. For the pilot phase, the CMPJ of littoral will welcome the first young people in the next few months, according to the announcements made. The Minister called on them to bid for the call for projects of the Diaspora and Local Youth Joint-venture initiative (Dialyj.

Projects and programs

In terms of presentations, Gwedji Doris Wainwel, Secretary of Foreign Affairs at the Minrex, gave an update on three projects, namely: Dias'invest 237, the Remitance project and the reception and orientation offices for the projects.

The role of the network of Parliamentarians for the Diaspora, Decentralized and Cross-border Cooperation "REP-COD".

His Majesty Abdoul Karim Nassourou, Director of Youth Economic Promotion at MINJEC, presented the various projects and programs implemented at MINJEC, including the Special Youth Three-Year Plan, the National Youth Observatory, the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development, PAJER-U, PIFMAS, National Volunteer Program, YouthConneKt Cameroon initiative, PPEJ, PARSE.

Anselme Epoko, National Coordinator of the Assistance Program for the return and integration of young Cameroonians from the Diaspora (Pari-Jedi), focused on the presentation of PARI-JEDI, the DIALYJ initiative. 

Other projects carried out by the sectoral ministerial departments were presented, in particular the API, the APME, the FNE, the PIAASI, the AFOP program, PCP-ACEFA, the PEA-Jeunes.

The Diaspora in turn presented its multitude of projects. 30 promoters, no less, succeeded each other on the stage, each in his field. Initiatives that are all relevant and capable of contributing to the development of the country. 

At the end of the presentations of the various promoters, Minister Mounouna Foutsou, on behalf of the government, expressed his satisfaction and congratulated these young people.

By way of recognition of the work done for the holding meeting promoting synergy between government/diaspora, Mounouna Foutsou made Valère Hiobi, the ambassador of the Assistance Program for the return and integration of young Cameroonians from the Diaspora (Pari- Jedi). A distinction that was officially awarded to him.

By Communication Unit, MINJEC 

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Cameroon-Naija Synergy in Movie Production, Open touristic sites

"My African thing" is a new movie that has involved actors from Cameroon and Nigeria, strengthening a relationship that has existed in the film industry for more than 2 years. In the course of these actors producing a movie in Kumba- Meme Division, Southwest region of Cameroon more touristic sites are being discovered.

Produced by the Lois Entertainment and awards, featuring Nigeria and Cameroonian entertainers like Emmanuel Emordi Daniels, Mary Nky Onyemena popularly known as Miss Koi Koi, Mami Dona, Azah Melvine, Empah Andreas Keju,
Montana Peters, Prince Ojay, Roy King and others.

The movie, scripted by Geraldine Forbah and directed by John Henry, will go a long way to portray the beauty of the African culture which is rich in diversity.

Talking to Civclens info in Kumba on Friday 24th June, 2022 at the beginning of the movie production, Emmanuel Emordi Daniels said he is happy working with actors from Cameroon.

"The touristic attractions in Cameroon as well as the beauty of the Kumba Nfon's palace where there are currently doing the Production, is a beautiful place. I love working with Cameroonians, I feel at home and I also love the dishes in Kumba especially Water fufu and errow, plus their good palm wine".

On his part, the Production manager, Doctor Keju Andreas also thanked the authorities of the Kumba Nfon's Palace especially Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko for offering his beautiful palace as one of the main settings for the movie production.

He noted that working with movie professionals from Nigeria is going to help improve on the collaboration between the two countries in terms of entertainment.

A notable of the Bafaw tribe, Mr. Matumambo John-Lewis said it was a privilege seeing such a great movie shot at the Kumba palace hosting, the Paramount ruler of the Bafaws, while commending on the hospitality of the Bafaw people, promising that the national and international film makers will enjoy their stay in Kumba.

The Lois Entertainment and Awards was founded by Dr. Lois Ekwe, with head quarters in the United States of America and production houses in Limbe and Kumba.

By TAMFU Ciduan NDIMBIE for Civiclens in Kumba

CAMASEJ President Meme Defends Masters in Local administration

On friday June 24th, the president of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking journalists Meme, Efutercha Jude Njinju defended his Master's degree in Local government administration.

This took place in the University of Buea-Southwest region, in the presence of colleagues, family members and others who gathered to give him moral support during the ceremony.

Talking with Efutercha Jude Njinju via a telephone, he expressed gratitude to his lecturers and all who stood by him while he was studying even with the difficulties associated with the crises in the North West and South West Regions.

Earning an excellent grade during the defense, Jude Njinju was supervised by Dr Gatsi Eric, his examiner was Dr. Etuge Fritz while the head of Jury was Professor Sama-Lang Irene.

Jude's area of interest was "Managing local council personel in the era of decentralization in Kumba 1: Challenges and perspectives "

The holder of a BSC degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, from the University of Buea, current  defender of a Masters degree in local government administration, still from UB, a council staff, station manager of Alou Community Radio and South West correspondent for L'Action newspaper are the caps he puts on.

He has worked for diverse media organisations in and out of Cameroon, married and a father of two.

By TAMFU Ciduan NDIMBIE, for Civiclens in Kumba

Friday, June 24, 2022

Women Empowerment: Judith spends twenty-five years indoors, needs support

Edum Judith recounts her story; attacked, battered, while returning  from work one day leaving her in a critical state. She explained to this reporter that her spinal cord caused her complete paralysis and speech difficulty.

She recounts how she was taken to several hospitals, there was little or no results inline with improvement on her health. Her mother who was her main caregiver at the time, died during the process of taking care of her.

Edum Judith is stuck at home for more than 25 years, with no child of her own and no one to properly take care of her, except for neighbors who sometimes come to assist.

"...Just to leave my bed to the toilet, i may take over 4-5hours with my assistive device, an excercise that should take about 2 minutes. when my assistive device is not, it can me the whole day".

We futher learnt that her situation is so difficult that sometimes she may go days without bathing because she has no assistance, her room is completely nasty and no one will imagine that a human being lives there.

As the years go by, Judith's condition gets worst and she tells this reporter that she virtually has no family member to take care of her.

Apart from paralysis, Judith is also suffering from speech impairment but as we struggled to get few words from her, she explained that she needs support to keep her living.

"I have been down for about 25years. Before now, I use to sell few items to atleast get a meal, but the small business crashed and am left with nothing".

Advocating for Judith's situation is another lady living with disability, lady Belinda Mayer who stops at her house regularly to encourage the 48 year old lady.

"Judith needs support especially household needs and medical care".

Belinda Mayer explained that she faced challenges advocating for people like Judith, but wasn't concrete in describing these challenges.

At Press time, focus remains on Edum Judith, who needs support from persons of goodwll.

For Civiclens in Kumba

Economy: Identification process of priority projects In Meme begin, as a Peace Move

Williams Itoe Elangwe- Commissioner for Health and Social Development SW Regional Council

Development stakeholders in Meme division of the Southwest region have began a consultation program to identify priority projects in the division. This took place at the town hall, aimed at collecting and consolidating data within the framework of producing a regional development plan, dubbed a "Development Bible" for the Southwest region.

On Wednesday 22nd June, 2022, the regional council delegation was led to kumba, Meme Division by the commissioner Health and social Development at the regional council Hon. Itoe Williams Elangwe.


He disclosed that the production of the development plan will clearly define priority aspects related to the development of the Southwest region.

The meeting was attended by traditional and municipal authorities, heads of services and other stakeholders incharge of development reason why the regional council has decided to engage into a broad base consultation.

Many think that if this is effected, there will be no conflicts as to where development projects are directed within the region.

The production of the "Development Bible" has also been commended by many who attended the meeting as "a bottom- top" approach will effect priority projects and directly address the worries of the local population.

To the population, there are also hopes that the production of the regional development plan is going to be a soft spot, targeting meaningful development which will improve on their living conditions.

For Civiclens in Kumba

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

MINJEC: Youth affairs Minister source for partnership for Youth Training

The Minister of Youth affairs and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou is on a working visit to the Federal Republic of Germany at the invitation of his partner German Business Center HIMA. This visit will run from June 20 to June 28, 2022.

He is leading a delegation made up of officials from MINJEC and MINREX, as part of a partnership prospecting mission for the training of young people, but also exchange and sensitization of the daughters and sons of the Cameroonian Diaspora in Germany, on the facilities and support of the government, to encourage them to return to invest in Cameroon.

MINJEC was greeted upon arrival at Stuttgart airport by His Excellency Victor Ndocki, Ambassador of Cameroon to the Federal Republic of Germany, and some leaders of this Diaspora.

The visit which will last for 08 days will deliberate on how to accelerate the process of training of the members of the Multifunctional Centers for the Promotion of Young People (Cmpj) envisaged according to the German standard standards.

Throughout his stay, the Minister will also have an exchange with the Cameroonians of the Diaspora so that they get involved and engage in the national and republican dynamics of the emergence of our country by further supporting the call for projects initiative launched for the participation of young people from the diaspora in the development of our country.

Cameroonians in the diaspora were encourage to return home and invest, integrate in a sustainable way the national economic fabric as launched by the Head of State, Paul BIYA during his message to Youth on February 10, 2022 on the occasion of Youth Day.

The Ambassador, Victor Ndoki, thinks that the link between Cameroon and its diaspora seems very useful and time to warm up this link which somewhere seems a little broken. In addition, it should be noted that the big meeting is for June 25, 2022 next on the side of heilbronn. 

The program seem vast that awaits the Cameroonian delegation in Germany, same program will allow the delegation on mission to visit certain training centers and have meetings with other members of the diaspora and partners with the aim of implementing the German model of the training of young people in the multifunctional centers of youth promotions in Cameroon.

The visit follows the partnership agreement signed on March 03, 2020 between MINJEC and the German Business Center Hima sarl.

By Ndefru Melanie

Monday, June 20, 2022

IMSSRAD advocates for Peaceful Society, assisting crisis prone neighborhoods in Bamenda III

IMSSRAD's Director, Toh Sylvester

The director of Information Management and Support Services for Rural and Agricultural Development (IMSSRAD), Toh Sylvester has an interested to see that neighborhoods in Bamenda III subdivision, Northwest region of Cameroon recover from the shocks of the armed conflict.

This was key on the agenda in a workshop organized by IMSSRAD, to advocate and ensure that the Bamenda III community bounces back, advocacy described by the Director of Chrapa, Mr Chongsi Joseph as "Standing for one's behalf or for a group of persons", while encouraging journalists to be advocates for peace.

Chongsi Joseph, Chrapa

"Find events in our programs to push the idea of peace at any point. Be ready to advocate for peace by gathering things that promote peace and ofcourse Journalists need to be resilient to do that".

"No Society can be seen as a civilised society if there is constant violation of the law. Do your very best to promote morality. Our responsibility is to see into it that, the common good is promoted" Chongsi Joseph, Chrapa.

While looking at harnessing the media and augmenting crisis management, Gwain Colbert Fulia advised that Journalists should produce unbiased reports, use words which are peaceful and avoid partiality or personalized unreasoned judgement. Choves Loh believes reporting professionally can bring harmony in society.

Choves Loh, Cameroon Tribune

" Do some reporting that bring harmony to the society, in every crisis what is needed is information. So serve information that brings harmony, inspire and build hope. The only beneficiary of bad news is the author and not the society". Choves Loh, Cameroon Tribune.

This workshop organized by the Information Management and Support Services for Rural and Agricultural Development (IMSSRAD), is inline with what wat Hilltopvoices covered in December 2021 on transformational livelihood.

Inline with with helping neighborhoods in Bamenda III bounce back from the fallouts of the armed conflict, It was adviced that as part of the resilient project in Bamenda III, people should  understand that "they can conduct income generating activities on their own and become financially independent and resilience." Toh Sylvester, IMSSRAD ( Hilltopvoices 2021).

By Bamenjo Petronila


Sunday, June 19, 2022

CHRAPA projects IDPs' situation, warns against human trafficking

Archive: People at agency, ready to leave Bamenda

As the crisis persist, the situation of displaced persons become deplorable, with women and children suffering most. These persons are no longer independent, but dependent on other host for survival. Chrapa, Center For Human Rights and Peace advocacy, decides to look into the situation of IDPs while sourcing for means to assist them.

Though there are famillies willing to shelter these persons running from crisis hit areas, in the city of Bamenda where gunshots and killings are still recorded or out of town, some of them have shared stories of going through torture, a situation that Chrapa is willing to adress.

Chongsi Joseph, Chrapa

"I intend to raise awareness, make sure that perpetrators are called to order and punished .for those who would be called to order and they understand then we can talk about what we can do to compensate the victim and for those who are head strong we would follow up for the law should take it's course

Chongsi in discussion with Press men

Chongsi Joseph, CEO of Center For Human Rights and Peace advocacy - Chrapa, a non-profit making organization in Bamenda, has decided to make efforts to identify IDPs, register them and ensure that they get the necessary help, after need assessment must have been done.

"We are identifying victims, we have trained people who can help in identification and refer to us. We follow up by giving direct support to the victims; provide food items, civil documentations which many of them lack due to burninga that have occurred, giving out vocational training, identifying their families and reinserting them not leaving out legal support".

The situation in Northwest since 2016 and at the time of this report, the crisis has been on high and low levels, with fallouts of the course described as "tears provoking" by Chongsi Joseph, who thinks that because of the deplorable situation more people have become more vulnerable.

Press men at coffee

These thoughts have brought few journalists together round a table discussion over a cup of coffee/tea to see how these displaced persons can get assistance.

"...Each time someone is taken away from his habitat, he or she becomes vulnerable, anything can happen. This is a situation, there are people who are sleeping on streets and other places where will find a small home with 10 people sleeping on the floor. This goes beyond trafficking, it's an aspect of torture".

Aside other help that come from some other NGOs to these IDPs, the government has also to an extent reached out to these internally displaced persons in the Northwest region through Minister Paul Atanga Nji, Minister of territorial administration. Yet there are stories that say, most of these items don't reach those the things are destined for.

By Ndefru Melanie


Saturday, June 18, 2022

Education: DDR Bamenda Send off 1st Batch, Request Primary section, Didactic materials

Teacher, Regional Coordinator of DDR Centre hand certificate to nursery kid

Yembo Evans

Yembo Evans, a teacher offering voluntary services at the DDR Centre-Bamenda has demonstrated satisfaction sending off the frist batch of nursery school children of the centre, yet he regrets the non existence of a primary section in the centre.

"The ex-fighters have need for support as they themselves yearn for education. Graduating this first batch of pre-nursery and nursery kids, the challenge of a non-existent primary school at the centre to see these kids move forward is pre- occupyin. Parents and Ex-fighters cry for the existence of primary school at the centre".

While he described the centre as a place for transformation for these children, "a school that some of their parents the ex-fighters never went to and a kind of home they never had", Yembo appreciated the staff too who acted like parents to thw children of these ex-combattants.

He unravel other challenges, he faces as a teacher offering voluntary services. voluntary services.

"...The lack of a good mordern classroom, didactic material to facilitate the education of the children at the DDR centre, finances have been a great worry because I benefited from the allowances given to meet by the Regional chief of centre, Kum Henry, and again the fact that I am still to be matriculated or intergrated into the public service".

Yembo Evans has carried out his activities at the DDR Centre, and as a volunteer teacher with close supervision from Kum Henry, Regional Coordinator of the Centre.

Regional Coordinator DDR Centre Bamenda, Kum Henry

According to the Regional Coordinator the children born by the ex-fighters are not different from other children who are born Cameroonians and shouldn't be left out of education.

"The kids deserve thesame education other Cameroonian children have. We started with the pre-nursery and the nursery, we will move forward to the primary and work in close collaboration with the inspector of basic education for Bamenda II to see that the primary school gets functional", Kum Henry.

Few weeks after his appointment as Regional chief of the Centre, there were already about 20 school children at the centre; pre-nursery 5, nursery 10, primary 6. According to Yembo Evans, the number of kids seem to have been increasing as the number of ex-combattants joining the centre multiply. 

According to him not just the kids have need for education, but ex-fighters too have embraced the zeal to study. To the voluntary teacher the Heads of State did not only create a branch for Peace for ex-fighters but has allowed ex-fighters and their children have Access to education.

"...We thank the Head of State for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the hand of Peace he has extended to ex-fighters and allowing us to get ourselves and kids educated ". Yembo Evans.

Photo credit: Mnews237

By Ndefru Melanie in Bamenda

Waste Management; Dirt piles up again, Chima International acts, City Council goes Mute

Different communities within Bamenda II have been resilient and collaborative with Chima Ernest, who've taken the responsibility to ensure that the city, especially Bamenda II subdivision is void of filth, though he complained of not having the sophisticated machinery to carry the filled thrash cans provided by Hysacam.

"...Controlling traffic while picking up garbage is a problem, some people are rude and impatient. We have encouraged the population to rather dump garbage on the ground as we don't have sophisticated machinery to carry those cans, what we usually do is, we pour it on the ground and reload it into the trucks. This makes work more tedious harder".

Chima has explained to Civiclens that it hasn't been easy to clean the city, "the problem of insecurity exist as the boys don't allow dirt to be carried by the council or Hysacam". 

He mentioned having noticed some level of monitoring from non-state armed groups whenever he is on the field and remains thankful to the community that have been watchful, while giving their support to what he is doing.

"..When we go to the field, they come arround, just to discover that it is communal work ongoing; the cleaning of garbage by the community and they allow us do the work without interuption. We hope the situation remains calm while we are at work". 

The team complained about the  dumpsite that needs work to be done arround the area, to avoid any disease outbreak as a few families live and farm on the site.

"We need to hire a bull dozer from time to time, the dumpsite was abandoned for more than five years and women have cultivated in the area. Work is not progressive on the site because they need to be compensated for the crops they have planted. Once this is done, we can clear the area for effective use".

Chima Ernest says most of these cannot be done by him, but pleads with the City Council to step in and ease the process because not just manpower is being used but some dispositions should be taken so that work is done properly.

"We don't have enough finances, the budget allocated isn't enough, the support being given by the council cannot be measured to what we put in daily to ensure that this is done, but the zeal for community development remains. That's why my team and I are still on the field".

"This is not my first time in taking up a developmental initiative. I have been part of teams which constructed bridges, organized football tournaments and more. In my own quarter we provided a bore hole, a bridge, open roads linking various quarters".

Explaining all of these to describe his passion for community development, carrying garbage to him is just part of it. Sons and daughters of the soil have been encouraged by him to create initiatives that will handle daily difficulties or challenges faced in their communities.

Chima international has been able to carry dirt from about 29 quarters in the Bamenda II subdivision, with approximately 10 720 tons of dirt carried so far from the streets of Bamenda.

By Bamenjo Petronila 

Friday, June 10, 2022

Chima International Cameroon mops Bamenda II from filthy state, Saves City from Cholera Outbreak

Hope was lost for many people living within the city of Bamenda, many had wondered about what will become of the town as dirt was littered everywhere, yet hope returned when Chima International Cameroon took up the initiative to excercise part of its services by cleaning garbage within the city of Bamenda II.

CEO and Team

This company focused in Bamenda II subdivision, a jurisdiction that has in recent times recorded several attacks on company personnels while making efforts to clean the city.

The accumulation of dirt at different key junctions across the city of Bamenda could cause a health harzard on its inhabitants, as it produced a stench that caused difficulty in breathing. People were lost in thoughts about the hygiene and situation of sanitation of the town and couldn't tell what the city will become as the filth
piled up on a daily basis.

Chima Ernest
CEO of Chima international Cameroon

"..I was carried away by this situation of filth arround town, for about 6 months the town hasn't been cleaned and I thought that as a son of the soil I should take up the initiative and do the job. I went to the council to offer my services, that I will do it if they can support me. The council rejected my request that hysacam signed a contract to do so. I pleaded to no avail but was later summoned at the council to do the job and that they will support me".

CEO of Chima International says the support he recieved is not equivalent to what he is putting in to ensure that the job is done. Then he chose to go for a bigger bargain, and asked that the job be awarded to him. In acceptance, the council placed him on a probation to observe his team, expecting postive results.

"..I have had no threats so far or challenges while carrying out cleaning arround town, in Bamenda II. The only call I received, was from someone whom I think wanted to do the job, maybe he lobbied to no avail but while on the field, I have had no threats".

According to him, gunshots were heard somewhere arround mile 8 Mankon and hospital round about on one of those days while they were working at Ntarinkon but that did not affect them, as they themselves were never targets.

"We kept on with cleaning and we have been succeeding to an extent. All through we have been working freely with no major incident recorded".

Working within such context characterized by sporadic gunshots and kidnappings, the CEO Chima International says he has used manual labour force from the communities in order to succeed.

"...As per the strategy used, what we did is that we get people from the different quarters to work with us, support us, then we give them little support, token at the end of the day. But I have a team I work with, the team is made up of persons from all arround town, who help me control traffic and ensure the cleaning is done well. The community has put in alot of efforts and everything is working well. Collaborating with them has recorded huge success in this excercise".

The population has applauded the efforts of Chima Ernest and that of his team for a job well done. Some of them say he came to their rescue just at the time when the had given up. Most of them assisted the tem while on the field to ensure that the dirt was carried and the place tidied.

Chima International are contractors especially in the field of construction and road works. They offer other services like cleaning of garbage and do transportation of local building materials, they hire out vehicles and equipment to companies that do road construction and building.

By Ndefru Melanie