Women Empowerment: Judith spends twenty-five years indoors, needs support

Edum Judith recounts her story; attacked, battered, while returning  from work one day leaving her in a critical state. She explained to this reporter that her spinal cord caused her complete paralysis and speech difficulty.

She recounts how she was taken to several hospitals, there was little or no results inline with improvement on her health. Her mother who was her main caregiver at the time, died during the process of taking care of her.

Edum Judith is stuck at home for more than 25 years, with no child of her own and no one to properly take care of her, except for neighbors who sometimes come to assist.

"...Just to leave my bed to the toilet, i may take over 4-5hours with my assistive device, an excercise that should take about 2 minutes. when my assistive device is not, it can me the whole day".

We futher learnt that her situation is so difficult that sometimes she may go days without bathing because she has no assistance, her room is completely nasty and no one will imagine that a human being lives there.

As the years go by, Judith's condition gets worst and she tells this reporter that she virtually has no family member to take care of her.

Apart from paralysis, Judith is also suffering from speech impairment but as we struggled to get few words from her, she explained that she needs support to keep her living.

"I have been down for about 25years. Before now, I use to sell few items to atleast get a meal, but the small business crashed and am left with nothing".

Advocating for Judith's situation is another lady living with disability, lady Belinda Mayer who stops at her house regularly to encourage the 48 year old lady.

"Judith needs support especially household needs and medical care".

Belinda Mayer explained that she faced challenges advocating for people like Judith, but wasn't concrete in describing these challenges.

At Press time, focus remains on Edum Judith, who needs support from persons of goodwll.

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