City Mayor Urges Bike Riders to Begin Driving Taxis.

.      view of bikes plying the road

The Bamenda City Mayor has adviced that Bike Riders should begin driving taxis, while banning the circulation of motorbikes within urban perimeters of the Bamenda City.

The ban is triggered by the death of a Police Inspector in the city of Bamenda, coupled with other violent attacks, carried out by separatists fighters in the region.

Administration had earlier made observations, suspecting some bike riders to be in close collaboration with separatists fighters to carry out their actions, and flee unnoticed.

Reason why, motorbikes suffer destruction everytime such incidents occur in Bamenda; the bikes are burnt and other properties destroyed. 

In line with these observations, The city Mayor, Achobong Tambeng Paul decides to implement a ban on the circulation of motorbikes within urban perimeters in the 3 subdivisions of Bamenda.

Achobong Tambeng Paul, Bamenda City Mayor

He says this permits administration do some monitoring within the sector while ensuring that peace and calm remains in the sector. 

"Most bike riders have drivers license and they can drive taxis, bike riders by this decision are adviced to register and take up driving using taxis and taxi owners are adviced that those who drive their taxis should be of good moral standing, while we make sure taxi drivers are registered to avoid the reccuring of any aggressive act" Achobong Tambeng Paul, Bamenda City Mayor.

"People must travel one way or the other and if we've found out that, a particular sector has become a menace to the peace of the city, we have no choice but to treat that sector as such. There will be means of transport and taxi drivers will come in to effect, through this decision,we are not banning mobility" he added.

A cross section of those attending the meeting

The meeting chaired by the SDO for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh on September 4th, arrived at the decision which is expected to take effect from Monday September 7th, with syndicates of the bike riders and taxi drivers sector present.

The ban on the circulation of commercial and private motorbikes within the urban perimeter of the Bamenda City, according to the City Mayor, Achobong Tambeng Paul,  works well for the security of the inhabitants in the city of Bamenda.

Image of bikes burnt,after killing of police Inspector

He says the bike riders are known to suffer more, whenever there are any voilent attacks in the city, and this decision only protects bike riders and their motorbikes ; from loosing what is a means of survival to many famillies and source of income to owners.

Just like in the other sub divisions; Bamenda I, II and III, restrictions have been placed, limiting bikes to circulate within particular areas. 
In Bamenda II subdivision, commercial and private motorbikes shall not access;

Old council junction to hospital roundabout, Azire New church to hospital roundabout, Azire Old church to hospital roundabout, Rendezvous through Army Rescue to Ntamulung Church, Rendezvous to city Chemist round about l, Vertinary junction through Ayaba hotel to T- junction and Hospital Roundabout.

By Ndefru Melanie

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