Cameroon-Administration: Biya appoints PM’s New Private Secretary

The President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya, has on January 17th 2023 appointed Isa Adamu Private Secretary to the Prime Minister, Head of Government.

The appointment is contained in presidential decree No. 2022/2023/ 027.

He now occupies the position that had been vacant for about two years. Prior to his appointment, Isa Adamu, 33, served as a charge d’étude in the Prime Minister’s office. He is thus not a newcomer to the functioning of the office he is going to occupy.

The appointee takes over from Wanja Walters, appointed to other duties. Many have saluted the appointment of Isa Adamu, a native of Menchum division of the North West region.They are now qualifying the Head of State as a great advocate of national unity, promoter of merit, competence, excellence, national integration and a spirit of living together.

This is the first time a Private Secretary is appointed to a Prime Minister who is not from his village, subdivision, division as well as region of origin upon the recommendation of the Prime Minister, Head of Government.

This is also where Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute as Prime Minister is being hailed for putting county first. The appointment of Isa Adamu, it is also being said, has set a precedence for all sectors: both public and private, to emulate throughout the country.

Before yesterday, it has been a common practice for such appointments to be based on ethnicity, family and friendship ties, mutual as well as consensual relationships among other beneficiary considerations.

This decision to step out of this practice by President Paul Biya and the current Prime Minister, is a clear indication that things would never be the same again in Cameroon as the age-old unorthodox implementation of nepotism is being eroded.

About Isa Adamu

Isa Adamu was born on 13 December 1989 in Wum. He is from a minority community and perfectly bilingual Cameroonian.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Buea where he emerged as best graduating student of the department in 2012.

Isa also holds a Masters degree in political Science earned from the same university in 2016.

On 8 September 2016, he was appointed Charges d’étude at the Prime Minister’s Office. Then, he was the youngest appointee at the Star Building.

Isa Adamu joined the PM’s cabinet on 25 June 2013 under the former PM, Philemon Yang.
He has played key roles such as that of regional charge de mission of the CPDM for the North West.
He played same role during the last senatorial election of 2018.

Isa was one of the strategic members at the technical Secretariat of the Major National Dialogue in October 2019.
He is a member of the Board of Directors of the National School of Local Administration, NASLA and UTABA.

The new private secretary of the Prime Minister is also Charge de projet at National Road Council among other functions.

Isa is married and a father of two kids.


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