Wednesday, October 28, 2020

CAMASEJ NW Gives Birth A Legacy

Partial view of CAMASEJ NW Secetariat

Since inception of the Northwest Regional Chapter of CAMASEJ, a project of having a secetariat in the city of Bamenda has only been in ideas and had never come to fruition. But in the Mandate of the current President, Ambe Macmillian, CAMASEJ has gone beyond talking.

CAMASEJ NW President, Ambe Macmillian

The CAMASEJ Northwest President used the official oppening of its new Secetariat in the city of Bamenda, to Condemn the killing of school children murdered at the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in Kumba, where 7 kids lost their lives.

"We are educating the concerns that the North West Journalists that even in the highest areas of war, they're no go areas. Palaces, schools, mosques, churches, Journalists, hospitals are not supposed to be touched" Ambe Macmillian, President of CAMASEJ NW.

The secretariat that consists of a conference room and an inner office will henceforth serve as a point of contact between journalists and development stakeholders in the region.

Rev. Expressed Satisfaction

Present was Rev Father Tata Mbuy, who in his exhortation called on Journalists to report the truth only.

"When you deliberately reject the truth, you insult yourself first. If the journalist must succeed, they must stand on the truth. No matter from where it comes, they will respect you" he said

Father Tata also noted that most Journalists know the truth but lack the tact in presenting it.

Award Recipients and CAMASEJ NW EXCO

It is in that strive that 2 media organs were awarded for their resilience in reporting; The Guardian Post Newspaper for clocks it's 2000th edition on the day of inaugurating the secetariat and Equinox Television.

The Guardian Post became a daily in 2015 and has been very consistent in news delivery since then, a move saluted by the executive of CAMASEJ NW.

"THE Guardian Post is the most resilient newspaper and have been very consistent" Ambe McMillian, CAMASEJ NW president told the press

Equinoxe TV was also awarded for their outstanding coverage of the Anglophone crisis and it's people oriented approach

A Senior Journalist practicing in the Northwest Region and member of CAMASEJ, Mr Nfor Francis, Communication Director with MIDENO says the project of having a secetariat had been put on hold some years back and now realised in 2020 which is a great achievement.

"The Northwest branch of CAMASEJ goes beyond talking, it walks the talk. The issue of the CAMASEJ secretariat was muted long ago by the predecessors of the current CAMASEJ President, Ambe Macmillan. At the tail of his mandate, Ambe Macmillan has proven that he is a man of his word, result oriented and the office we are inaugurating today will serve as a legacy". Mr Nfor Francis

"The office is going to be a contact point not only for CAMASEJ members but serve as a contact point for development stakeholders who need the services of a Journalist." He added.

Rose Obah, CCMN
(photo credit:Fongoh Primus)

Rose Obah, former President of CAMASEJ and National President of CCMN says the gift of the secretariat has not happened since the inception of CAMASEJ Northwest and will be of great help to her and member associations.

"This secretariat will help members of CAMASEJ and sister associations, it is going to serve as a ground to share professional issues, exchange best practices and to perfect reporting skills, to help community make informed decision." Rose Obah

The journalists also observed a minute of silence for the repose of the soul of a colleague, working with CRTV, Mireille Lambo who passed on Tuesday 27th October 2020.

By Ndefru Melanie


Sunday, October 18, 2020

Back to School: Zones In Zhoa Municipality Join Steam

Mayor of Zhoa Council assist kids with didatic Materials

The Mayor of Zhoa Council, Fungom subdivision, Menchum has encouraged  school resumption within his municipality by offering books, bags, pens and pencils to children, to facilitate and assist their Parents in sending them to school.

Kids recieve writing material 

Mayor Njah titus Ndongkeh, Mayor of  Zhoa Council in Fungom subdivision, in Menchum visited one of the zones that make up his municipality, Bafmeng and carried out the distribution excercise, while encouraging them to continue respecting barrier measures to guard against Covid-19.

According to the Mayor, peace and calm is returning gradually to Zhoa while explaining that teachers are gradually returning and schools in all the zones are sure to take steam like everywhere else.

"This exercise was to encourage school resumption in zhoa municipality, and the population needs books to send their children to school. Pupils and students doesn't need any security to go to school because the place is not enclaved". Mayor Zhoa Council.

Hon Kum John Nji, MP for Menchum North constituency

Member of Parliament, Hon Kum John Nji, Menchum North constituency was present on the field to encourage the Parents, Teachers and Pupils in the quest for education.

Information has it that Zhoa municipality is divided into 5 zones: Bafmeng , Esu, Weh, Center, and lower Fungom zones, and among these areas, schools have started in 4 zones with over 3000 students effectively going to school.

By Ndefru Melanie


Saturday, October 17, 2020

Tubah Council Maps Out Space for Road Works

cross section of the road in Bambili

Where a road passes, development follows. It is In line with this thought that the Mayor of Tubah Council has decided to work in close collaboration with Edge, to arrive at a panacea regarding the situation of roads in Tubah Subdivision.

Engineers of Tubah Council at work

The Mayor of Tubah, Tanjong Martin and his team of Engineers embarked on the exercise in Bambili on Saturday October 17th, mapping out the road and clearing space for work to begin effectively on Tuesday October 20th.

According to him, It has been the cry of the people of Tubah Subdivision, to fix the road which at the time of this report, appears narrow, filled with potholes and difficult for vehicles to circulate with ease.

Mayor Tanjong talking to Press

"The University Town which is Tubah, and most especially Bambili, has no road, an issue that has been the cry of the people in Tubah. We need a double carriage road, from Finance junction to the University of Bamenda." Mayor Tanjong Martin

"Edge approached me that they need the collaboration of the Tubah Council in order to do the Mapping, clearing of the space from Bambui 4 corners to the University of Bamenda. I came out with my engineers to clear off the obstacles for the work to start, which I believe by Tuesday there will be caterpillars on this road." He added.

Buisness places marked for demolition

During the mapping excercise, the people who worked in the places marked for demolition, were fustrated by the move of the Council and cried foul that the Mayor should have sent a team to warn them, in order to plan ahead of time. They say the decision is good but sudden, a disadvantage to them.

"The intensions of the council are good but it will also affect me as a buisness man because we have not been notified about this new decision and I have committements that revolve arround what I do here, pulling down this place will be really hard on me, I wish Tubah Council could notify us and give us time to think of a plan B." A buisness man explained.

To the Mayor, the road matters before the thought of buisness. According to him, in order to build, there must be some destruction to make things look better.

" There is no way you can consume the omellette without breaking the eggs, these buisness must exist, but we need the roads more than the buisness now" Tanjong Martin, Mayor of Tubah Council tells the Press.

"We are going on with full flesh road works, not maintenance, not surfacing and if anything is done contrary then we have taken ourselves 50 years backwards, I believe strongly that whether means or no means, my agreement with Edge is that, they should give us the best from Northwest" he added.

As the Mayor makes efforts to fix the situation of the roads leading to the University, this reporter sort to know the Challenges some transporters face, through the voice of a driver plying the road on a daily basis transporting people through and fro on the stretch of road.

"This is a distance you can take 20 to 25 minutes but now I can take about 45minutes or 1 hour to get to Bambili or get back to city chemist and this affects the income we get per day. With the bad road I cannot go and come like I use to do and this affects the fare. Not just the bad roads affecting the fare, but the number of controls on the road, this makes it a difficult situation" Driver, Levitt.

By Ndefru Melanie


Friday, October 16, 2020

Bamenda 2 Mayor Engages in Road Maintaince

The Mayor of Bamenda II, Chenwi Peter and a team of council workers have contributed their quota to road maintaince, on the stretch of road from Vertinary junction towards old town, as a way of serving the local population pedestering, taxi drivers and car users, to ply the road with ease.

Bamenda II Mayor, Chenwi Peter talking to Press

"We were voted to serve the people, though Government has made allocation for budget to maintain the major roads in the city, the Bamenda 2 council is at the heart of the city and the earth road we are maintaining falls within our municipality" Mayor Chenwi Peter.

"Major roads within the city are done by the city council, but we thought it wise that while waiting on the major project, the Bamenda II Council decided to maintain the earth road in some parts in the city" he added.

Bamenda II Council workers assist in road maintaince

The exercise takes place on October 16th, filling potholes with concrete stones which according to him is  contributing to the maintenance of the earth road, a responsibility to the city council maintaining main roads in the city.

Bad roads in Bamenda has been a sing song on the lips of the Bamenda man long before the Anglophone crisis which began in 2016. Same bad roads have been the reason why travel buses have not been able to leave or enter the town on time.

Roads between Metah quarters-T-junction, City Chemist-Vertinary junction, Vertinary junction- T-junction, have been a major worry for most road users, especially taxi drivers who destroy parts of their cars due to the potholes and visit the garage on a frequent basis.

"Alot of work has been done on these roads in Bamenda, pouring stone, soil, sand and some persons have even taken their individual initiative to break stones and fill the holes, but till now no great changes have been recorded. Government needs to look into the situation of roads in Bamenda and do some good work once and for all." A pedestrian tells civiclens.

The Mayor of Bamenda 2 believes he is doing an assignment like one of the stakeholders contributing to development, to do road maintaince in the stretch of road than watch the population suffer.

" This activity also supports the back to school steam, given that the council has sent out taxis to ply the roads, transport persons to their different destinations, while easing movement" Mayor Chenwi Peter.

By Ndefru Melanie

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Back to School: MP for Momo East Promotes Children's Education, Pays Registration Fees

Children in group picture, with MP and Administrators of Momo Division

Children who answered present in the early days of the 2020/2021 academic year in Mbengwi subdivision, have benefitted financial support from the MP for Momo East, Hon Foo Ngang Prudencia who encouraged some pupils and students by paying their registration fees.

The MP in Classroom with kids

This gesture from the MP saw the light of day as she was on the field, visiting and monitoring schools that had resumed for the new academic year. Her move was aimed at giving other children who still dragged their feet, a push to return to their classrooms. 

The MP addresses Parents and Teachers on School Campus

Parents, Teachers, Students and Pupils were overwhelmed by the MP's actions, who supported the kids with registration fees, together with other items like bags, books and writting materials. Hon Foo Ngang Prudencia Injoh told the Parents that education is key to development.

"I am so happy that most of the children within my constituency are beginning to answer the call of school resumption, I also happy about the fact that we re all conscious that Education is Key to development and that it will be useless if we don't send our kids to school" MP for Momo East tells Parents.

" Even if we wanted to have them go and do trade, they will have need for basic education, which is their Fundamental Human Right" she added.

Ndangsa Kennedy Akam, the Mayor for Mbengwi Council also assisted some of the children with books and writting materials as part of support to their education. Kids stayed home for close to 4years and according to the Mayor, it is important for the children to get the support needed to catch up.

The SDO addresses Teachers

The SDO for Momo Division, Fouda Etaba Benoit, with assistance from the D.O, Esapa Jarvis, the medical team and stakeholders concerned, visited schools to ensure that children turned out in their numbers, while respecting covid19 measures put in place by government to curb the disease.

SDO washes hands, shows pupils example

DMO talks about Covid 19

The District Medical officer for Mbengwi district hospital, Ewu David ensured that the schools had stationed taps or buckets to wash hands and gave tips to pupils and students on the dangers of the disease, the need to put on face mask as one of the measures to curb the spread.

Most of the schools visited recieved over a hundred facemask from the SDO to help reinforce the measures to curb the spread of Covid-19. Children as well as Students were happy about the start of the academic and were thankful to MP for the didatic materials recieved.

"I am excited that school have started, after a longtime that we have not been able to go to school, am happy about the books,bags and writing materials recieved from the MP" a Pupil said.

"I am so excited about my registration fee paid by the MP, the support from the Mayor of Mbengwi council, I thank them. It is a great motivation and I pray my friends and mates make the decision now to return to class" Ngwe Franka, a student said.

Hon Foo Ngang Prudencia Injoh, MP for Momo East has decided to monitor education at the grassroot level, especially on at the level of her constituency, making sure that no child is left behind.

By Ndefru Melanie


Back to School: Hon Ngala Gerard Vows to Shield Children for Effective School Resumption

The MP for Nkambe Encouraging Kids through Education

"I am Ready To Take Bullets For Children To Go to School" Hon Ngala Gerard, these were the words of the Member of Parliament, for Nkambe Central, Donga Mantung division, in his sustained campaign to see that children across the North West and South West regions return to school.

The MP made this declaration in a recent media outing over CRTV National Radio, shortly after staging a mega rally in Nkambe that has electrified school resumption to exceptional levels in his native Donga Mantung and beyond. It is a compelling interview.

Children Ready for School in Nkambe

Honorable, your visit to Donga Mantung was at a time of a crusade for effective school resumption. What is the situation in your area?

I know you are talking about Monday because it's a ghost Town and most people reopened on Tuesday. But for us in Donga Mantung, we opened on Monday.
It has been the case ever since 2016. People have been going to school and we have never stayed at home because of the crisis. We are congratulating those who have passed the GCE and we are trying to give them orientation now because we have noticed that after Advanced level, most students end up going directly to the University and end up having degrees in areas that will make them only end up in the classroom.

The MP for Nkambe, Hon Ngala Gerard and Administrators present on School campus

Were you there on that day when the schools were reopening. Where you on the Field?

I was on the field. I was in Nkambe 5 days before school resumption. Schools were effectively going on in Nkambe but there were some suburbs that schools were not going on. So I had to move into those areas and had a 98% Success.
I rallied over 8000 people at the Grandstand to sensitise the population of Nkambe and Donga Mantung on the need for children to go back to school and on Monday, children came out.

I moved around with my SDO, the chief and Mayor from school to school sharing didactic materials and motivating the Teachers. We witness large number of students that came out on that day and we were very impressed.

Was there no attempt from secessionists groups to disrupt the reopening of schools?

The secessionists have realized that school boycott can never be a tool to achieve whatever goal you want like I told them in 2016 and after 4 years they have come to realize this. It is a strategy that is not working.
Some other groups are calling for children not to go back to school and the reason is that they are so divided that if A calls for school resumption, the other says B will oppose.

It is not about the government or separatist calling on people to go back to school. The parents have decided and nobody is going to stop them. You see mothers carry their children to school. The parents have decided. They don't care. When I went to Nkambe, I was ready for anything. I was ready to take bullet for children to go to school. I was elected in my constituency and I have to stand for them.

My only crime is that I called for no school boycott. God has been protecting me and since I am on a just course, I don't fear anybody except the Lord that is why I am never afraid to go to Donga Mantung and talk to my people.

The context in which the school year is reopening amidst COVID-19 seems difficult. What have you done in this regard?

I will tell you that we have a big problem in Nkambe and Donga Mantung because most children from the Northwest as IDP are in Nkambe. House rents have increased because of influx from people all over the region to study in Nkambe.

We tried to look at how to manage this and we are still crowded. We have pleaded with neighbours beside the school to give us rooms to accommodate students. Nkambe has an influx of more than 5000 people.

I carried three pickups full of bags and books, we shared without any discrimination and they weren't enough due to the population. I could have stayed back and double the amount I sent, but the villagers are there, they are afraid, and secondly to visit and boost their Morales. Once they see you they understand that this man is ready to die for us and there is no reason to keep my child home. There is no need staying behind and sending money and books, it is about being on the field and giving them that confidence that there is hope.

The People of Nkambe Salute the efforts of the MP

This was the first time you were going down to Nkambe since your elections. Why did you take so much time?

I had more than 8000 people in the grandstand. I could not go to Nkambe and rally people because I had to respect the measures put in place by the government due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You said you exchanged with your people and they were to glad to see you. What are some of the concerns you will have to press for them to be addressed now that you are in Parliament?

The people of Nkambe are not indifferent from others especially IDPs and so I am working towards the betterment of all. They asked me to thank the Prime Minister for giving them a contract for an alternative road since they can’t access Bamenda through Kumbo. 

The Prime Minister being proactive and loving immediately talked with the Minister of Public works and a contract was given to tar the road between Yamba and Donga Mantung so that they won't have to go through the stress of sleeping in the road when traveling to other regions since the roads have been blocked in Kumbo.

Honourable, you said you went to Donga Mantung to talk about the respect of the environment. This falls in line with a network you launched last month. How far have you gone with the implementation of the objective of this network?

I will tell you that circular economy is not new in Cameroon but we want to revolutionarize it. You will see the amount of jobs we will create in this country. We are doing content analysis at the moment. We are about to meet stakeholders involved so that we will come out with a whole national plan for the Country.

China grew from a circular economy and it is what will take us to 2035. This is what we are doing. This network came up as a result of the flood in Douala. You notice the drainages have been built but they are being blocked by waste. Waste that could have been turned to resources.
We are already working seriously with partners on that and we believe that we will be bringing the first results earlier than even the 6 months we talked about.

Hon Ngala Gerard recieves the Red Feather

What message do you have for the people of Nkambe?

I have a word not just for the people of Nkambe, but I want everybody to listen to me. We know that there are Problems in this country. We know that the Anglophones have a problem and the government is already addressing over 2/3 of those issues. People should stay peaceful.

People are already condemning special status without knowing that it is only after regional election that the special Status can be effected. So we're praying that people should be peaceful and avoid violence.
The chiefs are excited to have back the House of Chiefs. We just need the other few resolutions from the national dialogue to be put in place and I am very sure that the President together with the Prime Minister will ignite on this. I ask them to remain peaceful and respect the orders from the government.


Saturday, October 10, 2020

Defyhatenow Drills Journalists On Conflict Reporting, Peace Building

Projecting demonstration on Crisis Management

Conflict Sensitive reporting is a nitch most Journalists practicing within the Northwest region have carved out for themselves, in the course of the Anglophone crisis and it is for this reason, Defyhatenow decided to drill more on conflict and Peace under the theme " Catalysing Media for Peace and Justice in Camerooon".

Ngala Desmond, Country Project Manager- Defyhatenow

"The project aims at training selected journalists covering critical issues surrounding media's role in conflict prevention and peace building, as well as equip them with professional skills to produce and publish content that promotes peace, enhance social cohesion, and reduce violent conflicts." Country Project Manager for Defyhatenow, Ngala Desmond indicated.

Journalists from the Northwest Region

The training brought together over 25 Journalists from the Northwest to Bafoussam, to brainstorm over reporting conflict and building Peace, providing them with tools required to produce and publish content that provides Peace.

Bebey Blaise, Facilitator

Many people in one way or the other have fanned or fueled the Anglophone crisis that has spanned for over 4years and more. It is for this reason that Bebey Blaise says "it is terrible to leave conflict to time", and explained that it is important for people to be given a voice.

Conflict sensitive reporting was key focus during the training and Eugene Nforngwa explained, Conflict Sensitive Journalism is more of an approach than a technique, while conflict sensitive reporting is a clear understanding of a crisis, which can only be resolved when people are given a voice.

Eugene Nforngwa, Facilitator

"You cannot cover a conflict or influence it's outcome, if you don't fully understand it. Conflict occurs when there is resistance and when there is conflict, there is an uneven distribution of power. Covering a conflict, one must make a clear distinction between demands, needs and common ground" Eugene Nforngwa.

Ngala Desmond said the workshop is intended to get participants go through a practical exercise and get concrete ideas for stories and programs.

"The project aims at introducing trainees to essential concepts, spur open debates around principles and case studies, and lead participants through practical exercises to deepen reflections and develop concrete ideas for stories and programs" he said.

According to him this will favour an environment that promotes dialogue, love, respect and tolerance, while creating room for peace and reconciliation to gain a grounds within the present context of Cameroon through responsible and peace building journalism.


A participant felt that the training is timely, as it puts Journalists on the right lane regarding conflict sensitive reporting.

"It is thanks to the workshop that we have learned that in times of conflict, the media Should be used as a tool to make all conflicting voices heard and propagate issues considered good for soceity consumption and for the promotion of human rights which generally plays a great role in peace building" Mildred Ndum, promoter of Info Trends blog.

Dingana Raymond, promoter of the DrayInfos blog, says Journalists have not played their role sufficiently to peace building and the workshop is fine tuning skills to to report conflict, while building Peace.

"If Cameroon is going thro political challenges these days, it is because many journalists have not been taking in to account role they can play in contributing to peace building. I am contributing my own quota to peace building and creating a channel for communication between the warring parties." Raymond said.

"We should educate parties involved to manage conflicts, Allow parties to express their views, grant them equal space on audio visual and print, broadening the search for possible solutions among others. He explained.

Expectations are high, as Defyhatenow Cameroon trains Journalists from the Northwest region to promote Peace while reporting on the Anglophone Crisis. Ngala Desmond says he expects trainees to understand some key concepts, while going about crisis reporting.

" Trainees are expected to have a better understanding of peace journalism in times of conflict, understanding diversity conflicts, the techniques of reporting in times of conflict, knowing the present socio-economic and political context of Cameroon; in the Anglophone regions in particular." Ngala Desmond

" I am also expecting these Journalists to have a proper apprehension of the techniques to investigate, collect data and provide reliable information in times of conflict." He added

#Defyhatenow is an initiative by rOg_agency for open culture & critical transformation, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office in partnership with UNESCO multisectoral Regional Office for Central Africa  & thé Africa Knowledge and Police Center (AKPC).

By Ndefru Melanie and Ndong           Carine


Friday, October 9, 2020

Senator Ngam's Maiden Edition: Innovative Higher Education Scholarship Scheme Launched

            Senator Honoré Ngam

The office of the SDF Senator for Boyo Division, Senator Honoré Ngam has announced through a launch of a scholarship program for students of Boyo Division, aspiring to pursue their studies in any of the eight state universities in Cameroon, to begin this academic year 2020/2021.

Modelled after the personal experience of young Senator Honore Ngam and informed by the raging poverty situation in his native Boyo Division, the scholarship program award is timely to fund for students who just passed the GCE 'A' levels this year and would be finding difficulty sourcing finances to continue with their education. 

The minimum scholarship award is FCFA 50000 each and per year for the next three years of a university course, modestly beginning with a maximum of four scholarships this year.

Recipients are selected based on a list of criteria, incorporating elements of talent, personal dedication and more importantly, financial needs. Academic excellence is required but not a criteria for selection.

Students of Boyo origin and from around the country are invited to apply and most be enrolled in one of the state universities for the 2020/2021 academic year.

Applications are received by a panel of judges who are noted for their impartiality and where expertise range across a spectrum of fields for which scholarships are awarded. The judges are independent of Senator Ngam's political leanings and would operate under a strict conflict of interest policy and anti-discrimination clause.

Scholarship preference would be given to paying students' tuition fees and they are encouraged to seek funding from other sources to take care of their lodging, feeding, medical costs, and other school needs outside the scholarship scope.

In order to qualify for the application, the following items must be provided before Thursday October 15,2020:

-Completed application form
-Motivation letter stating the applicants commitment to complete the three years university course under the scholarship program
-Recommendation letter from a parent or Guardian, stating the financial needs and engagement to source for the counterpart funding for candidates other school needs

Recipients would be notified not later than October 20,2020, and are requested to send applications through the email: and on WhatsApp : 675371937.

Ndefru Mélanie


Monday, October 5, 2020

Back to School: Nkambe Observed No Ghost Town on October 5th

Student in Nkambe have turned a blind eye on the ghost town imposed by separatists fighters on Mondays and have embarked on the path that leads to their classrooms on October 5th 2020. 

Accompanied by the SDO for Donga Mantung, the Mayor for Nkambe Council and the administration, the efforts of Hon Ngala Gerald yielded fruits as he joined efforts with his people of Nkambe, mobilized and sensitized parents, teachers and students, to welcome the back to school initiative, while promoting access to a bright future, by ensuring full Classrooms on October 5th.

The administration and elites continue to expect same steam from Misaje and Nkum, while having hopes that in the days ahead pupils and students will flood the classrooms across other subdivisions in Donga Mantung and the idea of respecting ghost towns will be wiped out.

In other parts of the Northwest region, ghost town hampered the resumption of schools but it is expected that students will answer present in their different schools, and get ready for lessons.

By Ndefru Melanie


Back to School: Teachers, Students and Pupils Brave it In Bamenda II

Students and Teachers have answered present in some secondary schools within the Bamenda 2 Subdivision to begin the Academic year 2020/2021, despite the deserted streets due to the ghost town imposed by separatists fighters.

The Mayor for the Bamenda 2 Council, Chenwi Peter and the D.O for the Bamenda 2 Subdivision Nicholas nkongho Manchang, went to the field in the early hours of October 5th, to observe the temperature of school resumption in some schools, within the city of Bamenda.

Didatic Materials had been given out by the Bamenda 2 Council to facilitate a successful school ressumption for the academic year 2020/2021 and though the day also was a public holiday, marked as Teachers' day, many of them chose to be in the classrooms welcoming pupils and students.

Celebrations that would normally hold on Teachers Day, could not be a huge success on the day of school reopening because, priority is given to kids who have not been to school for the past 4years, the crowding is not inline with the norms to guard against Covid 19, insecurity and the ghost town imposed by separatists fighters made it impossible.

" The turn out is unprecedented, I am very happy to see these children back at school on day one.i wish to encourage more of them to get to school as the academic year unfolds" Mayor Chenwi Peter.

Hopefully on Tuesday October 6th, more pupils and students will turn out in their numbers in the different schools, to catch up for the years they have stayed at home.

"The take off is impressive with the massive  turn out of students and teachers" observed the D.O

By Ndefru Melanie


Sunday, October 4, 2020

Should Administrators Preach Water and Practice Wine?

kids gathered anxiously, no facemask on, no social distancing

The Bamenda 2 Council has failed to ensure that Covid 19 measures put in place by World Health Organization, enforced by Government are respected amongst pupils, students, Parents and Teachers who gathered for the distribution of didatic materials on October 3rd in Bamenda.

This worry lingered in the mind of this reporter, after seeing anxious kids gather in their numbers to get school items provided by the Bamenda 2 Council, in respect to the Academic year 2020/2021.

The Existence of the Coronavirus since early March 2020 has been a great preoccupation for Medical personnels and Administrators both at the national and at the Local levels.

Prime Minister Head of Government

Reason why on march 17th 2020, over 13 measures were put in place by the Prime Minister Head of Government, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute to curb the  of the disease, which still holds as rules till date.

The government is carrying out projects via it's diffirent structures including messages via Mincom, to promote back to school amidst Covid19, some authorities in an effort to promote back to school in the NWR, are neglecting the practice of covid-19 barrier measures.

In the Northwest Region, recent reports on Covid-19 shows that 845 positive cases, 36 deaths and 720 recovered cases have been recorded. According to a medical expert, the level of epidemic saturation has been attained and that over crowding is not compatible with Covid norms.

 The use of facemask is ignored, no social distancing

The Mayor of Bamenda 2 Council, Mayor Chenwi Peter failed to ensure that the environment where the kids gathered to recieve the didatic materials for school ressumption, be airy and safe for them.

The kids were packed like sardine, the the kids were sweating, babies too were in the hall, no air conditioned system or fans.

Jammed hall, full with kids

Jammed was the hall with crowd and most pupils, students were not conscious about the use of their face masks or implore the respect of social distancing. 

The council had to ensure that these measures are enforced and kept, but the anxiety to facilitate a successful back to school, made the organizers ignore that aspect.

Children are expected to fill the classrooms on Monday October 5th 2020 and are also expected to remain safe and healthy throughout the academic year. The teachers will want to teach healthy and strong children not stand in empty classrooms.

It is inline with these thoughts that H.E Felix MBAYU, 
Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations, In Charge of Cooperation with the Commonwealth ensured that buckets and hand sanitizers be provided to teachers, pupils and students, so that the preventive measures be in check.

More sanitizers and buckets are needed, to facilitate the washing of hands in schools at the grassroot levels, especially as many begin to feel that the virus has suddenly dissappeared and no longer pay attention to the preventive measures.

Maikem Emmanuela, Health Reporter

"I don't think it's ignorance. Majority have intentionally decided to believe it's finished while some still think it's not real. The many unanswered questions of why some people who had close contact with positive cases aren't sick as well, has contributed to people thinking it's all a lie." Health reporter,Maikem Emmanuela

"From personal research, the irregularities in figures makes everything doubtful for many, Coupled with that fact that no one knows when this pandemic will end, many people have decided to just live with it. They compare it to malaria and AIDS" she added.

Sensitization must continue so that Cameroonians in other regions and those in the Northwest and Southwest regions, whoes kids have been deprived of education for 4years, don't fall sick due to ignorance. The Children must return to the Classrooms on October 5th 2020 and remain safe from Covid 19.

"It is interesting to know that Bamenda has recorded it's first re-infected case this month" Maikem Emmanuela tells civiclens.

By Ndefru Melanie