Tubah Council Maps Out Space for Road Works

cross section of the road in Bambili

Where a road passes, development follows. It is In line with this thought that the Mayor of Tubah Council has decided to work in close collaboration with Edge, to arrive at a panacea regarding the situation of roads in Tubah Subdivision.

Engineers of Tubah Council at work

The Mayor of Tubah, Tanjong Martin and his team of Engineers embarked on the exercise in Bambili on Saturday October 17th, mapping out the road and clearing space for work to begin effectively on Tuesday October 20th.

According to him, It has been the cry of the people of Tubah Subdivision, to fix the road which at the time of this report, appears narrow, filled with potholes and difficult for vehicles to circulate with ease.

Mayor Tanjong talking to Press

"The University Town which is Tubah, and most especially Bambili, has no road, an issue that has been the cry of the people in Tubah. We need a double carriage road, from Finance junction to the University of Bamenda." Mayor Tanjong Martin

"Edge approached me that they need the collaboration of the Tubah Council in order to do the Mapping, clearing of the space from Bambui 4 corners to the University of Bamenda. I came out with my engineers to clear off the obstacles for the work to start, which I believe by Tuesday there will be caterpillars on this road." He added.

Buisness places marked for demolition

During the mapping excercise, the people who worked in the places marked for demolition, were fustrated by the move of the Council and cried foul that the Mayor should have sent a team to warn them, in order to plan ahead of time. They say the decision is good but sudden, a disadvantage to them.

"The intensions of the council are good but it will also affect me as a buisness man because we have not been notified about this new decision and I have committements that revolve arround what I do here, pulling down this place will be really hard on me, I wish Tubah Council could notify us and give us time to think of a plan B." A buisness man explained.

To the Mayor, the road matters before the thought of buisness. According to him, in order to build, there must be some destruction to make things look better.

" There is no way you can consume the omellette without breaking the eggs, these buisness must exist, but we need the roads more than the buisness now" Tanjong Martin, Mayor of Tubah Council tells the Press.

"We are going on with full flesh road works, not maintenance, not surfacing and if anything is done contrary then we have taken ourselves 50 years backwards, I believe strongly that whether means or no means, my agreement with Edge is that, they should give us the best from Northwest" he added.

As the Mayor makes efforts to fix the situation of the roads leading to the University, this reporter sort to know the Challenges some transporters face, through the voice of a driver plying the road on a daily basis transporting people through and fro on the stretch of road.

"This is a distance you can take 20 to 25 minutes but now I can take about 45minutes or 1 hour to get to Bambili or get back to city chemist and this affects the income we get per day. With the bad road I cannot go and come like I use to do and this affects the fare. Not just the bad roads affecting the fare, but the number of controls on the road, this makes it a difficult situation" Driver, Levitt.

By Ndefru Melanie


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