Thursday, April 28, 2022

Youth Connekt 2022: Annual Work Plan, Budget Adopted

This was the main resolution of the first session of the steering committee of the joint Government-UN program, with MINJEC chairing the conclave initiative dubbed the first annual session to validate the work plan for Youth Connekt 2022.

Holding on April 27th 2022 in Yaoundé, the meeting made it possible for analysis to be carried out, in view of the activities proposed for 2022 and making the document realistic, coherent, relevant and contextualized, capable of meeting the expectations.

The major resolution to retain from the meeting is the adoption of the budget, which stands at $ 1,308,266 US dollars, approximately 798,335,750 FCFA. The main contributors to this budget are notably; MINJEC, UNDP and UNFPA.

It revolves around four major axes; the mechanisms for strengthening self-employment, the decent and sustainable integration of young people into the labor market; the values ​​of citizenship, peace and social cohesion are practiced and shared by young people (youth Connekt for peace & youth Connekt community service); the implementation and functionality of inter- and intra-generational connection mechanisms (Youth Connekt Hangout); and the elimination of discriminatory practices, female leadership as well as means of economic empowerment geared towards young girls.

The resident representative of UNDP welcomes the commitment of the Cameroonian government to set up this program and assures us of the determination of all United Nations agencies to implement Youth Connekt. According to him, "the United Nations system is working to ensure that as many young people as possible have access to training, but also to employment".

MINJEC congratulated the project management unit for the work done. “I can say with certainty that the 2022 Annual Work Plan will meet the expectations of Cameroonian youths wherever they are and whatever their category may be".

"The implementation of activities for the 2022 financial year will undoubtedly increase the visibility and readability of the contribution of the Joint Government-UN Youth Cameroon Program for the complete development of the population of the largest population and the most dynamic of our country", Mounouna Foutsou, MINJEC.

Placed under the co-chairmanship of the Minister of Youth and Civic Education and the Resident Representative of the UNDP, the steering committee is responsible for organizing, coordinating and supervising all the activities of the Programme.

It is responsible for providing strategic guidance in the execution of the Joint Programme; reviewing and approving annual work plans and related budgets, activity reports, evaluation reports and the final report; to support the development of partnerships and the mobilization of resources; to decide on the support to be granted to the various partners; to formulate directives for the attention of the Program Management Unit.

Communication Unit, MINJEC


Sunday, April 24, 2022

Ndian Conference: Elite, Population Liase Efforts for Peace Proceeds

The All Ndian Conference has opened and closed with signs of the come together being on a good footing, both the Elite and local population have taken a decision to rally behind the Head of State, through a Son of the Soil, the PM; Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, to discuss best ways through which Peace can be achieved in Ndian division.

The host, Mayor Samuel Osang of the Mundemba municipality, welcomed all, highlighting the tourism potentials of Ndian such as the Korop National Park, the maritime area of the division, PAMOL and much more.

The Coordinator of the Conference, Chief Fritgerald Nasako stressed on the fact that the conference is far from partisan. Whatever is not right, should be fixed by everyone in Ndian. Everyone has the duty to support the PM who has been holding consultations with the population of the NW/SW to seek a lasting solution to the crisis.

On Friday 22 April 2022, all roads led to Mundemba, seat of the oil rich Ndian division of the South West region of Cameroon, with an agenda dubbed: The All Ndian Conference. The conference from every indication is coming against the backdrop of the ongoing socio-political crisis in the two Englishspeaking regions of Cameroon.

While  the  crisis  is    raising  its ugly  head,  sons  and  daughters  of  the division  have  been  speaking  from  a  distance  whose  impact  has  nothing  to  ride home  as  more  atrocities  are  being  committed  by  the  perpetrators. 

The  bold  and decisive  step  to  rally  all  living  forces  of Ndian  origin  to  converge  on  Mundemba this  time  around,  is  a  laudable  initiative and  the  initiators  must  be  saluted.  The conference  is  expected  to  set  the  course for  a  return  to  peace  and  development  to the  division.  

The  gathering  has galvanized  the  sons  and  daughters  of  all  the clans  of  Ndian  division  to  work  together towards  achieving  these  peace  and development  by  undertaking  a  diagnosis of  the  problems  and  challenges  facing the  division  and  propose  sustainable solutions.  

The  engaged  sons  and  daughters  of  the division, even those  in  the  diaspora who  are  sympathetic  to  the  Anglophone crisis  to see need in ceasing from  funding  and  support  for the  Anglophone  crisis.

Exchanges for a  return  to  peace  as  well  as  chart  ways for  community  development  and  restoration  of  the  economic  growth  of  the  division  through  increased  employment  of youths, was key on the agenda at the All Ndian Conference.  

Once  all  of  these  are  put  in  place and  fully  implemented,      socio-economic activities  would  resume  and  Ndian  division  would  pick  up  the  steam  to  be  great again.

With the come together, an economic boom is sure to return as the crisis that has greatly affected the socio-economic life of the regions, divisions and subdivisions. 
The conference in Ndian, Southwest region of Cameroon, was the first of its kind since the outbreak of the crisis that has left the once bouyant Ndian division into a shadow of itself. 

Ndian division is hosting the agro-industrial giant, Pamol Plantations PLC , that greatly contributes to the economic development of Cameroon. The area equally serves as a gateway into the country with a vast maritime border with Nigeria. 

As host of Pamol Plantations PLC and serving as a gateway into the country, Ndian division  coupled  with  its rich  crude  oil  Wells,  there  has  been  a large  scale  empowerment  of  the  population  in  the  various  economic  activities the  people  engaged  in.   

Pamol Plantations  PLC  employs  close  to  3,000 workers  both  skilled  and  unskilled  and the  remuneration  they  earn  helps  sustained  their  families  in  various  ways.  The company  produces  oil  Palm  and  rubber products  that  also  generate  other  sectors of  the  economy  in  the  country  which fetch  additional  income  both  at  home and  abroad.  

The  bilateral  and  multilateral trade  Cameroon  engages  in  with  other countries  are  equally  facilitated  by  the maritime  boundary  hosted  by  Ndian division  that  motivates  economic  activities  and  make  the  area  boom.  The  rich  oil resources  of  the  division  is  a  source  of revenue  and  employment.  That  is  why the  division  had  been  on  the  boom  before the  crisis  broke  out.  

The  violence accompanied  in the course of the  crisis  has  left  the division  begging  for  life  support.  Pamol Plantations  PLC,  the  trade  activities  and the  exploration  of  natural  resources  are almost  moribund.  The  hardworking  population  of  Ndian  division  has  escaped  to more  safer  zones  out  of  the  division. 

All the  economic  activities  are  grounded thereby  making  living  difficult  to  those left  in  the  division  and  others  who  fled the  area  as  they  have  little  or  nothing  to rely  on.  

The representative of the PM, Balungeli Confiance Ebune viewed the conference as a new and bright  beginning for Ndian, while expressing appreciation to Ndian youths for the initiative of the Conference, he noted that the conference was a true purveyor of the peace and development that all want to see in their division. 

He therefore called on individual Ndianites to leave aside their divisions and personal issues to work resolutely for this peace that will enable everyone to access their various villages again. He regretted that the crisis has impacted Ndian so  broadly with the closure of schools, impassable roads and more. 

The August guest highlighted what the government has done to end the troubles but he equally seized the moment to urge everyone to denounce the evil boys in our forests and their sponsors. 

In all, Minister Balungeli, chief of Cabinet at the Prime Minister's Office representing the PM at the conference, challenged Ndian sons and daughters to seize the momentum of the conference to make a difference in a division that has experienced the worst cases of senseless killings. 

With the end of the crisis, he related, Ndian's resources will begin to be enjoyed by all and government's plans and programmes for the administrative unit will be actualized. However, the main applause of the key note speech was reserved for the announcement that negotiations are ongoing to determine when work can resume on the Kumba - Ekondo Titi road.

The conference settled for presentations on the empowerment of the youth, women's emancipation, and the need to revamp Ndian's river ports to boost trade with neighbouring Nigeria.

Traditional rulers, MPs, Regional and divisional delegates from Ndian division, développement and the civil society actors answered present to immortalize the event.

Civiclens in Ndian,  SWR

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Economy: Tibati- Adamawa, No more In Darkness

There is some development in Adamawa in the energy sector as it's been over 10 years that the people of Tibati have struggled, after several requests and several strategies used, the people finally have power, energy thanks to the Head of State, President Paul Biya.

After more than ten years of work, the mini private hydroelectric dam of Mbakaou jointly financed by BGFIBank Cameroon and the European Union, has just come into operation inaugurated this on April 14th, 2022 by HE GASTON ELOUNDOU ESSOMBA, Minister of Water and Energy.

He used the opportunity to announce the construction of 50 other mini-dams in the short term in Cameroon. It is with a small hydroelectric power plant that has a capacity of 1.49 MW, expandable to 2.9 MW, which has just started under water pressure in Mbakaou in the municipality of Tibati. 

It will have taken more than ten years to build this dam in the sources of Djerem. This is a technical feat appreciated  by the Minister of Water and Energy, Gaston Eloundou Essomba, on an official visit, and inaugurating the small hydroelectric power station of Mbakaou, an infrastructure put into service in December 2021.

About 1.4 MW of energy is produced, it currently supplies more than 3,000 households in five localities, while improving the quality of electricity service, with an impact on income-generating activities. According to the Minister of Water and Energy, it is the first of a series of 50 to be built across the country.

This infrastructure is expected to increase the agricultural, forestry and animal production of the department and indirectly improve the living conditions of the populations by creating jobs for young people. 

Rural electrification is therefore a reality the district of Tibati, now better lit with the inauguration of Cameroon's first private hydroelectric dam in Mbakaou, jointly financed by BGFIBank Cameroon and the European Union, opens the doors to around fifty other mini hydroelectric power station.

It should be noted that the studies for two new mini dam projects in Manjo (4.6 MW), in the Littoral, and Bafang (3.4 MW) are almost complete. The production of electricity having been liberalized, each Cameroonian can produce energy and resell it to the state.

Energy empowerment is a key issue for the development of Cameroon. With population growth, energy needs are increasing and the companies in charge of the issue, today, are struggling to fully meet the energy needs of Cameroonians. 

With the 2011 law allowing a private producer of electricity from renewable sources to be connected to the network of the national distributor (ENEO) and to sell the energy produced according to the regulations in force, a new window of opportunity has opened up. is open for investors and consumers.

By Ibrahim in Adamawa 

Ngaoundére: Channels to Fight Against Corruption Established

The National Anti-Corruption Commission innovative version is here, the official launch of this campaign was carried out by the governor of the Adamaoua region, Kildadi Taguieke Boukar last Wednesday at the University of Ngaoundéré.

The Anti-Corruption Commission is setting up an innovative platform that is expected to adapt to denouncing acts of corruption and similar offences. A toll-free number and an IT platform created with the mission of collecting denunciations, reports or alerts of cases of corruption and similar offences, and to deal with them.

Presented this April 20, 2022 at the 750 amphitheater, turned out to be too narrow to contain this important movement, the event which brought together around the governor of the Adamawa region and close collaborators.

The rector of the University of Ngaoundéré, the prefect of the department of Vina, the mayor of the city, the mayors of the three districts of Ngaoundéré, regional delegates, heads of services and assimilated from the public and private sectors and the cops of dang.

Three important joints punctuated the said ceremony, Adamawa will keep its place as the first national in the fight against corruption, the commitment has been made in unison, the region will appropriate these new tools put at their disposal assures the regional governor.

The establishment of these whistleblowing channels aims to strengthen and improve the system for preventing and combating corruption and similar offences, so as to instil more transparency in the management of public affairs.

In the event of concordant facts or a proven violation, Conac is empowered to seize the competent authorities, but also to ensure respect for the anonymity of whistleblowers, concluded Mr. Fotung Samuel, member of the CONAC coordination committee and representative staff of the chairman of the anti-corruption commission.

"This is a new anti-corruption communication strategy set up by Conac. The population can thus denounce all forms of corruption from their mobile phone in order to avoid the hassles associated with displacement".

By Ibrahim in Adamawa

Canadian High Commissioner Richard Bale visits Northwest region, Promises Engagement

The Canadian High Commissioner, Richard Bale has been presented the situation faced in the Northwest region; in the economic and social sectors and he promised to give feedback after consulting with his team, other diplomats to have better opportunities from which the Northwest region will explore.

His visit has reignited a sense of cooperation, a transfer of knowledge through exchanges. To note that the activities of the high commission are highly a-polotical, as Canada in Cameroon is known to intervene in different regions and at different levels.

"Canada is a strong supporter of civil societies, helps them take action where intervention is needed", especially in areas of conflict, a conflict that caused thousands to flee; a neglected displacement crises due to a prolonged insecurity faced in the Northwest region.

"It is important to have all stakeholders take part in building communities that have been affected by the crisis. Stakeholders be it government, traditional leaders, religious leaders, civil society, private sector. With joint efforts we can have good understanding of the situation on ground and ensure that our engagement is better targeted." Richard Bale, Canadian High Commissioner.

The interventions needed as per the presentations at the Northwest  Regional Assembly, are centred around human investment, humanitarian, Peace Building and in decentralized community based projects.

Prof. Fru Angwafo III, President of the Northwest Regional Assembly tells the diplomat that depite the stakes, some progress has been made. He established that the  "North-West Region has benefitted from multifaceted relations; support in the creation of community radios, technical schools and educational grants/ scholarships, the Kumbo water project and others within the human and physical development realm".

Though Covid-19 and climate change-related flooding has further created food insecurity, Canada with intervention at different levels remains one of Cameroon’s principal partners in the humanitarian response, delivered through UN agencies, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and non-governmental organisations. 

Canada’s humanitarian assistance includes support for the provision of food, nutrition and health services, clean water and sanitation, as well as protection services.

@CanadainCameroon will continue to work with humanitarian actors to increase humanitarian access and secure humanitarian space in regions affected by conflict with the objective of reaching those most in need.

By Ndefru Melanie in Bamenda

Humanitarian: Bafut/Tubah Population Recieve Health Aid from Hon. Agho Oliver

A good number of requests has been made to the MP of Bafut/Tubah constituency following his assistance to 77-year-old Lum Monica, prompting Hon. Agho Oliver to provide drugs worth 30 million FCFA to the needy Bafut/Tubah population.

The generous donation, amounting to over 30 million FCFA, including clearance and in-land transportation, is said to be the logical follow-up of the MP's promise of ensuring no one dies in his constituency due to lack financial resources to buy drugs.

A consignment of drugs including; antibiotics for children and adults, antifungal drugs, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, antipiretics, gastric ulcers drugs, high blood pressure drugs.

Varities of antihypertensive drugs; for congesive heart failure, angina pectoris, anti-cholesterol drugs, diabetis drugs and blood sugar-testing needles, blood thinners in case of stroke, AVC and others.

Drugs for asthmatics, mental health, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders and pyschosis, osteoporosis, gout, cancer, and kits for COVID testing, and so many medical subsidiaries.

Manufactured, brought fron the Italian pharmaceutical industries, intended to be administered free of charge to vulnerable, hard-to-reach and poor-needy patients in his Bafut/Tubah constituency.

The consignment was handed over to the resident Doctors of Bafut and Tubah, in the presence of the District Medical Officers, DMOs, of Bafut and Tubah on April 22, 2022, by Hon. Agho Oliver, MP for Bafut/Tubah. 

The drugs donor, Dr. Marie Noella Atanga, and her mother, patroness of the Atanga Family Foundation were present and explained to all present, especially the medical Staff, about the attachment the entire family places on health and the social welfare of all those living in hard-to-reach and underserved communities like the ones Hon. Agho Oliver represents.

Receiving the drugs and some 10 water filters for the hospitals, the Doctors and DMOs opined it is a God-sent individual and leader, in the person of Agho Oliver. Stating that the health of a people was the wealth of the people, the Bafut and Tubah resident Doctors were grateful of the surgical nature of the intervention. 

They revealed that out of every 100 patients they consult, over 36 end up lacking financial resources to follow-up on treatment, and such end up complicating their Health conditions, with others dying.

The resolve to cater for the health of the needy in Bafut and by extension, Tubah, came when Hon. Agho Oliver received a distress call some two weeks ago to assist an old 77-year-old Bafut widow, Mama Lum Monica, after providing some needs, it was discovered She needed medical attention.

Taken to hospital for check-up, the MP's team realized many more widows, the young and the elderly in that community lacked access to affordable healthcare.

The MP resolved to sort for a  consignment of drugs, with assistance from Marie Noella Atanga, kid sister to Territorial Administration Minister, Paul Atanga Nji. There are hopes that more will come, if the present consignment actually goes to serve the purpose for which it is intended.

Communication Unit
MP Bafut/Tubah MP

Friday, April 22, 2022

20th May Celebrations: MINJEC task Committees to focus ahead of the launch

Proposals have been made from different committees tasked with activities ahead of the launch of 20th May activities. Their proposals were supported by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, particularly in view of its contribution to the consolidation of the unity of Cameroon.

Series of exchanges tickled Minister Mounouna Foutsou to give instructions relating to the implementation of the various activities adopted and presented.

In compliance with the prescriptions of the civil cabinet; compliance with the ToRs selected and the allocated budget; work in synergy with the other commissions; compliance with the eventual repetition schedule for the sectorials, while requesting the monitor the activities and the direction of the general affairs, that the resources are made available.

The work session was chaired by the Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou, on April 21, 2022 in Yaoundé, in prelude to the celebration of the National Day. It was with the report of the first meeting that work began.

Presented by Gildas Touna, a framework for studies at the Department of Civic Education and National Integration (Decin), highlights with the different specificities of the themes were discussed that day. 

These include the major, specific activities as well as the objectives to be achieved during this celebration. In total, all the activities decided upon will take place throughout the national territory with variations at the national and local levels.

MINJEC insisted on recalling the importance of this celebration which passes through the implementation of the various activities decided upon, from everal committee leaders then presented the perceptible progress within their various committees.

As for the official launch of the civil demonstrations, the representative of the president of the commission Epoko Epoko Anselme, indicated that arrangements have already been made as part of the preparations for the launch of this celebration in partnership with the local municipal executive of the launch area. 

Tankeng Alphonse, Head of the Studies and Projects Division at Minjec presented the different neighborhoods formed within the framework of the organizing committee. The head of the neighborhood commission for cheaper life, Abdoul Karim Nassourou indicated that steps have been taken to facilitate the access of populations to basic necessities. 

On this subject, the Minister Mounouna Foutsou insisted on the training of young people on the access of these products to all and the granting of support to young people trained within the framework of the Pts-Jeunes to reduce the rise in prices on the market. 

Also, he evoked the initiation of young ladies to the local culinary art. For her part, Atanga Micheline, president of the army/nation district commission gave details on the mobilization of the human resources that are available for the proper conduct of the activities of this district.

Regarding the Camps, Mveme Atangana indicated that the activities will take place throughout the national territory. In each cultural area, initiation to health care based on the pharmacopoeia is planned. 

A contact file has been established to facilitate the mobilization of the actors to take part in the camps which constitute a kind of return to the sources. For Minister Mounouna Foutsou, it is a question of transferring ancestral know-how to younger generations through this platform. 

According to him, young people who would be interested must be encouraged and supported. For the head of the MINJEC IT Unit, also head of the Virtual Village Commission, Medjo Stephane,

With regard to sports activities, Arsène ABE provides assurance on the mobilization of sports teams that will participate in said civil-military activities. 

On this subject, the Minjec suggested holding these sporting activities in the afternoon and should target the categories of the population (rescuers, buyam-sellam) who often have conflicting relations with the armed forces.

The commission, civil parade, through the voice of its manager, indicated that in this context, it is a question of sensitizing young people on civic and civic values. Songs have been stopped and the designated supervisors. 

A modular rehearsal is planned against a backdrop of a dancing scenography. She also recalled the different themes on which the parades will follow one another.

Also, with regard to the Patriotic Songs Sub-Commission, Halidou Sadjo specified that a bank of patriotic songs has been established to enhance the passage of the parades. 

Eyenga Yvette epse Binam, assistant inspector of N1 programs at the Minjec and also in charge of the Implementation Commission of Pronec-Reinitiation presented the activity of implementation of the national civic education program by Civic and entrepreneurial moral rearmament. 

In this phase introduced by Mounouna Foutsou, MINEDUB representative wondered about the possibility for children to mark time with the gangs by singing. The representative of the National Bilingualism and Multiculturalism Commission also noted the need to promote bilingualism during these celebration activities. 

For her, the maintenance of peace necessarily goes through the recognition of the linguistic identity of our national languages ​​and should be magnified in the opening bouquet.

Communication Unit, MINJEC


Thursday, April 21, 2022

Konye Mayor Goes "Deaf" on Salary Situation of Council Workers

Adressing a letter to the Senior Divisional Officer of Meme Division Chamberlain Ntou'o Ndong, councillors of Konye Council have frowned at their Mayor's silence on the payment of salaries for council workers.

In a letter, the supervisory authority of the local development institution recieved, he was made to understand that there is no respect for a municipal deliberation authorising the council's executive to open a credit line at a Limbe based bank "to guarantee the payment of workers salaries and taxes" to the tune of 35M FCFA.

Dated February 15, 2022, the SDO reacted to the councilors' worries by setting up an "ad hoc committee which shall present a report", a report on the situation of the council and that of the councilors to be presented to hierarchy consideration. gathered that the decision to file a complaint follows a November 2021 municipal deliberation, with a copy authorising the council executive to create the credit line which according to the councillors has not been done.

"Why do you think that I have not done so? Are issues relating to the payment of staff salaries oral or documentary? Investigative journalism is something more than you are doing. The source of your information is doubtful. He who alleges must prove. Please review your style." Mayor Geroge Musima Lobe responded to us when contacted on the matter (quote culled from Hilltopvoices).

Hilltopvoices contacted some workers by phone, through messaging and it appeared while the creation of the committee is till awaited, workers have remained unpaid for seven months and counting as the matter drags on.

"Do you also have a report from the purported ad hoc committee and the SDOs reaction?" The Mayor questioned Hilltopvoices when they confirmed that they had some reasonable documentation relating to the complain about the non payment of salaries.

Hilltopvoices' indepth findings proved that workers seem not to be aware of the creation of the ad hoc committee, intended to submit reports to the SDO about the situation at Konye Council.

The workers indicated that the supervisory authority had reacted to the subject by suggesting that the funds might have been have been used for an emergency situation an act which the Councilor consider as misappropriation and should by every standard attract an administrative sanction on negligence.

By Ndefru Melanie
Culled from Hilltopvoices reports

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Health: Digital Sensitization on Poliomyelitis, Approved as One of the Means for Sensitization

A virtual planification meeting has taken place to best strategize on how to communicate in the course of the Poliomyelitis E-Campaign that is expected to kickstart in May 2022.

UNICEF and WHO partners of MINSANTE, EPI Staff; technicaly in charge of Immunisation in Cameroon were all present to discuss how best messages can be crafted and diseminated vis-à-vis the E- Campaign on polio.

Poliomyelitis is described as a disease caused by a virus that may cause paralysis and is easily preventable by the polio vaccine.

Children below 5 years are mostly affected and Poliovirus is described as a virus transmitted through contaminated water or food, or contact with an infected person.

Information reveals that poliomyelitis is incurable and can be prevented by taking vaccines appropriately. In course of the planning virtual session, statistics of the situation of polio was revealed from the year 2020.

During brainstorming, results, challenges and loop holes of past sensitization on polio was discussed to see how to better fine tune the E-Campaign for May 2022.

Bloggers/ online journalists are expected to counter past challenges by using all social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, sharing across platforms or social media handles frequently use by thousands of people having access to the internet.

Through these means, there is a high probability that a greater majority of the population would have been reached, including vulnerable children, Zero-dose children, successfully integrating the different interventions. Ensuring the buy-in of populations who are distrustful of vaccination.

By Ndefru Melanie in Bamenda


CDC Management Warns on Leasehold Land Sales

Franklin Ngoni Njie, Cameroon Development Corporation's GM has given a warning about the buying or selling of leasehold lands in Tiko.

This warning is inline with the Ministerial order from the Minister of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure which cancelled land certificates issued in favour of the Tiko Village Community.

In a Press released signed on April 19th 2022,  which is intended to caution and sensitze the public not to be fooled by traditional authorities who are selling leasehold land which has not been surrendered to them.

The Ministerial order mentioned that the said parcels of land reverts to the CDC, regain their various juristic nature of the leasehold land of the corporation.

MINCAF had allocated 2 parcels of CDC leasehold land to Tiko Village community, but the management of CDC contested the Ministerial decision on grounds that modalities to cede CDC leasehold land were not adhered to. 

By Ndefru Melanie on Special assignment to the Southwest region

Monday, April 18, 2022

Hope Advocates Africa trains Watchdogs to Monitor Human Rights Violations in Communities

Funded by the Global fund for Human rights, Hope Advocates Africa builds capacities of grassroots justice seekers on the implications of human rights violations.

The workshop had as goal to strengthen grassroots justice seekers' resilience towards monitoring, documenting and reporting Human Rights abuses in the North West and South West Regions.

With funding from Innovations in legal empowerment (NAMATI), Hope Advocates Africa (HADA) has built capacities of over 80 participants in a workshop on how to go about tackling issues related human rights violation.

The Global Human Rights fund through HADA funded the training which took place in Buea on Saturday April, 16 2022, also geared towards the legal empowerment of the grassroots justice seekers, with the relevant knowledge to negotiate fair solutions and create a network with the justice seekers which will serve as a support structure for survivors of violence.

The Executive Director of Hope Advocates Africa Caryn Dasah explained that there is a lot of unverified information/ fake news roaming around especially on social media.

Hope Advocates Africa through this workshop, wants to ensure that such things do not occur.

'Sometimes on social media victims of human rights violation are exposed, which brings a lot of trauma and stigma on the victims. So we are here to ensure that whatever information we disseminate to the public is verified and should not instill fear, hate or harm".

The selected grassroots actors are expected to verify information monitor and respond to human rights issues in Cameroon.

“We want to have a responsible society/community, efficient when it comes to reporting and a community that puts into practice the ‘Do No Harm principles’. Everybody’s privacy is supposed is to respected and not just put on social media simply because we are in an android world”. Caryn Dasah noted.

The 80 participants included; grassroots justice seekers, civil society, journalists, faith based organizations drawn from the six divisions of the South West region were educated on the legal and religious implications of human rights violation, Gender Based Violence and what they should do when faced with issues related to the violation of human rights.

According to the founding President/Women Empowerment and protection officer for a CSO, (Investing in People Worldwide) Ruth Abunaw, the initiative from Hope Advocates Africa is a laudable one. “During this crisis human rights violations and abuses have been exasperated and the persons who face this most are women.

"On social media we have a lot of information which is just out to stir up violence so this project is timely as it will help educate the community/ human rights and justice seekers within communities on the best approaches on how to handle human right violations and how to monitor human rights cases”.

Lilian Dibo Eyoung partaking in the event as a facilitator on disability rights added that there is a symbiotic relationship between disability rights advocacy and human rights violation. “The rights of persons with disability have also been violated and we are here to correct those wrongs”.

Hope Advocates Africa is a Women’s Rights Organization dedicated in highlighting issues of human and women’s rights in our society. The organization also focuses on Gender-based violence, peace-building, transitional justice etc. The non-profit organisation provides services for GBV victims, internally displaced persons and also empowers women economically with skills.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Entertainment: "911 is a Place for Comfort, Irrespective of who Gets Comfort", Nsuh Edwin

"It came like a surprise, An Award I couldn't hesitate taking, but as a business man when there is a publicity that's a priority. I wish to tell Bamenda at large that 911 is a place of comfort irrespective of who gets comfort. We are in a region of crisis, it's open to all and life must continue". 

The CEO of 911, Nsuh Edwin has recieved a Prime International Award for the fact that his snack is community based and has been appreciated by many who have visited the place to gain pleasure, though amidst the insecurity threading in the city of Bamenda.

The owner explains that 911 gives an opportunity for everyone to gain pleasure and that it's a place for people to mingle and figure out a way to make life comfortable, despite the difficulties faced in town.

"Without pleasure the stress will be too much, as the CEO I have challenges and I have been tagged severally but I do my best to move on and provide the best for my customers". 

"I have stood the grounds as a son of the soil, if I am to run, I have nowhere to run to. I don't need to know who is who but I need to know about the buisness, see to it that staff attends to customers, grow the buisness and also their families through benefits", CEO 911.

Recieving an Award Prime International, this took him a-back but feels that his ambitiousness is keeping him on the right track.

"Beer is our pleasure, I never knew, the dream I thought of putting through has come to reality. I don't deserve this but my ambitions see me equal to the task".

For the image of the enterprise, this is like a stepping stone, it's an advantage to the buisness. In the midst of crisis I face challenges on both sides. If there is anyone in Bamenda that wants to be part of 911, they should know it is open".

Getting the Prime International Award is prove that 911 is at the services of all customers without bias, some consumers at the snack shared their view.

"The CEO is an open person, he is the man of the people, he welcomes people in such a way that those who visit 911 cannot be harassed. The place is open, airy and clean and we have no issues spending our money here. The choice of music is also attracting."

"There have been a series of stories to chase away customers, but I want to say am not afraid to visit 911. It's safe, if there is any situation, we will stay inside because it has a gate", customer expressed opinion.

Ndefru Melanie in Bamenda

Friday, April 15, 2022

E-Mentoring Program: Women Empowerment, Key tool for Mentees' Growth

Participants of the E-Mentoring Program being a project funded by the US Embassy provided a platform for mentees to discuss with some experts on issues centred arround Women Empowerment.

Tchonko Becky Besong, founder and leader of AFMEC says the mentoring program is split in groups for different sessions planned for 5 domains. 

According to her, even with the lapses, there is still a possibility for mentees to have catch up sessions in order to meet up with the goals of the E-Mentoring program.

"The group workshops are organized by the coordination team to enable mentees who have not been having regular sessions with their mentors to grasp some contemporary notions about the field of Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment", CEO AFMEC.

A group workshop has taken place within the said framework on Women Empowerment as a key tool for the growth of mentees with focus on gender.

Mme Akwo Manka Tabuwe, A lecturer of the University of Buea and Director at Strategic Leadership for Women and Girls, was a resource person at the E-Mentoring session. She told mentees that it is important to understand that self confidence is a key tool for every person and that empowering women can lead to a reduction in violence.

"I talked about GBV and Women Empowerment; my objective was to look at the connect between empowerment and reduce the links of GBV. When women are empowered; going to school or acquiring some other informal skill, to have the capacity to earn an income, take decisions about their lives and what they need to do, will reduce domestic violence most especially".

"I was interested in looking at the ways GBV has been enhanced in our communities and also empower both boys and girls to understand the meaning of relationships and personhood, thereby reducing incidences of GBV", Manka Tabuwe.
She further explained that Gender Based Violence can be averted when girls are conscientized on their self worth. To drive home the point, the Guest speaker used the older generation's Slogan that: "girls should be groomed and educated to understand that their Education and / or job is their First Husband" .  

Professor Germaine Djuidje for her part, stressed the need to raise boys with the mentality that they have a duty to respect and protect their sisters and female mates. 

"Educating both boys and girls will reduce the tendency to be violent or mock girls and women. Girls and women must be empowered to be assets for themselves, their families and communities".

The group workshops are organized by the coordination team to enable mentees who have not been having regular sessions with their mentors to grasp some contemporary notions about the field of Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment.

AFMEC in collaboration with Mandela Washington Fellow, Leap Girl Africa and the Taryong's centre for leadership and development, which is a coaching and mentoring are working handing in glove to make sure mentees acquire the skills needed at the E-Mentoring program for their individual growth.

Cameroon Association of Women in Media

Ndefru Melanie


CAMTEL - MTN Collabo For National Coverage with Roaming Services

Stephen Blewett (L) and Judith Yah Sunday (R) at the signing ceremony

Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel) is set to expand its 2G, 3G and 4G coverage across the country especially to areas which are not already covered by the network.

Stephen Blewett (L) greeting Judith Yah Sunday (R) at the signing ceremony.

This was made possible after the company signed a strategic National Network Roaming Agreement with MTN Cameroon.

The agreement was paraphrased Wednesday April 13, 2022 at the Head Office of MTN Group in Johannesburg – South Africa by Camtel’s General Manager, Judith Yah Sunday Epse Achidi, and MTN Cameroons’ CEO, Stephen Blewett.

“We want to provide an environment where technology facilitates people’s daily lives, bringing them value wherever they are,” Judith Yah Sunday said.

Through the agreement, Camtel’s subscribers will benefit from access to MTN’s existing network infrastructure, which covers 97% of population with 2G, 90% with 3G and 70% with 4G.

This will allow Camtel to expand it’s geographic coverage for a significantly improved customer experience.

“This agreement is a milestone for MTN Cameroon and is in line with our belief that everyone deserves the benefits of a connected life,” said Stephen Blewett, MTN Cameroon’s CEO.

Worth noting is the fact that roaming lets you talk, text and go online when you’re outside of your wireless provider’s coverage area. With roaming, your data can travel on the network of another provider to give you the wireless connectivity you want.

Pics/info culled from News Upfront