Humanitarian: Bafut/Tubah Population Recieve Health Aid from Hon. Agho Oliver

A good number of requests has been made to the MP of Bafut/Tubah constituency following his assistance to 77-year-old Lum Monica, prompting Hon. Agho Oliver to provide drugs worth 30 million FCFA to the needy Bafut/Tubah population.

The generous donation, amounting to over 30 million FCFA, including clearance and in-land transportation, is said to be the logical follow-up of the MP's promise of ensuring no one dies in his constituency due to lack financial resources to buy drugs.

A consignment of drugs including; antibiotics for children and adults, antifungal drugs, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, antipiretics, gastric ulcers drugs, high blood pressure drugs.

Varities of antihypertensive drugs; for congesive heart failure, angina pectoris, anti-cholesterol drugs, diabetis drugs and blood sugar-testing needles, blood thinners in case of stroke, AVC and others.

Drugs for asthmatics, mental health, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders and pyschosis, osteoporosis, gout, cancer, and kits for COVID testing, and so many medical subsidiaries.

Manufactured, brought fron the Italian pharmaceutical industries, intended to be administered free of charge to vulnerable, hard-to-reach and poor-needy patients in his Bafut/Tubah constituency.

The consignment was handed over to the resident Doctors of Bafut and Tubah, in the presence of the District Medical Officers, DMOs, of Bafut and Tubah on April 22, 2022, by Hon. Agho Oliver, MP for Bafut/Tubah. 

The drugs donor, Dr. Marie Noella Atanga, and her mother, patroness of the Atanga Family Foundation were present and explained to all present, especially the medical Staff, about the attachment the entire family places on health and the social welfare of all those living in hard-to-reach and underserved communities like the ones Hon. Agho Oliver represents.

Receiving the drugs and some 10 water filters for the hospitals, the Doctors and DMOs opined it is a God-sent individual and leader, in the person of Agho Oliver. Stating that the health of a people was the wealth of the people, the Bafut and Tubah resident Doctors were grateful of the surgical nature of the intervention. 

They revealed that out of every 100 patients they consult, over 36 end up lacking financial resources to follow-up on treatment, and such end up complicating their Health conditions, with others dying.

The resolve to cater for the health of the needy in Bafut and by extension, Tubah, came when Hon. Agho Oliver received a distress call some two weeks ago to assist an old 77-year-old Bafut widow, Mama Lum Monica, after providing some needs, it was discovered She needed medical attention.

Taken to hospital for check-up, the MP's team realized many more widows, the young and the elderly in that community lacked access to affordable healthcare.

The MP resolved to sort for a  consignment of drugs, with assistance from Marie Noella Atanga, kid sister to Territorial Administration Minister, Paul Atanga Nji. There are hopes that more will come, if the present consignment actually goes to serve the purpose for which it is intended.

Communication Unit
MP Bafut/Tubah MP

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