Sunday, January 31, 2021

Archbishop Andrew Nkea Gets Full Episcopal Authority

His Grace Archbishop Andrew Nkea Recieves Pallium

His Grace, Archbishop Andrew Fuanya Nkea receives the Pallium, a symbol of authority within his Ecclesiastical Province from the Secetary of State, Vatican City Pietro Cardinal Parolin.

The Pallium,a symbol of authority that marks the beginning of every archbishop's mandate was placed on His Grace Andrew Fuanya Nkea on January 31st at the Catholic Cathedral Big Mankon, Bamenda.

The Archbishop mentioned the challenges faced by the people at the time His Eminence Pietro Cardinal Parolin arrived Bamenda, yet appreciated Christains for keeping the faith as they turned out in their numbers for Mass.

"The people of Bamenda have gone through alot of suffering, displaced persons and others turned refugees, buisnesses shut down, our children denied education, many others killed, yet the church has not relented efforts to carry the message of the gospel as a light of hope" 

Christains attending Mass at Cathedral 

"A people that walk in the darkness have seen a great light. The rejoice in your presence, in this time of crisis because we see you as a messenger of peace, as an ambassador of reconciliation, as a promoter of justice and in you, we see the presence of the Holy Father Pope francis himself amongst us.

"His prescence is a consoling prescence, his blessings brings peace, and his words come as the anointing for the wounds of those who are bleeding. We lack many things but one thing we don't lack is faith. The faith of those gathered here is greater than politics, intimidation and their prescence is a proof that the devil is a liar" Archbishop Andrew Fuanya Nkea.

His Eminence Recieves gifts from different groups 

Key messages of Serenity and Vigilance are the watchwords drawn from the day's Gospel teaching. His Eminence mentioned the sufferings of the people,the victims of violence, those who have lost love ones in the crisis, cautioning them to collectively contribute for the return of long lasting Peace.

Familly Souvenir Photo

"Let us train ourselves everyday for this battle, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. No one should feel exhonorated above the struggle against evil, this is the challenge that faces you today; that arms may be laid down,so that peace and reconciliation may reign amongst us and arround us." His Eminence.

"Violence never solves problems, dialogue is the best way to solve conflicts and misunderstanding." His Eminence Pietro Cardinal Parolin.

Ministers in Familly Photo with His Eminence

A College of Ministers, traditional rulers and the Secetary General at the Presidency Ngoh Ngoh Ferdinand attended mass, got key messages delivered by the Archbishop Andrew Nkea and His Eminence Pietro Cardinal Parolin, on Peace reconciliation and dialogue.

The Pallium is a symbol of a particular bond of communion with the pope, blessed by the pope on the feast of St Agnes, go in search of the lost sheep, embrace it on his own shoulders. It is the power that the Archbishop excercise in his Ecclesiastical Province.

By Ndefru Melanie

MINJEC Launches Youth Week Activities In Far North Region

Mounouna Fotso, MINJEC

The Minister of Youth and Civic Education Mounouna Foutsou has taken part in the launch of Youth activities, ahead of the 2021 Youth Day celebrations in the Far North.

Yaya Daïrou Grandstand

The Launching took place at the grandstand of the Yaya Daïrou Stadium on January 31st 2021, later the Elite of the Far North moved to the multifunctional Youth Promotion Center (CMPJ) in Maroua located in Domayo.

Youth Multipurpose Centre Far North

The theme chosen by the Head of State, President Paul Biya for the 55th edition of the Youth Day in Cameroon is “Youth, resilience, challenges and opportunities in times of COVID-19.”

The theme was communicated to the general public Tuesday January 19 in a release signed by the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou, following that decision, the Minister took part in the launch offered by the local organizing teams of the Far North in Maroua.

Minister makes his way to the Grandstand

The Minister-President of the Board of Directors of the INJS, the Governor of the Far North region, the Director General of the FNE, the SG / MINJEC, the close collaborators of the Minister, the managers of decentralized services (DRJEC, DDJEC, DAJEC and other technical operational units) in the Far North region, were present to witness the launching excercise.

Minister ensures Covid 19 measures respected

The fight against Covid-19 was in strict compliance with the barrier measures against the Corona virus pandemic.

Minister and Far North Administration at Reception

After the reception of the MINJEC, the Regional Delegate for MINJEC for the Far North, Ngara Benoît, welcomed the delegation from Yaoundé and who expressed delight about the launch on Youth activities which will beef the moral of those who have suffered violence from Boko Haram group attacks.

Entrance to Yaya Daïrou Stadium

There were other activities that took place to colour the day. A horse race was organized at the Yaya Daïrou Stadium coupled with other activities; wrestling traditional, artistic performances and the presentation of prizes and rewards to the winners of the competitions to the winners of the African Competition.

By Ndefru Mélanie


Saturday, January 30, 2021

SG at Presidency Arrives Northwest Ahead of Pallium Imposition on Bishop

Arrival of Ngoh Ngoh Ferdinand, Secretary Général of the Presidency

NGOH NGOH Ferdinand, Secratary General at the Presidency arrived Bamenda on January 30th 2021, at about 3pm in the afternoon ahead of the imposition of the Palium on Mgr Andrew Fuanya Nkea.

Dignitories heading for Audience.

He begins his stay by meeting with the clergy of the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province. Granting audience to Traditional Rulers, Members of Parliament, Regional Bureau Executives, Mayors and other dignitories that rank as such.

Governor Recieves Ngoh Ngoh Ferdinand, Secretary Général of the Presidency

He was recieved by the Governor of the Northwest region, Adolphe Lele LAfrique and his entourage. He will on Sunday January 31st 2021, to witness the Pope's representative place the Pallium on the Bishop of Bamenda Archdiocese, Andrew Fuanya Nkea.

Review of Troops

The Secretary of state of the Vatican City, Pietro Parolin the Pope's representative will do the imposition of the Pallium on the Bishop in the Prescence of Christains and Elite of the Northwest Region.

The Pallium is
a liturgical vestment worn over the chasuble by the pope, archbishops, and some bishops in the Roman Catholic church. It is bestowed by the pope on archbishops and bishops having metropolitan jurisdiction as a symbol of their participation in papal authority.

The Pallium is a symbol conferred jurisdictional authorities and still remains a papal emblem.

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Friday, January 29, 2021

Mayor MISAJE Council Reveals Secret Behind 100% Execution in PIB 2020

Mayor MISAJE Council

MISAJE Council has been being hailed for implementing the Public Investment Budget of 2020 at a 100%. Mayor Mgbata Sammy of MISAJE Council has revealed the secret behind his success during a participatory follow up meeting.

"The success behind the actions of MISAJE Council comes from the campaign strategies prepared long time ago. Most importantly my team and I have worked hard to maintain the minds of the people, especially during the ongoing crisis preventing the people from being derailed" Mayor of MISAJE Council.

"Room was given for elites within the villages in MISAJE to discuss their difficulties together and seek solutions, cautioned bike riders in their njangi meetings and gave stipends. Not forgetting vigilante groups that were formed and funds raised to support them. All of these helped everyone be each other's keeper" Mayor Mgbata Sammy.

View of the hall

This assertion was made known to the press in Bamenda, at MINEPAT hall on January 28th 2021 during a Participatory Follow Up meeting, revisiting projects that had been haulted in 2020 and planning for 2021 projects to take off.

The Mayor of MISAJE Council explained that the entrance to his municipality is guarded by the Forces of Law and Order, reason why with the help of Vigilante groups the area is a complete workspace.

He presented a catalogue of projects executed like the grandstand, schools, markets, health centres, vertinary centres which are now being enjoyed by his people.

Hon Wallang Richard, Chairman of Participatory Follow Up Committee NW

The Chairman for the Participatory Follow Up Committee for the Northwest region, Honorable Wallang Richard Ebua asked stakeholders concerned in the execution of projects to promote transparency in the exception of public investment budget.

Chairman talks to Press

As maintained by the Chairman, providing information to all beneficiaries in local areas should be priority to those willing and ready to execute contracts.

He encouraged collaboration between inhabitants who have good mastery of local realities on the ground and the award authourity, giving local contractors the chance to execute projects.

Regional Delegate MINEPAT

The synergy existing in the technical team could not be over emphasized. The Regional Delegate for MINEPAT, HRH (Chief Fotsop) Dominic Yenai Asaah was pleased with the good practices of the Regional Tender Board, promote Mayors and Stakeholders to do all in their power to follow up on the implementation and execution of projects.

MISAJE Made up of 12villages, it is found in Donga Mantung, Northwest region of Cameroon. The town lies at the top of the Ring Road, about 15 kilometers west of Nkambe where the Ring Road meets the road north to Dumbu and the border with Nigeria.

By Ndefru Mélanie


Thursday, January 28, 2021

Bamenda to Recieve a Modern Gas Filling Centre Worth Over 4 billion cfa

CSPH GM hands Souvenir Bouquet to City Mayor

The Hydro Carbon Price Stabilization Fund, with french appelation CSPH has revealed that a project, kept on hold for over 15 years will soon see the light of day. A board meeting held on December 30th 2020 in Yaoundé awarded Bamenda a project worth over 4-5 billion francs cfa.

GM in Conference Hall with Administration of NW

A storage centre to produce gas is under studies. According to the Manager of CSPH, Okie Johnson Ndoh, the project will need a surface area of 6-10hectares of land. Putting in place a modern Gas filling centre in the Northwest region is top priority for CSPH.

GM of CSPH speaks to City Council's Management Team

This announcement was made during the maiden visit of the General Manager of CSPH, Okie Johnson Ndoh in the Bamenda City Council on January 28th 2021, during which he solicited the SDO for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh to facilitate the matriculation papers within the shortest possible time, for studies to be done.

It was revealed that the year 2021 will be for technical studies to be done and within the 2022 budget, the project will be executed. The letter endorsing the project was handed to the President of the President of the Regional Bureau Executive, Prof Fru Angwafor Forbuzsi, to the SDO and the City Mayor, Paul Achombang.

GM walks through different departments of BCC, led by City Mayor

The GM adviced that studies should be done considering the loop holes experienced already with thesame project that is ongoing in Bertoua. If the project is implemted and recieved in Bamenda, there will be no need for the purchase of cooking gas from Bafoussam.

"This is the good news for people of the Northwest region and it needs collective relationship to implement the project." GM CSPH.

City Mayor Introduces GM to Tomatoe farm.

After leading the GM to different departments of the Bamenda City Council, he did not fail to introduce the General Manager of CSPH to the Bamenda City Council's tomatoe farm, an activity that has engaged the city council  to realise best results through the production and distribution of its product.

"Ressources are harnessed from the piece of land can be worth a million francs cfa, tomatoes have been distributed to schools, orphanages and some given to individuals. What we need is a plant that can turn these finished products to paste so that we can market nationally and even beyond" Bamenda City Mayor.

Part of CSPH's objectives is to stabilize prices of hydrocarbon products and to make sure consumers have access to these products. This structure looks out for petroleum products and cater for domestic gas which is used in homes, it is also part of their main activity.

In performing its duties, CSPH alternatively intervenes on behalf of the State to meet government policy through the funding of important social projects.  

By Ndefru Melanie


Kumba Municipality Experiences a New Dawn

Kumba City Mayor, Gregory Mewanu

Like Oliver Twist, the Kumba City Mayor, Gregory Mewanu continues to ask for more projects for the Kumba Municipality. He begins work on maintaining roads, provide pipe borne water and engages with ENEO for quality energy supply.

Since his appointment to office on October 22nd 2020, he believes the aspirations of the people should be top priority.

"I came to office for the people and thinking of the people in Kumba, I think of development; maintaining the roads, provide pipe borne water, electricity, providing security, educational system, all of these to improve living and social standards".

This concerns he raised during an interview after the abortive Session of kumba I Sub Division which held on January 28th, 2021. He recommended that work must go on, asking the people to refrain from always waiting on Government for everything.

"We should begin using what we have rather than wait on the state, who will come in at anytime and give a push and a good part of the work will be realized. Let us use the available means to begin meeting our goals." Gregory Mewanu, Kumba City Mayor

The Mayor is conscious about the upcoming days which will clock him a 100 days in office, yet he doesn't feel happy because alot of objectives have not been attained, but is thankful about collaboration so far from the people on what has already been achieved.

"I am not yet satisfied. Yes we may have have achieved something, there may be some few advancement but all of these are just greese on our elbows to do more", Kumba City Mayor.

Work has began in the line of supplying pipeborne water and the Kumba City Mayor also announced his collaboration with ENEO to begin improving on power supply.

By Ndefru Melanie

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Kumba City Mayor Begins Maintainance on Earth Roads

Kumba City Mayor, Gregory Mewanu

Mayor Gregory Mewanu, working in close collaboration with Mayors from the subdivisions, within his jurisdiction has began giving earth roads within Kumba Municipality, a new face.

Much work has been done already within Kumba I subdivision, which carries over 40% of the project's attention and the others have 30% each. Through collaboration with the Mayors, he continues to plead that proposals for priority roads be tabled, which to him makes work easier.

"Ressources are sometimes limited. We may not have enough money to attend to all roads but as the Kumba City Mayor, the Developmental Budget has been shared to Kumba I, II and III . Kumba I will have 40%, Kumba II 30% and Kumba III 30%." Kumba City Mayor.

"We will attend to all the roads in the 3 subdivisions simultaneously. Before the rains, we hope to have touched total amount of earth roads earmarked for the 2021" Gregory Mewanu, Kumba City Mayor.

Inhabitants arround the Kumba Market area were thankful to the Kumba City Mayor who quickly came to their rescue when they cried foul.

"This area was a dumping ground and we are happy that the City Mayor has heard our cry and has come to our aid. The area was nasty and drug dealers use to use a portion of the area to smoke.This made movement difficult, one is very scared to move about in the night", A lady told Civiclens.

"It has been a cry for those of us arround the Kumba Market area, other streets have been maintained but this one has been left out. Thanks to the Kumba City Mayor we are experiencing development. This street leads to the Kumba high and also gives money to the Kumba City Council,gratitude goes to the Kumba City Mayor, Mayor Gregory Mewanu." A buisness Man said.

It is worth noting that the Kumba City Mayor has began work and dwelled on priority roads in Kumba I and home that work will move on progressively for the other subdivisions, working in collaboration with the Mayors.

Roads touched will be; Part of Mbonge road, an area in Kumba town, Alaska Street, Limumba road, the high court street; the market road. A very startegic economic road in Kumba Municipality.

The road around the District hospital and the road leading to the SDO's residence. All these roads are found in Kumba I and soonest work will move to Bonakama and mile I before the team heads on to Kumba II.

By Ndefru Melanie


Bafut/Tubah Elite Fulfil their Promise

Tubah Mayor, Tanjong Martin

Senator Regina Mundi

The Mayor of Tubah, Tanjong Martin in collaboration with Senator Regina Mundi and the Member of Parliament for Bafut/Tubah Constituency, Agho Oliver kept to their promise and gave scholarship to 23 students in the University of Bamenda.

These students were chosen following a council notice sent out to all churches in Tubah on October 27th 2020, that called for applications from students who could not afford their tution fees in the University.

After applications, 23 students were chosen based on their background, based on proof that they needed support; as background information gotten from interviews with the Mayor of Tubah.

Hon. Agho Oliver, MP Bafut/Tubah Constituency

Of the 23 students, 3 are masters students, 16 are of level 100, 2 level 200 and 4 level 300. Hon. Agho Oliver contributed 300,000frs, Senator Regina Mundi contributed 100,000frs, the Mayor contributed 1,104,000frs.

By Ndefru Melanie

Bamenda II Council Embarks on Participatory Development, Involves Quater Heads

View of Quater Heads within Bamenda II in attendance

Quarter heads from Mankon, Mbatu, Nsongwa and Chomba converged in the heart of Bamenda to discuss and find ways to forge ahead in matters concerning project implemetation and execution, a 2nd phase of their convergence to embark on development strides.

The event held in Bamenda on January 27th 2021, under the auspices of the Mayor of Bamenda II Mayor Chenwi Peter and members of the management team, including Councilors and Members of Congress from Bamenda II subdivision.

Bamenda II Mayor, Mayor Chenwi Peter

According to the Mayor, the need for quater heads to be involved in development strides in their different jurisdictions cannot be overemphasized. Working hand in glove with their traditional rulers to implement projects is of top priority because projects earmarked for 2021 are priorities of the local population.

CDO, Bamenda II Council

The Council Development Officer, Tima Charles revealed that Projects for 2021 have been designed to suit the interest and aspirations of the common man, who through their quater heads and Mayor, will meet their demands.

The CDP is a co-financing intervention between the council and PNDP, and is a summary of priority projects of the 128 quarters of Mankon, Mbatu, Nsongwa and Chomba, all of these under Bamenda II.

Challenges faced as enumerated by these elite are basic social aminities; portable water, health, education, roads and above all insecurity. 

The Technical programs as outline by the CDO are; improvement of Basic Social Services 27 8%, Economic Development and Environmental Protection 66.24%, Culture Sports and Support to Youths 2.03% and Governance, Local Administration is 3.93%, all from the 2021 budget. 

Regional Councilors from Bamenda II 


Out of the 18 Regional Councilors, Bamenda II has 4 members, with one being President of the Congress and signatory to the Regional Executive Bureau, Prof. Fru Angwafor Forbuzsi (unavoidably abscent). With this Privilege, the General Manager for MIDENO was positive about change within Bamenda II, the kind that will radiate to other parts of the region.

Bamenda II Council's Management and Deputy City Mayor

Allowances were promised to the traditional rulers, as well as quarter heads. The Bamenda II Council Mayor, Mayor Chenwi Peter urged both parties to work in synergy and earn encouragement from the Council.

"Bamenda II Council is working in Synergy with the City Council to give allowances to traditional leaders. Quater heads must ensure that projects are effectively executed in their areas before they are given allowances, so caution goes to contractors who want to be dubious to take contracts without executing." Mayor Chenwi Peter.

Quarter heads expressed gladness about the Mayor's decision to always keep the doors of the Council open to other opinions or proposals.

"Mankon being a cosmopolitan town has the right to have the best of roads, access portable water, get good education and health facilities". Quarter head from Mankon.

The quarter heads within Bamenda II subdivision are for the 2nd time since February 9th 2020 sitting with the Mayor of Bamenda II to startegize on how to execute projects for 2021. The first time was about combating Covid 19 as Bamenda II Council offered anti-Covid kits.

The day was coloured with entertainment from guest  artist and dance groups, who in their own way passed on the message of living Together.

By Ndefru Melanie