"Let Social Media Serve as a Tip-off", NCC Boss' in Bamenda"

Aside reminding Journalists about the Ethics and Deontology of the profession, Joe Chebokeng President of the National Communication Council tells Journalists in Bamenda to refrain making social media their source of information.

With the proliferation of blogs, web links and other reference sites online, information will seem to travel faster than visiting the stands to have access to newspapers or magazines to read.

It was during the visit of the NCC Boss to the Northwest region, that bloggers learned they are being referred to as "citizen Journalists". Whereas bloggers in the region have being prompt in delivering information and confident about serving their audience in a more simpler mmanner.

Being a worry for the NW Regional Delegate of Communication, posing a problem of situating bloggers who have a broad scope if reporting, many Journalists are carving a nitch on a daily basis and  this is the reason for the many blogs in existence today. 

Others have created websites and collaborate with other colleagues to keep the page online up to date.

"You have a social responsibility to serve the audience with facts, good information. Self censor yourself before you put out information for public good." NCC Boss in Bamenda.

This continues to be a huge challenge for mnay reporters especially for those practicing in conflict hit regions, who will want to break the news first and rather broke it while in a rush to do so.

The President of the National Communication Council has promised sanctions for defaulters who violate code of ethics while practicing Journalism.

Another worry was recurrent, about numerous existence of Associations. The NCC Boss' told Journalists in Bamenda that it is not their task to regulate but for Journalists to orgarnize themselves.

"It is not the NCC that determines who comes in but the responsibility of MINCOM, NCC has a consultative role to play."

"As Journalists, federate yourselves and come out with one strong association that will give u the lobbying power and better advocate for yourselves" NCC Boss in Bamenda.

He futher explained that MINCOM does the licensing while NCC regulates content including cable distributors, revealing that there are over 32 Tv channels, 100 radios
and about 500 cable networks registered and checked by the NCC.

Joe Chebokeng, NCC Presient stated clearly during his visit in Bamenda that his office sanctions defaulters in the profession, it doesn't train Journalist to practice better, it has no say in advocating for subventions that in a way alleviates poverty and raises the standards of Journalists.

Yet many Journalists, especially those in armed conflict regions are looking up to the NCC to empower them, given that the private press has very little to live on during these challenging times.

By Ndefru Melanie



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