Flexible Measures Taken for Road Rehabilitation in Bamenda II Municipality

Despite the internal challenges faced within the Bamenda II Council especially with the low collection of revenue and taxes, Mayor Chenwi Peter has assured Councilors that work will carry on in areas that are resistant in accepting development.

Mentioning the challenges faced in rehabilitating the roads within the Bamenda II municipality, especially the road leading to the Mankon Palace, the Mayor promised to get to work despite the resistance.

Councilors of the Bamenda II Council have been charged to do their job in being the eyes and ears of the council in their respective quaters; to get the aspirations of the local people in order to lighten the burden of the Council.

Revenue collection is observed low, given a budget of 1.6 billion, frs Cfa and revenue collection as mid year into 2021 is less than 400 million Cfa francs, most part of the money came from government to execute most of its project.

Budget heads that have recorded zero income since 2017 are now active and to make sure that activities of the council are archived, the Mayor announced that the council will produce a magazine.

Production will be done yearly, in order to educate the common man on what exactly is being done with the council budget.

The Mayor of the Bamenda II Council showed gratitude to the Mezam SDO, Simon Emile Mooh for the several interventions made to ensure that activities move gradually within Bamenda II Municipality despite the ongoing armed conflict.

The Mayor did not fail to recognize the support the Bamenda II Council has received from PNDP to push forth with some its projects.

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