CAMTEL Signs Partnership with WHO, Announcing a Vast Vaccination Campaign within Company

The Managing Director of CAMTEL, Cameroon Telecommunications, Judith Yah Sunday, received Dr Phanuel HABIMANA, Representative of the World Health Organization, to seal a CAMTEL / WHO partnership that will allow CAMTEL employees to benefit from a tailor-made treatment protocol, approved by the authorities in charge of health in Cameroon.

Judith Yah Sunday's wish is to ensure the influence of CAMTEL and the well-being of its employees, through a guarantee of good health. It is in this perspective that the new partnership with the WHO is situated, because, "A protected person no longer constitutes a threat to those around him". GM CAMTEL notes.

CAMTEL, Cameroon's incumbent operator in the field of electronic communications, who through its branches and infrastructures and various points of sale, cover almost the entire territory. These areas have not been spared the effects of Covid -19.

Faced with the very first cases of infections, followed by a few cases of death recorded in the company's workforce at the start of the pandemic, the partnership with WHO comes to strengthen workers morally and Healthwise, given this trend in the health crisis.

Significant results have been obtained, resulting in the cessation of cases of death and a decrease in reported cases of infections. But faced with a certain laxity in the observation of barrier measures, several staff tending to believe that the critical period has passed or that Covid-19 is no longer a subject of concern.

All of these happen during a time when information published by  health authorities indicates that there is a possible 3rd wave of COVID-19 more sneaky and dangerous than the previous ones.

It was therefore urgent that CAMTEL's top management strengthen the protection of its staff. The awareness raised by WHO on barrier measures relating to protection against covid-19, will be more solid.

"We want to thank the resident representative of the World Health Organization who had the initiative to come and give us this awareness so that CAMTEL staff are informed about the pandemic and that they can take all the necessary measures to preserve both the employees and their different families."

"It was a very constructive and informative session for all the staff. Of course, we made use of what we know how to do best, telecommunications and we were able to have nearly 3,000 of our collaborators throughout the country who followed presentations from WHO, participated actively by asking questions for better understanding" declared the CEO of Camtel Judith Yah Sunday.

She further underlined that the vaccination campaign announced in September aim at“ protecting the employees of CAMTEL and their families ”. Revealing that the company has over 4,000 employees across the country.

“We appreciate the efforts that the leadership of this company has put in place to protect its staff. We have defined the next steps and the company has already set up a survey to find out how many staff are vaccinated. Together we have defined immediate targets, to vaccinate maybe 10% of staff by the end of September, and 30% of staff to be vaccinated by the end of the year" said Dr Phanuel HABIMANA.

By Ndefru Melanie

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