At FEHACU Maiden Edition: Mayor, Fon Demand Reclassification of Nkwen Fondom

Finesse in Nkwen Culture

"Considering our rich cultural heritage with an increasing population in the Municipality that has spurred an increase in the socio economic activities, we humbly plead for the reclassification of the Nkwen Fondom fr Second Class Fondom to a First Class Fondom". Mayor Fonguh Cletus, Bamenda III Council.

These were words of the Bamenda III Council Mayor, addressing the overflowing crowd at the first edition of the Festival for Heritage, Arts and Cultures as he revealed, "our progress is impeded by the challenges of migration both conflict and climate based, resulting in over thousands of internally displaced persons mostly women and children, from rural areas".

According to him this aspect should be taken into consideration when valorizing culture. Through the Cultural Festival in Nkwen, Bamenda the finesse in culture was higlighted and Nkwen being a buffer zone in the ongoing conflict, it will be a host community for many migrants seeking for safety.

The Fon of Nkwen believes that FEHACU gives the opportunity for many sons and daughters to revisit their roots that had been abuses at many levels. Located at the heart of the city Bamenda, with neighboring villages like Nja, Bambili, Bambii Mankon, Bafut and Mendankwe. The Fon said the location is strategic, Nkwen being the fastest growing village.

"Nkwen is an educational hub, its natural scenery for tourist attraction; the old palace, waterfalls and other features that make it unique", appreciating the Nkwen Cultural and Development Association for championing development initiatives in the village though these activities were hampered by other number of challenges.

"Being a rapid growing cosmopolitan city, our population lacks access to portable drinking water as water born diseases are increasingly becoming common. Bad roads, a major obstacle to economic activity in our municipality, supply of electricity is only periodic and the community has it's fair share of abandoned projects", Fon of Nkwen, Fon Azehfor III.

The Fon believes that if these projects are revamped, which will also serves as a source of employment for young people, providing much needed income to households, constructing an Ultra Modern Meseum to preserve precious artifacts for tourist attraction, will be befitting for the Fondom to have a First Class Status.

"Hopefully the realization of these projects will be accompanied by the reclassification of the Nkwen Fondom, a status befitting of its position and strategic importance to the Bamenda III Municipality.

NW Administration

Northwest Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique present at the Festival explanade, saluted the initiative of the Bamenda III Council Mayor with efforts from the Fon for mobilizing the crowd that gathered to celebrate culture in its diversity, while reiterating that he has listened to their request and will do all within his power to report for a respond.

Carnival Pictures

Fon Azehfor III took the lead in the Carnival, leading the people at the launch of FEHACU 2021. An excercise considered to be a source of strength, a panadol to the local population facing difficulties in an armed conflict region, suffering from frustration, fear and threats.

Sons and Daughters have welcomed the idea of FEHACU being an annual cultural event, as it will be an opportunity to bring natives of the land together for a common good, showcasing and promoting talents in diverse ways.

By Ndefru Melanie


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