FEHACU 2021: Maiden Edition Tagged Gender Reponsive

Women and Girls Involved in FEHACU Maiden Edition

The outcome at the launch of the Maiden Festival of Heritage, Arts and Cultures in Bamenda III subdivision, Northwest region reflected an understanding of gender roles, involving the full participation of women in every activity.

Gender-based differences and issues were considered in designing a plan of action ahead of the Festival and at the launch of the festival. Observing the activities that unfolded, one will say gender equality was promoted in it's implementation.

Women were not just the majority of those who answered present at the festival ground or posed as onlookers, most of them took part massively in a cross section of traditional dances and in the exhibition excercise.

Different Traditional Dance Display

Speaking to a Fongwa Melissa taking part in the cultural festival, hails from Bamessing. She expressed satisfaction over the Festival's maiden edition, hoping that culture, tradition can be revived in other villages through joined efforts from Elite.

"I don't remember the last time I attended a festival in Bamenda or in the Northwest region at large. This crisis has really disturbed alot of activities that will bring a people together during end of year festivities. Am so happy that the Bamenda III Council has given us the opportunity to have a feeling of what we use to miss. I am so glad to learn that the council has made it an annual activity, gradually we hope everything will fall in place". Speaking to Civiclens.

Traditional dances displayed in different forms and style, revealing the beauty in culture, as women appeared in different attires that served as a symbol in the land of Nkwen, that carried meaning. Some of them had beats tied arround their waist and legs producing sounds that tied to the sounds that came from the drums, appealing to the minds of lovers of culture present.

Women Involved in Secret Society "The Nkah"

Women were part of core displays; belonging to a secret society group, called the Nkah meant for notables, a group that is said to reveal itself or display on rare occasions. Women are refered to as pacifiers and it is on this basis that gender was mainstreamed at all stages of the event as a tool to achieve gender equality.

Women/Girls at the Stands

Women, girls took part in the exhibition; empowering themselves as they presented their produce to visitors at the festival in order to raise income and others took turns at the beauty pageant, revealed projects that could contribute in developing Bamenda III subdivision, if given the tittle Miss FEHACU.

Present at the Festival of Heritage Arts and Cultures, was a partial representation of Men and Women, Youths, Children from all six clans that make up Nkwen; with a total of 62 quaters and six subchiefs, with a total population of about 189,000 inhabitants.

By Ndefru Melanie

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