Tuesday, February 25, 2020

SDF Councillors boycotts election of Bamenda City Mayor

Councilors from Bamenda 1, 2 and 3 have cast their votes to elect a Bamenda City Mayor, today February 25th 2020, to meet the law on Decentralization and Local Development and scrap the Post Government Delegate, in the person of Vincent Ndumu Nji.

Paul Achombang, who hails from Momo, has lived in Bamenda and been Grand Councilor for Bamenda 1 since 2013. CPDM's candidate, nominated for the position of City Mayor, being a trained civil engineer, a CPDM militant and has been a role model in Politics.

During deliberations between Councillors, this Reporter gathered that, SDF Councillors came to vote a candidate which they believe could bring Development to the Town of Bamenda, and rejected the CPDM candidate coming from Bamenda 1,replacing the outgoing who hailed from Bamenda 1.

Councilors of the SDF party did not have a candidate and nominated a CPDM Councilor, Angwafor Louis from Mankon and a Councilor from Bamenda 2 Council which was opposed by Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam.

The Senior Divisional Officer,  Simon Mooh Emile being an observer at the exercise said SDF Councilors can not nominate a CPDM candidate, and ask the SDF Councillors concert amongst themselves and nominate a Candidate.

After Concertation and deliberations amongst SDF Councilors, nominations were closed which allowed Paul Che Achumbang to stand alone.

"We are use to the SDF, when they are a minority somewhere,it's a kind of song that they have been singing in the National Assembly,its what they came here and try to implement but they failed because we can't accept when people are there to disrupt public order" . Simon Mooh Emile, SDO for Mezam

"we are going to design projects that will last this city a hundred years,if SDF Councilors didn't vote for me because they walked out, we don't hate them for that,they are still members of the city and we will reconcile ourselves for that" City Mayor, Achombong Paul.

Angwafor Louis says he doesn't recognize the elections done because his name came up several times and hierarchy rejected it.

"There was need for a representative of the People at the Level of the City, so all 93 councilors had the right to vote anybody and my name came from all over And the SDO will not take it.And it was very clear That the one candidate was selected ,was sent by Atanga Nji Paul,which he himself said,and so at the end of the day we are comfortable to know that there is alot of Dictatorship And harrasment in the Electoral process." Angwafor Louis.

Paul Che Achumbang Born 26th September 1965, Manager of Congress Hall and Secretary of Mezam 1 constituency emerges as City Mayor with 58 votes in favour of him, accompanied by 1st and 2nd Deputies;Ndoh David Chi from CPDM party and 
Lucas Nguh Aging,from the SDF 

Defeating Hatred in All Forms.
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Saturday, February 15, 2020

OCHA Highlights On the Need to "Open Humanitarian Space"

Following the recent massacre that happened in Ngar-Buh, a locality in Ntumbaw Ndu sub division of Donga Mantung on Friday February 14th 2020, Head of OCHA's Sub office in the Bamenda makes a Press Statement on the Challenges faced while on the field.

Jack Andrew Pendleton, UN Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs for Northwest Region, said it is important for the Humanitarian Space to be Open, to have the ability to move to affected areas in the Crisis hit zone and attend to the needs of those victimized, which he says is part of his job description

"Our first challenge is acessing areas where we can reach people in need ,this could be off the primary roads into the bushes, One encounters problems of insecurity and we have to inform all parties in this conflict of our movements and they have to understand what we are doing, where we are going and what we want to accomplish" He said.

"As part of coordination, we need to ensure the security of Relief workers. There are situations, we have been caught in cross fires, people kidnapped for ransom and traumatized, this is something that disturbs the operation badly and needs to stop". Andrew added

As Coordination Officer he explains the need for "open access" for the UN and it's partners, like LUKMEF, CBC, CHARITAS, PLAN, INTERSOS, "who are the implementing wing of the UN at the forefront, putting their lives at risk" accessing crisis hit zones, which he feels fit and ok to be part of.

Jack Andrew calls on Journalists to put in efforts, to Research and report more on the crisis. "its impact has been under reported, and not really getting on radar like it should, like a land of silent cry with alot of Deterioration."

He urged that Humanitarian reporting should be done within it's 4 Cardinal Principles; Neutrality, Impartiality, humanity and Operational independence holding onto partnership with local people And NGOs who live the reality on ground, on a daily basis.

This Reporter also gathered that, the UN Development Program is raising funds to address Economic recovery and Humanitarian concerns, emanating from the Ongoing Anglophone Crisis that has hovered in the 2 English Speaking Regions for about 4years.

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Saturday, February 8, 2020

BRIC Reveals Action Plan Through Press

The President and Chairman of Bloc Pour La Rzeconstruction et L'indépendence Économique dude Cameroun, BRIC has called a Press Conference on February 4th 2020, to make known it's plan of Action for Mezam North, inline with upcoming Elections on February 9th.

As a Parliamentary Candidate for Mezam North, Pekeuho Tchoffo Ernest tells Press what he is offering to the People of Mezam North, as founder of BRIC, expressing the fact that the party is matured and has mobilized itself to be part of municipal and Legislative elections 2020.

According to the candidate, the party is well oriented to be part of February 9th Elections and has made the choice to give it's support to the Head of State for the return of Peace to the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

He enumerated priorities of the political party BRIC: to ensure that there is freedom of the Press, eradicate the practice of corruption, make nursery, primary education free, combat terrorism in all forms, enforce federalism in 10states which will accelerate Development and also fight unemployment in all forms.

When asked how he intends to carry on with all that is in his Manifesto, given the challenges faced within the ongoing crisis, he replied " I am sure I will work in collaboration with the population to combat security challenges, in order to execute projects with success".

Parliamentary Candidate for Mezam North, Pekeuho Tchoffo Ernest and his Alternate, Dzefouo Benedicte Laure, counts on the population to come out in their numbers on February 9th to vote and cast their with the thick green ballot paper.


"The Force of Innovation has Come to Mezam Centre and is Bound to Move ahead" Nestus Fru Manju

Incumbent Parliamentarian for Mezam Centre Constituency has made known his plan of action to the Press, as part of campaigns for upcoming elections, February  9th Twin Elections 2020.

He finds the project very challenging, as it involves imploring strategies to put an end to the ongoing conflict plaguing the Northwest and Southwest Regions, with more difficulties  faced in the Northwest.

"The boys involved are young and I understand their problems, we will have need to negotiate and talk with them so that together we will build a Nation of Peace, Unity, Love and Serenity." Nestus Fru Manjo

Running against Forbi Tchinda who has been on seat Since 2007, the incumbent feels competent to bring the change that has not been realised in his mandate.

" I don't want to talk about what he has done or hasn't done, I am coming with the vision of Development because we have not had much interms of Development" Incumbent said. 

" we are still lacking and we can do better for Mezam Centre constituency because I am coming with my experience from Central Administration ,knowing the stakes and challenges, I will know how to address them. "

He explains that most of the problems are that of youths and constituting over 65%  of the population, he is better positioned to meet their aspirations while in Parliament.

Occupying one of the biggest Parliamentary seats, he request for the collaboration of everyone to build a better city,  harnessing efforts and resources, together with stakeholders to fill the loop holes and make a better mandate. 

"We need to stop the quackmire, the internal wrangling, bring forces together and rally for development" He added. 

During the campaign period, he is confident to have done his best to convey his message but still believes that he can be guided even at the last minute to emerge victorious and change the face of the situation in the Region. 

" It depends on my electorate  to tell me where I am lacking,  because I know there might be shortcomings. When you are talking with voters, You talk with the Masses". Nestus Fru Manju

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