BRIC Reveals Action Plan Through Press

The President and Chairman of Bloc Pour La Rzeconstruction et L'indépendence Économique dude Cameroun, BRIC has called a Press Conference on February 4th 2020, to make known it's plan of Action for Mezam North, inline with upcoming Elections on February 9th.

As a Parliamentary Candidate for Mezam North, Pekeuho Tchoffo Ernest tells Press what he is offering to the People of Mezam North, as founder of BRIC, expressing the fact that the party is matured and has mobilized itself to be part of municipal and Legislative elections 2020.

According to the candidate, the party is well oriented to be part of February 9th Elections and has made the choice to give it's support to the Head of State for the return of Peace to the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

He enumerated priorities of the political party BRIC: to ensure that there is freedom of the Press, eradicate the practice of corruption, make nursery, primary education free, combat terrorism in all forms, enforce federalism in 10states which will accelerate Development and also fight unemployment in all forms.

When asked how he intends to carry on with all that is in his Manifesto, given the challenges faced within the ongoing crisis, he replied " I am sure I will work in collaboration with the population to combat security challenges, in order to execute projects with success".

Parliamentary Candidate for Mezam North, Pekeuho Tchoffo Ernest and his Alternate, Dzefouo Benedicte Laure, counts on the population to come out in their numbers on February 9th to vote and cast their with the thick green ballot paper.


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