OCHA Highlights On the Need to "Open Humanitarian Space"

Following the recent massacre that happened in Ngar-Buh, a locality in Ntumbaw Ndu sub division of Donga Mantung on Friday February 14th 2020, Head of OCHA's Sub office in the Bamenda makes a Press Statement on the Challenges faced while on the field.

Jack Andrew Pendleton, UN Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs for Northwest Region, said it is important for the Humanitarian Space to be Open, to have the ability to move to affected areas in the Crisis hit zone and attend to the needs of those victimized, which he says is part of his job description

"Our first challenge is acessing areas where we can reach people in need ,this could be off the primary roads into the bushes, One encounters problems of insecurity and we have to inform all parties in this conflict of our movements and they have to understand what we are doing, where we are going and what we want to accomplish" He said.

"As part of coordination, we need to ensure the security of Relief workers. There are situations, we have been caught in cross fires, people kidnapped for ransom and traumatized, this is something that disturbs the operation badly and needs to stop". Andrew added

As Coordination Officer he explains the need for "open access" for the UN and it's partners, like LUKMEF, CBC, CHARITAS, PLAN, INTERSOS, "who are the implementing wing of the UN at the forefront, putting their lives at risk" accessing crisis hit zones, which he feels fit and ok to be part of.

Jack Andrew calls on Journalists to put in efforts, to Research and report more on the crisis. "its impact has been under reported, and not really getting on radar like it should, like a land of silent cry with alot of Deterioration."

He urged that Humanitarian reporting should be done within it's 4 Cardinal Principles; Neutrality, Impartiality, humanity and Operational independence holding onto partnership with local people And NGOs who live the reality on ground, on a daily basis.

This Reporter also gathered that, the UN Development Program is raising funds to address Economic recovery and Humanitarian concerns, emanating from the Ongoing Anglophone Crisis that has hovered in the 2 English Speaking Regions for about 4years.

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