Sunday, October 31, 2021

Armed- Conflict in NW: Mood of Populace at "General" Cross' Death

"e dan happen.....dem dan kill general cross and die now so for ntamafe.....I was at the place with them at ntamafe. Some die be de de...". A source shared this information with civiclens on October 29th 2021 at 8:30pm.

A source who pleaded for anonymity was attending a funeral in Ntamafe Mankon, at the time the self proclaimed seperatist leader, general cross and die, falls.

Mezam SDO chairing an extraordinary session

The Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh made several appeals to councilors representing the Bamenda II Council and City Council in their respective quaters, to talk with those preventing work from progressing in Mankon, to refrain from being hesitant.

Recently the people of Ntamafe, Mankon, one of the quarters of Bamenda II subdivision recieved news about the death of the seperatist leader, general cross and die, who was feared by many and probably one of the main reasons why work on roads in Mankon couldn't progress.

Councilors from some quaters in Mankon, had complained off records about threats they recieved on a daily basis each time they make attempts to advance with projects that was intended to develop their area. revealed that officers have been congratulated for their brilliant work by Brigadier General Nka Valere of the 5th Joint Military region and other Colonels, who visited the site.

The source also revealed that General Nka Valere spoke closely to those who came to see for themselves, the displayed corps of general cross and die at hospital roundabout.

"Tell your children that this is not a way of life. They're needed to rebuild this country. Our mission is not to kill anyone but to protect the lives and property of the people" General Nka Valerie.

On November 21st 2020, general cross and die was warned on a Facebook page "Amba updates" that he had been earmarked by the Cameroonian military for his deadly activities.

Self proclaimed general cross and die, dies same day with Princewill who died alongside 5 of his men at mile 87 Bali. His death adds to five other casualties recorded on thursday 28th October 2021.

By Bamenjo Petronila


Thursday, October 28, 2021

Reboot-Youths: National Civic Education Program Takes Shape

In a workshop where the program allows youths to learn about civility or citizenship, permitting citizens to learn about fundamental values ​​of peace and socialization in a national multi-ethnic community, Youth Affairs Minister closely accompanied by members of the government, all came together to study the implementation tools. 

Cameroonian Youths are known to be endowed with talents and intelligence, but in a context where Internet users via social networks publish messages of hatred and tribalism, it cannot be overemphasized that Cameroonian Youths should be aware and concerned about the development of their country. .

REAMORCE which is in line with the Special Triennial Plan for Young People (PTS-Jeunes), it aims to clean up and restore the morals, uncivil behavior of Cameroonian citizens. This second phase has as a major axis the enhancement of morality,

In order to allow each citizen to learn about civility, acquiring knowledge on the fundamental values ​​of peace and socialization in a multi-ethnic, multicultural and rapidly changing national community like Cameroon, the said workshop was indeed the place to carry out an evaluation of the programs. 

According to Daniel Dr NGOA NGUELE, talking on the development of the multidimensional and multifunctional field, 4 social categories were studied: age and time of life, gender, social and professional position, level of knowledge. 

Divided into five axes of orientation, namely; fundamental rights, education and access to knowledge, cultural and social, governance and many others.

These different elements made it possible to go through engineering which took into account the models of classification. The excerpt was as well, a civic education program which is structured into five chapters. 

The third chapter which presents the vision of this national Civic program. This vision takes into account the Moral Civic and Entrepreneurial Rearmament which is included in the civic education program with reference to the different educational and professional sectors.

Youth Affairs Minister

MINJEC stressed that "this program, which targets all social strata, aims to enable each citizen to learn how to behave in society, respecting  fundamental values ​​which allows one to establish his/her socialization in a multi-ethnic, multicultural, multifunctional community."

"The national Civic Program is inspired by the foundations of "mindset education" or "education for change of mentality" of Korean origin, as well as the principles of approach through Competences, with entries through life situations".

Partners who contributed to the development of the said program; the Korean partner, International Youth Fellowship (IYF), for its expertise and support throughout the process. 

"It should be remembered that IYF has already shown its ability to transform young people through Mindset Education, like in other countries, which aims among other things, to promote the values ​​of peace, work, democracy and solidarity" MINJEC.

Youths engaging in the National Civic program are expected to develop some values; altruism, entrepreneurial spirit, honesty in business, diligence at work, professionalism and patriotism. 

By Ndefru Melanie


PNDP Staff Greese Efforts of Students at GBHS Mendankwe

PNDP Staff Hands Gift to School Administration and Students

Safeguarding a bright future for students at Government Bilingual High School Mendankwe, the staff of PNDP offered over 60 Benches to the institution hoping that in times of crisis when students too suffer effects of an ongoing armed conflict, the gift will suit their needs.

Academic structures have suffered arson attacks, didactic materials in some of these schools have been looted, while other institutions have either become battle fields for armed groups, causing pupils and students to either stay back at home or run off to other areas for safety.

Thousands have displaced themselves in the course of the armed conflict and within the city of Bamenda, many people living in hostile areas have relocated to quaters that are less hostile or to communities willing to host them.

These movements have caused  congestion in host communities not leaving out schools found in these areas, hence cost of living became more expensive too.

Regional Coordinator for PNDP, NW

Nguoko Rene Bertrand, Regional Coordinator for PNDP Northwest region, explained that the reason for the gesture, as PNDP staff decided to donate benches falls under a citizen action that was initiated by the National Coordinator. 

View of Benches donated by PNDP Staff

He mentioned that PNDP staff donated the gift based on the information that came from the Regional Delegate for Secondary Education Ngwang Roland, with collaboration from the Principal of the school, to know the actual situation in GBHS Mendankwe.

"Since 2015 we have been carrying out such action nation wide. For the first edition in the Northwest Region, we helped some centres with some items only to find out that, the items provided couldn't be used because of the ongoing crisis. We later found out that GBHS Mendankwe stands out as the most populated school in the NWR and we thought that our action could extend to them after we discussed with the Principal of the school".

One of the major reasons for the congestion in GBHS Mendankwe is as a result of flooding of students migrating from other areas in order to persuit education, a right that is not guaranteed in the suburbs that is hard hit by the armed conflict.

MINSEC NW Appreciates the Gesture, acknowledges reception

The Regional Delegate of Secondary Education, Ngwang Roland reiterated that it is a collective effort to help children go to school. Appreciating the Staff of PNDP, he challenged teachers to contribute in helping students in the best way possible, so that studies will hold smoothly.

"The act of generosity should be emulated. At a time when students are affected by the crisis, teachers too should also buy books, pens or pay fees for students who can't afford to be in school, because in times like this the solution to this crisis depends on individuals" Ngwang Roland, MINSEC NW.

Principal of GBHS Mendankwe

Awurua Esther is the Principal for GBHS Mendankwe, she appreciated the efforts of the Staff from PNDP who tailored their reasources to suit the needs of students in the institution. She told press that she will give the benches to the form 1 students of both the English and French section of the school.

"We appreciate this wonderful gesture from the staff of PNDP, it comes at a time when the institution is in dire need of benches. It will go ahead to facilitate the teaching and learning process, in the advent of the health Crisis; Covid-19 and the crisis. These benches will be distributed to the form one and 6eme students".

PNDP is a national program put in place by govt since 2004 to help councils master decentralization process. In the course of devt, the National Coordinator initiated an action called citizen action, to help persons living with disabilities. It is through this social action, that PNDP Staff is assisting when possible and where need be.

By Ndefru Melanie



Armed Conflict: Paul Achobong Opts for Public Prayer Sessions as A way Out

Paul Achobong speaks to crowd in Bamenda

The City Mayor for the Bamenda City Council, Paul Achobong Tambeng who also doubles as a pastor believes that holding public prayer meetings is another way out of the armed conflict that has been plaguing the Northwest region for close to five years.

Speaking to a crowd that gathered for a prayer session on Wednesday October 27th 2021 at the grandstand in Bamenda, he apealed to all who came to fellowship that it was good for prayer sessions to hold, bringing people together from time to time to pray for Peace.

During Prayer Session at grandstand in Bamenda

"The troubles, tribulations, challenges we have had has gone on for close to five years but we think it's time for us to turn to God like the progical son in the Bible. We pray that people will stay away from any trace of anger and vegeance and look up to God who is the author and finisher of life" Paul Achobong, speaking to press after prayer session.

Just like the prayers recited daily by christians across the Northwest and Southwest regions, pastors have resolved to be at the forefront in prayers with hopes that God has the answer to the armed conflict that is rocking these two regions for almost 5years.

Men and Women of God, continue to be targets amidst the ongoing conflict, yet they haven't given up their task as servants in the Lord's Vineyard. According to Paul Achobong, it is more sustainable to gather people in prayer from time to time despite the challenging moments faced.

Pastor Warah pours holy oil, praying for Peace

Officiating the session was Pastor Warah who revealed that different churches have been at their best praying for lasting peace and believes that for peace of mind to return in the Northwest region, will depend on a collective effort.

"The churches are doing their best at different fronts, as the year is coming to an end we thought it wise to begin appreciating God for what he has done. The strength of Bamenda shows that there is hope, despite the ongoing conflict, we see children going to school" Pastor Warah.

Partial View of crowd

Onlookers, with a majority of them being buisness men, had no choice but to watch the crowd that gathered for prayers. Reasons because at the time of the Prayer session, the Bamenda Main Market was locked for that purpose and was reopened thereafter.

It is also known that in the course of the crisis, fake pastors have mounted the pulpit to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make money using words from the scriptures. Yet it is left for the masses to make efforts at individual levels for the much talk about Peace to be realized.

By Bamenjo Petronila


Wednesday, October 27, 2021

CAMP's Executive Director Speaks on Fight Against Hatespeech In Douala Forum

The Regional Forum for sensitization and capacity building of the media and communication regulatory bodies on the prevention of conflicts linked to hate speech and the fight against this phenomenon in Central Africa is holding at a time when part of Cameroon are hard hit by armed conflicts.

Holding in Douala on October 26th 2021 in Douala, the Executive Director of the Cameroonian Association of Media Professionals, Tarhyang Enowbikah Tabe, on behalf of his colleagues, wished other participants from other countries of the Economic Community of the States of the Central Africa (ECCAS) a fruitful stay.

He underlined with importance of the Douala Forum, adding that it is being organized at a time when hatred pollutes the content of most media in the sub-region as well as social networks.

Opening the proceedings, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Central Africa and Head of UNOCA, François Louncény Fall, regretted the inflation of words of hatred in the media of information and communication massive.

He recalled the harmful role played by the media in the crises in Central Africa, in particular the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994 with the infamous Radio-television libre des Mille Collines and the newspaper Kangura, which fueled the hatred against Tutsis and moderate Hutus and incited to their extermination.

François Louncény Fall painted a grim picture of the situation, in particular in states in the grip of armed conflicts, various crises or tense electoral processes.

Based on specific cases, he observed that hate speech pervades all countries of Central Africa, and is used as a weapon by many protagonists.

“Hatred delays the march […] towards development, including the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, by inciting the violation of human rights and by promoting exclusion and discrimination against certain categories of your populations, thus creating the conditions conducive to the outbreak or aggravation of crises and conflicts". he lamented.

Calling on all press organs to show responsibility in the face of these issues. “The media can prevent and combat hate speech simply by doing their job within the rules of their noble art: that is, seeking, cross-checking, and verifying information before making it public. Because hatred often feeds on erroneous, sometimes even falsified, information".

The inaugural lecture by Professor Charly Gabriel Mbock (Anthropologist) reinforced these approaches and challenged journalists more on their crucial role in the fight against hate speech and the promotion of peace.

Several other interventions on the issues of freedom of expression and the intelligent management of social networks enriched the debates, including those of Professor Ngange Lyonge Kingsley (Head of Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Buea) and Baba Wame.

Baba Same is Teacher at the Higher School of Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (ESSTIC) and Deputy Director in charge of multimedia networks and applications at the Ministry of Communication (MINCOM).

Experts from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights also moderated specific sessions related, among others. to the process of production of hate speech, legal instrumentsn the prevention and suppression of hate speech.

By Bamenjo Petronila


Didatic Materials Offered to Primary, Secondary Schools in Weh Village

The Fon of weh village in collaboration with Open Society Initiative for West Africa-OSIWA, an international NGO, in collaboration with women in alternative action WAA CAMEROON, supported Back-to-School in all primary and secondary schools in Weh-Fungom sub division, Menchum Division-Northwest Region, by paying complete school fees for children this academic year 2021/2022.

All these pupils in basic education in Weh village had their fees paid, and those in primary 6 were also paid their FSLC examination fee. Students of GHS and GTHS WEH also benefited 1200frs Cfa each as their full tuition and part of their PTA levy. This action according to the Fon, "is to enable all to have access to quality education."

150 benches, 100 table chairs, 50 tables, 20 chalk boards, chalks in cartons, many other didactic materials were also donated to these schools.

The Divisional Delegate of Basic and Secondary Education was witness to the event, including men and parents of students in weh village.

By Penn Elvis in Fungom sub Division


Covid-19: Third Phase of Vaccination Campaign Postponed

New Release from Health Minister

Dr Manaouda Malachie has informed the population across Cameroon that the Intensified Vaccination Campaign against Covid-19 scheduled for October 27th to 31st has been postponed to November 17th to 21st 2021.

The third phase that intends to use the door to door service strategy, bringing the vaccine closer to the population and making it accessible to those willing to take their doses to fight the virus, Covid19.

The Vaccine will target persons above 18 years of age and while waiting for the phase to commence, over 191 accredited health districts across the nation are charged with functions to test, administer vaccines or medication.

The efforts to continue sensitizing the masses about the need to follow preventive measures to guard against the virus remains collective, yet the choice to prioritize health and get vaccinated remains individual.

By Ndefru Melanie


Monday, October 25, 2021

Six Regional Officers of the PCC Inducted

The Director of Church Centre Small Mankon Rev Jakai Jonathan, Regional Secetaries for lay training and evangelism Rev Zacheus, Women's Work Department Mrs Mbingwa Destiny Chebe, Communication and Station Manager, CBS Radio Gemnda Emmanuel and Youth Warden for PYC Kumbo, Woyu Lawrence have been inducted to carry out new functions in the Lord's Vineyard.

Officiating the induction and Institution rites, in times when the Northwest region is hard hit by an armed conflict, Rev. Emmanuel B. Massock, says that God himself will see to it that no harm comes to them while they all carry out their duties in their new offices.

"They should be aware of their responsibilities and be sure that when they speak, God will back them up. They should not be afraid" Officiating Minister.

Rev. Emmanuel Bassam was pleased with the efforts made by the organizing Committee, saluting the warm welcome he received from the Christians of Presbyterian Church Congregations in the North West Region following his arrival.

Revealing the PCC Moderator's message, it served as a wake up call to all Christians and leaders in Mezam Presbytery to remain faithful, steadfast despite the challenging times.

"The Moderator encourages Christians of Mezam Presbytery, inspiring our leaders, pastors, non clergy to have a vision; optimizing resources of the church, lead the Institution to self sustainability, manage basic reasources of the church, avoid problems or conflict, live in Peace and to announce the Hope on Jesus Christ in difficult times like this".

The Representative of PCC's Moderator in the NWR, Rev Asah Peter encouraged those taking up office to be firm in decision making and always seek God when in need.

"It has been a service to empower people to carry out services in the vineyard of God. It is time for them to go out and begin to serve the people of God through different channels and in different capacities".

To complement the success of the event was the PCC Secretary for Mezam, Rev. Ngwa Hosea Ambe, who noted that it has been a great success, looking at the turn out of participants and the organization of the church house.

"I feel challenged  to carry out  my tasks during  this  period  of  crisis in the Northwest region, am motivated by God's grace which assures me that I  can do all things through  Christ  who strengthens me. I advocate  for  peace Journalism and  conflict sensitive  reporting or communication. Team spirit and passion  for  work will propel me in office  to  push the vision of the PCC  and enable the voiceless  have a voice to the glory of God." Gemnda Emmanuel, Communication Secetary for PCC NWR

Graced by the various Movements of PCC Ntamulung (CMF, CWF, and CYF), Choirs, Pastors and their spouses, one would say it wasn't just a usual Sunday, a Sabbath meant for worship but in a context of an ongoing armed conflict, many had shun fear to celebrate their own.

The event served as an opportunity for workers in the various departments to reaffirm their commitments and trust in their leaders as well as the leaders assuring their staff of better working days ahead, that will enhance the growth and prospect of the church.

By Ndefru Melanie

Sunday, October 24, 2021

In Dire Need For Peace, PM Emphasizes on Special Status

The PM speaking in Bamenda

Likened to Joseph in the Bible by a few, the PM according to so many has been described as someone who is solution oriented and remains open to all options that will bring back peace and calm to the Northwest and Southwest regions.

Delving into the details of the PM's Peace Mission to the Northwest region on high instructions from the Head of State, His Excellency President Paul Biya, the PM visited the NWR amidst the ongoing armed conflict, to see for himself the implementation of the Major National Dialogue. A process that has been described as "Slowly but Surely".

The PM during his visit, spent few days talking to key persons, stakeholders who represent the grassroot population. Recieved warmly by Elites of the NW and did not relent effort in asking them to shun fear, stay back and fix the situation with their people as a family.

Government has confirmed that there is need to have continues talks, directly and indirectly, with all the separatist leaders at home and abroad, all in efforts for Peace to be achieved and encourage ideas that will bring development to conflict hit regions and the country as a whole.

The PM's peace mission to Bamenda, August 5, 2021, stirred some level confidence amidst elites of the Northwest region, including a cross section of the local population that answered present, because the PM did his best to explain the content of the Special Status that is already in process.

The Major National Dialogue was held in Cameroon from September 29th to October 4th 2021 to lay to rest grievances of the teachers and lawyers and other syndicates. Two years on since the convening of the National Dialogue, about 80% of the resolutions of the Dialogue has been complete.

Two years on, the government has done more than 80% of what was initially raised, accorded a special status to the North West and South West regions, with a bicameral nature that is not enjoyed by the other 8 regions.

Major National Dialogue proposed the creation of a special status for the North West and South West regions. This was adopted and inserted in Law No 2019/024 of the 24th December 2019 to institute the General code of Regional and local authorities.

To further ensure that the over centralization of power becomes a thing of the past, the law gives room for 15% of the state budget to be devolved to the regions.

To guarantee that alot is no longer centralized, the government went forward to create a school for training of local administrators who will hence assist in the delivery of council activities known as NASLA- National school of Local Administration based in Buea.

On several occasions, the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute has made a clarion call for those fighting to leave the bushes and visit the Disarmament, Demobilisation and rearmament centres created since 2018.

The people must know that in the process of acquiring reforms, the process must be gradual and respect of state institutions. Reason why there exist commissions that will ensure that the Special Status is enjoyed by the masses and ammends will be made where need be.

The PM being open minded, down to earth and willing to listen to the masses, has asked the local population to take advantage of the Special Status so that their impact is felt, while embracing peace.

PM's visit to follow-up implementation of the Resolutions of the Major National Dialogue gave him an opportunity to reveal that work on the much-talked about Bamenda-Babadjou road and the ring around Bamenda city, is beginning in earnest in the weeks ahead with the World Bank finally giving its clearance.

The construction of the said road, he explained may not be the point of focus but the Special Status that is already in process. He called on the local population to collaborate and give in their best while enjoying the fruits of the Special Status which is the opposite of a centralized system.

The Special Status gives room for Northwest and Southwesteners to identify themselves through their culture, make their own decisions and tailor self voted budgets to suit their needs and interest. It is the direct opposite of what use to obtain; a centralized system, where people will always run to Yaoundé to follow up on files.

The Prime Minister continues urged that Northwest region regain back their independence, nobility, dignity and elegance from separatist leaders who are unscrupulously exploiting them, depriving their children of education, and inciting them to undermine republican institutions.

He took time off to remind journalists that as constitutional law professor, he never doubted the fact that laws are dynamic and that is why there's still room for improvement on the Special Status content that could even beat the much talk about federation.

Memories of the Prime Minister's visit to the Northwest region still lingers in the mind of the population who were trapped to observe ghost days at the time, yet have been tasked to synergize for the much talk about Peace to return.

By Ndefru Melanie


Talented Youths in Embroidery Receive Support from UNDP

Some young persons selected within Bamenda III Municipality through a Youth Organization; United Youth Organization (UYO) piloted by Melvine Songwe, have recieved support to boost their talents in marking and sewing traditional attire, as a way of promoting cultural values.

Over 50 youths were selected to be beneficiaries of this project from the United Nations Development Programme UNDP, some of who are persons living with disability, affected by the ongoing armed conflict and displaced from their home of Origin.

Each benefitiary recieved 5 packets of red and yellow threads, 16 packets of green, white and Orange thread, 12 metres of yellow material, tapes and packets of needles, with these items parceled in each plastic nylon paper.

A physically challenged person, displaced from the South west region, Agbor Elvis says he has not been very lucky with so many programs that he came across which required him to register and was glad that he has benefited from the gifts offered by UNDP.

"So many programs have come my way, we have applied severally and it was unsuccessful. I am supprised that I was selected, because I was not expecting this. I am happy that UNDP has come to our aid, to support us in what we do, promoting culture. I pray many other organizations copy this example".

A youth leader, Fonjuh Constance originates from the South West region, based in the Northwest region

"I practice what is done here in the Northwest region because I love their culture. I am happy to be part of this program and lack words to express gratitude for the items I have recieved. The parcel is too much and we say thanks to all those who have been able to support the works of our hands."

"What has been given to us is not meant for sale or auctioning, but should be a booster in what we do, give us a base and step up our capital in the business". She affrims.

The Regional Delegate for Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Odilia Fri Mbanwie was present to give motherly support to these youths, who've in one way or the other lost hopes in making profits in embroidery, producing traditional attires in different colours, shapes and sizes.

"I know how hard it has been for you the youths to pull through in times of crisis, in what you do through your hand work, yet I am very happy with the fact that most of you have remained steadfast in what you do, reason why you are getting support from UNDP."

"Coming together to promote and celebrate culture in this way, is another step towards the peace process. We pray many other youths emulate the example and join the fold." Odilia Fri Mbangwi, Youth Affairs Regional Delegate.

Fashion parade was one of the items on the agenda that coloured the day to display cultural outfits produced by these selected benefitiaries.

Present was a representative from the Regional House of Assembly, Awunti Gheunti who's domain is more concerned about the economy of the Northwest region, that has been hard hit by the crisis.

He was pleased with the focus of these youths, the need for them to strive amidst the constraints, promoting culture through works made of their hands and supported them with 100 thousand francs CFA.

Programed to hold on Peace day, held on October 22nd 2021 within the framework of the Recovery program carried out by UNDP, which is inline with their new strategic Plan 2022-2025 that describes their intentions to work with partners to deliver what’s required, applying integrated approaches aimed at transformative change.

The UNDP Program supports governments and communities to rebound from COVID-19, build forward better; a plan that is grounded in its commitment to eradicate poverty, accompanying countries in their pathways towards the SDGs and working towards fostering innovation and creativity to help change systems and tackle the hardest challenges standing between us and the SDGs.

By Ndefru Melanie