Armed- Conflict in NW: Mood of Populace at "General" Cross' Death

"e dan happen.....dem dan kill general cross and die now so for ntamafe.....I was at the place with them at ntamafe. Some die be de de...". A source shared this information with civiclens on October 29th 2021 at 8:30pm.

A source who pleaded for anonymity was attending a funeral in Ntamafe Mankon, at the time the self proclaimed seperatist leader, general cross and die, falls.

Mezam SDO chairing an extraordinary session

The Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh made several appeals to councilors representing the Bamenda II Council and City Council in their respective quaters, to talk with those preventing work from progressing in Mankon, to refrain from being hesitant.

Recently the people of Ntamafe, Mankon, one of the quarters of Bamenda II subdivision recieved news about the death of the seperatist leader, general cross and die, who was feared by many and probably one of the main reasons why work on roads in Mankon couldn't progress.

Councilors from some quaters in Mankon, had complained off records about threats they recieved on a daily basis each time they make attempts to advance with projects that was intended to develop their area. revealed that officers have been congratulated for their brilliant work by Brigadier General Nka Valere of the 5th Joint Military region and other Colonels, who visited the site.

The source also revealed that General Nka Valere spoke closely to those who came to see for themselves, the displayed corps of general cross and die at hospital roundabout.

"Tell your children that this is not a way of life. They're needed to rebuild this country. Our mission is not to kill anyone but to protect the lives and property of the people" General Nka Valerie.

On November 21st 2020, general cross and die was warned on a Facebook page "Amba updates" that he had been earmarked by the Cameroonian military for his deadly activities.

Self proclaimed general cross and die, dies same day with Princewill who died alongside 5 of his men at mile 87 Bali. His death adds to five other casualties recorded on thursday 28th October 2021.

By Bamenjo Petronila


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