Sunday, February 28, 2021

Peace, Stability/Security threats Across African Countries, Calls for Immediate Action

Participants from different african countries have attended a Convening to discuss threats on Peace and Security affecting their countries. Panelists from Cameroon were not left out in experience sharing, which affected the daily lives of women, young girls and children most especially, in the course of the ongoing armed conflict in the Northwest and Southwest regions.

Part from the conflict faced in the Northern part of Cameroon, other conflicts have surfaced besides these major conflicts, causing the vulnerable to migrate and become victims of rape, prostitution, child abuse and exploitation.

Rethinking Africa Convening in collaboration with Global Leadership Academy, held a virtual session on February 25th and 26th 2021, a Convening that brought together Peace leaders and Change makers to discuss priority issues for the growth and development of these countries faced with conflict situations.

The network created space for exchanges to inspire, build leadership skills needed for continental transformation. Participants believed that change can come through work and commitment, by being part of the answers and solutions in different Communities, working in close collaboration with each other.

The armed conflict faced in the NorthWest region has caused thousands to be displaced, many amongst them homeless. Young girls, women, children have moved to bigger cities for labor and others find themselves being victims of sex exploitation. Most of these Children roam the streets, others forced into prostitution. Those who succeed to travel abroad are most times forced to do nasty jobs in order to survive.

Fabrice Fifonsi from Benin says the source of negative energy and causes of malpractice emanates from the lens of corruption, until individuals stand firm for accountability and transparency, this ill is yet to fade away.

"Getting a strategic response to this, is for everyone to act immediately.
We must be the Change we want to see in society, working together to think a way through fighting peace and security threats, trafficking of humans should be a collective effort." Fabrice Fifonsi.

Cameroon's female political figure, Kah Walla reiterated that it was time we work as a team to fight Democratic Violence, Dictatorship which are capital threats to African Countries.

Diego Osono told participants in the virtual hall that these problems faced in African countries are not just that of African Countries but an individual problem.

Fabrice Muchigan, GLAC African Ambassador shared his satisfaction with civiclens on the massive participation during the virtual session and the commitment of participants towards change in the African society.

"Am delighted and very satisfied by the massive participation of Africans from all sphere of life and from the entire globe, as well as people from the diaspora and other continent, in their commitment to bring about change in Africa. Most of them yearn for the need for change, contributing to untangling the enigmas of human insecurity and threat to peace on the continent from various perspectives, including migration, human trafficking, and democratic violence."

To him, what made the Convening special was the orientation to solution actions, not limited on the talking but identifying what would be key entry points, possible local solutions and projects that could be undertaken to start.

"I was impressed by this momentum and I believe we will continue and build on this network of game changers to contribute to Africa's transformation" He told civiclens.

Becky Bissong, a Journalist with CRTV Yaoundé, she was one of the Co- hosts from Cameroon and a member of GLAC AFRICA, she participated in the Trafficking in Persons Lab in 2018.

"I am largely satisfied with the interest shown by different social groups of Africans. The high participation by youth and women demonstrate their determination of these categories to participate in solving some of the problems that continue to hold Africa back." Becky Bissong.

"Lots of proposals have been tabled by panelists that will serve as next steps to address Democratic Violence, migration and Security Issues and Human Trafficking for a follow up on the #RethinkingAfrica convening" She added.

Different groups of civil societies, peace networks and many other Flag bearers of peace continue to push for societal change, reminding parties involved in conflict to seek ways to make peace for the growth and development of a society.

By Ndefru Mélanie

CCMN AGM Validates No Proxy For Upcoming EGA

Representatives of CCMN members across Cameroon in AGM

Selected members of the Cameroon Community Media Network drawn from 6 chapters have voted- No Proxy as part of recommendations of their Annual General meeting. They added their voices to the charter document produced, to better revise network rules that will guide the network's EXCO both at Regional levels and at National Level.

Souvenir Picture

The AGM asked that all members from all chapters be present for upcoming EGA, suggesting that proxy is not tendered appropriately the way it ought to, requesting that all members fund their transport thru and fro, cast their votes as a sign of commitment to the network.

The Annual General Meeting held in Yaoundé on Friday 26th February 2021 in Yaoundé, bringing together 10 representatives of each chapter in Cameroon, including the National EXCO itself which had 5 members present in the AGM.

Members in work session

As the Peace network meets, aside other reccomendations that emmerged from the charter document, members were brief on reports from different quarters of the CCMN linked to the budget of the network.

Observations made after the activity and financial report as key aspects on agenda, revealed that most members were not well informed about the budget line in CCMN's execution of activities and some ressolved that there is lack of information flow in the Network, from the National Bureau down to grassroot members.

Deliberations on Course

A proper financial document was reccomended to brief all members on Income and Expenditure with appropriate budget lines, putting in place an advisory board (representing all chapters) that will check the work mechanism in both the Regional and National Bureau.

The CCMN network will have an EXCO member drop one position as recommended by the AGM, who felt that no member should hold double positions both at the Regional and National levels, but give opportunity for other members to contribute their lot to the Peace process.

It was agreed amongst other reccomendations taken that 75% of annual dues stays at the Regional Bureau while 25% goes to the National office. Despite calls from the National SG, Fonki Yannick for members to reconsider their votes given that the national was expected to deliver results, the votes were registered and moved for adoption.

The Peace network will have an EGA (Elective General Assembly) sometime during December 2021 to have a new EXCO continue the implemetation of these reccomendations arrived at the AGM and the Advisory Board members officially presented to ALL Members of CCMN's 6 Chapters in Cameroon.

Nanji Pelagie is correspondent for LTM Tv and a member of CCMN Buea, she makes observation on how grand CCMN's AGM had to look like.

Nanji Pelagie

"The maiden edition of the AGM is applaudable but the organizing committee still has much work to do with regards to the venue for an event of this magnitude. The deliberations were somewhat satisfactory as the amendments on the charter were satisfactory." She tells, Civiclens.

Rahim is CCMN member from the West region

"Am glad my opinion was allowed in my opinion to take a further step towards the progress of the CCMN as a structure and towards the total development of its members. The respect for democratic values which prevailed during these meetings in Yaoundé, massive and active participation of the various delegations. I noted inappropriate organization in terms of logistics. This suggests that some people did not do their job as expected of them. We believe that lessons will be learned for future success"

By Ndefru Melanie


Thursday, February 25, 2021

Dr Nsame Curbs Fabricated Info Over Medical Practice

Director and Key Staff in Press conference

The Director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, Dr. Denis Nsame called a press conference to counteract fake information circulating on social media about administering drips on patients at their own detriment, an issue seldomly heard of in the medical profession.

Press men and women in Bamenda answered present at the hospital premises at short notice, on February 25th 2021, to get accurate information on Covid19 and how it is managed at the level of the hospital.

Press Release

The Press is brieved about allegations on social media, tagging the Bamenda Regional Hospital for having administered drips on patients and they died. Dr Denis Nsame says this is fake and that similar accusations came up in 2020, when Covid19 was at its peak.

Dr. Denis Nsame, Director of Bamenda Reg. Hospital

"I assure the people with the health staff available, who are even more exposed, that their health concerns are well taken care of. Infection prevention Committees are stationed arround the hospital and  entrances are closed, except for the  main entrance. The treatment centre is out of the hospital." Dr Denis Nsame N.

View of Entrance to Reg. Hospital

A hospital of 400 beds, working as a reference hospital, with more than 173 cases affected and over 20 admitted. The Director of the hospital tells Press that management of severe cases is done at the regional hospital with a capacity of 20beds.

"Doctors did not go through school to administer drugs that will harm patients, unheard of in the medical field. Diagnosis and case management is done by the Director of the hospital and that is me" Dr Denis said.

The first case of Covid 19 was found in 20th April 2020, then it later was at its peak in May. The last months of November and December, started rising. It was revealed during the Press briefing that the 19 health districts have diagnostic care, the rapid test ( within 20mins, results are given).

"Covid-19 exist, we are not treating the virus but the patient. We call on all to respect barrier measures put in place by government to fight the deadly pandemic. Any staff without mask while on duty at the hospital is severely punished". Dr Denis Nsame

The denial syndrome only rise the death tolls, the local population is adviced to go to the appropriate quarters with the Regional Health services in Bamenda and pose their plight.

By Ndefru Melanie

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Bamenda II Subdivision Becomes Priority in Regional Territorial plan

Slide on Presentation

Liasing with a team of experts from the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, it was tipped during an Exposer that Bamenda II subdivision will be given pride of place when mapping out strategies to commence with Regional planning. Reason because of its population, having a poverty level rated at about 55%.

Professor's Exposé

Fogwe Zephania Nji, Associate Professor of Environment and Urban Development Studies and facilitator, revealed this during a workshop, on February 24th 2021 at MINEPAT hall Bamenda, where a diagnostic report for the Regional Territorial Planning and Sustainable development for the Northwest region was deliberated on.

Slide Urban Variation

According to Professor, the urban trend in the Northwest region shows that urbanization does not spread out easily and given the current realities, land use planning need to match with the existing regulations. Planning in the region and touching lives of the rural people is priority.

Partial view of the Hall

The workshop that brought together key stakeholders in the Northwest region; NW Parliamentarians, Mayors, SDOs, Civil Society, was to effectively have an exchange on how the region could be developed taking into consideration the living standards of the local population.

The analysis situation of the region focused on different sectors; argriculture, engineering, economic and social life. These will enable experts get the diagnostic on how the region will be developed.

Information gathered so far revealed that 80% of the rural population relies on agriculture; subsistence agriculture with rare cash crops. The main stable crop being maize which the majority depends on. Emmerging economic activity being honey, cocoa and coffee, very productive on sandy soil.

Andek Mayor

Ubangoh Helly, Mayor of Andek Council reminded the President of the Regional Council Northwest, Prof. Fru Angwafor Forbuzsi about the need to explore the oil mill in Ngoh, reminding the researcher to include in his document, the existence of a vast forest between Ngih- Menka stretch towards Akwaya.

"This forest has alot it can produce which can be of benefit to the common man and be a source of revenue to that locality, and for the region if this is taken into consideration for the Regional Territorial Planning" Mayor Andek.

MP Momo East

To Hon Injoh Foo Ngang Prudencia, MP for Momo East, she believes knowledge gotten on how the Regional landscape looks like, is an eye opener to elected officials, beckoning on them to make good use of the information to bring development to the local population.

"Elected officials should take advantage of the parliamentary network that will be discussing economic planning to discuss issues on the way forwarded in line with development" Hon Injoh Foo Ngang Prudencia, MP for Momo East.

"Waste management being a recent trend, watse valorization, waste becoming more reformed is an issue we should capitalize on" She observed.

NW Governor

The Governor of the Northwest region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique finds that the workshop will have stakeholders embark on a project that will enable them know the region/territory better. In order to improve on the living conditions of the people in a sustainable way.

He recommended that data collected in 2018 should be updated given the present situation in the region, without over emphasizing that statistics had to finalize proj come from the grassroots, to finalize elaboration on land use plan.

"Stakeholder priority in the elaboration for land use planning is part of the materialization for the Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya to make Cameroon and emmergency country" NW Governor Adolphe Lele LAfrique.

Other slides

MINEPAT is left to carry on with its main objectives; carrying out prospective analysis, defining strategic activies, alongside an action plan in regards to the land use plan of the NorthWest region.

By Ndefru Melanie


NW MAFORs Committed to the Course, Mourning in Public

MAFORs in Prayer Session

Tilting their bodies and stretching their hands towards city chemist known by many who've witnessed the Ongoing crisis turned an armed conflict as the "Liberty Square", the MAFORs in the NorthWest region, believe the redemption to the ongoing crisis will come through several public mourning sessions.

NW MAFORs at Grandstand Bamenda

The MAFORs from within the NorthWest region made their outing once again in solidarity with CAMTEL's GM Judith Ya Sunday Epse Achidi, at the Bamenda Grandstand, commercial avenue on February 24th 2021.

Aishatou Issa representing the Muslim Community tells the press about the challenges she goes through in the face of the ongoing crisis and believes that these prayers organized by the CAMTEL's GM will bring change in the region.

"We don't go to the farm, children don't go to school, we don't have the means to buy food or pay fees, our children are desperate. These prayers said by women, in their nature being unique, will create positive impact on the population and then the region" Aishatou Issa, one of the mourners.

"I was a buisness woman, turned a farmer but right now I can't farm given the prevailing situation. Through this prayers we say may peace be restored in the NorthWest and Southwest regions." She told press.


Ndinwa Benedict is Public Relations officer for CAMTEL, he channelled words from CAMTEL's GM, one of the MAFORs of the NorthWest region. Telling the women that it is a commitment/ engagement Judith Ya Sunday Epse Achidi has taken and will support the course to join MAFORs in Mourning.

"I cannot be happy, while my sisters, mothers from the Northwest and Southwest regions are suffering. Children are killed day and night, I cannot sit in Yaoundé comfortably when blood is being shed, my sisters cannot go to their farms, they cannot go to the market to do their buisness, they cannot send their kids to school" words of CAMTEL's GM.

According to him, the whailing of the women for the return to normalcy has yielded fruits as the DDR Centres continues to register seperatists fighters dropping their weapons. Recalling the gesture made by Judith Ya Sunday Epse Achidi at the DDR centre in her last outing.

"About the impact today, the fruits we cannoy measure. The boys leaving the bushes day and night to join the DDR Centres in Buea and Bamenda. Ma Judith Ya Sunday Epse Achidi went to the DDR centre to encourage those who dropped their weapons, asking dem to encourage those who are still in the bushes to lay down arms". Ndinwa Benedict told Press.

It was tipped that the CAMTEL's GM lost her dad few weeks to the MAFORs' outing and was abscent from the mourning excercise. However she has committed herself to the course to denounce seperatists activities in the NorthWest region. 

Yet the sufferings continue, as the Northwest population witness an escalation in the armed conflict. Locally fabricated bombs stationed at unexpected spots by seperatists fighters, targeting their prey.

By Ndefru Melanie


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

MINAT Boss Recieves D.O's Office, Applauds Military/Civil Efforts

MINAT talking to Press in Bafut

Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji has recieved the newly constructed D.O's office in Bafut, which was burnt down by separatist fighters.

"Calm is returning progressively in Bafut. Parents must continue playing their role for the return of Peace and normalcy in the region." MINAT Boss.

The local contractors had abandoned the site due to the unknown security situation of the area and didn't show up for the reconstruction that was tendered.

The military rapid intervention unit, BIR took the challenges
and reconstructed the burnt building. They added an innovation by providing watchtowers that could permit security officials identify people as far as one kilometre away from the building.

Speaking at the reception, Minister Atanga Nji Paul congratulated the professionalism of the military, commending their collaboration with civilians to ensure the security of people and their property.

To Minister Paul Atanga Nji, the DDR is a centre to learn a trade, offered by the Head of State, President Paul Biya to Ex-fighters willing to drop arms.


He explained to Press during a Security briefing that those who willfully drop arms, dangerous objects related to locally fabricated bombs, are not charged of any crimes or locked up.

Talking to Press

"Those willing to lay down arms, should hold a Peaceplant in the right-hand and a white handkerchief on the left hand as a sign of surrender" MINAT Boss.

Seperatists fighters willing to leave the bushes are adviced by Minister Paul Atanga Nji to drop their arms with local administrative authourities, if they feel scared to approach the Forces of Law and Order.

MINAT Reveals information about calls that came from some persons living at Mile 24 Bafut, saying guns have been hidden somewhere in that locality by seperatists fighters.

Security Meeting

The Minister salute the efforts of the local population, observing that these are signs that inclusive efforts have been made to ensure that seperatists fighters drop arms.

"Over 20 locally fabricated arms have been recovered, through phone calls made by persons living in the Mile 24 locality Bafut, saying seperatists fighters hid them there".

"This is an inclusive exercise. The Ex-fighters willing to drop arms should talk to the religious and traditional authourities that would facilitate their passage of being reintegrated into society again".
The Head of State, President Paul Biya has accorded favour to "terrorists" to drop their arms and join the DDR Centres, which the MINAT lays emphasis should be done without conditions.

"After dropping the weapons what next, how do u intergrade yourself in society. It is important to work within the structures put in place by the Prime Minister Head of Government" He concluded.

By Ndefru Mélanie