Bamenda II Subdivision Becomes Priority in Regional Territorial plan

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Liasing with a team of experts from the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, it was tipped during an Exposer that Bamenda II subdivision will be given pride of place when mapping out strategies to commence with Regional planning. Reason because of its population, having a poverty level rated at about 55%.

Professor's Exposé

Fogwe Zephania Nji, Associate Professor of Environment and Urban Development Studies and facilitator, revealed this during a workshop, on February 24th 2021 at MINEPAT hall Bamenda, where a diagnostic report for the Regional Territorial Planning and Sustainable development for the Northwest region was deliberated on.

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According to Professor, the urban trend in the Northwest region shows that urbanization does not spread out easily and given the current realities, land use planning need to match with the existing regulations. Planning in the region and touching lives of the rural people is priority.

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The workshop that brought together key stakeholders in the Northwest region; NW Parliamentarians, Mayors, SDOs, Civil Society, was to effectively have an exchange on how the region could be developed taking into consideration the living standards of the local population.

The analysis situation of the region focused on different sectors; argriculture, engineering, economic and social life. These will enable experts get the diagnostic on how the region will be developed.

Information gathered so far revealed that 80% of the rural population relies on agriculture; subsistence agriculture with rare cash crops. The main stable crop being maize which the majority depends on. Emmerging economic activity being honey, cocoa and coffee, very productive on sandy soil.

Andek Mayor

Ubangoh Helly, Mayor of Andek Council reminded the President of the Regional Council Northwest, Prof. Fru Angwafor Forbuzsi about the need to explore the oil mill in Ngoh, reminding the researcher to include in his document, the existence of a vast forest between Ngih- Menka stretch towards Akwaya.

"This forest has alot it can produce which can be of benefit to the common man and be a source of revenue to that locality, and for the region if this is taken into consideration for the Regional Territorial Planning" Mayor Andek.

MP Momo East

To Hon Injoh Foo Ngang Prudencia, MP for Momo East, she believes knowledge gotten on how the Regional landscape looks like, is an eye opener to elected officials, beckoning on them to make good use of the information to bring development to the local population.

"Elected officials should take advantage of the parliamentary network that will be discussing economic planning to discuss issues on the way forwarded in line with development" Hon Injoh Foo Ngang Prudencia, MP for Momo East.

"Waste management being a recent trend, watse valorization, waste becoming more reformed is an issue we should capitalize on" She observed.

NW Governor

The Governor of the Northwest region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique finds that the workshop will have stakeholders embark on a project that will enable them know the region/territory better. In order to improve on the living conditions of the people in a sustainable way.

He recommended that data collected in 2018 should be updated given the present situation in the region, without over emphasizing that statistics had to finalize proj come from the grassroots, to finalize elaboration on land use plan.

"Stakeholder priority in the elaboration for land use planning is part of the materialization for the Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya to make Cameroon and emmergency country" NW Governor Adolphe Lele LAfrique.

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MINEPAT is left to carry on with its main objectives; carrying out prospective analysis, defining strategic activies, alongside an action plan in regards to the land use plan of the NorthWest region.

By Ndefru Melanie


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