Dr Nsame Curbs Fabricated Info Over Medical Practice

Director and Key Staff in Press conference

The Director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, Dr. Denis Nsame called a press conference to counteract fake information circulating on social media about administering drips on patients at their own detriment, an issue seldomly heard of in the medical profession.

Press men and women in Bamenda answered present at the hospital premises at short notice, on February 25th 2021, to get accurate information on Covid19 and how it is managed at the level of the hospital.

Press Release

The Press is brieved about allegations on social media, tagging the Bamenda Regional Hospital for having administered drips on patients and they died. Dr Denis Nsame says this is fake and that similar accusations came up in 2020, when Covid19 was at its peak.

Dr. Denis Nsame, Director of Bamenda Reg. Hospital

"I assure the people with the health staff available, who are even more exposed, that their health concerns are well taken care of. Infection prevention Committees are stationed arround the hospital and  entrances are closed, except for the  main entrance. The treatment centre is out of the hospital." Dr Denis Nsame N.

View of Entrance to Reg. Hospital

A hospital of 400 beds, working as a reference hospital, with more than 173 cases affected and over 20 admitted. The Director of the hospital tells Press that management of severe cases is done at the regional hospital with a capacity of 20beds.

"Doctors did not go through school to administer drugs that will harm patients, unheard of in the medical field. Diagnosis and case management is done by the Director of the hospital and that is me" Dr Denis said.

The first case of Covid 19 was found in 20th April 2020, then it later was at its peak in May. The last months of November and December, started rising. It was revealed during the Press briefing that the 19 health districts have diagnostic care, the rapid test ( within 20mins, results are given).

"Covid-19 exist, we are not treating the virus but the patient. We call on all to respect barrier measures put in place by government to fight the deadly pandemic. Any staff without mask while on duty at the hospital is severely punished". Dr Denis Nsame

The denial syndrome only rise the death tolls, the local population is adviced to go to the appropriate quarters with the Regional Health services in Bamenda and pose their plight.

By Ndefru Melanie

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