Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Supporting Agricultural Procucers with new Technologies to Improve Output

An open day on irrigation using solar energy with the overall objective of supporting and stimulating agricultural producers and seed companies in the use of innovative technologies through the practice of solar irrigation, was organized on Tuesday 29th 2022 in REP-YANGA at the apple "peasant school" fields.

The initiative aims at giving credit to the project of the green innovation center for the agri-food sector of the GiZ (PROCISA) in collaboration with the delegation of agriculture and rural development for Adamawa.

Chaired by the delegate of agriculture and rural development of Vina, alongside Francis Kouyem the CT of PROCISA . The event was for two days, to mark a new look, as diverse  managers of several microfinance were invited.


Ngaoundére: Supporting Hospitals, Improving Mother-Child Health

Health and social protection a motif of the Islamic Development Bank,  to contribute to the improvement of the mother-child health offer, chose to support hospitals in the department of FARO and DEO,  whose good practices must be extended to a national scale.

This is the essence of the work session held on Friday, March 25, 2022 at the Ideal Hotel in Ngaoundere between regional officials in charge of health in the region and those of the Islamic bank.

The state of health of Cameroonian hospitals and the deterioration of the health system are major concerns for the State.

Infant and maternal mortality rates are among the highest in the world, due in particular to the deterioration of health services and the limited financial resources of households. 

Public hospitals suffer from many dysfunctions (dilapidated infrastructure, lack of equipment and staff, poor quality of care, poor management, etc.). However, some hospitals stand out for the quality of their care and their financial accessibility policy. 

This is the case of the Djohong district hospital and the Ngaoundéré Protestant hospital, both hospitals under the control of the Ministry of Health, but the second private on behalf of the Evangelical and Lutheran Church of Cameroon. 

They are important links in the health system, as providers of quality care within the health system and as privileged places for training students in medicine and paramedical care.

The contribution of Islamic banking

The objective of the Islamic Development Bank project is to improve the health of the population, in particular mothers and children, through the development at the hospital level of a supply of quality care accessible to the poorest. 

It will make it possible to improve the capacities of the Ministry of Public Health, to support the strengthening of hospital management skills in the country, to improve the supply of hospital care by providing them with quality equipment, and to facilitate access to care for the poorest, in a context of lack of universal health coverage.

The Project will consist of two main components:

The project will support the building of the capacities of the Department of Health Care E
establishments of the Ministry of Health in its mission of supervising the hospital system.

The project will support the development of hospital centers by supplying adequate equipment: it will finance the carrying out of construction and rehabilitation works, the acquisition of equipment, capacity building activities (technical expertise, participation in workshops and training, small equipment etc.).

The project will thus enable the ministry to capitalize on good hospital practices and implement hospital reform in an exemplary manner. The project will also contribute to developing exchanges of experience between establishments.


Ngaoundére: Youths in La Vina Celebrate CPDM's 37th Anniversary in Grandstyle

A movement called "The young patriots and republicans of the department of Vina" celebrated the 37th anniversary of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement Party-CPDM by renewing their committement by supporting the Head of State, President Paul Biya in all his endeavors for the good of the nation.

Referring to CPDM as a party of flames, recounting some of it success stories across Cameroon, considering the organization of the Total Energie CAN 2021, the creation of State Universities, the Resolutions of Teachers' demands, the Revival of roads and rail infrastructures in Adamawa and mainly in Vina, the revival of several construction sites in the Vina, particularly that of bauxite.

Leaders of the party in Vina, marked the day by organizing a march in the arteries of the city and presented of a motion of support to the Prefect of Vina.


Monday, March 28, 2022

Bamenda Regional Hospital Smashes a rare Disease in a Record-Setting Surgery

The eyes of the medical world turned to Bamenda last March 14, 2022, when a dedicated team of daring medical doctors defied all odds and successfully operated upon 11-year-old Success Mongwa, bugged down at  birth by an unknown disease that caused his abdomen to swell, abnormally.

Sources close to the Bamenda Regional Hospital hinted that Yaounde had originally wanted Success Mongwa to be referred to the nation's capital for proper medical attention. But the dedicated team of doctors at the hospital succeeded in convincing hierarchy that Bamenda could do just as good  a job. 

After a series of scannings, consultations and cross-referencing by experienced and established medical experts from across the world, the team at the Bamenda Regional hospital settled down to work, unruffled. 

Armed with the faith that whatsoever happens over there can also happen over here, the medical team under the coordination of Dr. Denis Nsame, Director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, supervised by the Regional Delegate for Public Health under the watchful eyes of Public Health Minister, the stage for the medical miracle was set. 

With due diligence, the team went through the stages of medical observation, stabilisation, draining of the undesireable fluids and finally, little Success is taken to the theartre.

The first-of-a-kind medical surgery that was being closely monitored by medical experts and students across the globe birthed the results everyone is celebrating the Bamenda Regional Hospital today for.

Drawn from various medical specializations, the Nsame-led team at the Bamenda Regional Hospital comprising Dr Kamga Fotso Luc, Ward-Charge MaryAnn Kwe kiiyeh,  Anaesthetists: Chientemou Oliver, Nyamkwi Benual, Nurses:Mosi Emmanuel, Board Felix, and Chou Lilian, demonstrated in triumphant detail that Bamenda could still be a source of inspiration for modern Cameroon.

The uncommon feat performed on desperate and restless Success Mongwa was not unexpected. In the past few years, and since the arrival of Dr. Kinge Thompson Njie at the helm of that dilapidating and under-performing public health facility, the Bamenda Regional Hospital has competed favourably with other high-performing health facilities in the Region and beyond. 

Despite all the obstacles placed on his way by hierarchy, Dr. Kinge steadily raised the performance bar of the erstwhile neglected Bamenda Regional Hospital. He did not only make staff motivation a priority, but also transformed the working environment of the hospital. 

His successor, Dr. Denis Nsame has not only worked to consolidate his predecessor's achievements, but has gone on to stamp his own mark of uniqueness with more emphasis on personnel development. It was such motivation from management and job satisfaction for staff that enabled the team at the Regional hospital, to perform the historic feat.

However, the successful operation of Success Mongwa is not the only feat doctors and personnel working at Bamenda Regional Hospital have performed.

Since 2016, they, like their counterparts in other parts of the North West and South West Regions, have meandered through smoking guns to and fro hospital, during the day and at odd hours of the night, only to save lives. Unlike others who because of insecurity, threats to the lives and above all, poor working conditions, abandoned the two Regions for greener pastures; these other medical doctors have remained dedicated and devoted to their hippocratic oath.

The achievement being celebrated today couldn't have been possible if not for the good offices of the Ayah Foundation that unearthed the desperate situation in the first place and worked out ways with the poor parents to ferry the patient from Lebialem Division in the South West Region to the Bamenda Regional Hospital last February 16, 2022. Ayah Paul Abine, who personally took up the issue, made trips to Bamenda and took care of almost half of the medical bill. 

Following the Ayah Foundation move, an outpouring of benevolent individuals and groups took upon themselves to donate toward the child's operation. Among the groups were the Bamenda Onpassive Team led by John Menkefor and the Yaounde CRTV Press Hour post-Hoc team led by Yvonne Muma.

And so, an operation that could cost tens of millions abroad was diligently carried out in Bamenda for just over 1 million FCFA.

Athough post-operation fistula samples are still being examined in medical laboratories and research centres around the world, Bamenda Regional Hospital is beginning to put Cameroon on the world map as a high-flying treatment facility that can be relied upon.

*Colbert Gwain is International Freelance reporter/writer, award winning Digital Rights advocate, Content Creator @TheColbertFactor, legislative advocacy Campaigner for a comprehensive Digital Rights Bill, Privacy and data protection laws for Cameroon, Facebook Trainer of Trainers for Central African zone, promoter, Cameroon Association of Content Creators, CACC, and Specialist on New Digital Civil Society in Africa Playbook. You can talk back at dignitytelevision69@gmail.com

Thursday, March 24, 2022

At CPDM's 37th Anniversary, Women described as Pacifiers in Armed Conflict

While congratulating women for playing their part in nuturing the CPDM party to it's 37th birthday, more women have been encouraged to ensure that the CPDM familly grows bigger by multiplying the number of its militants, while ensuring that votes are casted in it's favour during elections.

Born on March 24th 1985 in Bamenda- Northwest region of Cameroon, the CPDM party continues to count it's successes while working on its failures. Nwana Mercy Tamafor, WCPDM President for Mezam 1C Nkwen- Bamenda, highlights the fact that women have over the years continued to lament over the loss of lives in the course of the ongoing armed conflict.

"...The women of the Northwest region have refused to see their own child die in their own hands, in this light women have fought relentlessly to keep the region and party intact, despite the socio-political crisis plaguing the NW/SW regions", she expantiated in her speech, celebrating the party's 37th anniversary.

Minister Mbah Acha Rose
Judith Ya Sunday Epse Achi

Justine Diffo 

Prof. Uphie Chinge

Some women in the Northwest region earmarked for making moves to see Peace return in the NWR; Minister Mbah Acha Rose, CAMTEL's GM, Achidi Judith Sunday, Senator Regina Mundi, Prof Uphie Chinge, Justine Diffo who made several calls telling those still carrying arms against the State and living in the bushes, to yield to the Head of State's Call and join the DDR Centres.

These women have in one way or the other supported grassroots women to be part of the Peace building process by providing support for these women to be able to carry on within a context of the armed conflict, providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to overcome the challenges faced.

In citing these women, the WCPDM President, Mezam 1C says their support is proof that female Ministers, Senators, Mayors, Parliamentarians, from the Northwest region have in a way been empowered by the Head of State, so that they too can play their role where need be and fuster social cohesion, keep and protect the country's intergrity in their different spheres.

"..Women of the Northwest region have decided, that we cannot sit and watch our beloved party the CPDM die in the very place of its birth", this was the words of Nwana Mercy Tamafor describing the unflinching support of NW Women in the CPDM Party, to the Head of State, His Excellency President Paul Biya.

Besides recognizing women and their role in attaining success stories with the CPDM party, Mekom Samuel Taleh YCPDM representing Youths in Mezam 1A, B and C sections explained that the CPDM party demonstrates signs of having the interest of youths at heart, as he explained in the Head of State's actions in giving Peace a chance to "misguided" youths living in the bushes.

"Our beloved party has stood the test of time, to prove itself in all forms to the people of this region as the one and only political party that has the interest of youths at heart. We the youths are very happy for this fatherly love, for giving Peace a chance to some misguided youths".

He explained that for the party's anniversary to hold in a serene atmosphere, on March 24th 2022,  are signs to indicate "that marks the beginning of a turning point in the region for Peace, Unity and Prosperity to return to the region".

By Ndefru Melanie
Whatsapp 670426692


Wednesday, March 23, 2022

"BIR against Blindness" Campaign Launched in Djohong

Being an initiative of the Rapid intervention Battalion (BIR), 48 hours before the official launch of the campaign called "BIR against blindness" in Djohong community, in Mbéré division-Adamawa region.

The campaign gained strong support from the refugee populations and was recieved with a sigh of relief, as hundreds of them rush to the local district hospital, the place chosen for this third operation to reinforce the army-nation triptych.


Monday, March 21, 2022

Covid-19: 4th Round of Vaccination Campaign Launched in Adamawa

The 4th intensive vaccination campaign against Covid-19 has been launched in the Adamawa region. According to the Extended Vaccination Program (EPI), this campaign aims to rapidly improve vaccination coverage against Covid-19: at least 5,000 people will be vaccinated across the region in five days.

“...I want to give the assurance, from this rostrum, that the vaccines against Covid-19 used for this 4th intensive campaign are safe and effective. The effectiveness and safety of vaccines are priorities for our Government, which will ensure the health of all”. Regional Delegate of Public Health for Adamawa, Dr Djamilatou Leila.

Launched onMarch 16, 2022 at the explanade of the Lamidat in  Ngaoundéré, in the presence of the forces of law and order of the region in particular, The Governor, His Majesty Kildadi Taguieké Boucar, His Majesty Hayatou ISSA, the Prefect of Vina, Yves Bertrand Alienou, the populations and the city Mayor who expressed that "bringing the vaccine closer to the population increases the rate of acceptance of the vaccine"

The campaign sends a strong appeal on health related issues: "We must bear in mind that no one will be safe until the whole world is safe, hence the need to opt for vaccination, the only weapon of protection against the pandemic ".

 "With this intensive campaign which is starting, the vaccines are available in all the municipalities and in all the divisions and subdivisions of our region to ensure the fairness of the vaccine offer to all above the age of 18years. We want to bring the vaccine as close as possible to our compatriots. More than 1000 teams have been mobilized for this purpose.'' Governor Adamawa Region.

Dr. Djamilatou Leila invited all Cameroonians and all populations to be vaccinated for the protection of the population at large against the harmful consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Government introduced an effective policy, support mechanisms for the deployment of vaccination; such as the COVAX mechanism, as the vaccine remains the safest way to curb the spread of the virus in addition to barrier measures. 

Despite the availability of vaccines and the deployment of vaccination, there is a low and insufficient overall vaccination coverage to ensure collective immunity for the general population. 

Faced with this situation which puts the lives of its populations in danger, the Government with the support of technical and financial partners, has decided to organize this umpteenth campaign for the benefit of the populations.

In anticipation of any future waves of cases that may arise. The health district at Djohong division which is at the top of the list with very disciplined inhabitants of the town located in Mbéré, made informed choice to protect themselves against the virus.


Journalist / Risk Communications and Community Engagement Officer.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Film Producers Resolve to Focus on Industry's Growth

PGC, Producer's Guild of the Cameroon Film Industry had their Annual General Assembly Meeting for 2022, focused on the theme; Paving the Way Foward for a more Lucrative Film Industry, taking the commitment to give back what will make the Cameroon Film Industry grow stronger.

This association has existed since 2008, met at Bundes Marcsons Hotel Limbe to discuss ways of putting in their best in the Cameroon Film Industry, making it enviable.

Musi Waa is National President of the Producers' Guild, who took over office since 2019. He expresses satisfaction for having a conclave that discussed what to fix in the Cameroon Film Industry and reiterated that it hasn't been a bed of roses.

"The movie industry has grown beyond lips and bounds and film makers continue to make their difference at National and International Film festivals, grabbing awards in different domains which is proof of the growing successes". 

"The challenges in the Industry are; Lack of Distribution opportunities, the prevailing crisis have made film makers to migrate to other towns and cities thereby raising cost in production and change in film concepts, given the desired locations primarily planned".

According to the National President of Producers' Guild, through out his term of office, he terms the moments spent as "awesome", being at the helm of the PGC after serving as Founding Chairman of the Cameroon Film Industry for 7 years since its creation in 2008. 

"As I took over office of the PGC Guild and being the mother Guild of the Industry, I think the EXCO can use the platform to continue providing support and a better leverage for film makers, actors to gain the much desired visibility and marketting opportunities for their films the world over" Musi WAA, National President, PGC Guild. 

Their goal is to have film makers or Producers say they are successful in film making with a better return in investment.

"This is our major goal, making this come true to all Film Makers, Members of the Producer's Guild".

By Ndefru Melanie on Special assignment in Limbe


Mayors Sort Best Local Economic Development Strategies

Mayors and Council staff drawn from councils across Çameroon, have taken part in a training centered on Local Economic Development in Cameroon, in collaboration with the Comon wealth local government forum ( CLGF).

The idea is for these Mayors to produce a program on local economic development that can be applicable in their various councils. According to the Vice President of UCCC, United Councils and Cities of Cameroon, Mayor Dighambong Anthony Mvo, each council should be able to set up a local industry that generates revenue in their respective municipality.

"As part of proposals, we think it is important to be able to check and see what we call comparative advantage of each council. That is, knowing what you're able to produce, suggesting that each council area can be able to have an industry, a small local industry that can create revenue, create employment, depending on the specificity, what you can be able to generate or have".

"The United Councils and Cities of Cameroon came out with monographic profiles of each council; where we were able to study or take note of the potentials of each council so that even if partners coming in, we should be able to know what exactly are the potentials of each council, that can be archived and be able to sell. Someone cannot be coming to develop you and doesn't know your potentials or what you can offer". Mayor Dighambong Anthony, Mayor of Wum and Vice President of UCCC.

Other participants felt positive about the workshop, that even though they have been doing something for their councils and despite some constraints they might be facing, it is important to improve on what has already been done in terms of local economic development.

Mayor Ngong Innocent from Belo Council, functions within a difficult context, where the armed conflict has been on for over 5 years. He told Civiclens that rural exodus has been maximum, preventing strides of local economic development to gain grounds. Yet he talks about efforts of the council and that the workshop on local economic development will only greese their efforts at Belo Council.

"The goal of the meeting is to improve on local economic development at the grassroot; where we can create employment opportunities for youths, women and different class of persons. It is advised that councils should be able to come up with projects that can empower the community economically and of course create jobs that will limit exodus to towns and to other council areas".

"We have had an overview on how to create such industries that will help boost the economy of the council area and we are looking at the creation of social amenities specifically for the youths that can keep them in the villages and avoid them going to other areas for the search of job opportunities". Mayor Ngong Innocent, Belo Subdivision, Northwest region.

Dr Mukwele Nguba Isaac, Mayor from the Kumba III subdivisional council, says the ongoing crisis in that part of Cameroon has shattered some of the plans of the council, yet they are not giving up.

"The crisis has actually imparit our expectations as far as youths are concerned, especially on what or how to empower them. That not withstanding since we came into office, we struggled to do holiday jobs for the youth, organized some sporting activities but because of the financial constraints caused by the crisis, we have not been able to follow up with all our plans for youths".

"Now that we are here to learn how we can ameliorate the situation, come up with strategies for local economic development, this seminar serves as an eye opener, so that we can better our situation; intergrate the youths, create jobs for them and also improve on living conditions in Communities "

The Mayor from Kumba III says local economic development will involve displaced persons who have moved from other areas and settled in Kumba, because his municipality is a green area and a host community for others.

The training was not just for brainstorming but also a forum for networking, for learning and a forum to link up with the Commonwealth local government forum which is based in Accra.

There were participants from the head office in Accra present at the training, Joyce Ekufu.

"The West Africa regime is collaborating with UCCC to organize this training on local economic development, because Local economic development is one of the thematic areas that CLGF is focused on, in helping to promote councils in their various municipalities, since 2011".

"The councils are the masters or the managers of issues at the local level and we are talking about local economic development, so they have to create the environment for the local economy to boom. If they are able to help in creating a conducive environment, then little businesses, micro medium enterprises, and small enterprises will be able to operate".

According to Joyce Ekufu from Ghana, Regional program officer for the Commonwealth Local Government Forum, West Africa, thinks that if these councils can't create an enabling environment for the youths and women who are into small businesses then there is need fighting for that to happen, by working together with people at the grassroot through these councils to improve on their economic situation.

While strategizing, potential partners have been earmaked; Feicom, the government; through MINEPAT, some NGOs, some local and international partners, not leaving out Common Wealth Local government forum who is also a partner.

Djenabou Mafing Marie, Mayor of Madingring Council, North Region

Betoden RAISA, from Yaoundé II Council

These Mayors going through series of trainings, are expected to come up with a proposal for the State, so that a national policy on local economic development can be established; where all councils can have it budgeted in their different budget lines, to implement the local economic development commonly called LED in Cameroon.

By Ndefru Melanie in Yaoundé

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Safety Returns to "Jolie Soir", a dreaded neighborhood in Ngaoundére

This Saturday, March 19, 2022, a major deployment of the police have been reported to be on site, at a popular quarter known as Jolie Soir in Ngaoundére. According to some sources, it is an operation of to control identification documents.

This neighborhood has been earmaked by many as insecure, a very dangerous sector. In the past at the same place, during previous raids by the men of the Regional Delegate for Public Security, Tiwa Pierre, several networks and gangs were dismantled, bladed weapons seized and as well as illicit objects and substances.

Since the beginning of the year, nearly a dozen similar operations have been carried out, so it is another widely welcomed initiative in the city, as security forces continue their crime-fighting operation.

#Katakap in Ngaoundére

Francophonie Week 2022: Young People Debate about Future Opportunities

The conference-debate chaired by the representative of MINJEC, Armand SANDJOCK, Inspector General of Teaching and Training Methods Programs (IGPMEF), ahead of the Francophonie Day was aimed at strengthening and consolidating relations between Cameroon and the International Organization of Francophonie in terms of youth support and promotion .

Three main themes furnished the exchanges between students, the administrative staff, teachers of the National Institute of Youth and Sports and the staff of MINJEC.

Francophonie Day on March 20 and the 23rd edition of French Language and Francophonie Week from March 17 to 25, will, like every year, provide an opportunity for French speakers around the world to celebrate the French language in all its diversity. More than 1,500 events will take place during the week, involving 70 countries.

The theme of International Francophonie Day this year is “The French language, connecting for action.”

It was a question of presenting the Francophonie, the opportunities of the Francophonie in favor of youth entrepreneurship, the opportunities of the Francophonie in favor of the promotion of the French-speaking sports elite.

The objective of this meeting, which comes from the celebration of the national week of La Francophonie which is held from March 15 to 21, 2022, is to mobilize and sensitize young people on the values ​​​​conveyed by La Francophonie and to popularize the opportunities offered by the Francophonie to young people.

In his remarks, Doctor Christian POUT, Director of La Francophonie, MINREX makes it clear that there is an importance given to youth initiatives at national and international level.

He mentioned the facilities and the support granted by the President of the Republic, for the election of our compatriot at the Head of CONFEJES.

The head of the Ministry of External Relations reaffirmed the government's constant support for young people in order to make them major players in the country's development.

On the question of the opportunities of the Francophonie in favor of youth entrepreneurship, Abdoul-Karim Nassourou, Coordinator of the PPEJ, MINJEC presented the participatory approach to coaching Cameroonian youth in favor of their socio-economic integration.

Subsequently, the Program for the Promotion of Young Entrepreneurship (PPEJ) of CONFEJES was revealed and according to him, this program aims to grant more autonomy to young people by financing their projects.

The overall objective of all the partners (MINJEC, CONFEJES, UN, etc.) is to obtain funding to develop youth projects and the networking of young people to pool their efforts and share their experiences. .

For Mankolo Nyaka, APEJ Coordinator, MINSEP, the contribution of La Francophonie to the development of sport is considerable.

In his presentation, he highlighted all the sports records garnered by Cameroon, this within the framework of the Youth Elite Support Program (APEJ). Francophonie for him, allows the development of high-level sport by opportunities offered.

Ngomba Fils, student Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Sports level 1 at the INJS wondered about the distinction of the Francophonie and International Organization of the Francophonie.

“La Francophonie wants to be an open organization and does not practice linguistic imperialism, it is open and does not exclude anyone, which is why Qatar is part of it even though French is not spoken there,” replied Dr. Christian Pout.

Ahanda Avoula deputy director at MINJEC wanted to know what is done by the Francophonie in terms of supporting young people.

"La Francophonie during elections often deploys teams of observers who conduct interviews with different actors. And the political participation of all and in particular of young people always comes up as a central issue".

"The wish of the organization is that the number of voters increases. It is therefore not a taboo subject. All these questions are part of the empowerment of youth, which is a commitment of La Francophonie” he had as an answer from Christian Pout.

Marc Armand SANDJOCK, Inspector General of Teaching and Training Methods Programs, representative of MINJEC reiterated the commitment of the Republic to enhance cooperation with the International Organization of La Francophonie. 

It is also a question of making a tool of communication, information and exchanges in favor of young people. He affirmed the gratitude of the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education to the speakers who came to edify the young students and the national community and expressed the wish that the next edition give way to more innovations in terms of the achievements of young people.

Communication Unit, MINJEC