Francophonie Week 2022: Young People Debate about Future Opportunities

The conference-debate chaired by the representative of MINJEC, Armand SANDJOCK, Inspector General of Teaching and Training Methods Programs (IGPMEF), ahead of the Francophonie Day was aimed at strengthening and consolidating relations between Cameroon and the International Organization of Francophonie in terms of youth support and promotion .

Three main themes furnished the exchanges between students, the administrative staff, teachers of the National Institute of Youth and Sports and the staff of MINJEC.

Francophonie Day on March 20 and the 23rd edition of French Language and Francophonie Week from March 17 to 25, will, like every year, provide an opportunity for French speakers around the world to celebrate the French language in all its diversity. More than 1,500 events will take place during the week, involving 70 countries.

The theme of International Francophonie Day this year is “The French language, connecting for action.”

It was a question of presenting the Francophonie, the opportunities of the Francophonie in favor of youth entrepreneurship, the opportunities of the Francophonie in favor of the promotion of the French-speaking sports elite.

The objective of this meeting, which comes from the celebration of the national week of La Francophonie which is held from March 15 to 21, 2022, is to mobilize and sensitize young people on the values ​​​​conveyed by La Francophonie and to popularize the opportunities offered by the Francophonie to young people.

In his remarks, Doctor Christian POUT, Director of La Francophonie, MINREX makes it clear that there is an importance given to youth initiatives at national and international level.

He mentioned the facilities and the support granted by the President of the Republic, for the election of our compatriot at the Head of CONFEJES.

The head of the Ministry of External Relations reaffirmed the government's constant support for young people in order to make them major players in the country's development.

On the question of the opportunities of the Francophonie in favor of youth entrepreneurship, Abdoul-Karim Nassourou, Coordinator of the PPEJ, MINJEC presented the participatory approach to coaching Cameroonian youth in favor of their socio-economic integration.

Subsequently, the Program for the Promotion of Young Entrepreneurship (PPEJ) of CONFEJES was revealed and according to him, this program aims to grant more autonomy to young people by financing their projects.

The overall objective of all the partners (MINJEC, CONFEJES, UN, etc.) is to obtain funding to develop youth projects and the networking of young people to pool their efforts and share their experiences. .

For Mankolo Nyaka, APEJ Coordinator, MINSEP, the contribution of La Francophonie to the development of sport is considerable.

In his presentation, he highlighted all the sports records garnered by Cameroon, this within the framework of the Youth Elite Support Program (APEJ). Francophonie for him, allows the development of high-level sport by opportunities offered.

Ngomba Fils, student Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Sports level 1 at the INJS wondered about the distinction of the Francophonie and International Organization of the Francophonie.

“La Francophonie wants to be an open organization and does not practice linguistic imperialism, it is open and does not exclude anyone, which is why Qatar is part of it even though French is not spoken there,” replied Dr. Christian Pout.

Ahanda Avoula deputy director at MINJEC wanted to know what is done by the Francophonie in terms of supporting young people.

"La Francophonie during elections often deploys teams of observers who conduct interviews with different actors. And the political participation of all and in particular of young people always comes up as a central issue".

"The wish of the organization is that the number of voters increases. It is therefore not a taboo subject. All these questions are part of the empowerment of youth, which is a commitment of La Francophonie” he had as an answer from Christian Pout.

Marc Armand SANDJOCK, Inspector General of Teaching and Training Methods Programs, representative of MINJEC reiterated the commitment of the Republic to enhance cooperation with the International Organization of La Francophonie. 

It is also a question of making a tool of communication, information and exchanges in favor of young people. He affirmed the gratitude of the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education to the speakers who came to edify the young students and the national community and expressed the wish that the next edition give way to more innovations in terms of the achievements of young people.

Communication Unit, MINJEC 

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