Sunday, February 27, 2022

Public Health Minster Promise Bonuses to Health Workers in the Northwest Region

Minister Manaouda Malachie on a working visit to the Northwest region to inaugurate the CT Scan at the Regional hospital Bamenda, appreciates afforts of doctors and nurses excercising their profession in the face of a dual crisis existing in the region.

Public Health Minister admits that he recognizes the efforts put in by medics in the era of the Covid 19 pandemic, saying they deserve bonuses to encourge them in the work they do.

"My coming to the Northwest region has first to to do with transmittinh the message of the Head of State to staff who've worked in difficult conditions, in a difficult environment but yet haven't given up. The Head of State congratulates them very warmly". Minister of Public Health.

During his working visit to the Northwest region, he was presented a few preoccupations from the Bamenda Regional hospital's director; personnel shortage, unstable energy - requesting for generator, the construction of a mordern emergency unit amongst others.

Director of Regional Hospital Bamenda

Dr Denis Nsame expressed gratitude on behalf of hospital's management and staff, the efforts of the Minister in upgrading hospitals in Cameroon to acceptable standards especially in the areas of Infrastructure, equipment, personel and finance.

Inaugurating the CT Scan at the Regional Hospital Bamenda

Minister Manaouda Malachie came to the Northwest to inaugurate the C.T Scan machine at the Regional Hospital Bamenda.

This was after the imaging Centre of the Bamenda Regional Hospital was presented to the Minister Manaouda Malachie by the Hospital Director.

Information revealed that the Imaging Centre went functional in November 2014 and was officially inaugurated on April 21st 2015 by the then Minister of Public Health H.E Andre Mama Fouda.

According to Dr. Denis Nsame, the machines at the imaging Centre had been working well until 2020/2021 when these equipments started experiencing numerous break downs.

In 2022, over 211 CT Scans has been done from Jan 16th to February 24th. The imaging center has 13 staff; 3 radiologists, 4 radiology technician, 1 sonographer, 1 nurse, 2 secretaries, 1 house keeper, 1 cashier.

"My second objective is to see the Regional technical team of our health care; after inaugurating the CT Scan, Haemodylisis centre and other Infrastructure. Thirdly I am the son of a Pastor and I came with Peace. I pray that this peace remains amongst the people of the Northwest region" Dr Manaouda Malachie, Public Health Minister.

Created in 1956, the Bamenda Regional hospital is the reference Hospital in the Northwest region; with a capacity of over 400 beds with a pool of 511 staff out of which 145 are state employed, 278 community employed and 88 partner staff.

By Ndefru Melanie

The Guardian Post 19th Award Edition: Esther Omam Awarded Activist of the Year

Award certificate

Esther Njomo Omam, Executive Director of Reach Out Cameroon has been in the spotlight in recent times, given her activities involving Young women and girls, affected by the ongoing conflict in the Northwest and South West regions , with the organization spreading it's branches in all ten regions of Cameroon and currently working in Northern Nigeria.

Reach Out Cameroon is a women and youth centred not-for-profit making organisation headquartered in Buea. Reach Out operates in Cameroon, with a mission to support underprivileged groups within the communities on Health, Human Rights, Governance and Wealth Creation issues using a community-centred approach and advocacy.

Their vission is to ensure that underprivileged groups are socio – economically and politically empowered in a supportive policy environment.

Esther Omam was voted this year as Civil society of the year for her sustained efforts in mobilizing women across the board in search of Peace in the Northwest and Southwest region.

Laureate at The Guardian Post Awards, 19th Edition.

Reach Out Cameroon started in 1996, the organisation became legalized in 200, founded by a group of medical doctors, gender specialists, social workers,nurses, community relay agents who were concerned with the plight of the rural people, especially those in the hard-to-reach-areas and those rendered vulnerable. 

Omam Esther and her team have been working with widows, displaced women and their families, school drop-outs, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) as well as HIV and AIDS infected and affected persons who are all main beneficiaries of Reach Out’s programs.

Her organization is also focused with economic development, health and medicine, human rights, civil liberties, reproductive and health rights. With health: Reach Out provides primary healthcare, awareness-raising, Water, Hygiene, and Sanitation (WASH) and health stakeholder strengthening. REO’s main core focus issues are HIV, Sexual Reproductive Health, Malaria, Diarrhea, tuberculosis, respiratory infections and COVID.

In Human Rights and Governance: Institutional Strengthening, Human Rights monitoring and promotion, case management for children and survivors of violence, peace-building and conflict prevention, gender equality and women empowerment using advocacy and capacity building. 

In Wealth Creation: Poverty graduation programs, entrepreneurship promotion, microfinance and provides capacity building for improved agricultural outputs.

The focus of the organization’s activities are underprivileged people, minority groups, and the extreme poor, with a special focus on women and youth. Most activities focus on hard-to-reach areas.

In their quest to reach out to different groups, age groups of persons, Omam Esther has impacted lives through her mission and vision and has been singled out by The Guardian Post Award 19th Edition for 2022 as the Winner of the 2021 Civil Society Activist of the year.

By Ndefru Melanie


Adamawa Region: Young People in Ngaoundére II Receive support for Educational Purposes

No development is possible without quality education. Idrissou Abana arrives Gada-Mabanga community in Ngaoundére II with multiple means, with actions to offer young people a quality education.

He offered financial support for the schooling of children, while assisting in the construction of classrooms, equip offices of directors, the develop some access roads leading to schools, made donations of school supplies.

The Mayor, Idrissou Abana has not hesitated on the means to offer to the schools of his community qualified teachers, supported according to the regulatory devices governing the accompaniment of the town halls to the schools.

Many say he is the man who built houses for schoolmasters alongside, temples of knowledge. Seen as a man of the field who from time to time puts his hand in his pocket to support people in his community.

"Our teachers must be treated with respect and dignity. Our education system must be the foundation of our development." Mayor said.

By Katakap in Adamawa region

Adamawa Region: Tax Center in Action for a win-win Collaboration with Integrated tax partners

As part of the implementation of the Integrated Tax Partner (PFI),
there has been a signing of a 
Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration instructed by the Directorate General of Taxes, chaired by the governor of the Adamoua region, HM Elhadjl Kildadi Taguieké Boucar.

At the opening of the session, the governor invited traders grouped by associations, to adopt and become one with a pedagogic approach in this framework of consultation. The partnership was first of its kind to be signed in the Regional Center, which concretizes the will of the top management of the DGI in terms of broadening the tax base and monitoring taxpayers in a context of digitalization procedures.

To the new tax partner of the trade sector, he said the full availability of his Regional Center to supervise all taxpayers in the real estate sector in the ment of their obligations and to guarantee tax fairness in each sector of activities.

At the Adamoua Regional Tax Center, Jean Claude Otseng, representatives of the trade sector proceeded to sign this collaboration between the Tax Administration.

The president of the regional council of Adamawa, the mayors of the of Ngaoundere I, II and III, City Mayor of Ngaoundere, regional delegates of trade and that of decentralization, collaborators of the regional and departmental CDI, the representatives of the trade unions and trade associations of the region, were witnesses.

The new tax partner appreciated the initiative taken by the Tax Administration and expressed the wish that this partnership will continue. He promised to give in his full contribution to broadening the tax base and improving the tax compliance of operators in this sector.

It should be noted that the concept of Integrated Tax Partner (PFI) is in line with the online procedures in force at the DGI, of which it is corollary. 

Discussions are underway for a new management approach that will contribute to the achievement of revenue targets and efficient supervision of taxpayers. 

This will require an intensification of media, advertising and communication campaigns, with the key being the multiplication of taxpayer training and the incitement of the latter, have even evoked here the probable construction of kiosks in the steps to bring closer the taxes of the taxpayers.

It is therefore left for a three-year contract which will be saction by an evaluation.

By Katakap Adamawa 

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Armed Conflict: CBC Health Worker Killed in Bamenda

According to information from a close aid, an armed group at a checkpoint around Mile 90 Nsongwa Bamenda has attacked a joint community health outreach team from Nkwen Baptist Hospital Bamenda killing one person, wounding a doctor currently responding to medical treatment.

This happened around 2 pm Saturday February 26, 2022. The 16-man team was returning to the hospital after two days of intensive community healthcare delivery in Ashong and Bali when they came under indiscriminate premeditated gun attacks by unidentified men.

Madam Shey Janet, a long-serving worker in charge of the Women’s Health Program, died on the spot from multiple bullet wounds. 

The bullets went through the windscreen of one of the vehicles transporting the health workers who had no other mission to Ashong and Bali than to provide healthcare to hundreds of fellow human beings suffering from multiple health problems.

In a brief service at the hospital Saturday evening, the CBC Health authorities and workers, numbed and shattered by shock and disbelief, yearn for intervention and hope as powerless mortals serving humanity and the Creator in an environment where even healthcare has become a crime.

Emmanuel B.

Nkwen Baptist Hospital


Sunday, February 20, 2022

MINEFOP Adamawa rallies thousands of Youths at Trade Fair

Young people both in an out of school responded to MINEFOP's  invitation - Regional Delegation for Employment and Vocational training, to take part in a trade fair dubbed; "Crossroads of trades and job exchange of Adamawa".

For this 2022 edition, these youths were able to visit over 10 exhibition stands installed at thr courtyard of the town hall of Ngaoundere and toured the premises of the delegation to find out about the training and services offered by MINEFOP.

There were also exchanges with experts, teachers, staff, and partners of this "give and take" meeting chaired by the governor of the Adamawa region, His Majesty Elhadj Kildadi Taguieke Boucar.

According to the organizers, the trades and job exchange was an essential orientation event.

High school students are confronted each year with the choice of their orientation. The university plays an important role in the success of its students, and that role begins with a successful orientation. 

An event is offered each year to young people to support and help them in this process: The crossroads of trades and the Adamawa job exchange is one of that occasion. This time the event is co-carried by the regional delegation of employment and vocational training and its multiple strategic and operational partners.

The event this year is said to have reinvented itself, in the choice of themes in particular. So that despite the health crisis, young people can participate in this important meeting of their orientation.

Visitors were able to discover the job offers available in the region, the extra-curricular training services and the partners of  MINEFOP.

Teachers, personal supervisors and MINEFOP partners were mobilized to answer young people's questions, to understand in a few minutes the essentials on professional training, entrepreneurship or innovation.

Not just the exhibition was interesting, visitors were oportunned to have access to 20 short and dynamic training videos.

By Katakap Heritier 

ESSOKA SECURITY Debunks Fake News: Denies Affiliations with Major General Ivo

Impersonation, false information about ESSOKA SECURITY has been circulating on social media platforms through a few news agencies, which triggered a Press Release from ESSOKA SECURITY to clear the air through a Press Conference.

Management at ESSOKA SECURITY Says the news about it's ownership, structure and existence being affiliated to Major General Ivo Desancio Yenwo, Director of Presidential Security is a huge Scam.

"The reason for this press conference is to clarify media men, to understand what's going on. ESSOKA SECURITY has good track record till date. We are not an ally to the said General Ivo, he has nothing to do with us".

"We are charged with guarding; we have patrol, supervision and an intervention unit. With 23 years of experience in security services and solutions. We have progressive records; of an intergrated security system which is provided to institutions under ESSOKA SECURITY." Head of Communication at ESSOKA SECURITY Bamenda, Musi WAA.

ESSOKA SECURITY debunks fake news, refutes all information in circulation contrary to its activities, position and ownership. Nsoh Joseph is the current CEO of ESSOKA SECURITY Corporation and has no affiliations with the said Major General.

Some of the news sites online claimed that the British High Commission in Cameroon contracted ESSOKA SECURITY to provide security, good guarding services for it's offices and staff residence in Yaoundé, courtesy of the said Major General Ivo. Management of ESSOKA SECURITY told the press, "all these are all fake".

"I don't know this man, I don't know what he is talking about. I have seen him only in pictures but I want to say that all that is being said on social media about him having something to do with us or give us contracts, is all fake", CEO, ESSOKA SECURITY Corporation, Nsoh Joseph.

Created in 1998, the CEO says he is not concerned about the intensions behind the blackmail or fake news, he talks about being more focussed with the media doing a rejoinder, making every effort to debunk the fake news.

ESSOKA SECURITY has a head office in Bamenda with offices spread across the 10 regions of Cameroon; providing services to several companies across Cameroon.

By Ndefru Melanie

Friday, February 18, 2022

Mourners Converge In Babadjou, Lay NW Governor's Mum to Rest

Dignitaries in their respective class have taken part in the funeral mass of Mama Lagmago Madeleine, Mother of NW Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique in Babadjou, west region of Cameroon.

The funeral was not only a point of convergence for love ones and friends who came to bid farewell to Mama Madeleine farewell, but it a was also an arena for members of government to commune with the Tchoffo's Familly.

Despite security challenges, Mayors, NW Regional delegates including other personalities within the West region and beyond, travelled to Babadjou to mourn with the bereaved familly.

Mass was said in honor of Mama Lagmago Madeleine, mother of NW Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique at the familly residence. Gospel was drawn from Mathew 25: 31-46 to remind mourners about man's frailty while their  journey on earth  and the need to work towards eternal life.

NW Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique performing burial rites

"I militated in different schools of thought that didn't have the believe in God, untill I wondered if I will ever mourn my mum. But one day God caught me at the age of me being a Governor and brought me close to his side".

"Mama was a royal woman, a woman who moved mountains. All  thanks to the the religious corps, the medical team, that did their best for my mum, she will travel to the world beyond with smiles on to sit beside our Dad who is waiting to recieve her in the world beyond" NW Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique.

It wasn't just an occassion to mourn or condole with the Tchoffo's Familly but an opportunity to witness traditional rites done in the West region of Cameroon.

By Ndefru Melanie


Thursday, February 17, 2022

"Golden Pillars not Ex-combatants", Bassang Victory Speaks at DDR NW

"Golden Pillars!! You are the roots of the next Cameroon. We took the time to fellowship and celebrate with you because we believe u deserve to share in this joy of me, turning plus 1. U are the ambassadors of this country and we thought it wise to share with you the little we have".

Basang Victory, Deputy regional for Communication NW celebrates her birthday with men who dropped arms against the state, while hammering on the issue of name-calling.

According to her, the name "Ex-combatants carry some negativity while eferring to these group of young men. She suggested the name "Golden Pillars" to signify hope, shifting away from the normal narrative, calling them "Ex-combatants".

"While here don't think you are at the end of the road, know that this is just the beginning for you. Let's live like a familly. I have been here several times and I have seen for myself how you all at the centre live together, let's keep on with that spirit." Basang Victory.

She didn't end at encouraging those at the centre to live on, by keeping the spirit of togetherness, she insisted that it was also incumbent on them to in their own way counteract fake information infiltrating the social media space.

"Believe in yourself, dream big, path your way and scale up, work hard towards that direction. Have a purpose for your life and have love for your country Cameroon".

Her gifts were appreciated by those at the centre for it was a rare occassion that a visitor will extend a birthday party to the DDR centre.

A representative of those at the DDR centre NW, offered words of gratitude to the celebrant. Promising to do their part to encourage more good deeds in favor of those at the centre.

"We thank Madam Victory for the love she has shown to us, involving us as she celebrates her birthday. We on our part should continue respecting our coordinator at the centre because only through him we will get good things and people will continue to remember us".

"We are hoping to play on our own part, advice some of our brothers who are in the bush to leave and join us at the DDR centre".

Kum Henry, Coordinator for DDR NW was glad for the move Basang Victory made by sharing her birthday cake with the boys at the DDR centre.

"The mood at the centre reflects the state of mind of the boys, not leaving out the girls whom we remember in a special and that the women here will be involved in the upcoming 8th March Celebrations".

"What you do here, Madam Basang is what heaven thinks of you and I know if u didn't have a good heart you will not be here to do this gesture. This good deed should be reflected in all spheres", Kum Henry.

By Ndefru Melanie


Wednesday, February 16, 2022

REAMORCE Offline Program Targets Over 680 Youths in the NW

Ndiwane Joseph, Head of Mission MINJEC to the Northwest region has revealed during the launch of a 2 day capacity building workshop for trainers that the Online Moral, Civic and Entrepreneurial Rearmament platform - REAMORCE for national civic education tragets over 680 youths in the Northwest region.

"We are interested in the offline REAMORCE program, the software is now available and can be downloaded from play store. From the 16th - 27th February, over 680 youths are expected to go through this program and prepare themselves to benefit from the new pioneer village and cluster" Head of Mission.

According to these experts from Yaoundé, the program has been made official at the national level and should be diseminated at the Regional and at the divisional levels.

The Online Moral, Civic and Entrepreneurial Rearmament platform - REAMORCE was officially launched on January 14, 2021 in Yaoundé, Cameroon by the Minister of Youth and Civic Education (Minjec) Mounouna Foutsou.

The ceremony coupled with the delivery of installation kits to Juniors-Entrepreneurs-Consultants and young people installed in innovative clusters of the digital economy and renewable energies.

The objective of REAMORCE is to clean up and restore morality, the uncivil behavior of Cameroonian citizens and young people in particular, by instilling in them a dose of motivation necessary to effectively and efficiently assume their future missions as managers and contractor.

Through this, boosting the moral, civic and entrepreneurial values ​​of young people is aimed at enabling them to tend towards a model of young people who, by their ways of doing, thinking and acting

The regional capacity building workshop in the Northwest region, which held in Bamenda launched REAMORCE offline. According to the Secretary General at the Governor's office, the training of trainers will facilitate the integration of youths in the socio-economic domain.

"This capacity building workshop for the training of trainers to empower the youths to facilitate their insertion in the socio-economic domain which is inline with the engagement and commitment of the Head of State through the 3 year special youth plan. This is a sign that the Head of State is determined to solved problems faced by youths by taking into consideration their difficulties and improve their living conditions", Viang Mekala, SG Governor's office.

The first Deputy for Bamenda I, welcoming the team from Yaoundé appreciated efforts made by MINJEC. Describing the 3 year youth plan as a "great step in the follow up of youths to play their role during emergence in 2035; A plan that guides youths from uncivil practices, juvenile delinquency, illegal immigration".

MINJEC NW, under the supervision of the Regional Delegate, Mbanwie Odilia Fri reiterated that youths in the in her jurisdiction were not quite informed about the Three year special youth plan. She encouraged youths to register with the national youth observatory to enjoy the largesse of the Head of State, His Excellency President Paul Biya.

"Most youths are not aware of this program. Most of them have lukewarm attitude. I wish to encourage them that the money is there for their projects; to be trained in buisness plan and entrepreneurship and gain from what the Head of State promised".

"It's important for the youths to be included in this project, we are encouraging them to register and benefit from the largesse of the head of state. We have over 3000 registered, over 1000 that have been financed already and in almost all the subdivisions we have pioneer villages. We have clusters and individual projects, they are all there and are functioning. I follow them up and I think they are doing well".

After the capacity training workshop that is expected to hold for 2 days, trainers are expected to go to the field and train trainees, follow up on REAMORCE. All 7 divisions and 34 subdivisions of the NW are involved.

"Launching the program for national civic education has been made official at the national level and we must diseminate it at the Regional and at the divisional level. We have kits to give out and have a working session with concerntrate services with MINJEC, so that they can start with the first batch of 20 youths in their various subdivisions" Ndiwane Divine, Head of Mission MINJEC.

Trainers will be updated on the buisness canibal concept which is the methodology of online working with young people buisness plan and will be expected to be able to develop and come out with a sample buisness plan from different subdivisions.

By Ndefru Melanie