Momo West MP Responds to Farmers' needs, Provides Farm Tools

Farm tools donated by MP

MP for Momo West addressing stakeholders from Njikwa

Farm tools like hoes, cutlasses, wheel barrows have been made available for over 300-400 farmers by the MP for Momo West, Awuntah Philip as a way to encourage a healthy harvest within his constituency, which will go a long way to satisfy the growing local population.

Momo West is made up of; Njikwa, Widikum and Ngie, represented in Parliament by Hon. Awutah Philip who has taken upon himself to embark on a long term development strategy within constituency.

These gifts estimated to cost over two million cfa francs, were received by the Mayor of Njikwa and Delegates from the different villages that make up Njikwa. These gifts come after a similar gesture was carried out by the MP when he visited Widikum and Ngie.

Njikwa municipality grows alot of diverse agricultural products, cash crops like; cocoa and coffee, including other products like palm kernel, groundnuts, rice, cocoyams and yams in large quantities.

Accompanied by the Section president CPDM Njikwa Egoh Ringo, the MP explained that it is a duty to serve and take care of his people, as he represents them in Parliament.

"As a duty, being a member of parliament is to serve the population, look at the problems faced in communities, and see how to assist them".

"I took note of a very premodial problem, farming. Most of our people in the rural area particularly in my constituency, their main source of income is from farming. That is why I chose to donate these items that will assist them in their farming projects." MP Momo West, Awutah Philip.

Apart from road infastructure that pose as a challenge, the mayor of Njikwa, Akebe Angwa Emmanuel revealed problems relating to health and explained that a healthy population can work and contribute to development. On behalf of the local masses, the mayor lobbied for a health district.

"The Member of parliament did well to diagnose this problem, being a son of a farmer, he knew that it is only through farming that we can give impetus to the population. This gesture will solve the problem of hunger, to an extent poverty. Farming can be described as a solution for the njikwa person, though encouraging large scale farming will need that farm to market roads should be constructed". Mayor of Njikwa.

Describing the nature of the bad roads, the mayor revealed that since the 1990's the road has not known rehabilitation.

"The last time a caterpillar visited the njikwa Road was the 1990's. I don't have enough words to describe how bad the roads are, we still have localities in Njikwa that are not linked by motorable roads and most of the farm products are carried by potters on their heads". 

"The ongoing crisis has had a big negative impact on Njikwa, as part of the productive population - mostly the youths, were greatly affected by the crisis, moved out of the municipality to neighboring Nigeria, some to Bamenda and even to the other parts of Cameroon",Akebe Angwa Emmanuel.

The workforce dropped, affecting productivity. Some markets too got burnt, families have gone for months without getting basic needs, provisions.

The Section president for Njikwa says feasibility studies has been done, yet no contractor has applied for the roads, given the security challenges faced in the Northwest region.

"Njikwa subdivision has nine villages; most are enclaved with no accessible roads. Feasibility studies were carried out and because of the crisis no contractor can apply for the road, this is the reason for the untold suffering".

"The MP for Momo West has been to the field severally carrying out actions to redeem the people of the hardship they face". Section President Njikwa, Egoh Ringo.

By Bamenjo Petronila

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