Wum Council: 2022 Budget Adopted, Prioritizing Agriculture

The budget that witnessed some 950,000 cfa increase from that of 2021 fiscal year, was examined, scrutinized, voted and adopted during the council's budgetary session which held at the Council premises on December 15, 2021 under the supervision of Abdoullahi Aliou, Senior Divisional Officer for Menchum.

Mayor Dighambong Anthony Mvo in his opening speech enlisted the following projects envisaged for 2022 Fiscal Year:
Construction of a workshop for the manufacture of compressed blocks and pavement blocks, creation of council farm, Support to 10 persons living with disability in Wum municipality, manual maintenance of rural roads, construction of a municipal museum, purchase of a front head loader, creation of a Wum Council farm for (Poultry, Piggery, Plantain and Pineapple) known as 4Ps, to improve modern farming techniques, promote agriculture and improve on the Local Economic Development and the embellishment of the Wum council premises.

Deliberations that would enhance the development of the municipality were taken by the Councillors who intend to work extra hard so as to take the municipality to another level. 

Seen as a realistic budget, councillors scrutinized all possible avenues where revenue could be collected. It is worth noting that the Wum Council 2022 Budget is very much investment oriented and at the same time does not undermine the smooth functioning of the council; especially as it concerns taking care of staff welfare.

The investment budget will finance twenty-two (22) projects; thirteen (13) of which are drawn from the Public Investment Budget (PIB) of some sector ministries. Wum council plans to carry out thirteen (14) projects with the technical collaboration of some sector ministries. 

The council is determined to create the council farm this year as council projects amount to the sum of 316.05 million cfa. Its high level of realization will enhance the development of the socio-economic life of the populations of the Wum Municipality.

Councillors of the Wum Council decried the fact that their lofty ideas and bright dreams for a more advanced municipality, are hampered by the poor road network.

Prior to this Budgetary Session, the Mayor of the Wum Council visited some ongoing projects such as the giant ultra-modern Wum Cattle Market, the futuristic Wum Town Hall, the newly constructed market sheds at the Wum Main Market and the small ruminant market.

During the visit of ongoing projects, Mayor Dighambong exhorted his population to continue respecting barrier measures against COVID-19.

"We are trying to ensure that our population gets better services and for this to be effective, we are calling everyone inhabitant of this municipality to put hands on deck, for those dragginv us behind, posterity will judge them. The Corona pandemic is far from its end. Let's keep watching out by simply respecting the barrier measures prescribed by the Cameroon government, while protecting ourselves and those around us". Mayor Dighambong.

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Wum Council

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