Monday, May 31, 2021

PENASED Solicits Services of Motivated and Qualified Volunteers

The Pentecostal Advocates for Socio-Economic Development (PENASED) – a community-based association, non profit making has space in it's organization providing six job offers for volunteers.

The Executive Coordinator, Joseph Wato, indicates that the renowned structure within faith-based community needs the services of:

 *A Programme Assistant

 *A Community Health Programme     Assistant

 *A Gender and Social Inclusion           Programme Assistant

 *A Resource Mobilization and             Partnership Assistant

 *An Accounting and Financial             Assistant

 *A Bilingual Administrative                 Assistant.

These opportunities offered are part of PENASED’s implementation of its 2021-2024 strategic plan. The said plan focuses on improving the living conditions of the most underprivileged and vulnerable populations by working to break down the socio-economic barriers hindering their full development in society.

Created in 2015, the legalized structure’s missions include among others the sensitization of so-called Pentecostal and revival communities on the promotion of essential family practices for quality health and education, to contribute to poverty reduction through entrepreneurship and the creation of income-generating micro-projects.

It also promotes social integration of the aforementioned community by contributing to debunk false beliefs and practices for the adoption of healthy behaviors to ensure their well-being.

PENASED hinges its interventions on four pillars; the well-being of the mother and child, professional orientation for decent jobs, entrepreneurship for wealth creation, and social inclusion and human rights.

By Ndefru Melanie


Sunday, May 30, 2021

Youth Affairs Minister Embarks on a Tour, Appreciates Elite and Militants of Mayo-Danay

The Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou has carried out a tour to his base, to appreciate the efforts of militants, activists and sympathizers of the Cameroon Democratic Party Movement (CPDM) in Mayo-Danay.

This was organized in four stages on May 29, 2021, as part of an initiative of the Honorable Member of Parliament Moussous Lisissou, one of the youngest member of the National Assembly.

Honorable Moussous Lisissou of the Grand Guéré constituency, in Mayo Danay East, on the occasion of this tour, being part of a caravan led by Minister Mounouna Foutsou, in the four political constituencies of Mayo Danay; Bangana, Bougoudoum, Gobo and Guéré, did not arrive empty-handed.

At each of these stages, bags of improved seeds, varieties of cereals (millet, sorghum and corn), oil plants and gadgets of the torch party, were given to the activists and the populations.

Alongside these donations in kind, Minister Mounouna Foutsou supporting the young deputy, conveyed a message of assurance to the women of the party, CPDM.

"I will provide you with a revolving fund, for that each of you can benefit from a credit for the start of your activity. Thus, I demand of you, a credible Office. Madam President, you have your business, you only have your organization left".

Honorable Moussous Lisissou, expressed gratitude to his constituents, to whom he reassured of all his availability to accompany them in improving their living conditions:

"The message that I send to you, is that of solidarity, of cohesion in all that we have to do. Let us stay united. Let us not give in to the temptations of the politics of division, because united we are much stronger. I know that I can count on your unwavering and unconditional support to our National President, President of the Republic, H.E. Paul Biya, so that our political party remains as strong as ever ”.

A caravan which saw the strong mobilization of Her Majesty Wourlina Kampété, and President of the Section of Mayo Danay Sud Est 1, His Majesty Voussou Tairia, the local president of Youth Organization of the CPDM of Bougoudoum, as well as the president of the CPDM section of Grand Guéré, Moussa Guinitna.

The Lamidat's explanade of Bougoudoum hosted the stopover stage of this caravan, where the sons and daughters of the locality came in large numbers to celebrate their son, Honorable Moussous Lisissou, elected Member of the National Assembly at the end of the double ballot of February 9, 2020.

To them, the Honorable Moussous Lisissou clarified: "I came here with the other elected officials, to say thank you. You voted for us and we make a solemn commitment to defend your interests wherever the need arises ”.

Gobo's lamido, during the third stage of this political tour, expressed its gratitude to "the political elites gathered for the political visit on Saturday".

He was followed in this momentum by Robert Djohlada, who spoke on behalf of the local Rdpc section, inviting each of the populations present, to support President Paul Biya, as well as the initiatives of grassroots political leaders.

Minister Mounouna Foutsou, used the opportunity to call on the populations to be more vigilant in order to safeguard the integrity of Cameroonian territory.

Given the difficult security context that Cameroon is going through, improved seeds were given to Gobo, donors urged beneficiaries to put them to good use, starting with the coming crop year.

Honorable Moussous Lisissou, the Grand Guéré constituency, in Mayo Danay East, believed that it was imperative that he returned home to his people after the double legislative and municipal elections of February 9, 2020, to say thanks.

Alphonse Rouboutangou and Alphonse Vildina, respectively mayors of the municipalities of Gobo and Guéré, have indicated that they are considering a common project in favor of the populations of their municipalities.

The project called "Unit against hunger" was envisaged to make grain available to activists at affordable prices throughout the year.

An initiative strongly welcomed by His Majesty Issa Djobongué, lamido of the canton of Guéré. The traditional authority finds that this tour breaks with the past habits, which wanted that once elected, the militants are left to fend for themselves.

By giving assurances to return very regularly, as soon as the opportunity arises, the Honorable Moussous Lisissou reiterated his "Thank you" to the people who made it possible for him to represent them in Parliament.

By Ndefru Melanie


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Armed Conflict, Northwest region: Four soldiers killed in the Bui

Partial View of Bui Division

Security sources says, they so called Ambazonian... "general "No Pity" who had killed five soldiers in Galim is the author of this new attack.

The army has been at the fore front against the "Ambas Boys" in Bui for several days. This stronghold of the separatist movement led by General Ambazonian "No Pity" resisted despite repeated assaults by the Cameroonian army.

Since May 15th, Cameroonian troops have taken up positions in the division of Bui where the Ambazonian general "No Pity" has settled. 

Several villages of this locality namely, Kumbo the capital, Tadu, Vekovi, Meluf, Laissin, have become the theaters of armed clashes between the army and the armed separatist group of the famous general "No Pity".

The photos and other videos from these localities posted on social networks by partisant of separatist movement, attest the intensity of fighting and the tense climate that reigns in these places.

On social networks, the leaders of this separatist movement claimed victory. On Tuesday 25th 2021 in the morning, Capo Daniel, leader of these armed groups base in Bui, posted a video where his elements present the results of one of their operations against the gendarmerie brigade in the locality of Laissin.

In this video of more than two minutes, the Amba boys of General "No Pity" presented a whole military arsenal, recovered after an attack according to them. 

We could see, four Ak 47 rifles ammunitions and magazines, a grenade a pistol bulletproof vests of the military police as well as uniforms. A considerable harvest according to Capo Daniel who praised the bravery of General "No Pity". 

These groups of "No Pity" indicated in this video killed 4 soldiers including the commander of the Laissin brigade where the attack took place. We have not been able to verify this report from an independent source. 

The SDO of Bui contacted by telephone confirms the death of four gendarmes without further comments. Note that these fighting, which continues in Bui have already caused several deaths, according to security sources.

The Ambazonian general "Akwaba" have been neutralized with seven  of his fighters, adds our sources. A video that went viral showed houses set on fire in the town of Tadu.

Stop the entry of weapons

In this army offensive, the troops on the ground come from Koutaba, 51st Brim etc. The objective according to some security sources is to neutralize the armed groups in Bui and especially its leader General "No Pity". 

In a prefectoral order dated May 21, the SDO of Donga Mantung had decided to close the land and river borders of his division with the state of Taraba in Nigeria.

"All land and river borders of Donga Mantung Department with Taraba State in Nigeria, stretching from Yang Village in Nwa Subdivision to Buku Village in Ako Ward, must be closed until further notice ”, reads the order.

According to the SDO, the decision aimed at"... Maximizing the fight against the smuggling of illegal weapons, ammunition, drugs and other dangerous substances which make people and their property insecure". 

Regarding those who violate the order, Prefect Simon Nkwenti Ndoh is categorical: "... any individual or group of people found violating the order will be prosecuted in accordance with the legal instruments in force". 

To deal with those breaking the order, the Prefect called on the sub-prefects of Ako and Nwa districts, law enforcement officials, mayors and traditional leaders to enforce the order.

The dreaded "No Pity"

He stands out today as the new "Field Marshal" of the secessionist fighters. He has been greatly feared for several months now. To his credit, several attacks in western region of Cameroon, including the attack on Galim which cost the death of 5 soldiers last April. 

“On the night of Saturday to Sunday April 30, around 8:30 p.m. (local time / GMT + 1), around twenty armed secessionist terrorists simultaneously attacked the gendarmerie brigade and the police station in the town of Galim, located in the region of the West ”, had reported, the governor of the West, Fonka Awa Augustine.

In December 2018, one person was killed and several others kidnapped or shot, wounded in a separatist attack on the village of Bangourain in the Western Region.

 This other attack still bore the signature of "No Pity". The governor of the region also mentioned that around 50 houses were set on fire during the attack. 

The localities of the French-speaking part of Cameroon have for some time been the object of incursions by English-speaking secessionists, who have so far carried out their operations in the English-speaking regions of the North West and the South west regions.

Culled from Nouvelle Expression
Ndefru Melanie

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Huawei Celebrates 20years of Telephony, Offers 20 Video Conferencing equipment to Cameroon

Huawei offers video conferencing equipment to Cameroon while celebrating 20years of mobile telephony in Cameroon, an event which held under the high patronage of the Head of State and chaired by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, the Prime Minister Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute. 

They August Guest, President of Huawei Northem Africa was received in audience on May 17, 2021.

During this Audience, Terry HE on behalf of HUAWEI, made a donation to the Cameroonian government of 20 units of intelligent conference systems "Huawei Ideal Hub" , to express the support of Huawei in the celebration of the 20 anniversary of Mobile in Cameroon. 

This donation is a symbol of the strategic cooperation between Huawei and the Government of Cameroon and the development of the ICT industry in Cameroon.

While expressing the deepest gratitude of the Huawei group for the invaluable support of the Cameroonian Government, the latter also stressed that the management of Huawei attaches great importance to cooperation with the Government of Cameroon. 

By way of illustration, part of the implementation of the partnership signed between the Republic of Cameroon and Huawei, the donation has undertaken to train 200 candidates in ICT in 2021.

Huawei Cameroon logo

The Huawei ICT Academy program is being implemented in partnership with the seven Cameroonian universities. 

Until March 2021, there are 525 students and 39 teachers, already trained under this program, said Mr. Terry He, who also confirmed the effective availability of the financial contribution of 100 million CFA francs intended for the fight against the spread of Covid-19.

The Prime Minister Head of Government Joseph Dion Ngute, expressed appreciation of the Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya and that of the Cameroonian Government, for contributions made by Huawei group to the development of the digital economy in Cameroon. 

"we remain open to any proposal aimed at supporting the Government, within the framework of its emergence by 2035".

By Ndefru Melanie

Monday, May 24, 2021

Management of Covid 19 Funds: MINJEC Communicates through Its Newsletter

Here is the real account of the use of resources allocated to Minjec
In your newspaper published on Monday, May 17, 2021, shared online and included in the press review of certain media, you headlined the following:

“Covid Fund: Denunciation to the Ministry of Youth. Information indicating an embezzlement of funds intended for the fight against Covid-19 has been circulating for a few days. The communications services of this ministry are very embarrassed ", the hat follows the big headlines. Housed in the NEWS section on page 3 of your newspaper, the headline is similar to that of the front page. Embezzlement of Covid funds: A youth ministry official unpacks everything.
Also, we allow ourselves as usual, to use this same channel to restore the facts in their context.
Indeed, regarding the rumor that aims to create a buzz on social networks we did not see fit to respond to it. With the use of this information by La Nouvelle Expression, which we think is serious, we saw fit to provide some clarification both for your writing and for your audience.
As part of the government response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education (MINJEC) has undertaken to conduct a special public awareness campaign. The said campaign is carried out in the field by Mobile Popular, Urban and Rural Animation Teams (EMAPUR), Community Mediators, Civic Service Called Persons and other associations and youth movements under the banner of the National Youth Council of Cameroon. An activity coordinated by the local supervision structures of MINJEC throughout the national territory alongside the Ministry of Public Health and other partners.
Thus, following Decree No. 2020/3221 / PM of July 22, 2020 fixing the distribution of the allocation of the special solidarity fund by the Prime Minister, Head of Government, a sum of 750 million (seven hundred and fifty million CFA francs) was allocated to MINJEC, in order to carry out the above-mentioned campaign and not 850 million (eight hundred and fifty million CFA francs) as announced in your columns.

To support the sensitization teams raised, MINJEC has broken down the allocation of the overall sum of 750 million as follows, contrary to what is written in your article:
- Regional delegation (10): 20 million CFA francs;
- Departmental delegation (58): 87 million CFA francs;
- District delegation (360): 360 million CFA francs;
- National Center for Popular and Civic Education: 10 million CFA francs;
- National Center for Youth and Sports of Kribi: 10 million CFA francs;
- The two multifunctional centers for the promotion of young people (CMPJ) of reference (Yaoundé and Douala) 02 million CFA francs;
- The 10 regional CMPJs: 05 million CFA francs;
- The 58 departmental CMPJ: 14 million 500 thousand CFA francs;
- The 363 district CMPJs and youth centers: 36 million 300 thousand CFA francs;
- Coordination and material acquisitions of protection and awareness: 205million 200 thousand CFA francs.
It is important to note that the payment files, in particular the funds intended for decentralized services introduced to the Ministry of Finance, suffered three rejections for various and varied reasons.
Also, in order to avoid foreclosure of all these allocated funds, MINJEC requested and obtained from its Finance colleague the transfer of certain credits, for a total amount of 360 million, for the acquisition of motorcycles for the sensitization of populations at the local level. The related files are being processed at the level of the competent services, in the same way as certain files for the acquisition of awareness and protection equipment.

In any case to date, no payment of the COVID FUND to the decentralized services has yet been made by the Ministry of Finance. Consequently, the young people who made the sensitization and whose copies of identification documents were received by the regional delegates of MINJEC for the constitution of the file as the procedures require it, could not indeed be paid. because the related funds have been misappropriated, but for reasons of non-compliance with procedures specific to the management of Covid funds.
However, a plea is made towards the hierarchy with a specific employment account in order to find a solution to encourage the many young volunteers who have been working in the field since the outbreak of the pandemic in Cameroon. Moreover, the Prime Minister, Head of Government, had in his time congratulated this noble work of young volunteer sensitizers.


Friday, May 21, 2021

MINJEC, UCCC Synergize Efforts for Local Development

The Ministry of Youths and Civic Education together with United Councils and Cities of Cameroon have signed a partnership agreement to involve Youths in the growth and development within local councils.

The partnership agreement signed on May 19, 2021 in Yaounde went ahead to solidify the full participation of Youths, spearheading development in the nation and make municipalities levers of growth and engines of development.

According to MINJEC, Mounouna Foutsou, Minister of Youth and Civic Education, the field of local development offers as many perspectives for civic and civic education of populations, for the promotion of peace and living together, and for supervision and youth participation.

Areas where the maximum participation of Youths are needed have been earmarked; the civic education of the population; the promotion of peace, living together and national integration within municipalities; citizen participation of young people, youth organizations and movements in local development actions; promotion of volunteering; the social and economic integration of young people; the fight against social evils and pandemics; the integration of the youth approach in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals; the involvement of young people, especially young girls, in local development actions; promoting the digital economy and technological innovation among young people; the promotion and capitalization of sustainable partnerships in favor of young people at local, national and international level.

As a guardian of youth policies, MINJEC is committed to providing UCCC with technical support in the implementation of its activities to promote civic education and national integration; collaborate with the UCCC and its members for the implementation of projects.

Mobilize young people and their organizations with a view to defining, implementing and monitoring activities carried out by municipalities in the fields covered by the agreement; finally, to provide UCCC and its members with technical assistance for the establishment and conduct of activities.

The United Councils and Cities of Cameroon which brings together all municipalities, undertakes to ensure among its members, awareness and popularization of initiatives led by MINJEC in favor of populations in general and youth in particular.

To provide support to MINJEC within the framework of the Civic Education and National Integration Campaign; sensitize the municipalities on the need to make available to MINJEC, data on the activities of the youth sector carried out within the municipalities; raise awareness among members and support their activities within municipalities.

Encourage municipalities to welcome, supervise and provide multifaceted support to young people within the framework of activities falling within the scope of this convention; contribute to the development of didactic and methodological tools relating to the capacity building of local actors in areas falling within the scope of the convention.

Focus of the partnership is on the Youth Municipal Councils, the installation of which of the Yaoundé 2 district municipality is an illustration of this.

Setting up a bureau in Yaoundé to comprise of 7 young people, as authorities provided a copy of the national anthem in French and English, in order to reinforce their patriotic fervor. 

The Youth Municipal Councils are a laboratory for social inclusion, intergenerational dialogue and even the learning of democratic practices.

By Ndefru Melanie

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Adamawa Elite Mobilize for Peace and Social Cohesion

The contribution of traditional chiefs widely appreciated and rightly hailed in Adamaoua where calls for the union of populations around the ideals of peace, national unity, social cohesion, peaceful cohabitation and solidarity are increasing.


In Ngaoubela-Tibati, Djerem region of Adamawa, His Majesty Moussa Youssoufa intensifies awareness in the preservation of the values ​​of peace amongst his subjects. According to the traditional chief,

"we must at all costs preserve peace to face the immense challenges that await us. we must stand up, to preach peace, tolerance, stability, union and the virtues of solidarity".

"we are a proud people who are worth gold, with courage we hide our difficulties under the masks of audacity. we regularly mobilize and ask various actors working in favor of peace and living together for support, in raising the awareness among our people on tolerance, inclusion, understanding and solidarity"

20th May celebrations of 2021 h
gave the elite, that opportunity to express deep desire to live and act together, united in diversity, with his people in a view to build a viable world based on peace, solidarity and harmony.

Majesté Elhadj TIDJANI

Living together in peace for the good of all for social cohesion and access to development, is a call from His Majesty Elhadj Tidjani of Mayo Jarangui- a district in

The traditional chief, president of the association of traditional chiefs of the district of ngaoundéré said it is necessary and took the commitment upon himself as an individual and collective introspection, while hammering;

"the construction of peace and the need to promote living together in harmony with values, is ​​more essential than ever and it is in this perspective that His Excellency the President of the Republic has made these a priority throughout his magisterium".

According to him, the Head of State's focus on the virtue Peace Les to the creation of the National Commission on Bilingualism, the recruitment of more than a thousand bilingual teachers.

"On this day, I pay tribute to all the peacemakers in our country for their tireless efforts to achieve peace. I call on all actors, particularly political and religious, to support us, us customary actors and CSOs in our society so that we can continue the daily work for tolerance."

Elites of the Adamawa region believe that tolerance is a virtue that makes peace possible.

By Katakap Heritier

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Tiko Transporters Rally For a Peaceful Community Behind Hon Etoke

Amidst growing uncertainty on sustaining community peace, the United Action for the Underprivileged Foundation, UAUF and its Vision Bearer, Honourable Fritz Ngeka Etoke, who also doubles as Global Goodwill Humanitarian Ambassador, has mobilized transporters in the Tiko Municipality to work towards building sustainable peace in the municipality and beyond.

In a marathon event, comprising a training workshop on community peace building and donation of equipment that took place in Tiko on Tuesday 18 May, 2021, UAUF, its partners and community stakeholders renewed commitments to chart a common pathway towards ensuring that peace is maintained and sustained in the target community.

Addressing over 25 leaders in the local Intra- Urban transport sector, comprising bike riders, taxi drivers and intra-urban transport workers during a peace building conclave at the Tiko Golf Club, Honourable Etoke said the transport sector is key in peace building.

He told the participants that they move people in and out of the municipality irrespective of their reasons for such movements. As such, they have a key role to play in maintaining peace in Tiko Sub Division.

It is for this reason that he called on the transporters to join hands with other stakeholders to ensure the community remains peaceful.
Honourable Etoke says the role of Intra- Urban transporters in building peace cannot be neglected, adding that the modernization of the sector will play a positive part in efficiency and ensuring lasting peace.

Speakers at the workshop included Commonwealth Youth Ambassador and multiple award- winning Peace Advocate, Samuel Buchum Bache and PhD Peace Scholar Imma Nkong.

The training also witnessed a presentation from the Sub Divisional Delegate of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Tiko.

In the second lap of activities of the day, Honourable Etoke and team equally donated computers, tables and chairs to the Tiko Bike riders Union, Mutengene Bike Riders Union, Tiko Taxi Drivers Union, Mutengene Buea Farm to Market Transporters, the Sub Divisional Delegation for Women Empowerment and the Family for Tiko, the Sub Divisional Delegations of Youth Affairs and Civic Education for Tiko and Limbe II Subdivisions.

The Drivers Union Offices in Tiko , Likomba and Mutengene were also completely renovated and handed over as part of the project.

The National President of the Cameroon Association of Media Professionals, Solomon Agborem, the project implementation Partner noted that "his association has a duty to promote actions that will bring peace in the nation and fight against hate."

According to him, the gesture of Honourable Etoke is a welcomed initiative and needed the push from all stakeholders in the peace process.

Reactions from across the board indicate that the grassroots initiative of the hard core humanitarian actor, Hon Etoke is worth emulating.

“We have spent time criticizing you unfortunately you are among the best we have ever had as MP. Anyway, Parliament or no parliament, Etoke is doing good", a Fako Elite opined.”

The President of the Tiko Bike Riders Union said in the history of their existence, "we have not had such a favourable gesture from any local politician."

Corroborating him, Pa Egbe of the Taxi Drivers Union regretted that quite often people come to them only when their services are needed. He said Honoruable Etoke’s gesture has departed from this unfortunate narrative of the past and has given them renewed hope for the future.

It is on this premise that he remarked that "one good turn deserves another, and we they shall be available to replicate Honourable Etoke’s good will gesture."

He further intimated that all the unions that have been mobilized and trained will go down to the communities and ensure that the knowledge they have acquired is used for the betterment of the community.

By Ndefru Melanie

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Ngaoundéré: MINPROFF Engages Children in Exchanges on JIFA's 27th Editions

Regional Delegate of Women's Empowerment and the Family

Cameroon just like the international community, celebrated the 27th Edition of the International Day of the Family (JIFA) on Saturday May 15, under the theme "Moral Crisis".

Through a message addressed to parents and families in the Adamaoua region, the Regional Delegate of Women Empowerment and the Family, having more interaction with the children was more of building a firm foundation of the society.

He explain that JIFA is a platform to "remind families of their role and responsibilities as partners in building the foundation of society vis-à-vis educating and guiding their children ”. 

According to him "the proportion of adolescent girls who have already started a fertile life increases rapidly with age, from 2% at 15 years old to 47% at 19 years old, age at which 38% of young girls have already had a live birth ".

He noted these deviations, including the loss of family values, the spread of unusual and dangerous practices for society, as well as the rise of immorality. Joel Dawa, Regional Delegate for Women Empowerment and the family recalled that his office and ministry has prepared for parents, a reference guide on the conduct of parent-child dialogue on sexual and reproductive health.

In view of the stakes he mentioned, he used the opportunity to invite families to have more open-ended interactions with their children. 

"Education and prevention on issues of sexual and reproductive health of young people represent for our nation, levers of sustainable development," he added. 

Likewise, the government is launching "an appeal to all actors in civil society and to development partners to provide their technical, material and financial support to our side for actions to better support families".

Adamawa Correspondent

Monday, May 17, 2021

Ngaoundéré: UNFPA Treats Women, Sets Initiative to Fight Obstetric Fistula

The Regional Hospital of Ngaoundéré will now be able to take care of obstetric fistula on a routine basis, given the support of UNFPA.

Obstetric fistula care, coupled with the training for medical personnel involved in the fight against obstetric fistula started this week at the regional hospital of Ngaoundéré.

For this first wave 20 women will be supported free of charge with the objective of making ordinary obstetric fistula care in the said health facility.

The Protestant hospital of Ngaoundéré, then the only obstetric fistula distribution center in the UNFPA project, will be supported by the center of the Regional Hospital of Ngaoundéré and that of Ngaoubela.

While the figures of the World Health Organization indicate that in the Adamawa region, about 23,000 women in Cameroon have been recorded with this, a good number have been counted as those who desire an operation as  most urgent.

From now on, the repair of obstetric fistula will be a routine to meet this vital health need.

"It is a taboo health problem, often shameful as described by others, but which is now fiercely tackled by the Regional Hospital of Ngaoundéré under the leadership of its Director Dr Mamoudou. An information and training campaign for medical staff working in the obstetric fistula care and repair cycle is ongoing".

Obstetric fistula is the appearance of abnormal communication, a "channel" between: the vagina and the bladder, the bladder and the rectum, or between the vagina and the rectum. Usually, these fistulas are the consequences of a difficult or poorly followed delivery with prolonged labor that will lead to a rupture. 

UNFPA is making a difference by helping women and young girls who have these problems. For this first-of-its-kind operation, 20 women will be identified then taken care of and treatment of the disease. Thanks to UNFPA with funding from the Islamic Development Bank.

“Women who are victims of fistulas are mostly poor women, who don't have the means and are often rejected by their families and isolated, '' explains Dr Danki, Surgeon responsible for training medical personnel on the obstetric fistula chain and several psychologists.
"We have been on the field, we have seen women who are out of society because they suffer from obstetric fistula and even their children are not able to take care of them." He added.

More information revealed that those who suffer from "fistulas", suffer not only from the disease but also from the reactions of their close relatives.
"We are the victim of violence! When we prepare the meal, our families do not want to eat. We even take advantage of that to say that we are going to find another wife for the husband because they no longer want to support us!", Testifies a patient who came for treatment.

Though there is hope for the cure and while it is true that obstetric fistula is a crippling pathology of the poor in Africa and in Cameroon in particular, a glimmer of light is on the horizon. UNFPA will be assisting in the management of the disease, which has started at the Regional Hospital in Ngaoundéré. 

"We plan to leave 20 patients to be operated on and the list is not closed! If there are ladies who suffer from the disease, they can always come when they have the information to be examined and to be taken care of, "explains the medical team.

An opportunity that women seize to end the disease that is destroying their lives.

 "We are really happy that UNFPA organized this. We followed the press release on the radio, we got the information and we came for the pick-up. We hope everything goes well until the end! ", Rejoices, a beneficiary of the event before adding.
" I would like to tell women that we are no longer in a time when we must hide the disease and die from it. Obstetric fistula continues with women in the village of Ngaoubela. Now, no doubt new lives saved ..."

By Adamawa Correspondent

Ngaoundéré: Over 1,500 Children Reintegrated Into families by AFFADA

Since it's creation on May 4th 2000 under the leadership of Françoise Baba Hamadou, AFFADA-Association of Women and Girls of Adamawa has reintergrated over 1500 children from the streets into their famillies, as a way protecting them from the dangers of the society.
Promoting and enhancing the rights of women and girls, ensuring their safety wherever they are found, is a mission for the Association of Women and Girls of Adamaoua (AFFADA), while celebrating 20 years of existence.

The association works for the protection and promotion of the rights and interests of children in street situations, the care and support of these children who are victims of abuse and trafficking and the well-being of women.

Each year, around 900 children are taken care of and monitored regularly, including at least 400 in school and more than 1,500 children reintegrated into their families.
After 20 years of action in the field, AFFADA has taken many  children from the streets, from prisons and integrated them into the community. Among other results obtained, the association educates at least 800 children in the country per year, and sends more than 34 women and girls to vocational training. 

The latter are currently installed on their own account. It should also be noted that several children who have come off the streets are now abroad thanks to the support of the association.

This positive assessment was obtained thanks to the five action poles set up by AFFADA: the reception and listening center, the reception and refuge center, the street project, the juvenile brigade and development projects.

AFFADA works in partnership with several international organizations to push forth her goals.

By Adamawa Correspondent

Friday, May 14, 2021

Ngaoundéré: Ways to Boost Economic Life In the Region Set

A workshop has opened in Ngaoundéré for a system on how to disseminate information on reporting and monitoring on Statistical information in the Cdts (SYREM-CTD).

The statistical information system (SIS) is a tool that collects and communicates information on the state of the social, economic, cultural situation and developments of the region, in order to contribute in improving administration and management of political, social and economic life.

Designed for strategic decision making, seeking high visibility and involving scientific objectivity, the regional delegate of the MINDEVEL for the Adamawa region presided over the ceremony on behalf of the Governor of the Adamawa region.

The Head of the Studies and Statistics unit at the MINDEVEL, Head of the IT unit and MINDEVEL departmental delegates from the North, Adamawa and the Far North, Several mayors, officials of the national institution statistics answered present.

Through this conclave an initiative to be of credit to UNDP, which will intend bring a contribution and solution to the effects of covid 19, was created.

By Adamawa Correspondent

Ngaoundéré: Freight Carriers at War with Bolloré

In Ngaoundéré, a group of carriers and other actors of this trade are attacking the French multinational who refuses to apply floor tariffs.

The road hauliers of goods operating on the Douala-Bangui and Douala-Ndjamena transit corridors are struggling to agree on the minimum prices and the contribution to the running costs of monitoring committees to the tune of 15,000 CFA frs per load, signed in euphoria as transport prices continue to divide the various players.

"At the end of consultations, it was agreed that no one had to be forced to contribute the15,000 CFA frs, that other organizations which have unions allow themselves to broadcast in social networks to say that we are wrongly taking money from carriers." Ibrahima Yaya, President of the Cameroon Land Transporters Group.

Another point of contention, an object of frustration that poisons relations between the various actors, is the non-application of the new prices for the transportation of goods into the hinterland and on transit by the Bolloré group.

A state of affairs that shakes the corporation, having become the target to shot down the French giant which does it alone is now on the mind of these carriers.

Despite the avalanche of negative reactions, the multinational is sticking to its position. A situation that arouses the anger of the community of freight carriers who do not hesitate to utter threats.

"Even adventurers like Bolloré will submit. This is Cameroon, not France. Bolloré must comply with the new floor prices" Pierre Nyemeck Ntamack, President of Professional Truckers of Cameroon.

The freight carriers from the northern regions of Cameroon, who met in Ngaoundéré have undertaken to respect the application of floor tariffs resulting from consultations between the Government and the unions.
In the field of freight transport, if optimism is not yet in place, the profession intends to use all its weight for the effective application of consensual tariffs.

By Adamawa Correspondent

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Youth empowerment: Youth Ministry takes Mobilisation Techniques Online

The Regional Delegate for MINJEC Northwest region, Nimpa Bonaventure, has revealed that working in the region entails great sacrifice, bravery, devotion.

He was speaking in the prescence of participants, being representatives of MINJEC's decentralized structures in all 7 Divisions of the Northwest region called to attend a training in Bamenda from  May 11th to Friday 14th 2021 in Bamenda.

The training focused on the need to put a new operational online training system following the challenges faced by youths in 2020.

According to the Regional Delegate of Youth Affairs and Civic Education (MINJEC), their prescence and turn out showed solidarity, looking at the youth representative and voluntary youth mentors who brave distances to be present.

"The training initiative is important, it is part of the acceleration of the Three-Year "Special Youth" Plan by the Head of State.
Working in the region entails great sacrifice, bravery and devotion, We feel neglected and abandoned and we hope for a better treatment to reconcile with working conditions. Despite the observations we remain duty conscious and devoted" Nimpa Bonaventure said.

The 4-day Regional workshop brings together representatives from all across the Northwest region, for the operationalization of Online REAMORCE and validation of INSEC Tools and Youth Buisness Plans. The organisers say, this is in line with the Head of State's efforts to curb youth unemployment and support entrepreneurship.

The workshop is intended to give them more knowledge on how to set a mindset for these youths to be focused in the plan and make use of the funding made available by the government, for their development.

According to the Head of Mission, the multiple crisis in Cameroon has caused the Head of State, President Paul Biya to intensify the process of operationalization of this plan through the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, with over 999 youths from all 7 Divisions of the Northwest region trained in 2020.

The Secetary General at the North West Governor's, Viang Mekala representing the Governor said

"As a way to support the Head of State in the quest for a better life and well being of the children for a better emmergence is 2035, government is building capacities so that youths can be trained and get involved in the Three-Year Special Youth Plan. It is a nationwide activity, as part of the promises of the presidential plan, which aims at being inclusive taking into account local realities".

"The Head of State is committed to the implementation of the Three-Year "Special Youth" Plan, making an appeal to the youths to make the most of the opportunities offered by the government which has a state priority to
accelerate socio economic intergration of youths in the agricultural and innovative sectors". He added

The Head of Missions to the NW supervising the training of trainers at the Regional Level, says the workshop is an opportunity for the administrative , municipal and traditional authority to become acquainted with the project and young promoters in order to provide them with the necessary guarantee and support.

Talking to press, Ndiwane Joseph indicated that the "Special Youth" program is a governmental program that permits atleast 1500 young people to be intergrated per year with over 500 of them getting funding.

"It is important to publicize the various tools and procedures involve in the Three-Year "Special Youth" Plan and the procedure starts with the registration of the youth in the National Youth Obsevatory, where the youth will have to choose an adapt a project to the environment. 

The project will be proposed to the local committee, monitored and once validated, the project is fowarded to the national level, validated and the youth account opened." The head of mission said .

Partner Ministeries to facilitate the plan are; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development MINADER, Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development MINEPAT, Ministry of Finance MINFI, Ministry of Secondary Education MINSEC, Lifestick, Fisheries and Development Project LIFIDEP, Vocational Training, public and private partners involve in the implementation of the plan.

Over 6 Billion CFA has been allocated for the youth budget by the state.

By Ndefru Mélanie

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Power Changes Hands at Ayaba Hotel Bamenda

New Ayaba Boss

Mr Ondoa, formerly the operations manager of the Ayaba hotel, becomes the new general manager of the Ayaba hotel. He replaces Mr Doume Zacharie dismissed for gross negligence.

Ondoa was installed in office yesterday by the North West regional Tourism delegate, while Doume's office was sealed along with those of the accountant and cashier.

A "tough" audit on the management of the former DG is in preparation.

Mr Ondoa, now the new boss of Ayaba, has often criticized the way Mr Doume Zacharie, former CEO of the Ayaba hotel, administered this structure. His opposing views had long been a source of discord between him and his predecessor, to the point where the two had become, according to observers, "sworn enemies".

The appointment of Mr Ondoa as the new boss has however become a bitter pill for the former DG Doume Zacharie.

Doumbe Zacharie, Former Ayaba Boss

According to some sources, the former CEO would have tried in vain to oppose the appointment of the former Ayaba hotel woker to succeed him, because "he always believed that he was the only one capable to ensure the proper functioning of the hotel "specifies this source.

Leaving his post could be attributed to several things; the non-advancement of staff for more than 9 years at the head of the structure, the tense atmosphere between him and the new boss of Ayaba today, his opposition to certain elites.

Where is Mr. Doume Zacharie after many times "ignored the application of the recommendations of the tourism ministry, after the meetings held in Bamenda to restore peace between him and Mr. Ondoa" explains anonymously a source of the Ministry.

Ayaba's former “Messiah” falls like “a fly” he who believed himself to be “super powerful”. On site in Ayaba, it is satisfaction for some employees and disappointment for others.

"It's over for the lousy" said recipient of the news, which favoured them.

"He spent his time insulting us, telling us that he is very rich, that's the money we worked at Ayaba" adds a visibly satisfied employee.

 An employee dismissed by Doume came to Ayaba to congratulate the new boss Mr Ondoa. Others happy, indignant about the way Mr. Doume Zacharie use to manage the case of the deceased employees in Ayaba. 

The latest being the case of Mr. Mayack François, an executive of the house who died of illnesses. "a gentleman like Mayack dies Mr. Doume Zacharie remains quiet, even to go and console the wife of the deceased he does nothing, it is when a group of staff who have contributed 2000 francs buy drinks to go greet the widow, that Doume visits after several days, it's incredible, ”says this employee. "He was mean, Doume," he adds.

On the other hand it is the disappointment for other employees, some Colleagues will miss him and remembered him for his efforts.

"He tried during all these years to always pay our salaries, it's true that he favored his people but he worked well, he will be missed" says an employee.

Doume Zacharie, dismissed for gross negligence, leaves when he had launched the rehabilitation work on certain parts of the hotel. Information has it that the money used for the rehabilitation work comes from the payment of part of the hotel's debt.

However, the former CEO of the Ayaba hotel will have to answer for the  management of funds, the contracts he made, the purchase of several televisions, remote control and other materials that never worked. This revealed a source, the management of the hotel's laundry and more.

Loved and hated, the Grand Doume Zacharie alias "My dear" leaves his seat of power at Ayaba hotel.


Chief Onko Moses Disappears After Strain

It is now on record that at the time of this report, over 4 Regional Councilors in the Northwest Region have passed on, even before the new office put in place by government could barely exist for a year.

Another Regional Councillor, Chief Onko Moses Amah, Fon of Nseh Village in Furu Awa Subdivision and Divisional Representative in the North West Regional Council is no more.

Information from sources close to the deceased have revealed that "he died in Wum on May 9th in the morning at the St Martin De Porres Hospital after suffering from pains from Furu Awa trekking for about 10 hours".

Furu-Awa Council area is found in the Northern Part of Menchum Division in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. The Council Area is made up of 17 villages with its head quater in Furu-Awa village.

By Ndefru Melanie