Ngaoundéré: MINPROFF Engages Children in Exchanges on JIFA's 27th Editions

Regional Delegate of Women's Empowerment and the Family

Cameroon just like the international community, celebrated the 27th Edition of the International Day of the Family (JIFA) on Saturday May 15, under the theme "Moral Crisis".

Through a message addressed to parents and families in the Adamaoua region, the Regional Delegate of Women Empowerment and the Family, having more interaction with the children was more of building a firm foundation of the society.

He explain that JIFA is a platform to "remind families of their role and responsibilities as partners in building the foundation of society vis-à-vis educating and guiding their children ”. 

According to him "the proportion of adolescent girls who have already started a fertile life increases rapidly with age, from 2% at 15 years old to 47% at 19 years old, age at which 38% of young girls have already had a live birth ".

He noted these deviations, including the loss of family values, the spread of unusual and dangerous practices for society, as well as the rise of immorality. Joel Dawa, Regional Delegate for Women Empowerment and the family recalled that his office and ministry has prepared for parents, a reference guide on the conduct of parent-child dialogue on sexual and reproductive health.

In view of the stakes he mentioned, he used the opportunity to invite families to have more open-ended interactions with their children. 

"Education and prevention on issues of sexual and reproductive health of young people represent for our nation, levers of sustainable development," he added. 

Likewise, the government is launching "an appeal to all actors in civil society and to development partners to provide their technical, material and financial support to our side for actions to better support families".

Adamawa Correspondent

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