Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Health, Custom Key Actors Strengthen Capacity to Combat Illicit Drugs Trafficking

Handling the importation, sales of substandard and counterfeit medicines in Africa, has been key on agenda during a three day workshop holding in Yaounde.

A workshop organised by the Intellectual property Rights and Innovation in Africa -AfrIPI, in collaboration with the European union, the workshop brought together some senior officials from the Ministry of Health, Police and Customs, Academics and intellectual property experts from over 20 African countries.

Information from the work session, revealed that in recent time, Africa's economy has been booming with substandard and counterfeit medicines, which has caused a huge problem especially in the health sector.

According to Gregor Schneider, Deputy Project Manager of AfriPI Yaounde, "the workshop seeks to to exploit multilateral action, Bringing together key players from different administrations involved in the fight against counterfeit medicines".

"Sharing ideas and solutions accross borders, will increase each others commitment towards reducing the problem of substandard drugs and their harmful consequences". Deputu Project Manager, Gregor Schneider.

It is worth mentioning that, 2017 statistics showed that highest proportion of substandard and falsified medicines was found in Cameroon at a percentage of 7.1%, followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo 2.7% and Nigeria 1.1%.

Also, it was revealed that Anti-malaria medicines were most frequently found to be substandard or falsified. These and more has brought Intellectual property Experts in Africa to strengthen their efforts to Combat these illicit buisness and safe lifes.

By Amamboh Carrey pride



Saturday, September 25, 2021

Bamenda II Councilors Validate Allowances for Mayor/Deputies

Councilors validate Minister's decision

Bamenda II Councilors sat in an extra ordinary meeting on September 25th 2021, to validate through deliberations, the decision taken by the Minister of Decentralization and Local Development - MINDEVEL Elanga Obam Georges, fixing allowances for Mayors and Deputies within Councils.

Mayor Chenwi Peter, Bamenda II Council

According to the Mayor of Bamenda II Council Chenwi Peter, the decision from the Minister comes to boost their ability in conflict management, living within an era where security challenges is top priority while operating within a Context full of constraints.

"For over 2 years now, we have not had a fix rate of Allowances that are being paid to Mayors. The Minister has come out with a decision fixing allowances for all Mayors as per Council levels and that for us to have this, it must be validated in a Council session".

"We were working without a fix allowance, this was very difficult. Working without knowing your financial status, because finances is a booster to ones job" Mayor Chenwi Peter, Bamenda II explained.

Councilors Bamenda II Council

Inline with Decree of September 2nd 2020, that lays down terms and conditions for the renumeration, allowances and benefits granted to Mayors, councilors across the Northwest region, will deliberate and resolve on the above in order for Mayors and Deputies to be paid. 

Partial View of the Hall

The decision, charged from the 2021 Council budget, an extra ordinary session at the Bamenda II Council holds to meet up with a deadline given, being September 30th just few weeks after the Council sat for their mid year evaluation session.

SDO for Mezam

The Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh reminded councilors of their task, representing the council and what is expected of them. 

Heap of dirt, causing health Hazards needing Council's attention

He shun the attitude of Councilors focusing on the aspect of sitting allowances each time they are conveyed, telling them that the routine has become costly for the council.

Simon Emile Mooh, Mezam SDO

"It is costly for the council, if you should have extraordinary sessions every week. This session holds in order to be in conformity with the law and mainly on the instruction coming from MINDEVEL". SDO, Mezam.

The Mayor, Secretary General and Treasurer are incharge with strict implementation of the deliberations arrived at during the extraordinary session.

By Ndefru Melanie

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Synergizing Efforts to Fight Violence and Discrimination in Schools

President of Movement

PATRICE KADJI, the Founding President of the Movement for the Fight Against Violence and Discrimination in Schools, MOUVMISCO has conveyed a maiden meeting with his close collaborators, to put in a place a Plan of Action for the Association.


He brought to the attention of members in attendance that it is important to begin field work as far as the Movement's activities are concerned, while informing them that the registration pappers for the Association to be fully legit is in process.

Maiden meeting

Holding on Saturday September 18th 2021 at Hotel Saint David residence, Bonapriso in Douala, was a General Assembly to launch activities of the movement to fight against Violence and Discrimination in schools.

Patrice Kadji

"We assure you of our determination and willingness to spare no effort in the fight against the ills that plague the education of our young people and undermine the cohesion between the various education players." Patrice Kadji, President of the Movement.

According to the President, this Movement comes into existence to fight violent acts that have been reported within school millieus, while Sensitizing others. He made allusion or reference to schools that have reported such cases, stating that it is important for all to synergize efforts and fight this social Ill.

Members who responded to the maiden GA decided to put forth few strategic points to begin work and embark on the goals of the association; setting target Institutions and choice of activities in the fight against Violence and Discrimination in these Institutions.

Activities for its first phase will target schools within the city of Douala where cases of violence have been recorded and it is believed that once their works create impact, it will spread to other regions across Cameroon.

By Ndefru Melanie

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Survival Instincts Amidst Ongoing Armed Conflict


This reporter has visited Foodmarket and is observing the streets within the city of Bamenda, without making comments about reasons behind the empty streets, or reasons for which people have decided to stay indoors.

Commercial Avenue

Hospital Round About

Back Market

Metah quaters 

Savannah street

Old town Firwewood Market

The difficulty in movement, the fear of moving through the streets almost alone, unaccompanied, lingered in the mind of the reporter. Doing sports is a means of Survival, the road ends here.

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Monday, September 13, 2021

Education in Adamawa: New Establishements to Relieve Overcrowded Classrooms

In a quarter called Bukina in   Ngaoundére, a new bilingual Hope Complex of Namokala have opened their doors for this academic year 2021-2022 school year, to help depopulate Overcrowded  classrooms of public secondary establishments in the Adamawa region.

This  bilingual school,is hope in Namokala and a reference college, being the very first nursery and primary school in Bukina.

These three establishments of different levels of education welcomed their first students on Monday, September 6, 2021, the first day of school.

Managers of these three local establishments were congratulated by several other elites and authorities of the area, for taking a bold step to work and shun out illiteracy in that area.

Katakap Heritier in Ngaoundére

Army-Nation Stronger Ties Observed in Adamawa

Besides other basics provided like food, the construction of schools and other infastructures, School didtaics like tables, benches have been offered to the Public School in SIC CAMP in Ngaoundéré by the 5th BIR, represented by the men of Colonel Commander Nkoo Ella Francis.

This donation comes after a series of care services have been given to civilians in military hospitals, with some contribution of food  made to the needy.

The BIR have as primary mission to defend territorial integrity, protect National unity and Republican institutions. For the past years, people of that locality have observed that the BIR is evolving by being attentive to the problems faces by the local people on a daily basis and contribute in finding solutions.

The relationship between theArmy and the Nation was born in line with the vision of the Head of State, President Paul Biya as seen in the choice of the theme for the recent 2021 edition of National Day, May 20th.

We remember that within the framework of the commemoration, without official festivities of that day, the theme prescribed by the President of the Republic, Head of the Armed Forces, was: "Army and Nation: together to meet the challenges of health security and preserve the peace, stability and prosperity of Cameroon ”.

The President welcomed the patriotic attitude of Citizens of the North-West and South-West rehions, who kept cooperate ties with the Forces of Defense and Security, in preserving Peace.

The Head of the Armed Forces had ordered young officers to always work in synergy with their compatriots, to assist in case of need. "This is one of the conditions for success in your missions," He warned.

Being on the front line to fight against the phenomenon of kidnapping is emerging victorious. This is what magnified the activity of young people who provide invaluable support to the Defense and Security Forces in the Adamawa region.

We are therefore not surprised by the rise of civil-military activities which further strengthen the link between the two components.

Katakap Heritier, In Adamawa

Incivism in Cameroon: Mounouna Foutsou instructs respect for the emblems and symbols of the State

In a press release, the Minister of Youth and Civic Education (MINJEC), Monouna Foutso denounces the resurgence of acts of incivism and mistrust vis-à-vis the authority of the State, including images and videos of scenes of violence, involving certain citizens and elements of the Defense and Security Forces of the Republic, widely relayed in social networks.

Source: MINJEC

Thursday, September 9, 2021

HOFNA/Ngala Gerald Collabo to Licence Youths on Leadership Skills

About 25 teenage boys and girls took part in the 2021 edition Leadership Bootcamp organised annually by Hope for the Needy Association (HOFNA) Cameroon, with support from the social entrepreneur and philanthropist Hon. Ngala Gerald, training teenagers on several key issues intended to nurture a new generation.

The main objective for the training given to these young lads, is to realize an effective and confident servant leaders. While they focused of virtuous principles to build a better future, the leadership bootcampers were also treated with back to school support material.

"This year's edition of our Leadership Bootcamp at HOFNA is special: bringing together 25 teenage boys and girls to address issues around servant leadership, gender-based violence especially school related, personal and menstrual hygiene, setting and achieving goals and building healthy friendships, the responsible use of social media among others. Christelle Bay Nfor HOFNA Executive Director said

Vumomsi N, a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow and Social entrepreneur leading the VUVU brand indicated to the campers that "to be a servant leader, there is need to build values such as selflessness, listening, working together, not looking down on others, encouraging, be the first to Serve". 

Taking on the training session, one will easily conclude that these teenagers have agreed to be servant leaders wherever they find themselves be it home, school or community.


Christelle Bay Nfor Speaking to the Press after one of her training workshops. HOFNA has always trained girls since 2016, but this time the CEO decided to include boys.

"For the past years, it’s always been a Girls Leadership Bootcamp but our new model is about bringing boys and girls together as a way to promote respect for the human person, bridge gender gaps and support boys and girls in not only setting, achieving goals but on the essentials of servant leadership/ building healthy friendships. These are things not normally taught in a school setting" HOFNA.

Officials of the Ministry of Social affairs and Arts and Culture

Representatives of the regional delegates of Social Affairs, Arts and Culture expressed gratitude to HOFNA for such an outstanding initiative which is essential in the upbringing of the youth in communities.

Considering that vices are almost over-shadowing virtue. According to them, if the means permitted, this initiative could reach out to as many youths as possible especially as our part of the country suffer from a violent conflict, let the young people understand why the society need servant leaders and not otherwise.

Dr. Wirngo, HOFNA's BOD member engaged the children on Building Healthy friendships, while HOFNA programs manager Munteh Florence drilled the bootcampers on Human Rights in general and School Related GBV.

Not only these, but other expert presentations intended to build better leaders either health wise or responsible use of social media, took part in the training session.

Talking to HOFNA, Ngala Gerald mentioned the need for such programs that do not only inspire teenage but nurtures hope and support them through the challenges brought about by some aspects of modernism as Social Media. 

He reiterated the need to support teenagers in building healthy friendships, leading through service and setting and achieving goals.

Thanks to the support offered by the entrepreneur Hon. Ngala Gerald, the program offered an opportunity for the children to build skills in areas not normally offered in school meillieus.

Young Leaders at CRTV Bda with Colday Ndofeke Olivier

Paying a visit to the CRTV where they had the opportunity, for the first time, to share knowledge and experience with their peers over the radio.

Coming on the eve of school resumption, HOFNA and Ngala Gerald donated school material to facilitate the return to school.

By Ndefru Melanie