Synergizing Efforts to Fight Violence and Discrimination in Schools

President of Movement

PATRICE KADJI, the Founding President of the Movement for the Fight Against Violence and Discrimination in Schools, MOUVMISCO has conveyed a maiden meeting with his close collaborators, to put in a place a Plan of Action for the Association.


He brought to the attention of members in attendance that it is important to begin field work as far as the Movement's activities are concerned, while informing them that the registration pappers for the Association to be fully legit is in process.

Maiden meeting

Holding on Saturday September 18th 2021 at Hotel Saint David residence, Bonapriso in Douala, was a General Assembly to launch activities of the movement to fight against Violence and Discrimination in schools.

Patrice Kadji

"We assure you of our determination and willingness to spare no effort in the fight against the ills that plague the education of our young people and undermine the cohesion between the various education players." Patrice Kadji, President of the Movement.

According to the President, this Movement comes into existence to fight violent acts that have been reported within school millieus, while Sensitizing others. He made allusion or reference to schools that have reported such cases, stating that it is important for all to synergize efforts and fight this social Ill.

Members who responded to the maiden GA decided to put forth few strategic points to begin work and embark on the goals of the association; setting target Institutions and choice of activities in the fight against Violence and Discrimination in these Institutions.

Activities for its first phase will target schools within the city of Douala where cases of violence have been recorded and it is believed that once their works create impact, it will spread to other regions across Cameroon.

By Ndefru Melanie

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