Thursday, November 26, 2020

Minister Mbah Acha Supports Rally Through CWF PC Nta'Ghem

Women of PC Nta'Ghem in Bamenda have recieved support from Minister Mbah Acha towards their Upcoming rally in Bamenda.

This gesture was done by the Minister of Supreme State Audit herself, Minister Mbah Acha Rose on Sunday 22nd November, at PC Nta'Ghem, in Bamenda.

Her coming for church service that day to worship was not expected by most Christains of PC Nta'Ghem, as she made her way amongst Christains, she was applauded for her prescence and thanked her for her support towards their upcoming rally.

The Women showed gratitude to the Minister for her timely intervention, given the numerous projects and engagements they are involved in, prayed together for the Minister's with their hands stretched foward.

The Christains jubilated at the envelopes handed to them by the Minister and hoped that many of such gestures will come by, especially during the Christmas season known for blessings.

By Ndefru Melanie

NW Exfighters Promise to Aid In Ending Ghost Towns

National Coordinator and Exfighters at DDR centre NWR

Exfighters at the DDR centre in the North West Region, have promised their National Coordinator Fai Yengo Francis to be more collaborative with Forces of Law an Order on putting an end to Ghost towns in The Northwest Region.

The SP speaks on behalf of Exfighters

They made this call during the National Coordinator's Visit to the DDR Centre in the North West Region on November 26th, where the request of the Exfighters were said to have been granted by the Head of State, President Paul Biya.

Speaking on behalf of the Exfighters at the DDR centre in Bamenda, Echu Emmanuel the SP appreciated the National Coordinator's efforts Fai Yengo Francis for his impact on the role played to ensure that they are well taken care of.

" We are happy about your coming to the centre Sir and we are happy that alot of what we didn't expect is about happening; The Driving lessons, basic education amongst many others. We have decided to help Goveenment solve the problem in the region by collaborating with the military for stability." Echu Emmanuel.

"As for the Ghost towns, we excombattants of the DDR Northwest region, will do our best to see how the ghost towns will come to an end" he added

Exfighters display a dance

View of Pigery n Poultry sites at DDR Centre NW

In line with activities that Exfighters are engaged in; Pigery, Poultry, Tailoring, according to the National Coordinator projects will be built arround these activities projected. " Training and having over 500 enterprenuers will employ over thousands of youths".

National Coordinator addresses Exfighters

"The State has promised to give you a package to settle so that you can estabilish your own buisness. The centre for your information has caused over 1billion francs." National Coordinator, Fai Yengo Francis.

According to him, the Head of State President Paul Biya aided in the funding for more space at the DDR Centres, as requested by the Exfighters through their regional coordinator, Gabsa Sixtus.

The National Coordinator unveiled the worth of the Information Centre meant for the DDR Centre in the Northwest region, the equipment and items envisaged worth over a billion francs. 

Away from the package, the team brought food stuff enough to positively colour the Christmas celebrations for the Exfighters and beyond.

The Exfighters were very convinced about the plans put in place by the Head of State, to be equiped and get ready for reintegration into society.

"DDR is a place to be, for those willing to change. Those still carrying guns in the bushes should ask themselves where are their sponsors" An Exfighter exclaimed.

Other challenges faced at the DDR Centre is the need for moral education for the Exfighters who are both male and female, still very sexualy active. There is need for sex education to avoid the birth of STDs and unwanted pregnancies at the centre.

The Regional Coordinator also talked about the need for basic education for the Exfighters, especially the nursery section for the kids that are being born to grow up with a strong basic foundation in the academic ladder.

Amongst other challenges, he cited the need for a fence round the centre, Education, recruitment of some staff and the need for professional training, so that Exfighters could be reintegrated  after being well equiped.

By Ndefru Melanie


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Bamenda II Council Recommend New Finance Controller

The Mayor of  Bamenda II Council, Chenwi Peter has observed with dismay the slow treatment of files at the level of the finance controller at the Bamenda City council and has requested through administration for a new finance Controller attached to the Bamenda City Council.

He made this request during a budgetary session on November 25th at the D.O's office in Bamenda, stating that the said Finance Controller at the Bamenda City Council delayed with files and hindered execution of projects.

"Bamenda II council is a city and we are requesting a finance controller through administration.
Difficulty and complaints have come from all 31 councilors, we strongly recommend a finance controller attached to the Bamenda II council". Mayor Bamenda II

According to the Finance Committee of the Bamenda II Council, Total revenue stands at 1.6 billion with Expenditure equal to Revenue. Recurrent Revenue is 60% being 960milliom francs, Investment revenue stands at 40% being 640milliim francs. 

It corresponds to the Expenditure, with recurrent Expenditure at 60% amounting to 555mllion, Investment expenditure at 40% amounting to 610million.

"When we took over the stewardship of this council, We met a budget that had been voted for and we undertook to do a number of things but more than 90% of the things had been done". Mayor Chenwi Peter.

Amongst the strengths of the Bamenda II Council, the provision of water at Ntankah locality; constructing a bore hole closer to the health centre and road maintaince on some stretches of road within urban centres, were signs that the population is cooperating in council activities.

The question of Bamenda II Council returning to its original site, Mbingfibieh was answered as the Mayor explained, "Civil status construction: council structure in mbingfibieh approved and beibg improved upon for enough work space" Mayor Chenwi Peter Explained.

The Mayor did not fail to mention how uncomfortable he was with the degree of laxity on the part of some council workers, a situation which was fixed through a staff meeting.

By Ndefru Melanie

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

North West Ma FO'Os Embark on Armed Free Crusade

Queen Mothers carry Placards denouncing Killings

Camtel's GM Mourns with Ma FO'Os of the NWR

Queen mothers and other Elite women in the North West Region led by Camtel's General Manager Mafor Yah Sunday Epse Achidi, have Condoled with beareaved Famillies in Kumba, through a rally organized in Bamenda, praying for lost souls.

"We the Queen Mothers of the Northwest region deplore and Condemn in Strongest terms the constant killing of our children, since the escalation of the crisis in our beloved Anglophone region" Ma FO'O of Akum.

The Ma FO'Os of the North West Region joined other Women across the nation through prayers said in different local languages denouncing the killing of Women and Children in the course of the Anglophone crisis, while condemning the Kumba Massacre of October 24th.

Mafor Yah Sunday Epse Achidi, Camtel GM addressing the women

"We as women, mothers should do our very best, play our role by talking to our children and we should continue pleading with those in the bushes to drop their weapons. We have come out to mourn as a familly, God being in our midst our prayers will be answered". Mafor Yah Sunday Epse Achidi

Worship moments

In their whailing, they remembered lost souls like Comfort Tumasang, Florence Ayafor who were slained in course of the crisis turned an armed conflict, Expressed grief and pleaded with the boys in the bushes still carrying guns, to drop their arms and stop violence.

"As Quen Mothers we uphold the sanctity of life and protect human lives in and out of our communities". Ma FO'O of Akum

The Queen Mothers March on the streets of Bamenda

The denounciation rally took place in Bamenda on November 24th at the grandstand, as the women rallied themselves in their numbers and prayed for deliverance from Pain/Violence and from the Covid-19 pandemic.

'We yearn for peace, drop the Guns and end the violence, we are mothers and are bound to protect the life's of our offspring". Ma FO'O of Akum.

The Grand Imam of the Central Mosque in Bamenda, Musa Chuaibuh was delighted at the turn out of women for the prayer exercise and asked that such steps be taken more often.

Reverend Caroline Memoh led the rally in gospel sharing with verses from the Psalms." Let the smokes scatter in the wind, Sing to God, rain Praises to him". The words mourners at the rally ground pondered on,"hoping that there will be a time to laugh when all is over."

One of the Women, an Indegene from Ndu, Honorable Naomi says the initiative of gathering and praying for the lost souls of women and children is worth it.

"When u see women being killed and mothers butchered we shed tears because we feel the pains. We as mothers feel the pains when we are pregnant for these children" Honorable Naomi.

"Seeing the children being murdered in classrooms, we think  the country is gradually getting into chaos so we are calling on those in the bushes to drop their guns." 

 Momo East MP thinks it is important for women Leaders, elected Officials "to manifest their rights at all time and at all places". 

She, together with other women supported the move of Mafor Yah Sunday Epse Achidi, General Manager of Camtel to mourn and pray for Women and Children who have died during the crisis.

"It is the fundamental right for children to go to school, we are now embarking on an armed free crusade for Peace to reign in this country, Mother's should do well to preach Peace to their Children for this to Happen". Momo East MP, Jon Foo Ngang Prudencia Injoh.

Scenario at DDR Centre Northwest

Mafor Yah Sunday Epse Achidi, visited the DDR centre in the North West Region offering food and other basic needs, giving the Exfighters moral support, adving them to keep being patriotic.

By Ndefru Melanie 


Sunday, November 22, 2020

CPDM Launches Regional Election Campaigns In Bamenda

CPDM Bigwigs Launch Campaigns

Regional Election Campaigns takes off in the North West Region as CPDM Big Wigs launch Campaigns, expected to span for atleast 15days before voting day slated for December 6th.

Dance Groups Colour the Launch Ceremony

The Launch took place in Bamenda on November 22nd as special status gave Northwest and Southwest regions an organistional and operational regime based on historical, social and cultural values.

Based on Regional Elections, both regions may amongst other privileges participate in the formulation of national public policies that has to do with Anglophone educational sub system.

December 6th 2020 Election of Regional Councillors is expected to usher in a new configuration of Cameroon’s political landscape.

In the troubled North West and South West regions new political elite are expected to emerge and implement the Special Status given to the two regions.

Prominent Names In The Race
Candidatures files have not yet been submitted at ELECAM branches, however political parties have begun investing candidates who are interested to run.

Prominent names in the North West region are yet to clearly state their intent to run on the media. However on a national scale, academicians, economic operators and traditional leaders have declared their intention to run for the election that will hold in less than four months.

To Yang Philemon, it is time to seize the opportunity of Regional Elections and correct mistakes made over the years.

"It is time to take back our region and develop it. The region has been mismanaged for over 30 years that is from 1990-2020" Yang Philemon at the launch of Regional campaigns in the North West.

The Race is on and history is about repeating itself, many are waiting to see candidates like Fon Angwafor III lay the foundation stone In the House of Chiefs, having the experience and as one who lived in the era back then in the House of Chiefs.

By Ndefru Mélanie


Friday, November 20, 2020

Bamenda City Council Sets Up Budget Orientation Debate, Encourages Farming

The BCC Mayor addresses Stakeholders 

BCC Mayor and Stakeholders 

The Bamenda City Mayor, Achombang Tambeng Paul organized a workshop to drill stakeholders within the City of Bamenda on what it takes to draw up a budget, while encouraging farmers and other farming groups to engage in farming activities to meet up with demand.

He was speaking in Bamenda on November 19th, within the framework of a Budget Orientation Debate, an initiative he organized to explain what it takes to involve end users of a budget, in preparing a budget.

An Exposer done by Professor

According to Professor Njong Mom Aloysius, Dean Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences, the initiative of the City Mayor is inline with one of the principles in drawing up a budget, given the system of decentralization.

"In an era of Decentralization where power is being devouched to lower organs, its important for Mayor and councillors to understand precisely what the budget is, involving citizens in the preparation of the budgetary process because when people participate in drawing up the budget, they find their needs being addressed." Njong Alysious said.

"The people have the feeling of owning the budget and will find it necessary in paying their taxes" he added.

According to the Project Coordinator, GP_DERUDEP II Muluh Gregory Nguh Gregory including the local man while drawing up the budget is part of budget management. He further adviced that it is important to check available ressources before mobilizing in order to attain goals.

While discussing the budget, the City Mayor talks about 3 priority activities he has in mind;Sanitation, road infastructure and water. As farmers continue to receive subvention, he said he will not relent efforts in encouraging farming, calling on all farmers to engage in more tomato production and satisfy the growing market.

"The city council has just shown a demonstration farm and through this, we are hoping that other communities can create farms, produce tomatoes and together with other partners, we can set up a tomato processing plant wherein the tomato fruits can be harvested and sold to the city council and thereafter transform the fruits to paste for local and International consumption." City Mayor, Achombang Tambeng Paul.

"Farmers and farming groups are called to follow suit and engage more in farming tomatoes in order to have enough raw material for the industry. If these steps are followed, more than 3000 jobs can be created, 3000 people will have gainful employment and their farms will be a ready market for their products" he added.

The City Mayor presented a brand new equipment, Front head loader to assist in council as well as Community. To him, the e equipment will function in road maintaince, opening of new roads, and clear gabbage. This to the Bamenda City Council is a step ahead to develop the city.

"As far as there are security concerns in Bamenda, we are appealing, it is our responsibility to ensure that the children who are authors and facilitators of disorder be reached and Parents, the Fons and all they that matter bring their children to order for Peace to return for development to take place". The City Mayor, Bamenda City Council.

By Ndefru Melanie


MINDEF Addresses Distress Calls To End Anglophone Crisis

Minister of Defense, Joseph Beti Assomo

The Defense Minister has reminded all actors, stakeholders to take into consideration the roles each of them need to play for the return of Peace in the Northwest region, while assisting Forces of Law and Order to put an end to the Anglophone crisis turned an armed conflict.

A Conflict that has metamorphosed to a full blown armed conflict, which began as an ideological warfare to arm robbery and kidnapping.

He was speaking during his working visit to the North West Region on November 20th, on instructions from the Head of State, President Paul Biya who continues to extend a hand of Fellowship to those still carrying guns in the bushes, urging them to drop their arms and yield to calls of reintegration.

"Our prescence here attest to the fact that Government wishes to resolve and provide solutions to the Anglophone crisis, to live in a stable and prosperous environment". MINDEF

The Minister acknowledges having listened to distress calls by women across the nation, especially those in the North West and South West Regions, who staged a protest march across the nation denouncing the incident in Kumba that took away lives of children on October 24th.

Honours to the Flag

He continued to insist that the situation in the Northw West, like in the South West Regions must be brought under control, given that the Anglophone crisis has been long overdued, despite the political response from Government through the Major National Dialogue which gave birth to the reconstruction plan, the DDR and the Regional Elections.

While congratulating efforts made by the Forces of Law and Order in their sacrifice and patriotism to the state, he gave them moral support and encouraged them to continue aiding Government and local authorities, to strive for good governance and a better future.

This Security working visit of the Minister to the North West Region, is to assess the security situation in the Region, ahead of pioneer Regional Elections due for December 6th and end of year festivities.

The Governor of the North West Region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique told the Minister about some of the measures and operations taken to suppress separatists activities in the region, which according to him has recorded success; active school resumption, the gradual reboom of economic activities, more collaboration from population to work with security forces and vigilante groups.

However the Governor did not leave out the challenges faced on the ground, which according to him could be one of the reasons that has punctured efforts for Peace to be enjoyed by all in the region, pleading with the Minister to provide solutions to these problems.

"Though Internally Displaced persons are beginning to return to their areas of origin, there are still some loop holes, challenges faced in some local areas, interiors." Governor Northwest Region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique.

"Infastructure; poor state of the roads, especially roads within the city of Bamenda and roads leading to the division have become a call for concern. Local security forces also need to be reinforced" he added.

Review of Troops

The Minister saw the strengths from the efforts made by the administration in the North West region and observed that there has also been an improvement in the execution of the Public Investment Projects in the region as compared to 2019.

According to him, these are signs to tell that the population is gradually turning it's back on separatists activities, while reiterating that clandestine persons who continued to be recalcitrant in dropping arms, be brought to book.

By Ndefru Melanie in Bamenda


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Minister MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU Empowers Youths, hands Equipments, Cheques

Minister MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU hands Cheques to Beneficiaries

The Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU has handed equipments and cheques to Youths done within the framework of a 3 year Special Youth Plan.

The installation of equipment was done on November 14th in Bamenda, at the explanade of the Governor's office in the prescence of divisional delegates and the Regional Delegate of the North west Region.

Present was a cross section of staff members of the MINJEC's family, Regional chiefs of MYECs ( multipurpose youth empowerment centres) and Divisional delegates of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, North west region.

Equipments Installed by MINJEC

Kits comprised of generator, machines; grinding mills, Chemical Spray cans, wheel barrows, cutlasses, dryers and bikes amongst many others were some of the items handed to Youths by MINJEC.

Done in the Northwest region, Bamenda, the youths were empowered and encouraged to engage in the agricutural sector rather than wait and complain about unemployment.

Minister MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU speaking at Governor's Explanade

The Minister mentioned the need for a Special youth plan, while reinforcing the monitoring committee for Moral ,Civic and Entrepreurial Rearmament.

The success story of beneficiaries like Ambe Stanley and Akoni Yong was great inspiration to other youths who felt discouraged due to the ongoing armed conflict in the Northwest region.

MINJEC gave 2 weeks at the time of this report, to harmonize selections and give assistance to all youth beneficiaries, while advicing youths to register with the national youth observatory.

"The period of doubts, septism and discouragement is over, local monitoring units will be set up and managed by local authorities for the funding of youth projects" MINJEC.

President of CNYC

Ndi Kelvin, Secetary General of CameroonNational Youth Council, pleaded with the Minister to fund projects by youths as a way of empowering them and saving the society from being filled with clandestine persons that will contribute nothing to the development.

It is worth noting that beneficiaries of the 3 year youth plan will now get to INSEC; Socio Economic Integration.

Achombang T. Paul, City Mayor

The City Mayor of the Bamenda City Council, Achombang Tambeng Paul revealed that the Challenges faced by youths across the region ranged from unemployment to drug abuse, adding that the social ill has hampered the security of the city and the region as a whole.

He continued to appreciate the gifts of assistance, finances, but urged the Minister of Youth and Civic Education, MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU to "work in collaboration with other Ministers in Yaoundé and find a way to curb out drugs, banning drugs and setting a system where drug abuse can be eradicated".

"We should combat drug and make Bamenda a safe space. I call on everyone to engage in this fight so that youths will be responsible leaders of tomorrow and be part of emmergence" City Mayor.

He added that the City council will play it's role to provide metal detectors to different Institutions, so that no child will get on campus with any weapon or anything related to drug.

Regional Delegate, Nimpa Bonaventure hands gift to Minister

The Minister's bravery was saluted for coming to the Northwest region at a time when there a security challenges, visiting the DDR centre and speaking words of hope and wisdom to exfighters, a virtue the youths look up to while praying for Peace.

Gabsa Sixtus, Regional Coordinator DDR Centre

The Regional Coordinator of the DDR centre, Mr Gabsa Sixtus appreciated the support of the administration to the centre, to galvanise strides and streamlining actions of exfighters of the Centre.

"The Peace building and Peacekeeping structure has been existing within the Management of the Exfighters". Gabsa Sixtus, Regional Coordinator DDR centre.

Minister visits the stands

Poultry site of theDDR Centre

Over 150 Exfighters harbored at the centre are introduced to pedagogic lessons; gardening, pig rearing, poultry.

Teaching courses; algricuture techniques, civic and social studies, entrepreneurial rearmament. Some of them thought how to make hand sanitizers, vaseline, glycerine, soap and other products which are activities aimed at building their moral and reinforcing capacities.

The Minister assures them of a successful reintegration into society if they concerntrate and get involved with activities at the centre.

"The partnership between the DDR centre and MINJEC that has just started will be reinforced, it will be of interest to youths in the centre, excombattants here should be patriotic and believe in your country." Minister Monouna Fotso

"Responding to a call, laid down arms and joined the centre, the Head of State President Paul Biya is happy. Be messengers to your peers in the bushes, to drop their arms and be part of the youths that will bear the emmergency of the Country" Minister added.

Minister speaking to Exfighters

According to Minister MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU message, MINJEC will take care of the Social economy, Empowerment and Civic Education, reintegration into the society.

"Be involve in the activities at the centre that will go a long way to reinforce capacities in your different localities existing everywhere in all the council. The Plan put in place by MINJEC Will come out with a strong project to finance each of the excombattants by financing the project. We are here to prepare your reintegration which has already been planned" Minister Monouna Fotso.

The Minister Delegate of Basic Education, Ashiri Kilo also sent support to the Exfighters of the DDR centre Northwest, through the Regional Delegate of Basic Education, adding up to the encouragement given to the administration of the centre by the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education.

By Ndefru Melanie