Bamenda City Council Sets Up Budget Orientation Debate, Encourages Farming

The BCC Mayor addresses Stakeholders 

BCC Mayor and Stakeholders 

The Bamenda City Mayor, Achombang Tambeng Paul organized a workshop to drill stakeholders within the City of Bamenda on what it takes to draw up a budget, while encouraging farmers and other farming groups to engage in farming activities to meet up with demand.

He was speaking in Bamenda on November 19th, within the framework of a Budget Orientation Debate, an initiative he organized to explain what it takes to involve end users of a budget, in preparing a budget.

An Exposer done by Professor

According to Professor Njong Mom Aloysius, Dean Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences, the initiative of the City Mayor is inline with one of the principles in drawing up a budget, given the system of decentralization.

"In an era of Decentralization where power is being devouched to lower organs, its important for Mayor and councillors to understand precisely what the budget is, involving citizens in the preparation of the budgetary process because when people participate in drawing up the budget, they find their needs being addressed." Njong Alysious said.

"The people have the feeling of owning the budget and will find it necessary in paying their taxes" he added.

According to the Project Coordinator, GP_DERUDEP II Muluh Gregory Nguh Gregory including the local man while drawing up the budget is part of budget management. He further adviced that it is important to check available ressources before mobilizing in order to attain goals.

While discussing the budget, the City Mayor talks about 3 priority activities he has in mind;Sanitation, road infastructure and water. As farmers continue to receive subvention, he said he will not relent efforts in encouraging farming, calling on all farmers to engage in more tomato production and satisfy the growing market.

"The city council has just shown a demonstration farm and through this, we are hoping that other communities can create farms, produce tomatoes and together with other partners, we can set up a tomato processing plant wherein the tomato fruits can be harvested and sold to the city council and thereafter transform the fruits to paste for local and International consumption." City Mayor, Achombang Tambeng Paul.

"Farmers and farming groups are called to follow suit and engage more in farming tomatoes in order to have enough raw material for the industry. If these steps are followed, more than 3000 jobs can be created, 3000 people will have gainful employment and their farms will be a ready market for their products" he added.

The City Mayor presented a brand new equipment, Front head loader to assist in council as well as Community. To him, the e equipment will function in road maintaince, opening of new roads, and clear gabbage. This to the Bamenda City Council is a step ahead to develop the city.

"As far as there are security concerns in Bamenda, we are appealing, it is our responsibility to ensure that the children who are authors and facilitators of disorder be reached and Parents, the Fons and all they that matter bring their children to order for Peace to return for development to take place". The City Mayor, Bamenda City Council.

By Ndefru Melanie


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