MINDEF Addresses Distress Calls To End Anglophone Crisis

Minister of Defense, Joseph Beti Assomo

The Defense Minister has reminded all actors, stakeholders to take into consideration the roles each of them need to play for the return of Peace in the Northwest region, while assisting Forces of Law and Order to put an end to the Anglophone crisis turned an armed conflict.

A Conflict that has metamorphosed to a full blown armed conflict, which began as an ideological warfare to arm robbery and kidnapping.

He was speaking during his working visit to the North West Region on November 20th, on instructions from the Head of State, President Paul Biya who continues to extend a hand of Fellowship to those still carrying guns in the bushes, urging them to drop their arms and yield to calls of reintegration.

"Our prescence here attest to the fact that Government wishes to resolve and provide solutions to the Anglophone crisis, to live in a stable and prosperous environment". MINDEF

The Minister acknowledges having listened to distress calls by women across the nation, especially those in the North West and South West Regions, who staged a protest march across the nation denouncing the incident in Kumba that took away lives of children on October 24th.

Honours to the Flag

He continued to insist that the situation in the Northw West, like in the South West Regions must be brought under control, given that the Anglophone crisis has been long overdued, despite the political response from Government through the Major National Dialogue which gave birth to the reconstruction plan, the DDR and the Regional Elections.

While congratulating efforts made by the Forces of Law and Order in their sacrifice and patriotism to the state, he gave them moral support and encouraged them to continue aiding Government and local authorities, to strive for good governance and a better future.

This Security working visit of the Minister to the North West Region, is to assess the security situation in the Region, ahead of pioneer Regional Elections due for December 6th and end of year festivities.

The Governor of the North West Region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique told the Minister about some of the measures and operations taken to suppress separatists activities in the region, which according to him has recorded success; active school resumption, the gradual reboom of economic activities, more collaboration from population to work with security forces and vigilante groups.

However the Governor did not leave out the challenges faced on the ground, which according to him could be one of the reasons that has punctured efforts for Peace to be enjoyed by all in the region, pleading with the Minister to provide solutions to these problems.

"Though Internally Displaced persons are beginning to return to their areas of origin, there are still some loop holes, challenges faced in some local areas, interiors." Governor Northwest Region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique.

"Infastructure; poor state of the roads, especially roads within the city of Bamenda and roads leading to the division have become a call for concern. Local security forces also need to be reinforced" he added.

Review of Troops

The Minister saw the strengths from the efforts made by the administration in the North West region and observed that there has also been an improvement in the execution of the Public Investment Projects in the region as compared to 2019.

According to him, these are signs to tell that the population is gradually turning it's back on separatists activities, while reiterating that clandestine persons who continued to be recalcitrant in dropping arms, be brought to book.

By Ndefru Melanie in Bamenda


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