Minister MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU Empowers Youths, hands Equipments, Cheques

Minister MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU hands Cheques to Beneficiaries

The Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU has handed equipments and cheques to Youths done within the framework of a 3 year Special Youth Plan.

The installation of equipment was done on November 14th in Bamenda, at the explanade of the Governor's office in the prescence of divisional delegates and the Regional Delegate of the North west Region.

Present was a cross section of staff members of the MINJEC's family, Regional chiefs of MYECs ( multipurpose youth empowerment centres) and Divisional delegates of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, North west region.

Equipments Installed by MINJEC

Kits comprised of generator, machines; grinding mills, Chemical Spray cans, wheel barrows, cutlasses, dryers and bikes amongst many others were some of the items handed to Youths by MINJEC.

Done in the Northwest region, Bamenda, the youths were empowered and encouraged to engage in the agricutural sector rather than wait and complain about unemployment.

Minister MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU speaking at Governor's Explanade

The Minister mentioned the need for a Special youth plan, while reinforcing the monitoring committee for Moral ,Civic and Entrepreurial Rearmament.

The success story of beneficiaries like Ambe Stanley and Akoni Yong was great inspiration to other youths who felt discouraged due to the ongoing armed conflict in the Northwest region.

MINJEC gave 2 weeks at the time of this report, to harmonize selections and give assistance to all youth beneficiaries, while advicing youths to register with the national youth observatory.

"The period of doubts, septism and discouragement is over, local monitoring units will be set up and managed by local authorities for the funding of youth projects" MINJEC.

President of CNYC

Ndi Kelvin, Secetary General of CameroonNational Youth Council, pleaded with the Minister to fund projects by youths as a way of empowering them and saving the society from being filled with clandestine persons that will contribute nothing to the development.

It is worth noting that beneficiaries of the 3 year youth plan will now get to INSEC; Socio Economic Integration.

Achombang T. Paul, City Mayor

The City Mayor of the Bamenda City Council, Achombang Tambeng Paul revealed that the Challenges faced by youths across the region ranged from unemployment to drug abuse, adding that the social ill has hampered the security of the city and the region as a whole.

He continued to appreciate the gifts of assistance, finances, but urged the Minister of Youth and Civic Education, MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU to "work in collaboration with other Ministers in Yaoundé and find a way to curb out drugs, banning drugs and setting a system where drug abuse can be eradicated".

"We should combat drug and make Bamenda a safe space. I call on everyone to engage in this fight so that youths will be responsible leaders of tomorrow and be part of emmergence" City Mayor.

He added that the City council will play it's role to provide metal detectors to different Institutions, so that no child will get on campus with any weapon or anything related to drug.

Regional Delegate, Nimpa Bonaventure hands gift to Minister

The Minister's bravery was saluted for coming to the Northwest region at a time when there a security challenges, visiting the DDR centre and speaking words of hope and wisdom to exfighters, a virtue the youths look up to while praying for Peace.

Gabsa Sixtus, Regional Coordinator DDR Centre

The Regional Coordinator of the DDR centre, Mr Gabsa Sixtus appreciated the support of the administration to the centre, to galvanise strides and streamlining actions of exfighters of the Centre.

"The Peace building and Peacekeeping structure has been existing within the Management of the Exfighters". Gabsa Sixtus, Regional Coordinator DDR centre.

Minister visits the stands

Poultry site of theDDR Centre

Over 150 Exfighters harbored at the centre are introduced to pedagogic lessons; gardening, pig rearing, poultry.

Teaching courses; algricuture techniques, civic and social studies, entrepreneurial rearmament. Some of them thought how to make hand sanitizers, vaseline, glycerine, soap and other products which are activities aimed at building their moral and reinforcing capacities.

The Minister assures them of a successful reintegration into society if they concerntrate and get involved with activities at the centre.

"The partnership between the DDR centre and MINJEC that has just started will be reinforced, it will be of interest to youths in the centre, excombattants here should be patriotic and believe in your country." Minister Monouna Fotso

"Responding to a call, laid down arms and joined the centre, the Head of State President Paul Biya is happy. Be messengers to your peers in the bushes, to drop their arms and be part of the youths that will bear the emmergency of the Country" Minister added.

Minister speaking to Exfighters

According to Minister MOUNOUNA FOUTSOU message, MINJEC will take care of the Social economy, Empowerment and Civic Education, reintegration into the society.

"Be involve in the activities at the centre that will go a long way to reinforce capacities in your different localities existing everywhere in all the council. The Plan put in place by MINJEC Will come out with a strong project to finance each of the excombattants by financing the project. We are here to prepare your reintegration which has already been planned" Minister Monouna Fotso.

The Minister Delegate of Basic Education, Ashiri Kilo also sent support to the Exfighters of the DDR centre Northwest, through the Regional Delegate of Basic Education, adding up to the encouragement given to the administration of the centre by the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education.

By Ndefru Melanie


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