Minister Mbah Acha Equips Pupils/Students In Momo Division, Encourages Fruitful Academic Year

Consignment sent By Minister Mbah Acha for Pupils and Students in Momo Division

The Minister of Supreme State Audit, Mbah Acha Rose Nee Fomundam has carried out the distribution of School kits to school children in Momo Division as a way of helping Parents provide basic needs for their Children to return to school.

Cross section of kids present
Partial view of grandstand

The distribution exercise done on November 13th in Mbengwi Sub Division, had Honorable Foo Ngang Prudencia Injoh represent the Minister, with teachers, pupils, students and parents mobilizing themselves to recieve the gifts from the Minister, an elite of Momo Division.

MP for Momo East representing the Minister, hands Didatic Material to Andek Mayor

Momo Division made up of Mbengwi, Batibo, Ngih, Njikwa and Widikum, recieved these School kits through their Mayors and the clarion call for kids still at home not being able to go back to their classrooms were encouraged to do so by having a share of the kits given by the Minister.

MP for Momo East

"The school kits that have been given, is to support the parents in the provision of school materials, which is going to go a long way to step up the enrollment of our children in this division and also step up their performances in end of course exams as well as promotion exams in our division", Hon Foo Ngang Injoh Prudencia, MP for Momo East, representing Minister Mbah Acha Rose.

The School kits which comprised of books pens, pencils, rulers, bags, mathsets, were given out to support parents who still felt they never had means to provide for their children, basic needs for them to be in school and the exercise also aimed at encouraging others still at home to return to their classrooms.

Mayor for Widikum,Stanislous Tambu 

The Mayor Widikum, Stanislous Tambu mentioned that there are still some security challenges in his municipality but hopes that calm will remain there in the months ahead.

"The schools in the urban sphere in my area are going on; primary, catholic, government, presbyterian school and the Bilingual high school. Arround the periphery we have schools going on there about 40%. There is fear, people going into the interior with roads almost inaccessible, teachers afraid to move on footpaths. I think in the next few months everything will be ok" Mayor Widikum, Stanislous Tambu.

" I thank the Minister for her gesture, giving is in the heart and the wish to share with the less fortunate, less privilege and those who dont have. What she has done is very appreciable, It is good for those who give than those who take and on behalf of Widikum Council, I extend my thanks to her and pray for God's guidance and Protection" he added.

The Mayor for Mbengwi Council, Ndangsa Kennedy appreciated the efforts of the Minister for thinking of kids in the Momo Division and Mbengwi municipality in particular. He went further to disassociate himself with terrorist activities and paid respect to the souls lost in the Kumba Massacre.

The Divisional Delegate for Basic Education, Toosichui Richard Ful extended words of encouragement to kids and acknowledged the Minister's concern for the education of kids, giving out school didatic materials while considering that children have been away from school for over 4 years and others still at home.

Divisional Delegate Basic Education, Momo

He didn't forget to caution the pupils and students about the weather conditions that are changing, the dry season that brings about wild fire leading to destruction of property, calling in them to be cautious and engage in cleaning their environment, because some Institutions were still engulfed in grass.

"Some educational institutions caught fire in 2019 because of dry grass and so I call on you all to be vigilant and always engage in cleaning your campuses"

The constant reminder on barrier measures against Covid-19 was overemphasized, as the District Medical officer Dr Enow Derick revealed that the 2nd phase of Covid-19 disease is arround and encouraged that preventive measures be kept to free Mbengwi and other parts of Momo Division from the disease.

Dr. Enow Derick

He emphasized that barrier measures against Covid 19 be kept most especially in the school millieu, and went further to explain and demonstrate to Teachers, parents, pupils and students present

"A quick reminder and caution to everyone to remain vigilant in the keeping of barrier measures. The ressurgence of the virus is a call for us to reinforce measures to prevent against the disease. It applies to each and everyone and must pay attention" Dr. Enow Derick

Some gospel sharing during the occasion of the distribution of didatic kits, reminded those present about Love and Peace. The love for Neighbor and the love for one another, while the Man of God, Toh Guilbert reiterated that politics has caused Christians to forget the virtue Love.

By Ndefru Melanie


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