Ex-Fighters at DDR Centre Recieve Messages of Love and Peace from Bamenda II Mayor

Mayor Chenwi Peter gives Exfighters the National Colours and Peace Plants as sign of Peace

The Mayor of the Bamenda II Council and his close collaborators have paid a visit to the DDR Centre of the Northwest region with food items and financial support, leaving the Exfighters with messages of Love and Peace.

"I Love Camerooon and we want peace in this country" is the message the Mayor of Bamenda II, Chenwi Peter leaves with Exfighters of the DDR centre in Bamenda, Northwest Region.

Mayor Bamenda II, Chenwi Peter

Speaking on his visit to the disarmament centre in Bamenda, November 10th, the Mayor termed his visit " The Marriage between the Bamenda II Council and the DDR centre Northwest Region, and called on the Exfighters to continue encouraging those in the bushes to drop their weapons.

Food items donated by Bamenda II Council

The food items that comprised plantains, bags of corn, rice, beans, salt, oil, sanitary bad, tissue and savon are some of the basics received by Exfighters.  The Mayor in offering the gifts had taken into consideration the number of exfighters in the DDR Centre before purchasing the items.

The Mayor added the Sum of 200,000 frs to the gifts he brought, to empower and encouraged the Exfighters to be of good discipline while at the disarmament centre. 

He further mentioned that the sum of 2million francs has been allocated for a Christmas tournament, while promising more items for Xmas preparations.

"If you lack anything, know assistance comes from the Bamenda II council and also remember that you can do some work for the council at anytime, to empower yourselves".

Regional Coordinator DDR Centre, Gabsa Sixtus

The regional Coordinator of the DDR Centre Gabsa Sixtus acknowledged the move made by the Mayor, being One of the Elites to visit the DDR Centre. 

According to him, "The Mayor of the Bamenda II Council is the first Elite to visit the DDR centre" and is confident that he has them in mind because, the Mayor had organized a sporting competition involving Exfighters.

 Administrators and Exfighters in Group Photo

Created on November 30th 2018, The Head of State President Paul Biya decided to treat those who drop arms like prodgical sons, by providing a centre where affairs will be organized and supervised by administrators, to cater for the children who decide to quit from armed groups.

"The Government will at the end of the process give them funds to empower and help them estabilish themselves. Exfighters come to the DDR centre voluntarily and the centre also takes part in convincing those in the bushes to drop their arms" Gabsa Sixtus

D.O Bamenda II, Nkongho Nicholas

The Divisional Officer for Bamenda II, Nkongho Nicholas had observed with dismay that some Exfighters were still very clandestine in behaviour and called on the Regional Coordinator of the centre to be watchful and mend loose ends.

"In every familly there are problems, challenges, it's time to put heads together, though I still see some Exfighters very violent and who still take drugs. I wish to call on the Coordinator to be watchful on the aspect of drugs else we will not get expected results" D.O Bamenda II.

"Do not stigmatize ex combatants, they are our brothers and are in need of our help, our moral support to be better persons tomorrow" he added.

Emmanuel Arrey, SP at DDR centre

Exfighters were delighted about the Mayor's visit and believed that God has given them a second chance in life to right the wrongs, despite the fear of being rejected by the Community.

"We had difficulties being accepted into the society, the fact that we made it to the DDR Centre means God has given us a 2nd chance to live again. Many have tried reaching the centre but have died on the way, yet we made." Senior Prefect, Eshu Emmanuel Arrey, DDR Centre"

With the best the DDR centre in the Northwest has to offer,like Sports, cultural and pig rearing, cusmotology: teaching them how to make soap, glycerine, vaseline, Educate on entrepreneurship and the provision of basic education, prepares the excombattants for reintegration, with over 32 exfighters already working in a para public space.

Female Exfighter Recieve Sanitary Pad from D.O

Mayor Chenwi Peter also empowered young girls by providing sanitary pads to the Young teenage girls at the DDR centre and it is worth noting that the centre also offers pre-natal and anti-natal care.

By Ndefru Melanie


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