Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Regional Elections: A Proximity Approach Solving the Crisis

Secretary of State for Mines, Fuh Calistus Gentry

The Secretary of State for mines, Fuh Calistus  says the Regional elections will give room for local realities and challenges to be presented in a unique way by Young men and Women selected by the grassroot people, from all fascets to represent their divisions and Subdivisions.

"It is the content of the offer to resolve the Anglophone Crisis that matters, not the name, call it federation or decentralization, Regional Councils would serve as perfect guarantors of peace in the country.” The Minister said

He further explained the benefits that the Regional elections is coming with and didn't fail to mention that room has been created for diverse opinions and experiences.

" We concerned about 30% of the women being represented, we are concerned about people with diverse opinion and diverse  and people came in from all shades of life but at the end of the people on the ground will decide the candidates" Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State for Mines

To him this is an opportunity for traditional rulers and other stakeholders to manage their local realities, and cautioned that there is need for a minimum requirement required, to be part of the Regional house.

 "Candidates need to be literate enough to read some basic text and listen to issues concerning this nation. The House of chiefs will be looking at issues concerned their Cultural values, The President discovered that the Anglophone man has a cultural heritage they want to protect and wanted that to evolve in an orderly manner" he added.

The Secretary of State said this is possibly the last phase of the democracy that the President started instituting in the nation, and its full phase to be fully realised, come 2021.

" What the people wanted is to manage the problems themselves and this creates a new position, where we will see the people responding, since they have a mastery of each division and subdivision, will congregate in Bamenda."

After President Paul Biya had convened the electorates for December 6th, candidates are anxious despite the stakes and he says this comes as a great sigh of relief.

" we need these structures in place to accompany the measures we have been taking on the ground, to make sure stability returns" Minister said.

"We need to focus, put our energy with tthe house of chiefs and rally support behind the House of Chiefs, get down to work, together with the regional reconstruction comittee to build our region again, build our lives  and making things work."

The regional elections acts as a strong guarantor and a strong ingredient to ensure that Peace returns to the Northwest and Southwest Regions and the Minister is quite convinced that the people at the grassroot, will recieve and actively take part in the process.

The Regional Elections is for the interest of the people living in the two English speaking regions and it's designing according to the Minister, will bring more opportunities and futher development.


By Ndefru Melanie




Wednesday, September 23, 2020

PPRD Vice Coordinator Commissions Stakeholders To Update Procedure Manual

Major stakeholders within the Northwest region have met to discuss on the update of the collection phase for the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development, in order to commence collecting data on victims who have suffered loss through the armed conflict.

The meeting held on Monday 21st and Tuesday September 22nd in Bamenda at MINEPAT hall, in the presence of Senior Divisional Officers from all 7 divisions, Mayors, Regional Delegates, some traditional rulers and Civil society Organizations.

The meetings held in 2 phases in order to respect the measures put in place to guard against Covid-19 pandemic, and also had same content. This was to ensure that stakeholders stay healthy while discussing matters that had to do with the Development of the region.

The Vice Coordinator of the PPRD plan, Njong Donatus facilitated the workshop, together with the team of experts from Yaounde, who on behalf of the National Coordinator presented all the fabrics of the procedure manual, in order to proceed with the reconstruction of the Northwest region.

The workshop comes as a follow up to the first phase, which sensitized the population on the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development of the Northwest region, and edifice the need for the plan.

Stakeholders are expected to implement the manual in their different communities, work hand in glove with quater heads, traditional rulers and Mayors in order to produce the right data for persons who ought to benefit from the reconstruction plan.

The manual has objectives and a Structure that clearly guy the optimal implementation of the plan, breaking down the role of all those concerned in the procedure, serve as a tool for evaluation and accountability.

The manual has 3 parts; it is Related to social cohesion activities, Rehabilitation of infastructure and Actions to revatilize local economy with the concerned beneficiaries; individuals, private and public Organizations.

" This process of updating the plan is on by October 12th, by October 12th the clock starts ticking and looking at the various activity, communities have 20days to get to the council and Mayors have 10days to verify and send to the Senior Divisional officers, So there is no time" Vice Coordinator of the PPRD, Njong Donatus.

The Vice Coordinator also made it clear that the red zones cannot stop the plan from moving forward and continued to call on the population, stakeholders to be collaborative while grabbing the opportunity the plan is presenting.

"The Plan will begin with areas that are calm and will proceed. The Plan is on and will not stop, if we discover that there will be destruction after reconstruction has taken place then there will be no need for the plan to be carried out in those areas." He added

The procedure manual will present the exact information that the plan will use to execute reconstruction in the region, according to the technical experts, it will use the participatory approach, seek assistance from the PPRD plan
Implementing partner which is the UNDP and involve everyone.

By Ndefru Melanie


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Promoting Cameroon Talent In Film Industry

A master piece of art produced by Irene Nangi, directed by; Chefor Leslie. Produced up the hills at the outskirts of Foumban Town, a typical Muslim tradition story where a Muslim man gives out his girl child for marriage at birth.

FULLMOON tells a story of how, a land where agriculture is the only source of sustainability, the strive for unity between the Muslims and the Christians, is the only solution.

The girl child grows up beyond strength of modernity in education just to cancel the ideology of bethroding and ends with a christian boy, the movie teaches the essences of forgiveness.

FULLMOON so far has had 3 nominations already in international festivals in the category of best indigenous film, best cinematography and best actor in a lead role during the first and second quarter of this year 2020.

The award African Best Actor in a lead role by Mr Vugar Samson, in the just ended TAFF (The African Film Festival). The premiere of this movie is slated to take place at the epic event center ayaba street on the 27th of SEPTEMBER 2020.

"I started film making just immediately after I finish high school, as a production assistance, then move to boom operator, by then, film was recorded on tapes".

"I work with GADILDOR PRODUCTION where most I was groomed as a filmmaker under Njimanju Deric and Njamnsi Roland and few years later I advance to director of photography and editing, had a break and continued with my education where i ended as post graduate in high technical teachers training college bambili."

"Later I bounced back with the production of this the movie FULLMOON and have directed few movie like EGO, MORAL SAGA, TRIP TO PAPA, FORSAKEN DESIRE, BIRDS OF A FEATHER, AND NOW FULLMOON". She added.

The only hope she had was to achieve with this movie, which had as main aim; to make the indigenes of the Northwest region enjoy the taste of what a good movie is all about and bring entertainment back in Bambili.

Irene Nangi is the producer of the movie FULLMOON, a filmmaker and producer of other movies like in 19hrs.

By Ndefru Melanie


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Minister Mbah Acha Rose Opts to Provide License to Bike Riders In Ngie

Minister Delegate at the Presidency of the Republic In charge of the Supreme State Audit

The names of some commercial bike riders in Ngie sub division will be submitted to The Minister Mbah Acha née Fomumdam Rose by the Mayor of Andek Council, for them to acquire riding permits.

Mayor of Andek Council

The Mayor says, he has consulted with all the local republican authorities and submitted the list. This is to facilitate the procedure, for the Minister, who is an Elite from Momo Division to sponsor their riding permits, while empowering them.

This gesture from the Minister Delegate at the Presidency of the Republic In charge of the Supreme State Audit, Mbah Acha née Fomumdam Rose, is to enable them conform with the laws in force, which also applies to security measures.

Ubangoh Helly Manyelle Analog, Mayor of Andek Council issued a ban on the transportation of more than one person on a bike.

"I have signed an order baning the transportation of more than one passenger on a bike in Andek. All bikes in Ngie most have a numbered identification jacket, which is available at the Andek council"

According to the Mayor for Andek Council, these prescriptions for bikes to get identified are security measures to curb terrorist activities in Andek municipality.

Ngie is one of the four administrative subdivisions of the Momo Division in North-West Cameroon and comprises 19 villages, all found within the Mbengwi Health District.

Momo Division has 5 councils; Andek, Batibo, Mbengwi, Njikwa and Widikum-Boffe. Andek is headquarters of Ngie subdivision in Momo, Northwest Region of Cameroon.

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

City Mayor Promises Easy Transportation, through Purchase of Buses

City Mayor reading address in Security meeting

In line with the restriction place on the circulation of motorbikes within urban perimeters, the promise to purchase 6, 30 seater buses has been made by the City Mayor of Bamenda, Achobong Tambeng Paul.

This is to facilitate the transportation of persons for the period of 4 months, from one end of town to the restricted part, while encouraging other transporters to get taxis and follow registration procedure, to be able to function normally.

View of Regional Security meeting

He made this statement during a regional security meeting which held on September 10th at MINEPAT hall, in Bamenda, to evaluate the security situation within the Northwest region.

According to him, to overcome present/future threats and pursue a long lasting peace, bring happiness and prosperity in the region, the bike sector has been indicted.

The city Mayor thinks the sector is clandestine in some of its activities, as some of the riders are said to colaborate with separatists fighters to carry out their attrocities.

"Everyone is aware of the waring security in the region, killings, kidnappings and planting of artesenal bombs. The butcher shot at foodmarket, the trader at hospital roundabout, shot and killed in broad daylight, army rescue pursued on a bike and shot to death, the Police officer killed, a bomb detonated on the 8th of March at Commercial avenue, all these with the help of motorbikes" observed the City Mayor, Achobong, Tambeng Paul.

"The restricting order is not a ban on the activities of motorbikes, in the event of a gunshots the town goes dead and this affects regional economy. I do regret the inconvenience this order has caused the city dwellers who had found quick services from riders, but the SDO for Mezam and I are working out solutions" he added.

Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique

The Governor of the Northwest Region, continues to call on the population to take sides with public authourity to dismantle terrorist bases and hudlumps in communities.

According to his observations Bamenda has become the epicenter of terrorist activities and criminality, where criminals and Separatists have lost their bases in the forest and taken refuge amongst the population.

"With this new dimension of terror, urgent and appropriate security measures have been taken and are being implemented by defense and security forces, to ensure all round security of the population of the Northwest region",The Governor of the NWR.

Partial view of Bamenda city

"The Bamenda-Clean strategy according to administration is to eradicate terror from all towns and villages. Public Authourity have taken upper hand to make sure calm returns to Bamenda, while counting on the coperation of the people, to denounce any suspect." He added.

Senior Divisional Officers from the 7 divisions attended the regional security meeting to present the exact security situation in the Northwest Region. According to the Governor of the Northwest Region, Adolphe Lele LAfrique, "the security situation of the region, though precarious in some areas is globally under control".

He believes that the mindset of the people has improved and is now serene, while making observations that many have returned to their respective villages to resume their daily activities. This he observed in the tour he embarked on through some divisions, in the Northwest.

Familly photograph

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Andek Council Announces Holiday Job Offer, Paving Way for Back-to-School

.      Mayor Andek Council

The Mayor of Andek Council, Ubangoh Helly Manyelle Abakoh, announced a holiday job offer to over 40 youths, as a way of preparing pupils and students in Ngie sub division, for the forthcoming academic year 2020/2021. 

He made the statement during a council session on September 10th, 2020 in the presence of over 20 councilors, engaging them in preaching the message of peace and development, while harnessing efforts for effective school resumption in Ngie.

According to the Mayor, the council will make efforts in the days ahead to disinfect school campuses and clean the environment, within it's municipality; markets, health centers, the palace, with the manual labour force of some youths who will engage in the holiday job and earn support to prepare them for school.

"On school ressumptions, we have taken all dispositions for schools to reopen in Andek, we are going to clean and disinfect all the neighboring schools especially those in Andek. We are also making arrangements for all the teachers who are out of Ngie, to be able to return." Mayor of Andek Council.

Councilors of Andek in session

For the management account session and being a new council, it held it's maiden session away from Andek due to the insecurity situation and the Mayor took over at a time when the council and  projects had been abandoned, due to the political upheaval.

The session was however dedicated for the evaluation of projects executed since the beginning of 2020 and it is worth noting that Ngie is made up of over 18 villages.

Apart from other projects, the Mayor has accompanied people in Andek, in the fight against the Coronavirus, by sharing facemask, stationing buckets and hand sanitizers for the people use.

The need for the reconstruction plan to begin with areas that are calm was mentioned and Mbengwi the Divisional headquarters was one of those areas cited. 

The Mayor pleaded with the Member of Parliament for Momo West constituency, Awutah Phillip Atubah, who was present at the session, to do his best for peace to return, so that Ngie could also benefit from the reconstruction plan.

"If we are doing development and then we don't talk about education, then the word cannot be complete, the Mayor and myself will put heads together, we all will merge efforts and bring development to our different Communities" MP for Momo West.

Ngie Subdivision is to conceive 39 projects with the present law which provides that, the people's needs must be implemented and be relevant to the municipality: good roads, electricity, Agricultural production, health facilities, markets.

The National President for Ngie Cultural and Development Association, NCADA says " the association is the body that will carry the message of development to the grassroots and that the people will make use of the microgrants if engaged through, "Man power", (manual labour).Dr Ebah Ajeck Peter, President of NCADA.

The Mayor of Andek Council is expected to work on a budget line for 2021, to use a participatory approach to come up with a realistic budget and according to him, the hindrance stems from elite, sons and daughters supporting the attrocities of separatists fighters, which prevents growth and development to be enjoyed by the Ngie people.

To this effect, Mayor for Andek Council, Ubangoh Helly Manyelle Abakoh, reiterated the Governor's words, asking "all service heads and stakeholders, councilors are adviced to return to Ngie by the end of October, else Salaries, especially that of teachers will be withdrawn", considering the forthcoming resumption of schools.

By Ndefru Mélanie

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Councilors in Andek Acquire skills through training for local development.

According to Law NO 2019/024 of December 24th 2019, to Organize and enable local authorities function, while instituting the General Code of Regional and Local Authourities, Councilors of Andek Council have gone through training, to get skills which will enable them in the discharge of their functions. 

The training took place on Tuesday September 8th 2020, with close to 20 councilors present, accompanied by the Member of Parliament, Awutah Phillip Atubah from Momo West constituency and the Mayor for Andek Council, Ubangoh Helly Manyelle Abakoh, the Secretary General and Municipal Treasurer.

Councilors were expected to know their council area,have a good knowledge of the people's plight, know the laws and basic regulations governing councils and are not expected to take decisions on behalf of the Mayor,execpt delegated to do so and for good governance, a number of points were adviced.

The population needs to be informed about activities to be carried out by councils, the elaboration and execution of budget, be aware about issues centred arround development, hygiene and sensitization, while contributing to disseminating information about the legal text and powers transferred to councils, from government.

These and more were expected from councilors as the training pointed out the key issues on which councilors were expected to work on, with their Mayors; working in committees, being part of deliberations, drawing up the budget: monitor and execute it, develop and implement plans, manage local services and how to collaborate with other actors.

Momo West has 3 councils, Andek, Njikwa and Widikum councils, therefore local development depends more on the councilors and the population, promoting partnership between the council and the private sector, strengthen relationship between the council and economic operators, to boast council revenue and enhance development.

By Ndefru Melanie


Restriction of Motorbikes Deserts the Streets of Bamenda

.           Liberty Square, Bamenda

People within the city of Bamenda woke up to calm, the noise of the normal hussling and buzzling of town wasn't noticed, the sound of nothing plying the roads, a surprise to many who had intensions going to their different places of work.

Source: Image of Foodmarket

Calm were the streets, but a few people were seen moving on foot, on Tuesday September 8th, few days after the order restricting the circulation of private and commercial motorbikes within urban perimeters, was passed.

Image of Churchstreet/Ntarinkon

Following social media "Amba threats", very few taxis were spotted in town, circulating between mobile nkwen- sonac street and mobile nkwen Upstation. People moved in groups of 3 or 4, hoping to see a bike or taxi carry them to their different destinations.

Close Source: Streets in Bambili

The deserted streets have caused many agitations, from onlookers who sat by the road not far from their homes. Some said there was need for administration to revisit the order placed on the circulation of motorbikes

"Majority of the population in town, own bikes. Either for commercial use or for mobility, people play njangis out of the earnings made from riding bikes, I for one cannot leave my quater to my place of work and back without the use of a bike" Guilbert tells Civiclens

Though a few buses arrived town with passengers on board, they difficulty will be to transport themselves home with their luggages.

The city is dead; streets are deserted, few shops in some quarters are open, ambulances are moving and people are pedestering hoping that in the days ahead, with the difficulty, some adjustments wi be made concerning circulation in town.

By Ndefru Melanie


Monday, September 7, 2020

Elite In Momo Division Take Lead In Back-to-School Action, Offering Didatic Materials

Ahead of school resumption on October 5th 2020, pupils and students have began recieving support from the elites and administration of Momo Division.

This was during a sport competition, dubbed Back-to-School plan of action on September 6th, which involved youths within Momo division in a sport competition, winning prizes that will help them during the forth coming Academic year.

Youths involved in "Mbengwi Solidarity Tournament"

The idea of the Back-to-School plan of action in the divisional headquaters, through a football competition that spans from September 6th to October 4th, captioned "Mbengwi Solidarity Tournament", has brought all the elites on board, to encourage children return to the classrooms.

The Back-to-School in action, is an initiative of the Member of Parliament for Momo East, Honorable IN JOH FOO NGANG PRODENCIA, supported by elites of Momo Division; the Minister of Supreme State Audit, Mbah Acha'a Rose née Fomumdam and the Mayor for the Mbengwi Council, Ndangsa Kennedy.

Beneficiaries of Didatic Material

Other activities, aside the tournament, had over 10 children of school going age participate in a chair dance competition, and recieved school bags, books, pens and pencils, donated by the MP for Momo East, a gesture to encourage kids and help them return to school, for the academic year 2020/2021.

MP for Momo East

The Member of Parliament for Momo East, Honorable IN JOH FOO NGANG PRODENCIA says the back to school action is creating awareness and no stone will be left unturn, with efforts for children to return to school the forthcoming year 2020/2021.

"The Back to school in action is creating awareness for the population of Mbengwi to prepare for the effective take off of the 2020/2021 school year, due to start, 5th of October, 2020.
Our children have to go back to school to catch up with what they have lost for the past four years, because Education is light. " Honorable IN JOH FOO NGANG PRUDENCIA

"Therefore our children cannot continue to stay in darkness, to be the nation builders of tomorrow the youths of today need education, It is my own way to prepare the children for back to school by providing them with school bags, books, pens, pencils, and rulers." MP for Momo East.

SDO for Momo Division handing School bags to kids

The SDO for Momo Division, Fouda Etaba Benoit Nicasse , joined his voice with that of the elites, appreciating the efforts made on the Back-to-School plan and says the administration will not relent either, to see that the Academic year 2020/2021 begins hitch-free.

"I am satisfied to see that youths are taking part in the football tournament and aslo welcoming the message on back to school. Children have started recieving school material like bags and books from Elites, to help them prepare their return to class, we are not relenting efforts because education bis the key" SDO Momo.

"I am calling on those who are still in the bushes to drop their guns and be reintegrated into society, together we will build a better nation for a better future". He added.

By Ndefru Melanie


Sunday, September 6, 2020

Anglophone Crisis: Northwest Mayors and MPs Poised to Synergize For the Return of Peace

                   maiden conclave

Members of Parliament, Mayors and some traditional leaders within the Northwest region sat in an Inaugural meeting to talk about the development of the region and how to better serve the Community or people they represent.

The maiden meeting held at the MINEPAT hall in Bamenda on September 5th 2020, in the prescence of Governor Adolphe Lele LAfrique and Senator Regina Mundi a Poli bureau member and member of the Northwest regional team for the CPDM, being the chair at the meeting, representing Philemon Yang, the regional coordinator of the central committee to the Northwest region.

The inaugural meeting's discussion focused on the collaboration between Mayors and MPs, MPs and Party hierarchy, Elected officials and administration and to do a follow up and prepare for back to school 2020/2021 academic year, not forgetting regional elections.

Senator Regina Mundi adviced that, members of parliament, Mayors, traditional leaders, all stakeholders in the region should learn to take along those who are not in line

Regina Mundi addressing MPs and Mayors of the NWR

with the vision of peace and progress, because "the principle of living together is very important and we must be ready to welcome everyone, be supportive and be one another's keeper".

"The results of the meeting should go right down to the grassroot, the message to the grassroot is that, they should remain calm and vigilant, and stay true to the ideals of this country" she added

The City Mayor of the Bamenda City council, Achobong Tambeng Paul did not fail to mention the effects of the crisis to the region's economy, that "has caused economic recession and there is need for the amendment of the constitution. That all Cameroonians shall swear their love for the fatherland and by no means, shall any individual or groups of individual, irrespective of their grievances, pick up arms against their fatherland."

Members of Central Committee and Governor of NWR

The idea of bringing members of parliament and Mayors together was nursed by Senator Regina Mundi, and echoed by the Questor of the National Assembly, Njingum Musa, who believed that the importance of the collaboration between Mayors and members of Parliament is to achieve a goal.

With decentralization getting full swing, MPs and Mayors will be able to work in Synergy to meet the aspirations of the people and to him this is the only way through which they can get concretely realize the people's confidence.

Njingum Musa, Questor of National Assembly talking to Press

"Let us let those who are not willing to welcome peace, know that they are destroying this region. We will do our efforts to educate them, so that tomorrow we will not be blamed for not doing our part. We will do all to tell those who still have arms in their keeping that they are destroying this region and Parliamentarians and Mayors must stand as one man to fight and bring progress to the region. We must remove that mindset of fear and work for the return of Peace", he said.

Other members of Parliament, felt the conclave was a good idea, because according to them the platform will harmonize energy for the common good of the local population. Ngala Gerald, MP for Donga Mantung, was categorical about the need for peace to return and for children to return to school this upcoming academic year 2020/2021.

Honorable Ngala Gerald

"We come together, the MPs and the Mayors to a platform because with the crisis that have affected the Northwest Region, we need to put our energy together and try to bring back peace, this cannot be done without the MPs and the Mayors collaborating. The Mayors are working at the level of the council areas and we bring policies from Yaoundé and put our heads together to look at the immediate needs of the local population, meeting their expectations, and get ideas for peace to return" Ngala Gerald.

"We have to share ideas and see what to do so that schools effectively resume, we will be collaborating with the , administration so that we implement in a very conduisive atmosphere. We need to talk to parents and make sure their kids return to school. It is important that the villagers, our electorates and other sympathizers should collaborate with administration, to ensure that school effectively resumes in the Northwest region" he added.

Over 18 points on resolutions were adopted in the conclave, amongst which Mayors promised to meet twice a year, while working with their party heirachy to draft projects and to prepare for the upcoming regional elections. Mayors were challenged to set up municipal police to facilitate their work in council areas.

The Representative of Mayors at the Regional level, Awoh Denis Ndang, Mayor of Fundong Council mentioned that priority was for peace to return and the need for children to return to the classrooms.

Awoh Denis Ndang, President of Mayors at the Regional level

"We have to prepare the grounds and make sure schools have already registered children, to talk to parents, let them see the importance of education, explaining why we are lost for the past 4 years, and put in place modalities for schools to resume hitch-free." Awoh Denis Ndang.

The CPDM party has 33 out of 34 councils in the Northwest Region, 18 out of 20 parliamentary seats at the February 9th Municipal and Legislative elections and to Senator Regina Mundi, the regional elections will put in place a structure for the development of the region by the region.

"The population is a mirror, through which our party is seen, the people of the grassroots must look for persons who are selfless to carry out work for the region that will benefit everybody, they must know that we cannot carry out any degree of development without working in an atmosphere of peace" She said.

"It is important that everyone comes on board and know that the region remains ours, we must look and work for the peace we need in the region and also to transform the region, to the type that everyone will want to come and feel secured/comfortable" Senator Regina Mundi.

Familly photograph

By Ndefru Melanie


Friday, September 4, 2020

High Expectations In Bamendankwe, as New Fon sits on Throne

Fon Forcheisiri III
photo credit: Kouamo Arnauld

The coming of the new Fon, Forcheisiri III, instills hope in the hearts of the Bamendankwe people, considered as a new era, with high expectations that natives will finally get over the difficult time experienced in their history.

leader of traditional Council, Ndumu Martin, addressing Elites

According to the leader of the traditional council, Ndumu Martin, "Under kwifon,the Fon is the polical leader of the village, he is the custodian of village lands, the chief administrator of the village, cultural leader of the people, the high priest of the traditional worship of ancestors", the tasks attached to his crown, amongst other responsibilities.

Fon Forcheisiri III presented to Administrative Authourities 

The 26th Fon ascending the throne of the Bamendankwe people, Fon Forcheisiri III, Graduated with a bachelor degree in banking and finance from  National Polytechnic Bamenda and is currently in the school of National school of Administration and Magistracy, ENAM.

Mezam SDO addressing the clan

The Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam Division, Simon Emile Mooh, believes that with the qualification of the new Fon, the discharge of functions within Bamendankwe would not be a challenge to the new Fon.

" The qualification of the new Fon of the Bamendankwe, has proven beyond doubts that, the problem faced on security challenges and the return of peace will be handled without any major challenges. We the administration in the region will accompany him in resolving the plights of the people" Simon Emile Mooh, SDO Mezam.

Cross section of indigenous population in Bamendankwe

The Bamendankwe people mourns the passing on of their Fon, Fon Nfongwa II, while rejoicing at the coming of a new Fon, from whom much is expected.

By Ndefru Mélanie

City Mayor Urges Bike Riders to Begin Driving Taxis.

.      view of bikes plying the road

The Bamenda City Mayor has adviced that Bike Riders should begin driving taxis, while banning the circulation of motorbikes within urban perimeters of the Bamenda City.

The ban is triggered by the death of a Police Inspector in the city of Bamenda, coupled with other violent attacks, carried out by separatists fighters in the region.

Administration had earlier made observations, suspecting some bike riders to be in close collaboration with separatists fighters to carry out their actions, and flee unnoticed.

Reason why, motorbikes suffer destruction everytime such incidents occur in Bamenda; the bikes are burnt and other properties destroyed. 

In line with these observations, The city Mayor, Achobong Tambeng Paul decides to implement a ban on the circulation of motorbikes within urban perimeters in the 3 subdivisions of Bamenda.

Achobong Tambeng Paul, Bamenda City Mayor

He says this permits administration do some monitoring within the sector while ensuring that peace and calm remains in the sector. 

"Most bike riders have drivers license and they can drive taxis, bike riders by this decision are adviced to register and take up driving using taxis and taxi owners are adviced that those who drive their taxis should be of good moral standing, while we make sure taxi drivers are registered to avoid the reccuring of any aggressive act" Achobong Tambeng Paul, Bamenda City Mayor.

"People must travel one way or the other and if we've found out that, a particular sector has become a menace to the peace of the city, we have no choice but to treat that sector as such. There will be means of transport and taxi drivers will come in to effect, through this decision,we are not banning mobility" he added.

A cross section of those attending the meeting

The meeting chaired by the SDO for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh on September 4th, arrived at the decision which is expected to take effect from Monday September 7th, with syndicates of the bike riders and taxi drivers sector present.

The ban on the circulation of commercial and private motorbikes within the urban perimeter of the Bamenda City, according to the City Mayor, Achobong Tambeng Paul,  works well for the security of the inhabitants in the city of Bamenda.

Image of bikes burnt,after killing of police Inspector

He says the bike riders are known to suffer more, whenever there are any voilent attacks in the city, and this decision only protects bike riders and their motorbikes ; from loosing what is a means of survival to many famillies and source of income to owners.

Just like in the other sub divisions; Bamenda I, II and III, restrictions have been placed, limiting bikes to circulate within particular areas. 
In Bamenda II subdivision, commercial and private motorbikes shall not access;

Old council junction to hospital roundabout, Azire New church to hospital roundabout, Azire Old church to hospital roundabout, Rendezvous through Army Rescue to Ntamulung Church, Rendezvous to city Chemist round about l, Vertinary junction through Ayaba hotel to T- junction and Hospital Roundabout.

By Ndefru Melanie

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Bamenda: Pregnant Woman Treks Home as Police Inspector Is killed.

People within the city of Bamenda have ran home for satefty after a Police Inspector was killed, by suspected separatists fighters in the early hours of September 1st, deserting the streets and locking up buisness.

Police Inspector killed in Bamenda

The Most part of the city, Bamenda Northwest region of Cameroon escaped to safety, as a Police Inspector, named as "Petit Bikolo" was shot dead arround small Mankon, and left in the pool of his own blood.

The Month of September which should be characterised with talks of back-to-school, begins with gunshots in Bamenda, endangering the lifes of food vendors and hawkers who were on the streets selling at the time.

Few gunshots were heard arround city chemist junction, some traders packed their goods and other shops attempted locking up, then few hours later at about 2pm, people started running, fleeing to different directions as the police men added in numbers and gunshots heard from small Mankon, church centre and city chemist.

People going through the quaters

Some buisness operators, and traders from food market flee without lucking up their shops properly, running through quarters and heading to directions away from the intense gunshots.

Others lay posterate on the floor, hoping that, the tension will calm down for them to return home. Others have not been able to get home because their homes are found in more hostile areas, and are not sure about the situation.

"I got the gunshots and I was confused, I was buying in the market, some women help me hide somewhere untill we could move and find a way to return home. In my condition, I don't think I can trek." A pregnant woman tells Civiclens.

Others may get home and others may not, these are the conditions in which the people of Bamenda go through, whenever there is an exchange between the armed groups.

By Ndefru Melanie
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