City Mayor Promises Easy Transportation, through Purchase of Buses

City Mayor reading address in Security meeting

In line with the restriction place on the circulation of motorbikes within urban perimeters, the promise to purchase 6, 30 seater buses has been made by the City Mayor of Bamenda, Achobong Tambeng Paul.

This is to facilitate the transportation of persons for the period of 4 months, from one end of town to the restricted part, while encouraging other transporters to get taxis and follow registration procedure, to be able to function normally.

View of Regional Security meeting

He made this statement during a regional security meeting which held on September 10th at MINEPAT hall, in Bamenda, to evaluate the security situation within the Northwest region.

According to him, to overcome present/future threats and pursue a long lasting peace, bring happiness and prosperity in the region, the bike sector has been indicted.

The city Mayor thinks the sector is clandestine in some of its activities, as some of the riders are said to colaborate with separatists fighters to carry out their attrocities.

"Everyone is aware of the waring security in the region, killings, kidnappings and planting of artesenal bombs. The butcher shot at foodmarket, the trader at hospital roundabout, shot and killed in broad daylight, army rescue pursued on a bike and shot to death, the Police officer killed, a bomb detonated on the 8th of March at Commercial avenue, all these with the help of motorbikes" observed the City Mayor, Achobong, Tambeng Paul.

"The restricting order is not a ban on the activities of motorbikes, in the event of a gunshots the town goes dead and this affects regional economy. I do regret the inconvenience this order has caused the city dwellers who had found quick services from riders, but the SDO for Mezam and I are working out solutions" he added.

Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique

The Governor of the Northwest Region, continues to call on the population to take sides with public authourity to dismantle terrorist bases and hudlumps in communities.

According to his observations Bamenda has become the epicenter of terrorist activities and criminality, where criminals and Separatists have lost their bases in the forest and taken refuge amongst the population.

"With this new dimension of terror, urgent and appropriate security measures have been taken and are being implemented by defense and security forces, to ensure all round security of the population of the Northwest region",The Governor of the NWR.

Partial view of Bamenda city

"The Bamenda-Clean strategy according to administration is to eradicate terror from all towns and villages. Public Authourity have taken upper hand to make sure calm returns to Bamenda, while counting on the coperation of the people, to denounce any suspect." He added.

Senior Divisional Officers from the 7 divisions attended the regional security meeting to present the exact security situation in the Northwest Region. According to the Governor of the Northwest Region, Adolphe Lele LAfrique, "the security situation of the region, though precarious in some areas is globally under control".

He believes that the mindset of the people has improved and is now serene, while making observations that many have returned to their respective villages to resume their daily activities. This he observed in the tour he embarked on through some divisions, in the Northwest.

Familly photograph

By Ndefru Melanie


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