Friday, December 31, 2021

NWADO Presents Balance Sheet to Press, Venting in the Land Tenure and Public Contract Sector

Tombir Stanley is Coordinator of the North West Association of Development Organizations - NWADO, a non-governmental organization in Bamenda amplifying civil society voice for quality service delivery in the public sector.

According to Stanley, he wouldn't have done much without the use of the media and believes he has realized or attained most objectives of the project; siding with the local populaion; keeping them abreast with what happens arround them, on issues of procedures or projects that concern the local man.

In was during a press conference in Bamenda that se selected men and women of the media were opportuned to learn about the impact the 20 months old project had created, in simplifying laws and policies that had to do with Land tenure and public contracts in the Northwest region.

"In the land tenure sector we have been able to solve the problem of ignorance. Create a land app which is easy to use and enhance information on how to access land tittles. We have reached communities through radios to ensure that the local population have improved knowledge on on this sector".

For public contracts sector, we focused on training community based leaders, creating platforms in communities, to monitor ongoing projects in the various localities in order to produce citizen controlled reports, alternative reports so that we can use for our advocacy because we believe there is alot of wrong doing in this sector." Tombir Stanley.

As the crisis evolve, many people are relocating from down town to upstation Bamenda, the rush in the acquisition of land warrant a system be put in place to identify lands that have been sold off or taken, in order to avoid double deals. The question as to whether the application created to access information can be use by all or easily manipulated still remains a worry.

NWADO says though the app is still in the android version, it is still under review. Stanley tells press about the challenges faced pushing through with the project.

"What is most challenging with the project is the fact that it is going on within a challenging Humanitarian crisis, going to the field to do work is sometimes difficult. Sometimes issues of public investment projects; some localities where peojects cannot be identified to know whether how many projects are ongoing, though a small council area is a huge problem".

"People have interest in community development, in order to have some projects improved. But the fear is there might be no encouragement or collaboration from public structures or authorities." Tombir Stanley explained.

Press Men in Bamenda

By Ndefru Melanie in Bamenda


Monday, December 27, 2021

Bafut Mayor takes electricity, classrooms to Tangoh

The President of Tangoh Development Association and representatives of quarter heads in Bafut, women and youths have appreciated their Mayor, Ngwakongoh Lawrence for the development strides observed in their area, which to them is sustainable and a plus to their livelihood.

The people of Tangoh village in Bafut subdivision thanked the Mayor for the 2 classrooms provided to them for their children, and electricity, a commodity they never had until Ngwakongho Lawrence's mandate as Mayor of Bafut.

The Mayor of Bafut encouraged education for all and like Oliver Twist the people asked for more; requesting for portable water and good roads.

This was a similar gesture months back, from the population of Mankaa in Bafut, who congratulated the Mayor for constructing a bridge linking the village to Mbebili.

Information says the bridge was a major need for that community, as the local population faced difficulties accessing other communities especially at night.

The people are hopeful that even with the problem of insecurity faced in the region, the Mayor will continue to lobby for projects which are community based and are in the Interest of the local man.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence used his exchange with the representatives of quater heads to make a fervent call on the respect of barrier measures against COVID-19 and go in for the vaccines.

Despite the ongoing conflict, the Mayor of Bafut - Ngwakongoh Lawrence has been tactful in the approach used in the course of implementating projects.

The municipality of Bafut emerged first in the execution of public investment projects in Mezam in 2021 and second across the region with an execution rate above 95%.

The municipality was an epicenter during confrontations between Cameroon's Military and armed separatists-looking to create a new state, yet the Mayor is striving to make his people comfortable by providing to communities their needs.

It has taken the dynamism of the Mayor, Ngwakongoh Lawrence, the bravery of contractors and the collaboration of the population to have projects realized in the municipality in 2021.

Most people depend on land for survival in Bafut subdivision. There are 54 villages, with its economy of characterized by economies of agglomeration, and the most predominant activity is farming, involving about 80% of the total population

Mayor Ngwakongoh has continued to preach the message of peace to all and sundry who want the subdivision to move ahead with development projects for as it stands, tax collection in Bafut is at zero.

By Ndefru Melanie

Ex-separatist fighters, Bamenda II Administration play Solidarity Football Encounter

A solidarity match has been played between repentant separatist fighters lodged at the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) Centre in Bamenda and the administration of Bamenda II Municipality.

Organizers say the football encounter was aimed at encouraging interaction between ex-combatants, the administration, and the local population.

The Divisional Officer for Bamenda II, Nicholas Nkongho Machang says the encounter can be described "as a process of reintegrating them into society, as the teams comprise of all the services – the forces of law and order and those of the civil services".

"Yesterday, they were fighting and today they are playing. These are also indications that normalcy is gradually returning in Bamenda II," the Divisional Officer said.

According to Kum Henry, the Coordinator of the DDR Centre in Bamenda, the ex-combatants are upright; morally and socially prepared to engage in such a football encounters.

"The message is that everyone should stand behind these boys who've dropped their arms against the State and taken part in a football encounter with the administration of the Bamenda II. Yesterday they were fighting, today they are playing, and we can always sort out our problems without killing each other. We are calling on those still in the bushes to drop their arms and yield to the Head of State's call," Kum said.

The football competition named the "Peace and Unity Tournament” exposed some hidden talents in the ex-fighters.

This triggered calls for football promoters to harvest talents from the centre to play in some of the football leagues in the North West Region of Cameroon.

Nicholas Nkongho Manchang, Divisional Officer for Bamenda II says the population should stop stigmatizing the ex-fighters and promote values of living together.

"The match was organized for them to interact. It is a process to integrate them back into the society. We are also calling on the population to stop stigmatizing them," said Nkongho Manchang.

Kum Henry believes that with ex-combatants in the DDR, the era is different.

"Those who were fighting against each other yesterday are now playing as partners today. We should live as one and we can always sort out our differences without killing one another," Kum said.

Present at the competition was Peter Chenwi, Mayor of the Bamenda II Council who appreciated the centre with an envelope to entertain the ex-combatants after the encounter.

One of the ex-fighters said it wasn't an easy game and hoped that through such encounters, a lot of things will change and many hearts in the bushes will be touched.

"We are very happy to have won the match. Playing with the administration was not an easy task. It shows that we have changed for the better. Our only plea is that the authorities should reintegrate us back in to the society".

Another ex-fighter confessed that when he joined the Centre, he was very empty; had no skills or knowledge about reading and writing.

"Living in the Centre is like preventing someone from being killed. I lived 2 years in the bush with nothing achieved. I decided to lay down arms against the State. Now, we are involved in games with the administration and we have won the cup. We hope that we get reintegrated soon so that as we leave the Centre, those in the bushes will see the need to join the DDR".

The football encounter which ended with scores reading 2-1 in favour of DDR, was followed by the lighting of the Christmas tree at the DDR Centre as ex-separatist fighters celebrated the feast of nativity.

By Ndefru Melanie

Poor Road Network Infrastructure In Bamenda, A Call for Concern

After so much has been said concerning the poor road network in Bamenda and beyond, one is still hyping on the issue, as road users and car owners continue to cry foul about how they visit the garage more often than the church. The roads have not only turned to a sing song but is now a call for concern in order to curb road accidents.

These are sample opinions of some individuals at the start of the dry season in Bamenda. A period considered to be dusty and now more dusty given the nature of the roads.

"As a road user in the town of Bamenda, considering the state of the roads, it's by no means favouring us because just to navigate these roads is not easy. Potholes, stones, gutters, everywhere dust. This endangers the cara we use, I even frequent the garage than I frequent the church because of bad roads".

"I don't know if we are evolving with time, look at our era considering globalization and our city roads are as such. It is embarrassing, as a Cameroonian I feel ashamed. It's better to go on foot than use a car. The distance one needs to cover may be inconveniencing because of the dust." Emmanuel Tamanji.

Maikem Emmanuela says the state of the roads are sickening, besides jumping in and out of the potholes which can cause a health problem, the dusty atmosphere is a health hazard 

"I am very disappointed with the type of roads we have. It makes transportation very difficult, be it public or private. I visit the garage frequently because of these bad roads and it costs a lot of money. Health wise, the roads produce a lot of dust that's makes us sick. I really hope our leaders can do something about these roads. No matter what is happening in town, we deserve good roads." She states devastatingly.

George Etoh holds politicians and authorities within competence accountable for not placing the issue of roads in the Northwest region, as priority on their scale of preference. He believes that even amidst insecurity, something can still be done about the road network in Bamenda.

"The roads in Bamenda speaks of a rejected people. The Minister of Public works will say construction works are going to begin but it never begins, politicians say Northwest will need to take up security in their own hands if the road need to be constructed. I don't find these worth the salt. In other regions they have roads. In the Northwest region, security is a major factor yet other things have been done amidst insecurity. The military has the genie civil, they can contact contractors to have the work done. Bamenda has no road network." He says firmly.

Making reference to the dustiness of the city, "buisness men are transformed to ghost because of the dust, people have been left to their own mercy to survive. The dusty and bad roads have become a health hazard. It seems nothing matters to the powers that be. We are no longer talking about central development, we are now talking of development at the grassroots. This scenario cannot be witness in other towns. We have amenities and we have the structures but we don't have the roads. It's fustrating" George Etoh, a road user in Bamenda.

On November 2nd 2021, The Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy Planning and Regional Development in charge of Planning, who also doubles as the National Coordinator for the Reconstruction Plan, Paul Tassong made a firm observation in Bamenda, telling key Stakeholders that for the Ring- road to come to fruition, it will depend on the population of the Northwest region.

Minister Delegate, Tasong Njukang Paul was speaking at the MINEPAT Conference hall in Bamenda, within the framework of the follow-up on the Implementation of the National development Strategy 2020-2030, a Regional outreach sensitization campaign.

"If the people of the Northwest region want the Ring-road project to be delivered, it is impending on them to say No to insecurity and they will have the project without duty delay. The people should play their role, contribute their fair share for a quick return to normalcy in the Northwest region" Paul Tasong in Bamenda.

The administrator claims that everything has been put in place for the project to take off to completion and puts the blame on the Northwest population for its delay.

The population of the Northwest region is yet to enjoy the promise made by the PM, on the Bamenda-Babadjou road, who on his working visit to the North West Region to explain the implementation of resolutions of the Major National Dialogue, hinted that the ban on the construction of the road by the world Bank has been lifted.

"As I arrive Yaounde I will meet with the three contracting company and commission them into work immediately. I can assure you that the works will commence before the close of the month." The PM told the people of the North West.

Months have gone by that the Prime Minister Head of Government, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute came to the Northwest region on a Peace Mission, Paul Tasong later resurfaced to say the Ring-road project depends on the local population.

Minister Paul Tasong resurfaced with a new deal, that is in incumbent on the population in the Northwest region to defeat fear, shun insecurity and proof collaborative for work on the Ring-road to begin.

Besides the much talk about, long awaited tar on the Bamenda-Babadjou road, this reporter took interest to reveal the nature of roads to authorities that be in the Region and to hierarchy in the Cameroon Government concerned with this domain.

Besides the dual crisis; health and armed conflict, in the Northwest region, the roads are deteriorating. For many to go through the bad roads of the city and beyond, the venture for road users has become a hard pill to swallow for most car owners, taxi drivers who have to settle several control check points on a daily basis before dusk.

Majority of passengers especially buisness men and women have complained of high transportation of their goods within and out of Bamenda town. The shocks of taxis or cars that hit hard on potholes have caused drivers to levy their passengers high, while complaining the influx of price on fuel.

Car owners have to hurry and seek the services of mechanics, some of them mentioned that maintainance cost them almost more than what they earned for a day.

Work on the roads in Bamenda is yet to begin, some people who lost their property/buildings to the demolition process as part of procedures to prepare for development, are yet to settle for what they were compensated for.

By Ndefru Melanie

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Bamenda II Council: Using Labour-Based Approach to Realize Low Cost Housing in 2022

During the adoption of the 2022 draft budget, Bamenda II Council Mayor, Chenwi Peter revealed that the council signed a convention with MINEPAT for the realization of low cost housing to the tune of  307 million francs cfa using the himo approach; adopting manual labour, using local materials.

This low cost or affordable housing is housing which is deemed affordable to those with a household income at or below the median as rated by the State or local government.

The labour based technology (HIMO) describes a labour / equipment mix, that gives priority to labour, supplementing it with appropriate equipment where necessary for reasons of quality or cost. This will mean young men and women are expected to gain employment earn some stipend, build their skills while the council engages in this form of labour.

Accommodation has been an issue especiallyas Bamenda II Council municipality continues to host cases of Internally Displaced Persons which raises and issue of amenities.

"Thirteen low cost houses will be constructed to provide shelter. This is thanks to  our partnership with MINEPAT."

Executing the projects will also entails funding both from internal and external sources.

"We have realized that we will fail if we depend on state subvention because it comes quarterly and at times not on time.We have to design other means of generating proceeds," Chenwi explained.

Aside from the low cost housing, the council is looking forward to a suitable site to put up a market structure where returns will be generated to take care of other development projects.

The adopted budget for the Bamenda II Council stands at 1.8 billion FCFA from 1.6 billion FCFA in 2021, just to note that the council is authorized to seek funds from feicom to build bore holes.

The Bamenda II Council has intervened in situations of paying school fees, hospital bills, electricity bill as per the complaints tabled to the Mayor, though with the challenges faced in generating revenue for the council.

By Ndefru Melanie

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Orphanage Commune with NGO, Recieve Support

The Nkwenti Foundation and Empowered Ladies of Virtue Organization made a visit to Luc Menorah Orphanage and rehabilitation center, Mile 90 Bamenda took place on Dicember 23rd December 2021 to reach out to other persons with gifts during the festive period.

According to them, sharing with the lesss priviledge during this period, is the best form of celebration. The intention was reaching out to vulnerable children and gift them items which will go a long way to sustain them.

These Empowered Ladies group, visiting the orphanage made sure a a health talk on proper hygiene was part of the day's activity. To them, "their living conditions are not really the best. We feel that those children living there had no drinking water, their health condition isn't the best. We wish persons of goodwill can come to their aid, while we hope to do better", Belcam Nde, a volunteer at Nkwenti foundation.

Some of the children seemed malnourished, most of them are said to have been abandoned by their parents, reason they could not grow properly. Empowered Ladies believe these kids need love and care, sharing with them during Christmas was key to them.

Reaching out to humanity is essential. "I have always had that passion for humanity and children most especially due to my own childhood"., Belcam Nde a volunteer at Nkwenti foundation.

Though in that condition, the children were happy and "actually I learned that , I don’t have any reasons to be complaining to God because God has giving me more than enough" he said.

By Fozoa Vaniela
UBa Student

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Youth Affairs Minister Launches Youth Activities Ahead of AFCON, Promoting Good Citizenship

Minister Mounouna Foutsou has Launched youth activities to mark end of year activities; of the "Citizens, Patriotic End of Year Celebrations and Citizen and Patriotic CAN" platforms.

MINJEC being at the pivot of theses activities, had the Minister of Youth and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou chair the launching of ceremony at the village hall of Akwa, within the framework of civic education and national integration campaign.

It is also worthy of note that these activities hold within the framework of the continental football competition from January 9th.

City Mayor was pleased about the venue choosen to host the launch of these youth activities and expressed gratitude over the donation of 200 chasubles to motorcycle, taxi drivers in the city of Douala by MINJEC, through its Minister Mounouna Foutsou.

According to the city Mayor, there is need to mobilize more partners in order to boost the moral of economic actors, to be in possession of their driving licenses.

Terrestra NANG, Regional Delegate for Youth and Civic Education said the activity required mobilizing 300 motorcycle taxi drivers, with their supervision based on the notion of patriotism and citizenship through the adoption of civic behavior.

The second part was that of the importance of official and professional documents, like the driving license, then the reception of foreigners within the framework of the CAN Total Énergies Cameroon 2021.

"It was a question for us to transform each of them into ambassadors of patriotism and citizenship".

Willy Kengne, representative of the motorcycle taxi unions expressed gratitude to the member of the government.

"This is first in the city of Douala, where motorcycle taxis are invited to a ceremony like this one. we mobilized as you can see, because we knew you were coming. By training, we want to make a difference with those who usurp or use this profession to make a mess", representative of motorbike taxi drivers.

Raising a point, that served as an eye opener to the Minister, who thought that procedure should be followed to obtain driving license for the 200 motorcycle drivers, who benefited from the REAMORCE training.

MAHA HADJA Épse Ibrahim, Director of Civic Education and National Integration (DECIN), situates the goal of the National Campaign for Civic Education and National Integration, led by MINJEC.

The acticity December 20 To which is in its 6th edition on January 07 on the extent of the national territory. With the aim of: "helping to restore a climate of serenity and a return to responsible citizenship during the end of the year holiday season, in the face of the multiple observable behavioral drifts".

Sensitization focused on;
- the fight against the spread of COVID-19, by encouraging vaccination;

- the preservation of peace and harmonious living together;

-the dangers linked to risky sexual behavior, abuse and deviant behavior of any kind and indecency of dress;

- the dangers of the excessive consumption of alcohol, narcotics and other psychotropic substances.

Regarding the operation "CAN Citizen and Patriotic" which intervenes in the context of the organization of CAN Total Energies Cameroon 2021", Director of Civic Education and National Integration further clarified.

During the latter, we note that it will be a question of getting them to respect the barrier measures against Covid-19, developing the patriotic feeling of Cameroonians around the round ball, promoting cleanliness and public morals among others.

In his words, Mounouna Foutsou refered to the training of motorcycle taxi drivers in REAMORCE, a situation he appreciates.

"I would especially like to congratulate the motorcycle taxi drivers of the city of Douala who just completed training in moral, civic and entrepreneurial rearmament. You are now “civic peer educators”. Congratulations again to you! ", Minister Mounouna Foutsou.

He later painted a picture of speech a situation of civic education in society, which indicates government adressing teams mobilized for these operations like the Mobile Urban and Rural Animation Teams.

Mounouna Foutsou encouraged them to “Show good image of the country to foreigners who will be present for the CAN. The kits which were given to you earlier, I am convinced will facilitate the mobilization and sensitization of young people to achieve the objectives ”.

And to young people, the 'I encourage young people to actively participate in the awareness campaign, as they continue to mobilize and join massively to the messages of peace, citizenship and living together, for the promotion of harmonious living together in our dear and beautiful country ”.

Source: MINJEC Communication Unit


Monday, December 20, 2021

In Adamawa: Taxpayers Registration Certificates At Hand

Mission teams from MINFI have been recieved at the conference room of the Regional Delegation of Posts and Telecommunications in Adamawa, with intensions to discuss the module that will allow staff of the State; banks, micro-finances and post offices to consult and publish free of charge, the registration certificates of all taxpayers.

With close collaboration from the governor of the Adamawa region, HM Elhadj Kildadi Taguieké Boucar, the treasurer-payer general, the regional financial controller, the head of the regional tax center, and the head of the Adamawa customs sector, that the head of Mission of the General Directorate of Taxes, Ojongfong Martin, oversee the activity.

Details of the meeting will be revealed to Civiclens soon..


In Ngaoundére: Parents Urged to Play Role in Child Upbringing

The SDO for Vina division, Dikosso Seme Fritz, in Adamawa region called on parents to invest in the education of their children, while he precided over a school excellence ceremony, in the deeds room of Classical and Modern High school, Ngaoundéré.

According to the administrator, the laxity of the side of parents explains poor academic results earned by pupils/students, and spelled out the fact that Adamawa is classified as a priority education zone with incredible figures like that which was obtained in the recent competition of the bilingual technical exams.

The SDO believes that such excellence on merit will arouse healthy competition amongst pupils, students and also congratulated  laureates while encouraging them to stay on course, applauding  teachers and the supervisory staff for the quality of the work.

The founder of the school group Prof. Sokeng Célestin believes that discipline remains key for results to be achieved.

By Katakap Heritier

Adamawa Region: Electricity Returns in Djohong

After living in darkness for almost a year, the municipality of Djohong regains electricity, to put an end to the overdued power failure that had punctured most activities in the area thereby affecting income generating activities.

For the first time in almost 4 years, the populations living in Djohong, Adamawa region will spend end of year celebrations with light.

It's been a week since electricity was restored in the city of Djohong This was after a general cut that took place about 4 months ago, a situation that raised concerns since its barely a year, since the city had just been re-supplied after two years of blackout on the high voltage line between Meiganga and garoua-boulai.

Most housewives in the area expressed joy as they will now have access to their television sets; to watch favourite TV programs and above all, famillies will get together follow the matches, CAN total energy in Cameroon.

Djohong is a town and commune in Cameroon. The village of Djohong dates back to colonial times. Originally it was located in the valley just NE of current Djohong and was named "Dzong."

By Katakap Heritier

Saturday, December 18, 2021

PCC Peace Office Embarks on "Total Energy for Peace, 2022

In upholding Peace Virtue and standing firm in the pursuit of justice despite all odds as a result of the anglophone crisis, the PCC Peace Office has resolved to be stronger incase the crisis or armed conflict in the Northwest region continue to metamorphose.

According to Rev. Nta Williams, the PCC Peace Office has been a strong voice mediating in the ongoing conflict in the North West and South West regions. He disclosed some of the activities the PCC Peace office has been doing, talking to warring factions about the need to drop weapons for Peace to reign.

"Partaining to Peace and justice within the anglophone area especially in this crisis, the Peace office is a veritable actor in trying to de-escalate the armed conflict. The Peace office has been able to do alot of advocacy, capacity building through Workshop, sensitization and campaigns for Peace, not leaving out the posters spread in all ten regions of Cameroon that addresses issues centred arround Peace and Health; Covid19 which is also a threat in addition the ongoing crisis." Rev Nta Williams, PCC Peace office

"The Peace Office took part in the Major National Dialogue; went through the National Peace Coordinator, was active in the all anglophone general conference. We have been the voice calling on perpetrators that take away human life to stop, decrying such inhumane treatment within communities through the voice of the moderator of the PCC" he divulged.

The PCC Peace Office continue to denounce injustice and uphold morals that can bring peace in communities through various forms; with the help of Journalists and members of Peace networks, produce short videos and films to educate and urge everyone to contribute towards the return of peace.

"In order to Preach the message for Peace, the Peace Office has engaged in a slogan; Total Energy for Peace 2022. That to us, is our goal set ahead of time, for 2022. We are not going to retreat but stand firm, be strong and put more effort so that as the conflict continues to metamorphose itself, we too will re-strategize to see that Peace and justice will reign in our communities".

The Cameroon Community Media Network, CCMN has continued in its pursuit to shift the narratives from traditional reporting to peace journalism, by offering non-violent narratives to communities in crisis settings, especially in members' reporting and programme content.

Roseline Akah Obah is National Coordinator for the CCMN, she says peace can be achieved by constan or regular capacity building for Journalists on peace reporting, doing situational analysis to tie loose ends.

"It is important to check content published or broadcast in terms of words and images used, as well as carry out online sensitization. The CCMN has continuously engaged in the production of programs that uphold peace, social cohesion and nonviolence, especially in various local languages to reflect the voices of the community"

"We strive to maintain a bottom up approach in our reporting as our watchprase indicates - 90% community and 10%media", by this, local actors and community members can be part of peacebuilding processes". National Coordinator CCMN

Bihndumlem Humanitarian Foundation for Peace and Hope - BIHAPH has been working in different communities within the North West region, where the conflict is escalating, observed that the conflict is rather sparodic in the city.

"In our communities, most of the violence that occur is not reported, people accept violence as a way of life and believe that the military are the bad guys and on the other hand believe that the separatist are the bad ones. It is a circle of evil that promotes violence or does not recognize the impact of violence in the communities"

BIHAPH's head office is at the grassroots community, that is where our strongesthold is. Working in this communities made us to understand that people need education, they need to understand the impact of violence as we believe it's not the solution".

BIHAPH provides peace education to communities, organize community dialogue, considering they have been shattered because of differences in opinions that revolve around the conflict.

"The community dialogue strategy which BIHAPH is using to reshape or rebuild communities has caused people to have a sense of living together and that violence is not the solution".

"People in these communities have experienced far more than what they deserve; besides poverty in its worst form, discrimination marginalisation, disadvantages and Instead of the smoking guns, it's better to empower people through local resources available, build capacities, encourage little income generating activities, make communities gain back their lives from what they have been living on". Dighambong Bibiana, CEO BIHAPH.

To her it is uneccessirily waiting for government or international NGOs, using their local resources to build back their lives is more sustainable.  

"We believe that talking to women, men and young people, girls in communities, create avenues through their community leaders or other sources can make them revisit their agenda, their actions and give accountability of what they're doing in their communities". 

According to BIHAPH, using the impact of the crisis, talking about the consequences of the crisis on people and property can make armed groups realize or see reasons why their is need to actually redress the situation; away from commiting act of atrocities, act of violence even to themselves.

"Success begins when you start talking, but not necessarily  castigating, prejudising or name calling or condemnation which cannot solve the problem. It is knowing what to say, what approach to use in every situation".

"Justice will not come to us from outside or by sending people to jail or by killing. This is not taking us anywhere, we just need to believe that we can address this problem by bringing our little drops of water into the big basin of peace building to see how we can make an ocean in addressing the Anglophone crisis" CEO BIHAPH.

Sample opinions from the PCC Peace Office, CCMM and BIHAPH has proven that Peace and Justice move side by side and each of them in their own way, are talking to warring parties, actors in conflict to play their role to ensure that both is achieved without the crisis having to cost more lost of lives or bloodshed.

By Ndefru Melanie

MIDENO Staff Applaud GM's Assiduity

An appraisal of MIDENO General Manager’s three-year term in office has been appreciated by the staff of the North West Development Authority, regarding the GM as a messiah who sat at the helm of MIDENO at the time his road map in administration was needed.

This was discussed during a Press Conference conveyed by MIDENO's management, to do a critic of what MIDENO presented as the GM's balance sheet for his term of office at the helm of MIDENO, with a focus on 2021.

A staff representative revealed the loopholes filled following the stewardship of Cletus Anye Matoya, MIDENO's GM, citing some of the challenges that MIDENO had overcome in recent years.

"The GM has cleared the debts at CNPS, after compromising other expenditures: staff didn't have social benefits. A long outstanding 306 million Cfa francs, which was problematic and served as an embarrassment from tax officials, has been cleared. Over 226 million Cfa francs were canceled by the state and 76 standing cleared by state treasury through MINFI. The staff of MIDENO was stripped of their due benefits and the GM set up a committee to revisit the files".

Staff representative, Mr. Lawrence explained to the press that the GM had "tasked staff to improve morals within their ranks, take Opportunities and be prompt in carrying out assignments. He presented a road map for the authority and listened to the challenges of the staff".

MIDENO's staff felt the impact of the roadmap as "the GM worked on the reclassification of staff, he made it key on his agenda to make the working environment unfriendlily as was the case before. The staff is now on their rightful echelons, with 10 more staff that were recruited, who added more value to the work done by MIDENO".

Staff at MIDENO have their regular salaries, working conditions of Staff has been improved; as most of them met their needs and acquired landed property, above all having a cordial relationship with CNPS and taxation.

"Participation and collective hand approach, loitering, collaboration, teamwork amongst staff have improved," said a Staff representative.

MIDENO was created in 1981 to bridge the development gap. The Authority is the breadbasket of the North West region and it relies on state subventions to make an impact.

As a pilot in rural development in the NW, management believes that it is important to serve the population by reporting her actions through the media which is a form of accountability despite the challenges faced.

With a 2021 budget of about one billion 98 million Cfa francs voted, most projects but not all resources were realized. Some Projects intended for 2021 had been interrupted either because of the armed conflict or the Covid 19 pandemic, yet the 2021 plan of action realized an abrupt reduction in budgetary allocation amidst other challenges, yet created community impact.

MIDENO's management team pays tribute to farmers of the NW in the approach they took amidst the crisis; while the government continues to assist farmers through MIDENO.

The development authority succeeded in carrying out feasibility studies to promote agro-food processing; helping farmers to increase their production. Farmers will need to add value to their product; packaging and marketing because most agricultural products or farm produce are sold at the farm gate.

MIDENO realized some road infrastructure in collaboration with the city council, identified some road segments that needed to be rehabilitated, and signed an agreement with the Ministry of Public Works to revise the road conditions.

Segments of the national and regional roads, most especially farm-to-market roads were rehabilitated.

MIDENO studies the impact of projects implemented, established grass field and participatory development projects; facilitating the production of rice.

"Those who had their livelihood eroded, MIDENO sustained them by providing planting maize at 6.8 tons of seeds and envisage next farming season, 40 tons of seeds to farmers to improved on production and help farmers step up plantain production", 
Using MIDENO's equipment to create and link community roads, working in close collaboration with councils in the city to clean the dirt across town which was already posing as a health hazard to the population. MIDENO also worked with the Moslem community to level prayer grounds.

North West Development Authority with its French acronym MIDENO acts on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Cameroon in the North-West Region as the supervisor of development policy and provides a budgetary, financial, and technical mechanism for development projects. 

It also has a mandate; organizing the communities and promoting the socio-economic environment and improving the living conditions in rural areas as well as conducting any study, research, or operations connected with rural development in the North West Region.

By Ndefru Melanie